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February 14th

by Karin

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© Copyright 2013 - Karin - Used by permission

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The alarm went off at 6:30am as it does every work day morning and as I do every time it goes off, I reached over and hit the snooze button. There is no way I can go to work today I thought as I lay there waiting for the annoying buzzer to announce the end of the snooze time. This was going to be the worst Valentine's Day ever and to go to the office and see all the other girls getting flowers and discussing romantic plans for the evening would be too much. I'm just going to stay in bed all day and feel sorry for myself.

So I shut the alarm off and called the office, leaving a voice mail message for my boss telling her that I was sick… again. That bitch would be the worst of them all, flaunting her fine clothes and expensive jewelry and telling everyone how her rich ass husband was taking her out to eat at this fancy place where a meal cost more than my week's salary.

I must have fallen back to sleep when the doorbell awoke me with a start. Still half asleep I stumbled out of bed and headed to the from door, it was just a little bit past 11am. OMG, I can't believe I have been sleeping this long and who the hell is at my door. When I peeked through the security viewer I saw a young man standing there holding a bunch of red roses. Without thinking that all I had on was a long tee shirt that just barely covered my crotch, I opened the door. "Ms. Palmer, Karin Palmer?" the rather hot delivery guy asked. "Yes, I am Karin and what do we have here?"

As he handed me the flowers I couldn't help but notice that he was staring at my breasts. "Cold?", he asked with a broad grin. As I took the flowers I looked down and noticed that my nipples were sticking straight out under the tee. I think my face much have been as red as the beautiful red roses. I thanked him and quickly closed the door to hide my embarrassment.

My heart begin to race as I quickly tore opened the card and thinking, hoping, praying that these were from Derek. Even though we had broken up three weeks earlier after I found out that he was sleeping with my best friend Allison, I still couldn't help but to hope that this was his way of making things right. Inside the envelope was a key card and a short type written note - Tonight, 7pm, room 2014, don't be late. It was not signed but I knew it had to be from Derek, who else could it be from. The key card was to this swanky high rise hotel downtown, the type of place my obnoxious boss would be found but certainly no place that I have ever been. My mind was racing with excitement as I began to think of what to wear. For the time bing I seemed to have forgotten about the fact that he had slept with Ali, I needed to get myself ready.

It was a typical cold Chicago winter day but I decided that I was going to dress to kill, the hell with the weather. I also decided to take the train rather that drive, I could grab a cab to the hotel and wouldn't have to worry about parking. I jumped in the shower and must have been in there for well over an hour. I closed my eyes and ran my hands over my firm breasts and down to my shaved pussy, imagining that they were Derek's strong hands reaching around me as he held his naked body against my back. I could easily have masturbated as these erotic thoughts flooded my head but I wanted to save everything I had for this evening.

I choose the very short black silky dress that Derek liked so much. One of the things that he liked about it was when I wore a push up bra with nipple cutouts he could see my nipples pushing agains the fabric. My nipples get aroused very easily and when rubbing agains the smooth fabric of the dress they stood out long and hard. It was time to stop dreaming and time to get ready so I slipped on a pair of very sexy black thigh high stockings to go with my sexiest black thongs and my special bra. I have to admit that after checking myself out atop the 4" heels I was pretty hot. Time to go.

As I sat on the train there were two teenage boys sitting across from me, smiling and whispering. I had a winter coat on but it was just slightly longer than my dress so I'm sure they were getting a free show. I would smile at them and part my legs slightly, adding to their pleasure. My guess is that they both went home later and jerked off thinking nasty thoughts of the chick they saw on the train. Finally we made it to downtown and I quickly hailed a cab before the cold night air had me shivering. I was both excited and a bit nervous as I headed to the elevators but as the elevator headed to the 20th floor the moisture between my legs said I was more excited than nervous.

