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by Knotty Master

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Storycodes: Sbf; machine; metal; stuck; M/f; cons/reluct; X

This story contains adult content and should not be made available to minors or be read by anyone who is offended by sexual materials. Feel free to repost this story as long as it is in an appropriate place for the content and as long as this disclaimer remains with it.


Claire was a five foot five, twenty seven year old with long black hair. She loved her perfect athletic body. She worked out every chance she could to maintain it. She was not shallow, but she liked her image in mirrors while she was having intercourse. The better she looked, the better she enjoyed the experience. She was a sex addict, always occupied with ways she could get the next, biggest high. Bondage played the biggest part.

As a child she knew there was something special about restriction. Even before she had a clue what sex was, she felt the strange fire, that being tied up created. When she would play with other children she always wanted to play the prisoner or damsel in distress. When playing cowboys and Indians, no one wanted her on their side because she always seemed to get captured right away. Frustrated with her captors, she would instruct them how to tie her right.

In her teen years, she had an extensive collection of belts and scarves. She was pretty sure her parents had been suspicious of her activities. She figured they never said anything because she was sure they dabbled with it as well.

By the time she graduated college and moved out on her own, her hobby had become very sophisticated. She had time locks, electric magnet door locks and many other such toys. She had majored in art and specialized in sculpting metal. Her skills with tools and wild imagination was what had her in the predicament she was in now.

Because of her strange fetishes, finding the right man was a challenge all its own. Kinky men where easy to find, but the ones that were wild enough for her usually had too many personal issues or were flat out crazy. The worst of them had been Richard. He had proved too sadistic even for her. He wanted to do things that would cause permanent damage to her body. It was easy to see, the only thing he enjoyed was making her hurt in ways that she didn’t approve of.

The cruelest thing he would do to her was deny her sexual gratification. He would get her bound time and time again, torturing her for hours. He would even pleasure himself, covering her in his stuff. He would then leave her for an eternity, with no release of her own. She knew if she hadn’t left him when she did, he would have gone through with one of his sick fantasies.

Now he was stalking her. Every evening the answering machine blinked with half a dozen messages from him. It was always the same. “Who was that you went to lunch with? Where were you last night?” She hadn’t returned a call from him in months, but he wouldn’t relent.

For now she was swearing off men. The things Richard had done and wanted to do, convinced her to avoid dating for now. In the end it didn’t really matter because self bondage turned her on more than anything a man had ever done for her anyway. She never understood why, but now when she would have fantasies, they kept involving Richard. No matter what she tried, he was in her head and that bothered her.

The contraption that now dominated her basement stood as a true testament to her skills. Built entirely of stainless steel, it was a beautiful piece of evil. There were electronic motors and devices all over, poised and waiting to inflict the unimaginable. She had constructed it to be a to be a distraction from the Richard fantasies. In the end she designed the most diabolical part around that very thing. She built it with the intention of never using it. If at any point, she had thought there was even a remote chance of that, the thing would have been dismantled and destroyed. Now that it was finished, Claire was in turmoil.

Every night she had visited it. She would sit and stare at it for hours. She had spent many hours in self imposed bondage, getting off on the idea of this things capabilities. Now it was starting to wreck her life. Her mind was so preoccupied with it all of the time, her work was suffering. If she lost her clients, the lavish lifestyle she was living would bite her in the butt. She owed a lot of money to the bank. With the housing market crash, her home was now worth half of what she owed. She knew the machine had to go.

Destroying the thing was proving difficult. Every time she entered the basement, she would wind up staring at it for a while, sentimentality keeping her from loosening a single bolt. She felt like she was standing over her child with a knife. Carol took a few days off from her work. She told her clients a friend was dying. In a way, it was the truth. She was starting to see the thing as a friend. One of those that gets you into trouble, but you just can’t bring yourself to tell them you don’t want to see them anymore.

Avoiding the house for the day, Claire went for a drive. She spent the time rehearsing the destruction of the machine in her mind. The moment she pulled into the garage, she knew she didn’t have the capacity to go through with it. She popped the cork on a bottle of wine and cranked the stereo. After downing over half the bottle in less than half an hour, she started to feel the warmth of a buzz coming on. She felt one more glass would make her numb enough to do what she had to do. Gulping down the last swallow, Claire stepped into the basement and picked up the ratchet. As she stepped to the machine, she became lost in a drunken stare. Every so often she bobbled slightly from the effects of the wine.

