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Fashion Or Fetish

by Chas. M

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© Copyright 2013 - Chas. M - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; scarves; gag; toys; insert; mast; climax; fetish; voy; cons; X

I never considered my use of scarves as fashion accessories as a fetish. Yes, most of my outfits or coordinated pieces had a scarf or two as a component that could be used to give them a certain look or dress it up or down to fit an occasion, but a fetish? Yes, wearing the Hermes scarf that I received as a college graduation gift from my aunt Grace Kelly style with my brown leather jacket and its turned up collar on a cold Minnesota autumn evening gave me a snug and protected feeling while looking very classy, but a fetish? Yes I did enjoy the look and feel of draping a folded scarf around my neck and tucking its ends into my bra before putting on the jacket of my navy blue pin-striped suit, but a fetish? Perhaps.

Lazily following some fashion accessory threads on the Internet one evening, I found myself at web pages linked to several adult oriented sites that contained subjects like scarf bondage, erotic stories, blindfolds, bound and gagged. Feeling somewhat embarrassed, I eventually allowed my curiosity to overcome my reluctance. Site after site, page after page, there were pictures and stories showing and describing scarves being used in sensual, erotic and sexual situations to enhance and heighten the pleasure of one, both or several of the participants.

I found myself squirming on my chair; eyes fixated on the monitor as my right hand manipulated the mouse and my left hand found its way inside of my panties and manipulate my aroused clit. Eventually I climaxed while masturbating to a fantasy of being the woman on my screen that was blindfolded, gagged and bound with scarves into her recliner that was being teased by a man and a woman at the same time. My second orgasm came a short time later.

I had a fear of being discovered (even though my husband was out of town for a week long fishing trip) so I locked myself in the bedroom of our locked house. No one would uncover my odd arousal. After dressing in one of my favorite satin teddies, I took out a few large silk squares. The crimson and black one was folded into a narrow band and then I tied a simple overhand knot in its middle before using it for a gag like I had seen. The yellow and blue one was folded until it was about three inches wide and it became my blindfold. I caressed and explored my skin my skin with a third. Finally I reached over and took my largest dildo from the nightstand and worked it into my wet pussy. Moaning and screaming helplessly into the gag I’m sure that the wave after wave of sexual pleasure that I felt was from a succession of orgasm after orgasm.

I awoke the next morning with the trappings of the following evening around me. The dildo seemed even to be smiling. My breasts no longer were covered by the cups of the teddy and the scarves draped across me where sometime during the night I had discarded them. Did I have a scarf fetish? Maybe.

My schedule for the day had very little high priority matters to be tended to so I found myself thinking about last night’s excitement. It was soon apparent that work was not a priority either. Why not some scarf shopping?

Having done some costume work for our community theater group, I was aware of great potential at our thrift stores. I started my exploration at the local Goodwill. I was pleasantly delighted to find several clean, soft polyester and a few good silk scarves at the first bin that I came to. What a bargain and it would save the wear and tear on my top of the line scarves too! My second stop was at one of the smaller suburban malls where I delighted in the midrange selection of silk and satin at a Marshall’s and Kohls. This was brief, since less that 20 minutes from my home is the Mall of America, a shopper’s heaven.

Before my embarking into Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and finally Nordstrom’s I took a short break in one of the lounges at the mall. I enjoyed two glasses of wine as I sat alone in a secluded booth and went through what I had purchased already. A warm glow from the wine seemed to give me renewed vigor and I strode off to buy at least one new addition for my wardrobe from each of the big three stores. It was a glorious hour and a half of delightfully looking and feeling the scarves that the salesgirl took out for me. The paisleys, equestrians themes, geometric patterns, floral prints in a kaleidoscope of colors at each store were marvelous.

I felt quite successful having a new cranberry bordered paisley square, a large, long black and white silk oblong, and a light blue floral square that was nearly 42” by 42” in my shopping tote. I paused for a short time in front of Victoria’s Secret to consider getting a new surprise for my husband, but then decided that I could get him a lot more interested in the fantasy fabric whose new use I had discovered. My shopping spree finished up with a stop at a small electronics store where I bought one of the programmable timers for lamps and appliances so that burglars think that you’re home even when you are gone one vacation.

Once home, I made arrangements for my self-bondage and pleasure. The large wooden chair was moved over in front of our large digital screen. I put some pillows on it so that when I sat down I would be very much towards the front edge of the chair. I hooked up my laptop to the TV and logged onto the net. Wanting to prolong my evening, I clicked through one site. I felt as bit moist and then I undressed. After watching and reading at a second site, I gathered several scarves around me and gently caressed myself while going to a third.

Ten minutes later, I brought out my vibrating egg toy and plugged it into the circuit timer. I programmed it for random short bursts at 5 to 10 minute intervals. Since I didn’t know how soon my egg would be stimulating me, I took my new oblong and tied it around my waist and then took one of the polyester squares and made a knotted crotch rope like I had seen the night before. As I tightened it, the knot slowly descended into me and made me shiver. My scarves now became my restraints. Ankles, I secured to the front legs of the chair. Scarves around my thighs were tied to the front of the armrests to keep my legs open.

The egg jumped to life and my body responded first by stiffening out and then thrusting my pelvis against the intruder and the knot scarf in my cunt. The joy was very short and very intense and quickly I made that last of my entrapments. The gag that had served me so well last night was reinstalled. I tied my right hand so that I could only reach a few inches to work the finger pad of my computer on the table next to me.

My left hand was the last to go. I slipped it into a slip noose that I had tied to the left armrest. Only a few inches of slack allowed me to either finger my left breast and nipple or use the dangling remnant of that scarf to tease my thigh or pubic hair. Another ripple from the egg. It was hard to even open my eyes as I screamed pleasure screams to myself and the gag. I became almost into a state of orgasmic arousal as I watched, moaned, rocked and struggled in pleasure. Over the next couple of hours, I couldn’t count distinct orgasm as the melted one into another. Mercifully, the circuit breaker to the timer tripped and I was left to float down gently. If someone would ever ask me how it feels to spend the night bound and gagged in a chair, I know my answer would be “Fantastic”

Do I have a scarf fetish? I hope so


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