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Finally, They Meet

by Luther Lexus

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© Copyright 2003 - Luther Lexus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; harness; nipple; clamps; toys; remote; public; cons; X

They met on the Internet about two months ago. Her roommate had moved out and Dana had been spending more and more time in chat rooms. Chris had made her feel comfortable and at ease in chatting about sex in a new and exciting way. Dana was told about bondage and her curiosities had led her to some sites that had a lot of information; techniques, some photos and philosophies. She had become comfortable with putting clothespins on her nipples and had even come once, while simply tugging a string tied to the clothes pins on her nipples. She liked the extra stimulation and was ready to try more. They agreed to meet after awhile and Chris, it turned out, lived only a few miles away. A neutral site was discussed and they agreed to meet at a tavern on the edge of Dana’s town, but Chris wanted to add some risk to the adventure, and Dana accepted the plan.

Dana was an attractive woman, 33 years old, 5’7” and about 130-lbs. she had blond hair and a 36, 28, 34 body. She’d been married for a period of time but that mistake had already solved itself.  She was confident now, had a good job, and she was ready to explore new boundaries in life as things had become stagnant and repetitive. They had never spoken to each other, but through their chats Dana was certain that the meeting would be a fun time and she could always leave if the chemistry wasn’t right. Chris told Dana that she didn’t have to tell what she looked like but could trust in knowing that Chris would be wearing black leather jeans and a black T-shirt.

Finally the day came and as evening approached Dana prepared to follow the plan set forth. Dana was going to try a little self-bondage and be roped under her clothing. That was the only request Chris had made, but Dana was going to take it a little further. She had already seen a site with Japanese rope bondage techniques, and she was going to give it all she was worth. She’d gone so far as to visit a local exotic boutique and purchased some bondage gear of her own. She was excited to be trying these things out for the first time. She had bought a 50 ft. coil of colored rope and as she unwound it she noticed that she was already becoming wet with anticipation. She stood nude before the full-length mirror and followed closely, the directions she’d copied from the net. She found the middle of the rope and placed it behind her neck and started to tie the knots that would form the diamonds of the Japanese Karada Rope Harness. She took the rope down between her breasts and down to her moist pussy. She put it between her legs and up her back to loop over the rope behind her neck. 

After some adjustment she started weaving the rope around her torso and looping it though the rope in front and back around behind her. Each time she did this, the rope would become tighter as she pulled the knots with the strands and opened up the diamonds. Finally, she tied the rope off just above the small of her back. She was quite impressed, both literally and figuratively, with the results. Her breasts were slightly compressed, both above and below, making them very firm and just a little taut. The rope felt good and snug on her clitoris and she was quite sure the rope was already wet there. This was the point she decided that, yes, she would do all she imagined in the days before. She walked over to the closet and pulled out the bag from the exotic boutique and dumped its contents on the bed. First she applied the thin leather collar and then put the chain from a pair of tweezer nipple clamps through its ring. She then attached the clamps to each nipple. The feeling made her more excited. The chain wasn’t very long and the tweezers now pulled her nipples upward slightly.                         

She now pondered whether to go further and decided “…what the hell.” She picked up the vibrating plug she’d purchased and placed it inside her pussy. It had a wireless remote control and she could carry it in her purse. The ropes between her pussy lips held it firmly in place. She went to the mirror again to view her handy work and exploded into orgasm from all the thoughts in her mind and the stimulations upon her body.

Now, what to wear. She thought about covering herself up with layers of clothing to conceal her predicament but eventually decided that since this was not a bar she frequented, she was going to show off the fact that she was just a little perverted. “Wait till they get a load of me!” She pulled out the slender black mini dress and thigh high stockings. The snug nylon fabric of the dress left little to the imagination anyway and after she put on her stockings and her black leather heels, Dana again went to the mirror to check herself out. There was no doubt in the mirror. First the collar and rope that went around her neck were plainly visible. The chain through the ring in the collar left little doubt as to where they went, and the outline of the clamps, and the clamped nipples themselves, were clearly visible through the tight fabric. Even the outline of the rope around her body could be seen. It had taken her well over an hour to get this far, and she was ready.

