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A Flat Surprise

by Fantazmaster

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© Copyright 2007 - Fantazmaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; discovered; cons/nc; X

Liz nervously picked up the phone, hoping this was the call she had been waiting for as she said, "Hello,"

The deep resonant voice on the other end sent waves of pleasure and anticipation through her very soul as she heard her Master's voice intone, "Hi there my pet, I just got off the plane and will heading your way after I claim my bag and pickup the rental car."

Breathlessly she giggles in delight, "Oh my god, I can't believe it, you are actually here! Somehow I was afraid this was all a dream and that I'd wake up and find that you weren't coming at all."

Master replied, "Well I guess I will need to pinch you, that way we will both know its not a dream!" then he asked, "Have you been good and not opened the box yet?"

Liz 's eye shot to the Fedex box that had arrived the day before, his e-mail instructions to her was to not open the box until he instructed her to.

"Yes, I have been real good, now I picked it up and shook it a few times, but no I haven't opened it yet. Can I open it now? I am dying to see what's in it."

Master replied, "Ah anticipation! Isn't it soooo sweet. No don't open it just yet, I am going to call you about 20 minutes before I get there. Lets see right when I get off Exit 81, your directions say it's about 20 minutes to your place from there, so I'll call from there. Then open it and follow the instructions included. We are going to be undisturbed aren't we?"

Liz sighed, "Well, I have a call from work that will be coming in about the time you arrive or just afterwards and I'll have to take that and go over one or two things with the lady that's covering for me, but beyond that we should be undisturbed for a whole week."

After the phone call, