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A Few Small Mistakes

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2013 - Jeza - Used by permission

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I snapped the padlock shut on the toolbox. Inside were all the keys I would need to escape. There were 2 keys, one I had posted to myself yesterday, the other was in a small plastic bag underneath the shrubs at the end of the drive, this was easy to collect, but would be visible by all my neighbours during daylight. If I didn’t collect the key from the shrubbery tonight I would have to wait until the key arrived in the post tomorrow morning. I would have to wait until nightfall to collect the key from the shrubbery, as it was spring this would not be until after 8pm, probably later to make sure there was no one about.

The reason that I couldn’t just walk out there now and get the key was because I was wearing six inch black court shoes, with straps that were locked onto my feet, a very short maids outfit, black seamed stockings and underneath a very restrictive boned corset. This was my day off work and I was determined to make the best of it.

I had been cross-dressing and into self-bondage for many years, I hadn’t found a partner who shared my interest, so bondage was definitely a solitary affair. There was something about making yourself helpless, having to rely on ice escapes or a drive in the car to collect the keys to the restraints, but I’d never done it for more than a few hours. It was now 9am, I was already dressed, the corset had taken some time to put on, having to tighten up the ribbons twice to get the full restrained feeling, breathing was laboured and it was impossible to bend down, now all I had to do was restrain myself.

On the bed were a variety of items I had assembled for this adventure, I sat on the bed and started with the leg cuffs, these were leather and were locked onto each ankle with a small padlock, joining the two cuffs was a length of heavy chain, only 12”, this would make walking very difficult. I struggled to get the cuffs on, the corset not allowing me to bend down to reach and I was breathless by the time I’d finished. Next came a leather posture collar, this was 8” wide and once fitted I could hardly move my head, the buckles were pulled tight, it was slightly restricting my breathing enough to exciting but not enough to be dangerous. Then the ring gag, this was 2” wide with a leather strap to hold it in place, once in and tightened it held my mouth open and made any words unintelligible. I tried shouting for help, it came out at “HMMP” Satisfied I moved on to the next item.

The nipple clamps had serrated ends, joined by a short length of chain. I knew from experience they were hurt once applied, which is why I put the gag in first. I slowly pulled down the top of the dress exposing the nipple and hesitated before attaching the clamp, the pain was immediate and made me gasp, I quickly added the clamp to the other nipple and pulled the dress front back up over them, my nipples were aching and the dress pushing on them was not helping. I sat therefore a short while letting the pain reduce to a dull throbbing before proceeding.

I picked up the leather wrist cuffs, the cuffs were joined together by a small padlock, so they were more like handcuffs, running from this padlock was a short chain and another open padlock. I reached behind my neck and attached this padlock to the back of the posture collar; the cuffs were now hanging half way down my back. I reached around behind me and got hold of one of the cuffs and inserted my wrist, with difficulty I managed to close the strap and insert another small padlock, then picking up the last padlock and put it in my already cuffed hand and then enclosed the other wrist in the leather cuff, this took some struggling and I thought it might be impossible to do, but after a few tries I got the cuff to close, the padlock was finally inserted and clicked it shut. There I was done.

I tested my restraints, my hands were half way up my back, it was only constant yoga practice that enabled me to be supple enough. The cuffs were pulling on my posture collar adding to the restriction of my breathing, the ring gag was starting to make my jaw ache and the nipple clamps were throbbing away. Despite this I had a raging hard on, but with my hands out of the way it was just stuck there in my satin panties. Standing up jiggled the nipple clamps causing a new wave of pain, I tried to walk the shortness of the chain nearly making me fall, my steps were going to have to be very short, therefore it could take me some time to walk to the end of the drive and retrieve the key, perhaps I should have made this less restrictive, I had walked often in the heels, but never with so short a chain.

Baby stepping out of the bedroom I reached the top of the stairs, I tried to put one foot on the first step but the chain was too short, and without the use of my hands this could be very dangerous, so I decided to try getting down stairs on my bottom, just getting into position at the top of the stairs was difficult I had to lean against the wall to sit down, even then I landed heavily. By digging in the heels of the court shoe I could pull myself along on my bottom it took some effort just to get down the first step, my bottom dropping the 10 inches or so of each step, each time jarring the nipple clamps, I had to pause for breath twice on the way down, by the time I’d got all way down my bottom was sore like it has been flogged and my nipples felt like they were on fire. I was stuck like this for over 10 hours minimum.

By leaning against the wall I managed to get to my feet, taking baby steps I walked into the living room, without being able to get any sexual release it was going to be a long day, my cock was straining against my panties, but with my arms up around my back there was not way to relief myself. The enormity of the situation now dawned on me, I’d never been stuck for more than a couple of hours, this would be a frustrating day and needed something to pass the time.

I had to kneel down on the floor, even this took some effort leaning on the couch just so I could pick up the remote for the TV - with hands behind my back it was difficult to point at the TV and change channels, the posture collar stopping me seeing what was on the screen, it must have taken 5 minutes to find a movie channel, it was a re-run of an old adventure movie, I managed to get myself up onto the couch, but sitting was difficult as my hands forced me to lean forward, the corset was dug into my body, the only comfortable way was to lie down on my side. I had seen the film several times before and must have fallen asleep.