It was a cool evening and Dana put on her full-length coat. It hid most of what was going on. She’d phoned for a taxi earlier and the honk of the horn came soon. She checked to make sure the remote control was in her purse and she slowly wandered out to the waiting cab, stimulated more and more with each step. During the twenty-minute ride, her mind raced about her condition and about Chris. Had she gone too far? What if Chris is not who he says he is? What if he doesn’t wear what he told me he would? Through all the questions Dana could not forget about the ropes, the clamps, and the plug inside her womanhood. Every bump, every turn, and every motion of the taxi stimulated her in some way. Finally the cab pulled up to the door of the tavern. She hesitated for a moment, collected herself, paid the cabbie, and walked into the Bar.

Chapter 2

She was somewhat relieved to see that there were quite a few people in the tavern and fortunately, a seat at the corner of the bar near the door was available. A handsome young bartender came to her immediately to offer a drink. “I’ll have a White Russian with Absolut and Kahlua please”, was her response as she held her coat snug to her neck. While she waited for the drink she looked around the room. She was comforted by the fact that the lights were low and the many patrons were quite loud in their conversations. She thought for a moment and wondered if the few that had made eye contact with her so far could tell of her situation. She also scanned for a man in black leather jeans and a black T-shirt. So far only the bartender fit that description, but she was there earlier than the suggested meeting time of eleven. 

While she sipped her drink and casually lit a cigarette the man seated next to her at the bar suddenly spun towards her and got up to walk to the restroom. The move startled Dana and also caused her purse to slip off of her lap. The man was kind and apologized as he reached down to assist in picking up the purse and the contents that spilled. Of course the remote fell under the chair and the man retrieved it, looked at it, and handed it back to her with a confused look across his face. He quickly departed for the bathroom without saying another word. She could feel the redness in her face and the humiliation of being discovered but she wasn’t sure or not if the man knew what the remote was for. The man soon returned to his seat and continued the conversation with a woman seated on the other side of him, not so much as looking again at Dana. Her blush faded and she continued to sip her drink constantly watching as people came in and left through the main door.

A second drink, a second smoke, and Dana noticed the tavern had emptied considerably. Finally the bartender had a moment to ask “So, are you here alone or waiting for someone?”

Before she could answer she noticed the nametag, “Chris.”

“It’s kind of warm in here, wouldn’t you be more comfortable without the coat?” the bartender said.

Now Dana was pretty certain that the Chris she met on the net was indeed the bartender. The few drinks she’d had gave her the courage to take the next bold step. “I’m Dana,” She said as she slowly peeled back her coat and let it fall back unto the back of the chair. Chris stood there for a moment, staring intently. A look of shock and arousal crept onto his face “Um, nice to meet you Dana,” he said as he tried to shake the cobwebs from his head.

“This is for you,” Dana said as she reached into her purse and pulled out the remote and handed it to Chris.

He took it and looked at it curiously. As he turned on the switch Dana closed her eyes and melted into the new sensation.

“Hey barkeep, another round down here!” The yell startled Dana out of her moment of ecstasy and Chris turned the remote off, handed it back and went to the other end of the bar. She watched him more intently now than before. He was nice, handsome, muscular and fit. She’d noticed he was energetic and outgoing since she’d been there. All the qualities she’d wanted in a man. She began to feel a sense of closeness, an attachment. After all, she’d just nearly come before him. And she knew, that he knew, what she was doing, and she liked the thought. 

She realized she had to pee, a thought that hadn’t occurred to her while she was getting prepared for this little adventure. She got up from her chair and headed into the ladies room. In the stall, Dana had to work the vibrator out and spread the ropes in her crotch in order to pee. She sat and imagined what she could say when she got back to her chair, and then she heard the door to the restroom open. “Dana?” a female voice questioned.

“Yes, Just a moment” came her reply.

She had left her purse at the bar and there were no pockets in the dress. Dana replaced the vibrator in her pussy after taking care of business, flushed, and opened the stall door. In front of her was a woman similar in age and build, wearing black leather jeans and a black T-shirt.

“The bartender told me you might be in here. I’m so sorry I’m so late. I’m Chris.”


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