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Fifty Litres

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2014 - Jeza - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; cd; stockings; heels; lingerie; rope; container; water; weight; strappado; stuck; cons; X

I found the heavy duty white nylon container at an auction; it was approx. 50 litres 2ft in diameter and probably 3ft deep with two handles built into it on the top. On seeing it my thoughts instantly turned to self-bondage applications. At the bottom was a nylon tap. I waited impatiently at the auction for the container to come round; it went for only a few pounds, I paid for it and rushed it home.

It took the rest of the day to get set everything up, a quick test and I was ready. In the bathroom I dressed in my black frilly silk panties and bra, a matching suspender belt and black sheer seamed stockings went on my shaved legs. Finally I strapped on a pair of black court shoes, I had bought these some time ago but found that walking in them was impossible, the heels were 7”, but tonight I wasn't walking anywhere.

The container stood on the side of the bath, filled to the top, the tap closed, I'd tested it already and found that if the tap was turned to a quarter it would take 20 minutes to empty. In the ceiling above the bath was a large metal ring, and had drilled through the plasterboard into the beam above to secure it, through this ring I had threaded a length of rope and tied it to the two handles of the container, the other end was hanging loose just over the edge of the bath at waist height, at this end I made a slip knot ready for the next part.

I sat on the edge of the bath, careful not to dislodge the container. Firstly I tied my ankles with a length of white cotton rope, clinching tightly, then using a further length I tied my legs together above the knees, pulling tight on the rope to clinch it, then knotting it several times. Picking up the next piece of rope I tied my wrists together in front of me palm to palm, using my teeth to pull the rope through and clinch it off, the rope was not clinched too tight and after wriggling my hands pulled the right wrist free, leaving my left wrist in the ropes and a hole next to it for my right wrist.

Turning to the container I turned the tap to the quarter position and the water started to dribble out into the bath.

Standing up with my back to the bath and the container directly behind me I placed my hands behind me to find the rope hanging down from the ring in the ceiling, opening the slip knot a little (it’s surprising how well you can work with your hands behind your back – after many years of practise) I put this knot over the centre of the wrist ropes, then carefully, so as not to disturb the ropes, pushed my right wrist through the hole I have previously slipped it out of, twisting my wrists a little I managed to get hold of the end of the rope around my wrist and pulled it tighter. Now I was tied with my hands just above my waist standing with the back of my tied legs against the bath, balancing on the 7” heels.

The moment of truth now arrived, using my bottom I pushed against the container, nothing seemed to happen so I pushed again, it was heavy and didn't seem to want to move at all, failure... I gave a much harder shove, suddenly my arms were propelled up into the air, my legs slammed against the side of the bath, my head dropped down as my arms were forced upwards in a strict strappado, the container had slipped down into the bath as planned and was resting on the bottom of the bath.

I tried to look round but the position with my arms dragged upwards limited my movements, I had successfully tied myself in an inescapable stringent bondage position, my shoulders hurt from the sudden jolt as the weight pulled down on them, my wrists were immobilised by the rope from the container tightening up the bondage to something I had never achieved before.

At this point I was panicking a little, the position was very stringent and the 7” heels made standing difficult even without the fact my legs were tightly tied together, pulling with my arms did no good, the container weighed over 50kg with the water in it, there was no way I could lift it with my arms in that position and even if I could raise it to the side of the bath, manoeuvring it to sit on the corner would be impossible.

My head was down almost at waist height, the strain on my back and shoulders was immense, but there was no chance of release or any relief for a while to come. I could turn my body to see the container behind me, I hoped the water was still coming out and that the tap hadn't been knocked closed, if so I would be hanging here until my legs gave out and my arms were pulled out of their sockets, it would be days before anyone found me, I could die here.

I couldn't hear any water running so I just had to hope, pains in my calves from standing in the heels added to the pain in my back and shoulders, I just stood there wondering how much more could I stand – as it had only been a few minutes. After what seemed like forever I pulled down on my arms and found a little movement, the weight had been reduced but the container was still far too heavy to lift to relieve the strain, but at least I was relieved there was an end in sight.

What seemed like hours, (but it later turned the whole thing has lasted just under 30 minutes including dressing) I was able to pull down on my wrists, the container was presumably nearly empty, pulling them down to my waist I managed to grab the rope coming down from the ceiling with one hand to relive the pressure on the wrist ropes and after much struggling, managed to loosen the wrist ropes enough to slide one hand out. It was fairly straight forward then to free the other wrist, both wrists were very red through the tightness of the bondage, I sat down on the bath and unfastened my legs and gratefully removed the shoes.

My shoulders were aching and I was exhausted by the effort, I moved stiffly to the bedroom, perhaps I would try it again soon, but this time not open the tap as far...


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