I took a deep breath as I reached the hotel room door and knocked timidly… no answer. Another deep breath and I inserted the key card and opened the door. OMG, this place was awesome. It was a suite with a huge sitting area that overlooked the lights of the city. I walked to the window mesmerized by the view, not noticing the large box sitting on the table in the middle of the room. Derek, you have really made up for your little adventure with Ali, I thought as I turned to explore the rest of the suite. I noticed the box but decided to check out the bedroom before opening it. The bedroom was even more impressive than the sitting room with a huge king size bed, satin sheets pulled back at one corner. I didn't understand the three tripod studio type lights place at each side and at the foot of the bed until I also saw the three video cameras. Now my apprehension was beginning to overcome my excitement, what the hell was Derek intending?

Nervously I went back into the sitting room and began to open the box, maybe the clue to Derek's intentions were in here. Within the box were several smaller boxes, each with a number printed on the top. There was also a sheet of paper with printed instructions, telling me I was to open each box in order and to follow the instructions within. DO NOT OPEN THE BOXES OUT OF TURN!!!

Now I was beginning to get scared but my curiosity was getting the better of me. I opened the box labeled #1. Inside were two heavy plastic clad u-shaped rings, they looked like the Greek letter omega. The note inside the box read "Remove your dress but keep your heels, stockings, panties and bra on. Stimulate your nipples until they are long and hard and then spread the ends of the nipple clamps and place one on each nipple."

These were so heavy and the opening so small I was not sure I could stand them pinching my sensitive nipples but the thought was exciting me and it didn't take much for my nipples to stick out like two bullets. I took one of the clamps and tried to pull the ends apart, it was very tight. I pulled it as far as I could and then placed it over my left nipple, pushing it down onto the nipple as far as it would go. Slowly I released the ends of the clamp and it began squeezing my nipple tighter and tighter. The pain subsided after a short time and looking at my nipple pinched so tightly was really getting me wet. Quickly I did my other nipple and waited for the pain to ease. The weight of the clamps tugged on my tits as I hurriedly retrieved box #2 in anticipation of what might be next.

What was inside the 2nd box was no surprise, I have a couple of them my own. It was silver stainless steel dildo about 8 inches long and I didn't need to read the instruction to know where it would go. I also wouldn't need any foreplay to get it into my already very wet pussy. I pulled the front of my undies down and slide the dildo all the way into my love canal, wanting to play with it for a while before moving on but I resisted and pulled my panties back up, holding the silver bullet deep inside.

As I pick up the next box I found myself trying to guess what might be next. I am so anxious to see what's next I forget about the heavy weights pinching my nipples or the intruder in my pussy. I am thinking that box #3 might have something for my, if I do say so myself, nice firm tight ass. What I found in the box was a series of stainless steel round balls connected by a string. Each ball was progressively bigger that the one prior. I was pretty sure that I knew where these would go but I wanted to read the note to be sure. I read the note, "Stick these up your ass." I have had very little experience with anal play so I knew I was going to need some lube….and I knew just where to go to get it.

I slipped my panties down to my knees and pulled out the dildo… sadly. One by one I pushed the silver balls into my wet cunt until all 7 of them were inside. Holding my hand over my crotch I walked around the room, giggling as the balls moved around inside of me. Satisfied that they were well lubricated I pulled them out of my pussy and pushed the smallest of the balls against my ass hole. This was going to take some work I thought as the first one slid inside… not so bad. But each one became more difficult and by the time I got to he last one I was thinking NO WAY. I spread my legs as far as they would go and pushed as hard as I could until it too was up my ass. I put the dildo back in, pulled up my panties and walked around the room with all of my new toys.

I was so hot that I could hardly control myself but I didn't want to spoil the ultimate surprise… whatever that might be. I am up to box #4 now and still several more to go. When I opened this box and looked inside I knew exactly where this was headed. Inside were four leather straps, each with a buckle on one end and a 2" metal ring on the other. I didn't need to read the instructions, I knew where these were going. I took the four straps and buckled one to each corner of the bed. Each strap had an adjustment that allowed me to increase the length to where I thought my ankles and wrists would be when I lay on the bed. I adjusted them to what I thought was about the correct length and then laid them neatly into position.