Feeling calm and collective, She placed the ratchet back into the toolbox. She had an idea. After all, why shouldn’t she feel this thing, just once. She could take it to a point and stop before it was too late. She stepped into the metal boots. They looked like normal high heel knee highs, other than being made of stainless steel. She folded the top halves into place until they clicked. The latch being on the inside, the tool that could remove them was in easy reach in front of her. The fit was perfect, She tugged at the boots, finding it impossible to remove her feet. They were attached firmly to their own individual platforms, that for now were locked in place. A thin cable ran from a reel at the back of the machine and was attached to a pin in the back of the right boot. The cable then ran to a pin on the left boot and up to a pile of metal on the table next to the machine.

She picked up the first item off of the table. It was a stainless steel chastity belt. It had a hole in the crotch that lined up with her love canal and another positioned to pee out of. In the back stood a large butt plug. She dripped a few drops of oil on to the plug and positioned the belt. It took a bit of effort to get the plug to sink home. Tears welled in her eyes as it passed the largest point. She exhaled a large sigh of relief when her hole finally closed over the base. After regaining her composure, she brought the front half into place and snapped it shut. The latches on either side were the same as the boots and could only be opened by the tool.

She looked into the full length mirror in front of her. The belt was an amazing sight. The top of the belt ended just below her navel. The waist was tight and matched perfectly to her own. The sides curved perfectly over the tops of her legs and around her hips. Her crotch was completely covered. She poked her fingers around all of the edges and could barely get a finger nail under it anywhere. Aside from the hole there was no way to touch her privates and that too would be unavailable soon.

Bending at the hips, Claire grabbed a hold of the stainless steel dildo positioned Beneath her, perched atop a steel rod. As she raised it into the belt, an internal rod ratcheted up from the outer one. The clicking indicated it would rise up but not back down. She kept bringing it up until the first four inches had disappeared into the belt. She experimented at moving her hips to find them quite stationary on the rod. She could bend her knees and drop further onto the dildo and pivot side to side, but that was about it. She continued playing with the movement for a moment, until she inadvertently clenched while rising back up. The action resulted in the rod rising another inch.

Picking up the next item on the table, she began to tremble. It was a stainless steel bra that looked like something out of a Madonna video. The breast cups were exaggerated in length with bulges at the nipples. The base was designed to fit tight. It was strapless but the band that was to encircle her, was eight inches wide with four rigid straps that ran down from the bottom of it. She positioned her breasts into the bra and pressed a small tube into a fitting between the cups. She flipped the switch on the vacuum pump, watching her breasts being drawn inside. She winced as two clicks sounded from the cups. Her nipple rings had just been grabbed by the strong magnets in the nipple cones.

Once her breasts had been fully drawn in, she turned off the pump and removed the hose. As air returned to the cups her breasts relaxed back a bit. The effect further stretched her poor nipples. She closed the band around her and pressed on the sides with the insides of her biceps. She was having a hard time getting the thing to latch and had to exhale, sucking in her chest. Click, the catch finally made its way closed.

She knew removing the bra was much more difficult than installing it. She would have to clamp the tool into the bench vice, back up to it and work it blind. Once open the magnets would give a hard battle to release their grip on the rings. When she had tested it after construction, she thought the rings were going to tear right out of her.

Arching her back, she snapped the rear straps of the bra into the chastity belt. She had to stretch a little further to get the front ones on place. Once she was locked in, her posture looked like that of a figurehead on an old wooden ship. She was now at the furthest point that she had ever applied the restraints at one time. The buzz from the wine was fading as was her confidence. She thought about quitting but she had worked so hard. She should at least put everything on. It’s only fair to herself that she see the whole picture.

As she picked up the last piece connected to the cable, she was beginning to feel calm and confident again. She felt like she had defeated the beast. After all she controlled everything. She could stop at ant point and take everything off, right?

Positioning the stainless steel posture collar on her shoulders, she opened her mouth to accept the tube gag. Sliding it into place, her face from just below her nose was completely covered by the shiny panel. The way it conformed to her lower face and under her chin, held her head back high. Pressing the collar closed behind her, she had to force her face tight into the gag.

Looking into the mirror on the ceiling she watched her form teetering above her. She had to bend at the hips to see herself in the mirror. The lower rim of the collar came down close to the tops of her breasts and flared over her shoulders. Though she couldn’t see it from her position, the back of the collar came down to the tops of her shoulder blades. Her head and neck were now immovable.

