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The Fetish Ball

by Sensual Erotic

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© Copyright 2008 - Sensual Erotic - Used by permission

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This is a true story about one of my adventures. Whether you are a male or female reader should not matter as long as you understand the mental arousal derived from dressing for pleasure. My motto is don’t take it off, put it on for sex!!

First a little background. I am a straight single white male who is always in charge during play and I am a sensual erotic domme. I like to give pleasure and always wondered what my female partners felt and what mental stimulation they received when they were dressed in fetish outfits and bound, so on my own I tried on some of their outfits and high heels, along with a gag and cuffs. The attraction was immediate and I have been hooked on cross dressing and self bondage ever since but always in private and by myself.

After attending a few fetish balls in the Hollywood area as a domme and after seeing a few cross dressers in some hot outfits wandering around I thought it would be a turn on to go out in public dressed as a fetish slut as long as no one would recognize me. I could wear a hood and hide behind that. Leather or latex would be too hot for a whole evening so I decided on spandex with eye and mouth and ponytail openings. My colors would be black and pink.

I assembled everything I would need to pull it off and early on the Saturday evening of the fetish ball I got started. Keep in mind I wanted to dress like an over the top slut that people would notice, the same way I like my play partners to look. I took a hot shower, shaved my cock and balls and removed all of the hair from my legs . Wow, what a sexy smooth feeling. I was really mentally getting into the role.

Next came my makeup. The longest most erotic eye lashes I could find accented by thick black eyeliner and pink eye shadow. Next came hot pink lipstick covered by a shiny gloss. That would look exotic showing through the eye and mouth holes of my hood.

Then came my black satin corset ( no cups) bringing my waist down 3 full inches and tied as tight as I could manage by myself. Slowly I slid a pair of full fashioned seamed stockings up my smooth legs, fastened them to the eight garters and adjusted them to pull tight all the way up to my smooth crotch.

Now something really erotic, a black satin bullet bra, with huge pointed double d cups where I put marbles in the tip of the cups for maximum effect and stuffed the cups full. Huge pointed breasts! Next came a lycra long sleeve pull over top clinging to the pointed cups and a pink belt around my corseted waist to really show off my hour glass figure. Then I stepped into a black mini skirt that came up to the bottom of my stockings reinforcement. A slight breeze or bending over would give someone watching a nice view and make me feel very vulnerable.

Next came a black jock strap that would hide my bulge but be roomy enough for a throbbing erection. I loved the way my stockinged foot slid into my pink platform 6” high heeled pumps and I was barely able to bend at the waist enough to buckle the ankle straps due to the restriction of my corset. I then put a sexy anklet around my ankle to draw attention to my shoes.

Lastly I buckled a 2” rhinestone collar with a D ring around my neck, clipped on a leash and tucked it down my top for now. Standing up and checking myself out in the mirror I looked just like a proper fetish slut.

Oops, I almost forgot, I applied some perfume, a heavy smelling vanilla scent like the strippers wear. I not only wanted to appeal to the visual sense but the sense of smell as well, making the mind think of powerful erotic thoughts. Then I gathered my hood, bondage accessories and teetered on stiletto heels out to the garage.

I parked in a lot close to the entrance, and slowly put on my spandex hood with a blonde ponytail coming out of the top hole taking care not to smear my makeup. Next came the leather cuffs around each elbow with a snap link hooked onto one cuff .

I was ready, and nervous. I waited for a group of people to walk past me, got out and fell in line behind them so people would think I was part of the group. My corset gave me perfect posture, body erect, chest out and my stiletto heels a sexy walk. What a thrill hearing my heels clicking on the side walk, taking slow short ladylike steps, feeling the pull on my stockings from the garters with each step I took reminding me what I had on under my skirt. The smooth swishing with each step from the nylon lining of my skirt against my stockings was enough to make me cum right there!!

For years I was one of the guys checking out the sexy arrivals and now I was the one getting checked out. I went in and stood in a quiet corner, pulled my leash out and let it dangle down between my breasts, pulled my handcuffs out of my skirt pocket, put my hands behind my back, locked on the left cuff making sure the key hole was facing up and did the same with the right . Click click click.

There was no turning back now. ( my I.D. and car keys were in the back pocket of my skirt and I could reach them to open my car to get my emergency key I left but I would be quite a sight in the parking lot if I had to go that far. I had a key clipped to the ring on the front of my rhinestone collar for now)

The next part of the plan was to force myself to interact with some of the female attendees. Now to find a cute girl to help with the elbow cuffs. I walked into the crowd and saw someone, went up to her and asked her to please connect my elbow cuffs together with the snap link. She smiled , forcefully pulled my elbows together and snapped the link closed.

With my elbows pinned together it really forced my pointed breasts up and out really drawing attention to me and gave me a lewd look. She gave me a wicked once over look and said, “ you sure are a sight aren’t you”.