I was sure the next box would be ankle and wrists straps and I was right, 2" wide leather straps with a metal ring attached. One set had a clasp attached to the rings but the other set had just the metal rings. I had to read the instructions to know which straps went where. The note told me to place the straps with the clasps tightly around my ankles and the other two on my wrists. At the bottom of the note it told me to take the remaining boxes and lay them on the bed. You can imaging how hot and wet I was by this time. I think I could make my self cum by just walking around the room. I resisted.

Box #5 had a note taped to the outside. "Sit upon the bed and attach your ankle straps to the leather restraints. Lay back and reach your arms back and over to the wrist restraints, adjust the lengths of the leg restraints until the tips of your fingers are about 6" from the metal ring".

When I laid back on the bed for the first time I noticed that the ceiling was a mirror. I saw my half naked body spread-eagled across the bed, the two bright red nipple clamps pinching my tits. I reached down and started rubbing my crotch, I wanted so bad to pull my pants down and fuck myself with the dildo but again a resisted. After about 2 or 3 adjustments I thought I had the lengths just about right so I opened the box. In this box was a bright red ball gag with 4 leather straps to secure it around my head. I opened as wide as I could and pushed the ball into my mouth, it was quite uncomfortable and about all I could do was grunt, no way could I talk or scream. I secured the straps around the back of my head and neck, pulling them tightly as demanded by the instructions. Two more boxes to go. I knew one had to contains some type of restraints for my wrists but what as in the other?

I hurriedly opened the next box and found this type of small black control box with a big STOP sticker across the top. The instruction told me to lay the box next to we within arms length but "DO NOT TOUCH THE CONTROLS". I did exactly as I was told, setting the box to the right of me so that I could reach it with my right hand.

The last box was no surprise, hand cuffs and I didn't need instructions but I read them anyway. I was told to secure my ankles first and then the wrist on the opposite side of where I had set the control box. Before securing the other wrist the note said to remove the STOP sticker and press the red button in the center of the box. I did as I was told, ankles first and then my left wrist. I noticed that when I snapped the handcuff shut on my left wrist that a small display illuminated and a counter began to count up from zero, it looked like a digital timer. It was a bit more difficult to get my right wrist secure but with a little manipulation I was able to click it shut, and this too had the same digital timer.

I stared up at the mirror on the ceiling admiring the bondage scene, it was really turning me on. I should have been really concerned about placing myself in this position with no means of escape but I was sure that Derek would be coming to my rescue so I used my wild imagination to play out the different scenarios that might take place when Derek arrived. I was getting hotter and hotter as the possibilities ran thru my mind. I was sure that my undies were soaked from my wet pussy, if only I could reach down and finger my swollen pussy lips. I began to wonder what the control box was for, did it have something to do with the timers on the handcuffs I wondered. I felt a slight tickle on my left nipple and then one on my right nipple.

A short time later it felt like the dildo was vibrating and that was followed by the same sensation coming from the anal balls. The sequence started all over beginning with my nipples but this time the vibration was a bit stronger and longer. I was disappointed when it would stop but the cycle began again after a short pause. This time the vibrations overlapped each other so that the stimulation was felt by both nipples for a period of time and in my pussy and ass for a short period of time as well. And again the vibrations became stronger with each cycle. Before long there were no pauses and the vibrations were intense as I thrust my hips in the air and pulled on the restraints. Drool was running out from between the ball gag and my mouth as I screamed into the gag. OMG, I had never felt anything like this in my life.

The vibrations increased again and I felt like my body was convulsing as I approached a massive orgasm. Just as I was about ready to cum I heard a knock on the door… my body froze for a second. Then I realized it had to be Derek and I smiled… as much as you can smile with a ball gag stuffed in your mouth. I heard the door open and instead of hearing Derek's voice a woman called out, "Housekeeping, would you like your bed turned down?" I panicked, please don't come in the bedroom. Too late, this petite young woman came around the corner and stopped in her tracks when she saw me. By now the vibrations were so strong and fast that I could not keep my hips from fucking the air or control the moans. In broken English she says, "Well I guess you don't need your bed turned down do you?"