When I awoke the first movie had finished and a different movie had started, checking the clock it said 11.43am, still a long way to go. Sleeping with the ring gag causes me to drool and there was a damp patch behind by my head, I considered trying to drink, but was fully aware that it would be impossible to use the toilet in my present state, so I must keep fluid intake to a minimum. My jaw ached from the gag, the strap was cutting into the corner of my mouth, my shoulders were starting to complain from the enforced position, and there was no give in the cuffs to offer any relief. My nipples were throbbing but presumably time had deadened the pain. Therefore I decided to lie still for as long as possible.

The movie finished and the next one came on, it was boring really, then I heard the front door bell ring. I wasn’t expecting anyone, you couldn’t see into the living room from the front of the house so there was no chance of discovery, I waited listening for any sounds, I got to my feet, with some difficulty and shuffled to the front window, peeking out, quickly ducking back, it was Mrs Wilson from next door, I didn’t know her very well, she was married and her husband worked abroad, she must have seen my car in the drive and thought I was home. She hadn’t seen me, I waited and heard her walked away, and I stood there slightly breathless with an increased pulse rate, and then shuffled back to the couch.

By 1pm I was hungry and thirsty, I managed to get into the kitchen, almost falling when I reached the tiled floor of the kitchen, the surface was different from the carpet throughout the rest of the house, but managed to stay upright by leaning against the door frame, banging the nipple clamps and renewing the pain. Baby stepping over to the sink I managed with some difficulty to turn on the tap and get some water running, to drink I had to put my mouth in the water stream getting a little water in through the gag, I couldn’t eat anything. I returned to the couch, and watched a further 2 movies, falling asleep once or twice. At 4pm I again made my way into the kitchen and had a further drink, regretting it 30 minutes later when my bladder started to complain. I had at least 4 hours to go!

By 6pm I was desperate for a pee, I just had to lie there watching TV trying to take my mind off it and the now constant ache in my shoulders, jaws and nipples. It started to get dark, looking outside it was still too early to get the key, there was the odd car passing, I resigned myself to waiting and settled back on the couch. I fell asleep again, awaking there was only light from the TV illuminating the room, outside was dark, and there were few street lamps. I struggled upright, my limbs stiff with the lack of movement. I went to the front door; the lock was at the same height as my hands so by fumbling behind me I got it open, then carefully peeked out. There was no one about, so I decided to try for the key.

Getting down the front step was a mission in itself; finally I got onto the level ground of the drive and made my way slowly to the key. There was no cover; anyone passing would be able to see me. Looking in the dark I could see the small plastic bag which contained my freedom, once I got to the shrub the only way to retrieve the bag was to sit down on the grass and use my hands to fumble around behind me. I found the bag without difficulty, but then found getting back up was impossible, there was nothing to push myself up on, so I started shuffling along on my bottom back towards the house.

“I always wondered what you got up to when you were alone!” said a voice behind me. I froze in absolute fear. My neighbour walked in front of me. She was mid 40s 5” 4” with a good curvy figure and long dark hair, she was dressed in a short black skirt and blouse, with black heels, a little make up, she was presumably just coming home from a evening out.

“You do seem to have got yourself a bit trussed up there” she declared, “Can’t you stand up?”

I was red with embarrassment and unsure what to do; I shook my head as much as the collar would allow me. She walked behind me, grabbing my shoulders she started to lift me up, she was surprisingly strong, she got me on my feet then moved in front of me. “Come on I’ll help you inside before someone sees you!”

Mrs Wilson guided me through the front door, once inside she shut the door and reached around behind my head and removed the gag, which came out of my mouth with a lot of drool attached. She dropped the gag on the carpet. I stammered a thank you; the words came out with difficulty through my strained mouth. She took the plastic bag out of my hands and removed the key. “Which lock is this key for?” she enquired.

“Its for the tool box on the bed, the keys to the cuffs are inside” I stammered.

“Back in a moment then” she declared and went upstairs, leaving me standing there, totally helpless, a stranger now had the keys to my freedom; I was both fearful and excited by this turn of events.

Mrs Wilson was upstairs for a few minutes, longer than it should have taken her to open the toolbox; she came downstairs with the keys in her hand. “You have quite a collection of this stuff haven’t you?” she smirked; she had obviously been looking in the large chest I kept at the end of the bed full of my bondage gear and dressing items.

She moved behind me, at to my relief fiddled with the bunch of keys and unlocked the padlocks on my wrist cuffs; it was a genuine relief to be able to move my hands in front of me. Mrs Wilson bent down and removed the leg cuffs and then the collar; her touch was gentle, her hands warm, and my cock were rock hard again. She moved around in front of me and a curious smile came across her face, she pulled the top of my dress down to reveal the nipple clamps, “I bet those hurt” she said, “shall I take them off?”

“Please” I replied. She grabbed one clamp in each hand pulled on them slightly, I gasped with the sudden pain, she released the clamps and I staggered as the circulation returned and the pain swept over me, she stool there smiling.

“If you want to play some more, come over to my house in 10 minutes, bring some of the stuff from that chest upstairs, it might be an idea if you covered yourself with a coat or something before coming round.”

She turned and left, I was stunned and stood there a full minute before making my way up stairs, I had a few items to get together and need to get a long coat out of the wardrobe.



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