Now the only way to get out was to find another girl willing to undo them. Since a lot of the girls there are dommes, that might not be easy as they would enjoy me being in a predicament. I began walking through the various rooms seeing what was going on, taking small mincing steps with my elbows touching behind me forcing my chest out and hearing comments like wow look at those tits! Or a few people leering at my hour glass figure. I even got a few compliments on my shapely legs.

Because of my hood I don’t know if they thought I was a guy or a girl but I did not care. A few people asked me about my make up then 2 girls came up and took my leash and led me over to the fetish fashion show that was going on. They ran their gloved hands up my legs, then under my skirt to my stocking tops feeling my hard cock.

‘Well what is that between your legs? You have a cock? ‘ She pulled my jock strap down a few inches so my cock head was peeking over the top of it and used her fingers to tease me and swirl around the head making me spasm jerk around a bit. She stopped rubbing, borrowed a crop from a domme standing there and gave me a few stinging swats. With my hands cuffed and elbows pinned I was at their mercy and could not resist in any way. ‘You have a cock and you are dressed so people will think you are a girl?‘

After a while they tired of me and left with their friends to roam around. I saw a really hot girl watching the show so I walked up behind her and playfully poked her in the back with my pointed nipples, she turned around and smiled commenting on my outfit saying how slutty and erotic I looked. She touched my breasts but seemed disappointed that they were not real.

I saw a fetish model I know that appeared in a harmony publication- buxom bondagettes, who I played with a few fetish balls ago as she was dressed like a naughty school girl, but did not approach her. She is supposedly married and lives in the San Fernando valley to a mountain bike racer . Oh well, she would have been shocked knowing it was me dressed like that. I could just imagine how erotic it would be to lie on a bed with her and rub our stockinged legs together, feeling the smooth sensuous slickness rubbing back and forth.

I needed to sit down and rest my feet as I am not used to standing in 6” high heel platforms for so long. I managed to sit down on a couch and a minute later a girl dressed as a dominatrix sat down next to me and started with some small talk. She was wearing a pair of black patent leather lace to the knee boots with a 6” high heel with NO platform. How she can manage in those is a mystery.

She said she loved the erotic look of my overly made up eyes and mouth showing through the holes in my hood. I asked her to undo my elbow cuffs and take the key from my collar and undo my cuffed wrists so I could get a little rest and she said o.k.. I told her about me and that I was really a domme and this was my first time out like this.

After a trip to the restroom I asked her to please cuff my wrists and elbows as it was getting late and I wanted to see the rest of the ball. As she was doing that she started with some erotic talk saying what a little slut I was and she knew I liked being bound and helpless. With that she grabbed my leash and said ‘ ALRIGHT SLUT, NOW YOU ARE MINE FOR THE REST OF THE EVENING AND YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I AM GOING TO SHOW YOU WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE A REAL SUBMISSIVE‘ .

She said that she had been watching me all evening and just waiting for her chance. ’Maybe I will get an extra large ball gag from one of my friends and force it between your teeth. It would look hot with your juicy pink lips wrapped around it.’

UH OH. She would probably do it and if I said no she would pinch my nose shut and jam it in when I tried to breathe through my mouth. The way my arms were behind me there was really nothing I could do about it. After all I put myself into this situation so I would just have to accept it like a good submissive. Luckily she didn’t find one.

She led me into the main room by my leash with quite a few people watching, grabbed my wrists and pulled them up forcing me to bend over and lower my head. Then she pulled up the back of my skirt exposing my stocking tops, taught garters and bare bottom. I was exposed for everyone there to see. Then she reached up between my leg and massaged my balls, giving them a little swat when she finished. I WAS HUMILIATED AND EMBARRESED TO BE PUT ON DISPLAY LIKE THAT AND EVERYONE COULD SEE UNDER MY SKIRT!!

What was she going to do next? I had all I could do to maintain my balance on my stiletto heels bent forward like that . She called over about ten different people one at a time . ’Spank this slut, look at the way she is dressed, and she smells like a whore! she wants it hard!‘.

They used bare hands, a paddle and a crop. OW! OW! OUCHHH!

The paddling came fast and hard. Shit, they was serious and I got the real experience! I never saw who swatted me, if it was guys, girls, she males, all of them as she held my head down and my arms up but I will tell you again I was completely humiliated having everyone see my exposed bottom and what I had on underneath. As I said I had only dressed like this in private and really didn’t want to show everyone what I looked like underneath my outfit. I am sure everybody there enjoyed the view of me bent over on my slutty pink heels. I am sorry to say that is as far as it went. At the end of the night I asked someone to un snap my elbow cuffs and take the key from my collar and uncuff my wrists.

On the drive home I spread my legs, pulled up my skirt exposing my stocking tops and rock hard throbbing cock, snapped on a leather cock ring and teased myself all the way home rubbing that special spot right under my cock head stopping just short of cumming. Once home I stayed dressed, laid on the bed on my back looking up at my seamed stockings and 6” high heels reliving the evenings events and experienced a true male multi orgasm-2 huge climaxes seconds apart.




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