Just as I was ready cum like never before the vibrations came to complete stop. "NO", I screamed into the gag, shaking my head back and forth in frustration. The maid watched, not saying a word. I stared back at her and a soft smile came across her face as she turned and walked away. Thank God I thought, she was leaving. The door closed at about the same time the vibrations began again, slowly at first."YES, please let me cum." I mumbled into the red ball. I jumped when I saw the maid come back around the corner, the smile still on her face as she stood next to the bed. She watched and listened to the vibrations as they grew and my hips began to buck again.

Curious she took her hand and placed it on my crotch, feeling the dildo vibrating inside my pussy. She rubbed her fingers along my pussy lips adding to my pleasure immensely. As the vibrations increased so did her rubbing. Her smile turned to arousal as she lifted her maids dress and slid her other hand down her panties. We stared at each other as I bucked harder and harder and she fingered our wet pussies. Unable to control it any further I exploded in a massive orgasm, bucking wildly as my love juices seeped out of my pussy and all over my panties and the maids fingers. She came soon after, squeezing her legs against her hand, fingers held captive in her love canal. We smiled at each other knowing the pleasure that we had both just experienced……but what now, would she leave me like this?

That question was answered very quickly when she lifted her maids dress up and over her head. I watched as she removed her bra and exposed her petite but firm tits and then slid her panties off. She stood there watching for my reaction, I smiled. The vibrations were beginning again, how long would they continue I wondered… forever I hoped. The maid took off her shoes but left her thigh high white nylons on, she was very sexy and although I had never had sex with a woman before I was getting very excited about the possibilities. I tried to ask her name but my words were muffled. She must have understood because she said "My name is Maria." climbing up onto the bed, kneeling between my spread legs. She again started to rub my crotch as the vibrations increased to the next level.

I loved the gentle way she caressed my wet pussy as the dildo vibrated inside. I was in kind of a trance as she gently pulled back my panties and slid her fingers between my pussy lips. My eyes closed, moaning, my hips gently gyrating to her touch Maria began to fuck me slowly with the dildo. OMG I was in heaven. She would slide it all the way out and then tickle my clit with the vibrating tip of the silver bullet. I lifted my head and looked down at her, smiling as she smiled back. I watched as she raised herself up on her knees, spread out so that they were touching my thighs. Her skin was warm and soft.

The vibrations continued to increase in intensity but still not to the highest level achieved during the last cycle. Maria removed the dildo from between my pussy lips and slowly began to slide it between her own shaved swollen pussy lips. I watched as she closed her eyes and moaned softly as the dildo disappeared into her cunt. Slowly she lowered herself back down never taking her eyes off of mine until her mouth was inches away from my quivering cunt. As Maria went down on me I noticed for the first time the red recording light on one of the cameras. It went off but I noticed that another camera was now recording. Everything apparently has been recording from three different angles from the time that I hit the button on the control box.

Maria slid her wet tongue between my pussy lips and slowly began sliding it up and down. I couldn't see but I could tell that she was fucking herself as she licked my pussy. As the vibrations increased so did her licking, not only faster but with more pressure against my cunt. I was so fucking hot I didn't think I could stand another minute before covering Maria's mouth and face with cum. I just prayed that the vibrations would not stop and that Maria would continue to eat me until I came. My wrists and ankles were beginning to hurt from the constant jerking on the constraints but the pleasure far outweighed the pain.

Looking up at the mirror and seeing Maria's head buried in my pussy, bobbing up and down as she fucked me with her tongue had me right on the edge but I resisted with every ounce of willpower that I had. I think the vibrations had reached the max and Maria was now biting at my pussy lips and clit as she fucked herself harder and harder. I didn't realize it but Maria had discovered the end of the string to the anal balls and was gently tugging on it. I tried to hold the largest of the balls in my ass but she tugged harder. By now my body was jerking violently and Maria's face was pounding into my cunt. When the first ball popped out of my ass I lost all control and exploded in a massive climax. Maria licked the cum from my pussy while slowly pulling the anal balls out one at a time. The vibrations stopped and I was able to relax my tensed body and enjoy Maria's gentle kisses. I closed my eyes and laid still while she continued to make oral love to me.