Turning her entire body to look at the last two item on the table, she thought to herself 'Putting them on wouldn’t hurt anything'. She wrapped the four inch tall stainless cuffs around each wrist and clicked them shut. Like everything else they cold only be removed with the tool. There were two diabolical features to the cuffs. The first was the fact that they were slotted to slide together back to back. Although they didn’t lock together, the release tool was useless as long as they were connected. The other feature was a small rod protruding from each cuff, over the backs of her hands. These would fit into corresponding slots on the back of the collar, locking her in a reverse prayer position. The only release was a built in timer on the collar. It would hold her for two hours, before releasing the rods.

Figuring it wouldn’t hamper her escape, so she reached up and hit the power switch. She twisted her arms up behind her back and worked the cuffs together. Butterflies swam in her stomach. As long as she didn’t insert the rods, she could still free herself.

She was a little surprised that she could easily touch the collar with her fingers. The computer had a delay before it would bring the machine to life. Sweat beaded on her forehead. Having no way to tell time, she knew the machine could start at any time.

She began to think to herself, “I Could free myself with one hand. The experience will be better if one of my hands is locked in place. Yes, the more bound I am, the better. I’ve got to be careful.”

Lowering her left hand, she slid the cuff about half way down the other. Poking around with her left index finger she found the right slot and lined up the rod on the right cuff.

“All right, This is as far as I’m going. You can have this and no more, you dumb bitch.”

Lifting hard on her right arm, she could feel the resistance of the internal catch. She continued increasing pressure. “I can stop now.”

A little more pressure. “I shouldn’t do this.”

A little more pressure. “I definitely should stop. I am going to stop.”

A little more pressure.


The rod suddenly slid in another quarter of an inch and locked firmly into place. She slid her left cuff up and down a bit, reassuring herself that there was still a way out. The latches were stiff, and the difficult angle of her arms gave her some relief, knowing that it would take allot of effort to lock the other cuff in place. The risk of doing it by accident was minimal.

She readied herself mentally for the first stage of the machine. A click sounded from above and a rod with a dildo on the end, slid straight down and struck the panel on her gag. She positioned her tongue onto the tube gag and aligned the opening with the metal dildo. As soon as she made perfect alignment, the dildo dropped against her tongue. She slowly let the thing slide in deeper, intending to let it halfway into her mouth. Once she had it as far as she wanted, she tried to hold it there, pushing upward with the top of her tongue. She lifted and curled her tongue with every thing she had, but the weight of the thing kept it advancing.

Panicking she exhaled all of her breath in a futile attempt to blow the thing out of her mouth. The effort was useless as she had made it hollow to breathe though. As it hit the back of her mouth, she constricted her throat in an attempt to keep it from entering. The pressure was making her want to wretch. There was no option but to relax and let it go. With her head tilted back the way it was, the shaft easily slid deep into her throat. A loud click indicated it was now locked into the faceplate. Her eyes were wide as she acclimated to breathing through the thing. It completely filled her airway. With all of the air bypassing her nose and mouth, all sense of smell was gone. The evil of it was the dildo couldn’t be removed before the collar was opened.

Suddenly her right foot dropped an inch and her left rose. The instant her feet moved the rod between her legs rose a fraction of an inch. The platforms the boots were attached to were connected to a pivot. Pressing down on one would result in the other rising. The pivot was connected to a ratchet at the bottom of the rod. Every time they rocked the dildo would be lifted further. Making an attempt to balance evenly, she only managed to tip one way and the other several times, raising the dildo another inch. Claire finally figured out the best thing to do was to keep her weight on one leg. The only problem with that was with the time it took to put everything on she had already been standing here stationary for nearly an hour and the weight of all the steel was taking its toll on her.

She flinched dramatically when the intruder between her legs began to vibrate. As her first orgasm of the session began to crest she didn’t even realize she was beginning to shift her weight to the other leg. When the platforms teetered, raising the intruder another notch, she reacted to the sense of loosing her balance by dropping her left arm and throwing it out to the side for balance. With her arm free to move about, the orgasm was lost. The freedom wasn’t supposed to be there and it was ruining the effect. She knew it was going to be a challenge to get it slotted back together with the other one being locked so high up her back. For a moment she considered turning off the machine and removing everything.

“No I am going to finish this now so I can get rid of this thing. If I stop I would just have to try again later.”

Working the kinks out of her arm and replacing it behind her back, she began to manipulate the cuff against the other one. She was getting frustrated in her lack of ability to get them to mate up. She was at the point of an angry tantrum. Her anger boiled as she pressed the cuff hard into the other one, twisting and bending her arm. WHACK! the grooves finally lined up and allowed the cuff to slam to the top. Claire’s eyes flew wide open. She instantly knew what happened, but her mind refused to accept it.

