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Feminine Hygiene

by Jo

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© Copyright 2011 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; Sbf; pimp; callgirl; object; bet; cuffs; gag; video; cons; X

I applied a bit of lube to my pussy lips; made them glisten. I touched up my makeup. Not too much. Kevin wants to go for that innocent look. At 19 I should look innocent, but I'm not, nowhere near.

On the other hand, after being with him for about six months, I've regained something of a youthful demeanor.

I'm Anh. Vietnamese. I grew up in a very strict household, so naturally when the opportunity came, I split. The opportunity came in the form of Jamie. A biker. One day, when I was 16, I hopped on her bike and never looked back.

As the new chick, I was passed around to the other members of the gang. Mad Dog (Could there be a worse stereotype?) decided I was his ... and so I was.

The girls hooked while the guys drank. I'd be on the street for an hour or two, bring the money back to Dog, then go back out. The local talent didn't mess with us, so we got prime pickin's.

One night Dog got a load on. We were sitting around a fire, out in the woods someplace. He grabbed my hair and threw me onto the ground.

"Anybody want this worthless bitch?"

It got real quiet.

"Come on. Gimme a buck and she's yours. Maybe you can teach her the value of a buck or a fuck. Can't fuck for shit."

He was kind of rambling at that point.

It stayed quiet.

"She can use her mouth. I'll give her that. Bitch gives good head."

"I got a buck."

It was Weird Eddie. We called him Weird Eddie because he was, well, weird. Think a mean Forest Gump, a couple of cards shorter than a full deck. The kind of guy you want in a fight - if he's on your side.

Dog kicked me in the ass. I crawled in the dirt over to Eddie.

"She's yours. Gimme a buck." I handed the dollar to Dog.

Eddie had a lean-to back in the trees and, later, when he fucked me it was like any 14 year old girl being fucked by a 16 year old boy. Lots of grunting, humping, drooling. Not a whole lot of fun. But he was good to me.

I worked the street while he shot pool and drank and he was always grateful for whatever I came back with. Drool aside, life was good.

I came into the pool hall one night just as Kevin was lining up a shot. I didn't know his name then, but the 8 ball was just a bit past mid table, about a foot from the rail. He called a cross-corner. Eddie snickered.

"Bro, you ain't got the balls to make that shot. No way. Go down for the corner."

"I got a grand says I can make it."

"You? A grand? College boy? Don't think so."

Kevin pulled a wad of cash from his pocket.

"One, count 'em, thousand dollars."

Eddie whistled and rolled his eyes, the way he always did when he was about to take down a mark.

"Man! That is WAY too rich for me." He gave me a wink.

"What about the girl?"


"The girl that just passed you a pile of cash. You got a grand?"

Eddie looked at the stash, down below the side of the table.

"Yeah, I got a grand."

Kevin appeared to think.

"No, I'll bet a grand ... against her."

It took Eddie a moment or two to process that.

"You want the bitch?"

"Is she worth a grand or not?"

"Yeah ... yeah, bitch is worth a grand. You're on. Make the shot the bitch is yours."

Kevin made the shot.

He grabbed my hand. "Let's go."

He dragged me out of the bar, set me on a fuckin' rice burner (!), fired it up. It was damn fucking fast!

Within a few minutes we were miles away. Kevin steered into a parking lot. We walked into the roadhouse. He ordered drinks. He held up his beer.

"I'm Kevin."

I touched his glass with mine.

"Nice to meet you."

We drank.

"I hustle a bit, but mostly I do porn. Real porn. None of this made up shit with a girl screaming, "Oh God! Oh God!"

"Fucked a lot of girls, not one ever screamed, "Oh God."

He smiled.

"Maybe I'm just not that good."

I smiled. "Name's Anh."

Long story short, I work for Kevin. I do porn. Mostly self bondage. I don't have to fuck anyone (except Kevin) and the work is easy. He's even set up a retirement account for me. Imagine that.

I finished my makeup. Kevin handed me two boxes. I settled on the chair in front of the camcorder and opened the top box.

Tampons? It held boxes of tampons ... and a couple of pairs of handcuffs.

Deal is: I look at the camera and smile while I restrain myself (bondage-wise) and squirm around a bit. But tampons?

I knew enough to put a set of cuffs on my ankles. I put the second set on my wrists.

I looked up at the camera and smiled. Kevin pointed at his mouth. I smiled and thought, Oh, shit.

I peeled the cellophane from the box, pulled out a plug and put it in my mouth, bit the tube, and pushed it in.

In the mirror behind the camera I saw the blue thread dangling from my lips. I took another tampon from the box and put it in my mouth.

Two boxes later my mouth was full. I worked the damp cotton into my cheeks as well as I could. I wedged my finger into the mass and inserted yet another tampon. I can't describe the sight. My mouth was distended into a huge white oval. (Okay, so maybe I can describe it.), there were over a dozen blue threads dangling over my lips, and it felt as though my face was about to burst.

Kevin gestured at the second box.

I unwrapped it, smiled at the camera as best I could and pulled out the bottle of water.

Oh shit.



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