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First Time Shock

by Sir Psycho

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© Copyright 2002 - Sir Psycho - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; naked; rope; chain; electro; torment; climax; cons; X

This is my first time writing a story, and I’m no great story teller, but I wanted to recount my best self-bondage experience.

The problem with being a guy into SB is how best to stimulate ones self. I read so many stories about girls into SB and all the inventive ways they find to give themselves orgasms, but I’ve never been able to figure out a way to bring myself off while tied. This is a problem, because the act of bondage in itself is boring for me. I require some stimulus to make the experience fun. What excited me about bondage is the thought of being out of control of something that is happening to you. I don’t just want to tie myself up and simply wait for release.

What I needed was away to torment myself in a way that was out of my control.

Having heard about how you can give yourself mild electric shocks using batteries and a conducting solution made from baby oil and salt, I experimented with applying shocks to my dick using various battery combination until I found one that would hurt without being unbearable or causing burns.

Now I wanted to place myself into a situation where I would be forced to endure the shocks in a way that was beyond my control, for a period of time, without means of stopping once I was started.

After some thought I came up with the solution.

Firstly I stripped naked, and applied the conducting solution to my cock and balls. Rubbing oil into these sensitive areas started making me hard, and I had to force myself to stop, and concentrate on the job in hand.

Next I set up an ice cube timer with the keys to my handcuffs. I guessed I had enough ice to last about 1 hour. The string from the keys was passed up to the centre of the head of my bed. 

Having gathered everything else I would need on my bed, I went about securing my ankles to opposite sides of the foot of the bed using soft rope. As each ankle was secured my pulse beat faster, and again I had to resist the temptation to bring myself off there and then.

Next I slipped a metal ring over my cock, and positioned it at the base. Connected to this on the underside of my dick was a wire, which in turn was connected to one of the battery terminals.

To make sure none of the connections had come loose, I gently touched the other wire to the top of my dick, near the head, and flinched as the mild shock pulsed through it, making it jump.

This second wire was stripped of insulation for the last 15 cm, with electrical tape insulating the final couple of cm of wire. Now using more electrical tape I secured the wire so that the exposed part formed an arc from one hip to the other, the effect being that if I got an erection, my dick would rise into the wire, completing the circuit and giving me a shock. As long as I remained soft I would be ok.

Now there was only one last thing to do before locking my wrists to the head of the bed. I picked up the remote to the VCR and pressed play, then tossed it onto the floor, out of reach. The tape in the recorder was a porno, which had fairly long sex scenes followed by the usual “cooling off” portions of “story line”.

Now, before the real action started on screen, I quickly secured my left wrist, and after checking the lifeline was in place, passed the chain around the bar of the headboard and snapped it shut on my other wrist.

Now my heart was racing. The realisation of what I had done sunk in. However painful this got, I was stuck with it until the ice melted. The thought of this started sending blood to my crotch, and I watched as slowly, my dick started inching towards the wire. I concentrated on deep, calm breaths; trying to get the hard on under control, and just millimetres from shock my twitching member slowly started lowering back down.

Now the action on screen was starting to heat up. Once again, I watched as my erection slowly grew. The moaning from the TV really started getting to me and I knew I couldn’t control myself. The first tingle shot through my dick making it jump and bounce off the wire. I concentrated again on my breathing and cleared my head of the sounds from the TV, and, after a couple more little shocks, I got myself under control. As the action continued on screen, my dick came close to touching the wire on several more occasions, but thankfully never made contact, and soon the sex scene gave way to some “plot”.  

However, I knew I was in trouble soon. The next sex scene is one of my favourites, and I knew that no amount of relaxed breathing would keep me soft.

As the action unfolded I grew steadily harder. Again, I felt the current tingle through me. This time the thrill made it grow even quicker. As it grew, the electrical contact with the metal ring got better and the shock was even worse. I stained against my ties, but there was no way to get free.

One thing I had never checked was how painful the shocks would be with a really tight electrical contact. Now my dick was pressed tightly against the metal ring I knew this was more than I had bargained for. On top of that, the ring restricted blood from getting back out of my dick. I thought I was going to explode. The veins on my dick stood out more than ever before and I have never felt so hard.

By flexing and relaxing my pelvic floor muscles I could twitch my dick to gain momentary relief, but then the pain would shot through me again, making it harder each time to flex away from the wire.

Finally, as my dick came in to contact one more time I climaxed with more force than ever before. The electricity seemed to make it last forever, and I felt like I was going to pass out. When fully spent, my dick finally started to go soft and the contact was broken, ending my ordeal.

Having cum I knew I was safe from any more torment, I now all I could do was wait for the ice to finally release me… Which gave me time to think about next time!


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