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by The Old Man

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Everyone into self-restraint knows how much time is spent tying and untying, until you get it right. The disappointment of being able to escape too soon. I had an idea for a spread eagle that I wanted to try. So one night I decided to fit it together. My bed is one of those steel frames without a footboard. The legs under the foot of the bed are just about right to spread eagle my legs. Around the bed was run a line at about the place where my feet should go. To the ends of this line and on top of the bed, short (five feet) to both ends of a half-inch line is tied (with a sheet bend) to the line on each side of the bed. The half inch line has a Cat’s-Paw knot in each bight to go around the ankles. With these around the ankles the feet were almost be able to touch. From the center of the line under the bed, another line runs under the bed to a Rope Ratchet on the headboard of the bed. If I pulled this line through the Rope Ratchet it would spread my legs.

I tied a bowline in a bight into a closed loop of half-inch line. When I tightened it the end only came to my fingers. There was a similar loop for my left hand held to the bedpost with an ice lock. I had not put ice in the ice lock; instead put in a cork from a wine bottle. I was ignoring a rule I had about always using an ice lock as a safety release. I was just checking for size. With my left hand fastened to the left post, I locked my right hand to the right post with a combination lock. I was now a prisoner. The lock was well lighted, so I could unlock it at any time.

As I lay there, enjoying the restraint and, thinking that this would be ok for an hour or two. Some of my joints would complain about it. Like my wife told me “You’re not supposed to be real comfortable”I heard some thunder, but it sounded far away so I ignored it.

A little later, while I was still playing around, there was another rumble of thunder. It was time for me to get loose. The power company seldom had a power failure, but there was no use taking any chances. I started to unlock the lock. Of the four different combination locks I didn’t know which one I had picked. I worked the first one and it didn’t let me loose. It started to rain and the thunder got closer. After working all the combinations I was still tied up. I must have misdialed one, so I started over. About that time there was a close lightning bolt, and the lights went out.

Well, I always wanted a way to be tied up for a random amount of time. But, I wish I had put ice in the ice lock. But the power seldom stays off very long. After a short time the lights came back on, and I started to work the combination again. I had worked the first two numbers when the power went off again. The flashes of lightning were pretty bright so I tried to work the last number by the flashes. I got it worked, but it was the wrong lock.

It started to rain really hard, and the wind shook the house. The lights came on again. Suddenly there was a freight train sound like a tornado. There was a loud bang, and the lights went off again. That was a transformer blowing out, the lights won’t come on again until they replace that.

I decide to give up and call 911. I got a hold of my cordless phone; but there was no dial tone. The cordless phone won’t work without power. There is a remote for the garage door reachable, but it wouldn’t work either. I had told my neighbors if they ever saw my garage door open and I was not around they should investigate. Now I was scared. It would do no good to panic, I told myself.

The rain was still coming down in sheets, but the wind had died down. How much time had passed I didn’t have any idea. It was obvious that I wasn’t going to get free until daylight. My shoulders hurt, and my hands would go to sleep unless I held my arms so there was no tension on the cords. My right knee hurt, and also my left hip. I would shift around and try to move those joints enough to get a little relief, but it didn’t help much. This would be a lot more fun if there was some stimulation.

It finally got light enough to work the combination and get free. My right arm had been in that position for so long it was slow to bringing it around to release the left arm.

I was only tied up about six hours. If I had used the one inch and a quarter ice lock it would have let me loose in about four hours. Had I started, with no ice lock, at sunset it would have taken maybe twelve hours.

I’ll have to try that.


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