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The Five Foot Spreader-bar

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2014 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; Sbf; naked; cuffs; collar; spreaderbar; bfold; gag; hobble; vibrator; forced orgasm; climax; true; cons; X

A few weeks ago Peter measured, cut, sanded and made me a lovely long spreader bar for me to play with. It's a thick wooden dowel rod five feet long with screw eyes in the ends and one in the centre of the bar. He painted it black for me and it has been drying in the garage all week, ready for me to play with. Now this spreader bar is only four to five inches smaller than me. So it would be a challenge how I was going to use it.

Peter went off with his mates for a boozy football afternoon watching the Arsenal play in the FA cup final. Apparently it’s one of the oldest tournaments in the world or something like that. Well it’s gave me all afternoon to play bondage games and test my new spreader bar "toy".

I took out an ice release from the freezer and put it into place. I use a long piece of string folded in half and about half way up the folded length, I push some of the string into an ice cube tray and freeze. I positioned it in my lounge, dripping into a small plastic bowl on my carpet. The handcuff key was dangling about a foot below a chandelier type light we have in the middle of the lounge. (No chance of electrocuting myself, I promise.) I could have hung it by tape from the top of a door frame too but I wanted a longer ordeal and the light was further away.

I walked through to the Dining room and positioned myself in the furthest corner, with some bondage gear I had selected along with the big spreader bar. I kicked off all my clothes in a big heap on the floor and made ready for my little adventure. Naked it was time to add the fun stuff. I strapped on a Venus Butterfly vibrator around my thighs and waist, spreading the lips of my pussy and snuggling the little rubbery nubbins against my sensitive parts. I tucked the remote control into the thigh elastic leaving the vibrator off for the moment. The anticipation of having a vibrator pressing on my clitoris and wanting it to be turned on was an amazing sensation.

I selected a padlock and locked the midpoint of the chain of the handcuffs to the centre eye screw of the spreader bar. Then I took some leather ankle cuffs and buckled them on my legs and padlocked the end of the spreader bar to the D rings pinning my ankles tightly together.

I pulled the spreader bar up my back and turned a little to padlock a small piece of chain on to the top of the spreader bar leaving the free end dangling for the time being. I wrapped one of my belts around my upper thighs, strapping my legs tight and also to the spreader bar. I was getting excited by now and I could feel the longing for the Venus to be turned on and tease me.

Next to strap on my naked body was a two inch ball gag. I pulled the strap as tight as I could behind my neck and the drool started to dribble over my lower lip almost instantly.

One of Peter's belts around my chest pulled the spreader bar into the small of my back and against my shoulders. A wide collar around my neck buckled snuggly topped off my ensemble.

I took the last padlock from the dining table and padlocked the small length of chain at the top of the spreader bar to the D ring at the back of my leather collar. My head was rigidly stuck to the tip of the spreader bar which now acted like I was pole tied. I flicked the switch of the Venus to a medium setting and pulled on a leather blindfold.

Cuffing my hands behind my back to the midpoint of the spreader bar whilst the Venus was assaulting my pussy had me panting through the big ballgag. Drool dripped down my chin and then splashed down my tits. I was extremely aroused and climaxed just a few seconds after my wrists were pinned behind me to the spreader bar.

Panting from my climax with drool flowing freely down my chest I tested my bonds. I couldn't bend more than a centimetre. My head was truly pinned to the spreader bar holding my head upright. I could turn my head sideways just a little but not forward. I could only ease my head back towards the pole attached to the collar. The collar squeaked with every movement and rubbed against the skin of my neck.

Now I don't have padded collars or leather wrist or ankle cuffs. I deliberately picked black leather without padding for that rustic feel. Now I was thinking it would have been nice to have that padding.

The spreader bar/pole tie I chose for myself was a lot stricter than I had envisaged it would be. I could only wriggle my wrists a little too. The position of the centre eye-screw was not positioned comfortably for the metal handcuffs attached to it; the metal cuffs were pulling my hands in a downward position. I always felt handcuffs would never give me a restrictive enough feeling that rope always had. Well that was until I tried this tie. I wriggled my hands and when one is handcuffed, will always try to slip the wrist out. Well I had snapped the wrist cuffs tightly enough to be snug on my wrists. There was no way I could slip the wrists out of the cuffs. I orgasmed again, just from the feeling of being so strictly bound.

Trying to move was extremely difficult. I had expected it to be a little easier to pigeon step my way across the ground floor of my house. It took forever to find my way around the dining room table and chairs. I was upright in a very precarious and very strict position. I could only move my feet in millimetres, and that was only in tiny shuffling movements, the distance between the padlock and the two ankle cuff D rings would allow.

The Venus Butterfly pressing against my sex was such a tease. I so wanted to cum more than it allowed me to. In my dark little work I could hear the mailman drop letters into the letter box from the other side of the house. The next door neighbour cutting the grass was ringing around my head. I guess being blindfold made the other senses a little sharper.

It had taken the best part of an hour to tie myself up and to shuffle to the front room. I deliberately shuffled my way to the side of the lounge door. From there I knew roughly how far I needed to shuffle to get the key. Well it turned out to be a bit harder than I thought. I wasn't in the room far enough and thought I was off target, and had to move back to the door to reposition myself. Then I walked forward into the room again. I knew where I was when I nudged the plastic bowl with the drip water from the ice cube and it splashed over my toes. The key to the handcuffs had dropped low enough for me to try to un-cuff my hands.

I fumbled with the key for a bit and as soon as my hands were free I turned the speed of the Venus Butterfly up to full and pressed it into my pussy for a shuddering orgasm. I had drooled all over myself and the wooden floor looked like a giant snail had slimed all over it.

I had a cricked neck and sore wrists from the cuffs, but I had enjoyed this tie immensely. It was intense and that added to my enjoyment. I had also orgasmed a good half dozen times while I was trussed up and gagged. My afternoon was so much better than watching a bit of football.

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