Tugging down on the cuff she knew the machine had just won the battle and the war. There was nothing for her to do but accept the machines will. There was no hope of escape, ever. To make it worse, in all of the contorting and fidgeting the rod between her legs had risen another inch. Vibrations began again from the rod, this time it hummed a low frequency that vibrated her entire body. Her nipple rings even danced inside their magnetic tomb. Her nipples, incredibly sensitive from being continuously tugged on and the fact that her breasts were engorged in blood from the constriction at their base, burned like fire.

The pleasure and pain was the only distraction from her fate. She felt an orgasm rising to the surface once again. Just as it began to peak, the vibrations stopped. Her lust over powered reason as she began pumping her feet. Twice now she had been brought to the brink, only to have it denied.

Click clack click clack, in rapid concessions the dildo rose. She was going mad with her need to climax. Despite her efforts, the dildo rose so slowly, even with its huge size, it could not get her off. She finally stopped when the pain of her distended hole set in. As she realized the folly of her actions, she began to dwell on her situation. She had only locked in the second cuff a few minutes ago. That meant the timer wouldn’t release for nearly two hours. The machine will have conducted its true evil long before that.

After a long silence, the dildo began to hum again. This time it chose a much higher tone. The fire in her loins came back rapidly. She knew she was getting off this time. It was right there when the buzzing stopped again. She wailed at the top of her lungs. At least she tried. The only thing that could be heard was a rush of air from the rod at her face.

She began stomping her feet in anger. Anger at the denied orgasm. Anger for getting into this predicament. She kept rocking her feet at a furious rate. It was not the smartest thing she could do but she was going to go for all she was worth. She ignored the pain as the thing rose ever higher. As the base began to close in on the belt, she wanted to be the one to make this happen. It was the last thing she had any control over.

The base of the dildo latched into place and she kept pumping. The rod began to lift her by the chastity belt and before long her legs were so stretched, she had to strain to get any more movement on the platforms. There was no way to get the dildo out of the belt, just like the one that was lodged in her throat, but she was filled with a strange sense of accomplishment. Just then, the sound she dreaded the most began. The winch began its slow withdraw of the cable. She had chosen this winch because it was the slowest one available. It seemed like an eternity before she heard it bog down a little. She held her breath, with a faint bit of hope it wouldn’t be strong enough.

The hope was dashed when her boot emitted a pop followed by several simultaneous clicks. As the winch began to wind freely again, her heart sank with the knowledge the boot would never be removed again. Internal titanium pins assured her of that. All she could do was wait for the rest of her imprisonment. She didn’t have to wait long as the winch bogged down again. The pin popped free just as the other one had. She knew it was going to be a long wait, as there was a lot of slack in the cable to the belt.

At the same time the cable went tight, the vibrations between her legs began again. Just as the pin popped, she finally got the release she so desperately needed. She had gotten so close and been held off for so long, it was like nothing she had ever felt before. By the time she came down the pin on the bra had already been pulled.

In her euphoric state she no longer cared about her fate. For the moment it didn’t matter that she would never touch her mound or breasts again. The dildo permanently locked inside her and the plug in her backside didn’t seem to bother her while she was floating in her afterglow. As the slack was being removed from the cable to the collar, Claire was coming down. The thought of never being able to use her hands again was enough to kill her high. Any moment the pin would be removed and the collar would become a permanent part of her. The time release for the cuffs would be disabled.

Claire felt a loop of the cable brush her fingers. A chance for hope, grabbing it would stop the winch. The thing was geared low, but it was not very powerful. If she could hold on to it until the winch stopped the cuffs and collar could still be removed. She managed to touch it one last time before the loop was pulled beyond her grasp. It was like teasing a child with candy and taking it away. The winch strained for the last time. When the last pin popped free, Claire felt total defeat.

Soon the machine would send a signal to her computer, in turn sending an E-mail to Richard. She went over the E-mail in her mind.

'Dearest Richard, you are right and I am nothing without you. The key to my house is taped to the inside of the mail flap on the front door. I give myself to you and anything you wish to do to me. Take me home.'

The letter contained descriptions of how to get her off of the machine. How to remove the cores from all of the plugs and insert the artificial sleeves. She could be used, but never feel the pleasure again. As she hung in her bonds, she hoped he wouldn’t show. She would rather starve to death than be with him.

Time was a complete blur. Had hours or days passed. She hoped it had been days and her life would soon end.

“Look at my little c*nt Claire. The things I’m going to do.”


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