I must have dosed off for a few minutes. When I opened my eyes Maria was raised up on her knees and was inserting the dildo back into my pussy. The vibrations had just begun again, I wasn't sure how much more of this I could stand, my body was drained. I looked down at Maria and smiled, she smiled back and held up the string of anal balls. Taking the smallest of the balls she reached behind her back and I assumed pushed it into her ass. The smile disappeared as she strained to get the vibrating balls up her ass. Watching her was getting me very excited again and my hips again started to move to the vibrations of the dildo.

When she was able to finally push the largest of the balls up her ass she began slow circular caresses with the palms of her hands over her nipples. Her eyes were closed and her hips rocked back and forth… I had the feeling she was trying to tell me something but I didn't know what. She opened her eyes and reached for my breasts, tugging on one of the vibrating nipple clamps… now I knew what she wanted, I nodded my head yes. She took the clamps off of my nipples and placed them on hers and then bobbed up and down, watching the weight of them bounce her tits. I wished so much that I could reach out and touch them but I was a total captive and I knew that Maria could do whatever she wanted with me. I was about to find out exactly what that was… and I was very excited.

Maria jumped off the bed and lifted my head, undoing the ball gag straps and pulled it from my mouth. "Oh thank you, my jaws are so sore." I said. She just smiled and wiped the drool from my cheeks. Without saying a word she climbed back up on the bed and straddled my chest, knees in my arm pits, facing the headboard of the bed. I was starring directly at her smooth wet pussy, the string to the anal balls hanging between her legs. Bracing herself with her hands on the headboard she slowly lowered her pussy towards my mouth. I raised my head and met her swollen pussy lips with my tongue. This was the very first time I had ever tasted a woman but I knew instantly it wouldn't be the last.

Maria continued to lower herself until my head was pushed back onto the bed and her womanhood covered my mouth. I licked as she rocked her hips back and forth. I could feel the vibration of the anal balls in her ass and could actually see the nipple clamps as they vibrated on her tits. As the vibrations increased so did her rocking and the amount of pressure she placed on my mouth. My tongue was buried as far as I could get it in her hot wet pussy. I couldn't believe how swollen her pussy lips were, rubbing back and forth on my cheeks.

I was ready to cum but I wanted to wait for Maria so that we came together. I jerked on the restraints and humped the air totally oblivious to the cameras that were recording every moment from all three angles. Maria was moaning uncontrollably, I knew she was very close to a climax. I took her clit between my lips and sucked on it, gently biting it as Maria ground her pussy into my mouth. I could not wait any longer, my legs stiffened and my hips arched at exactly the same time that Maria screamed out in ecstasy. She was sliding her pussy back and forth over my mouth, covering my face with her love juices.

Maria continued to climax as she pulled one ball at a time out of her ass and just as the last ball exited the vibrations stopped. Maria rolled off of me and laid beside me, panting and moaning softly. We were both totally spent and just laid there quietly for I don't know how long. I must have fallen into a deep sleep and when I did wake and opened my eyes the first thing I noticed was that it was light outside. OMG, I had slept through the night.

I laid there for a few moments in a daze, not believing what had happened, thinking it had to have been a dream… what a dream. But as I looked up at the mirror I realized that it was no dream. That's when I noticed that the handcuffs on my wrists had released. My arms ached as did my legs and jaw. I stretched my arms and rubbed my wrists, it felt so good to be free of the constraints. When I sat up to release my ankles I realized the dildo was still in my pussy and smiled, images of Maria filled my mind.

I got up took a long hot shower, got dressed in the jeans and top that I had brought to go home in and placed my new toys and clothes from last night into the overnight bag. It was funny I thought that once Maria entered the room I never once thought about Derek until now, the studio lights and cameras were gone. Someone had come into the room while I was sleeping and removed it all… was it Derek? I honestly didn't care but I did wonder what would become of the videos. I think I would really like to watch them. As I walked to the front door I saw a note on the table - "Thank you, I hope we can do this again." The note was signed Maria followed by a phone number.



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