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First Time Selfbondage with a Big Surprise

by Sharon

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© Copyright 2010 - Sharon - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; tape; bfold; caught; M+/f; oral; sex; mast; true; cons/reluct; X

Me and my husband have participated in bondage for about 12 years but only for our own bedroom fun, about 2 years ago I had been looking on the internet and came across a self bondage site, I learnt about all different ways to be tied and how to get myself free, It made we so wet and horny reading stories I thought I would have to try it.

I came home from work one day and put some beef in the slow cooker and started reading some more stories on the internet when the phone rang and my husband told me he would not be straight home from work as he was going out to watch the football with some friends down the pub after work, I was not amused but then it hit me… Time for me to try out this self bondage, I thought to myself I don’t want to be there too long for the first time so I never planned on using ice and would only use one padlock and the key would be on a long piece of ribbon about 8 foot in length tied to the corner of the table I was going to restrain myself too.

I went and had a shower then walked into the bedroom got out 2 pairs of leather cuffs and put them on the bed, got my blindfold out and lay it with them, I have never enjoyed gags so I found some masking tape in cupboard under the stairs and thought I’d use that, Then I dropped my towel and put on a pair of black stockings and suspenders, looked at myself in the mirror and thought for 38 you still have pretty slim figure. I was always conscious of my 32b breasts but I thought I would not cover them up as my nipples were standing very proud and sensitive, I put on a pair of 4”stilletoes and said to my self that will do. click to see larger image-firsttime_bigsurprise.jpg  Back downstairs I made sure all the curtains were closed and all the doors were locked, I cleared the coffee table and put my fluffy blanket over it. I sat on the edge of the table and didn’t want to leave marks on myself so I used the belts from our dressing gowns to wrap once around my ankles before putting my cuffs on. I started on the left leg then weaved the rest of the belt around the bottom of the table and attached to my right ankle that put the second cuff over the top, I got some ties and wrapped them around my thighs and under the table attaching them to my ankle cuffs stopping me from closing my legs. Then I put the ribbon with the key on it under the table leg at my head end and tossed it across the floor, It was time to attach my cuffs to my wrists, then I got the masking tape and wound it around my head making sure I covered my mouth, when satisfied I placed my blindfold on and lay back on the table placed my arms underneath and picked up the padlock and placed it through the rings.

I was getting extremely excited and I could feel the moisture growing down below, I had one last thought about not going through with the final stage but my orgasmic state told me better, then CLICK… I was there.

After about 30 minutes of going through fantasies in my head the frustration was getting to me too much so I thought I have to get out of this and relieve myself. so I placed my hand down to get the ribbon only to find it was even more frustrating trying to wind it up in my fingers and bring the key closer. That’s when it happened, I heard the key in the porch door, I raced to get the key when I heard a lot of laughing and loud noise. My husband must have brought some mates back. So there I was in the middle of the front room everything on show, tied to the coffee table. Then I could hear the key in the front door, the only thing between me and dying of humiliation, I couldn’t even cover myself in any way, then the laughter stopped and a cold breeze came over my body. Yes the front door was open and I was there in full display for all to see. It seemed like ages before I heard  the door close there was total silence apart from my muffled whimper then I felt the ribbon being pulled from my hand.

How drunk was my husband? Had he sent his friends home? If not how many are there?

Then I felt hands on my thighs and a distinct feeling when I knew by the mouth action between my legs it was my husband, I started to relax and enjoy it when there was a pair of lips all of a sudden on both my breasts and sucking my sensitive nipples really hard, I tried to struggle and my head was pulled back down and someone else kissed me on the forehead, there was at least 4 people there, I had lost count of the amount of hands everywhere.

Suddenly I was left alone to wonder what was going on then 2 hands grabbed each thigh and spread my legs wider, then someone entered me really easily as even though I was not happy with what was going on I was as wet as anything and ashamedly excited. Then after every 5 minutes there was a bang on the sideboard and the person withdrew and he was then replaced by another. This happened for a good hour and a half and everything stopped as fast as it started, then all at once I could feel warm cum landing all over me from different directions. When they had stopped emptying their load over me I heard the front door open and shut again, then 10 minutes later my husband took off my blindfold looked at me, shook his head, put the key in my hand and walked up the stairs.

To this day he still won't tell me who was there or how many there was, he just grins and winks at me. Some of the looks and the way his friends speak to me when I answer the phone gives it away a bit or have they just heard about it…

I think next time I’m going to deadlock the doors or try it in a different place..  


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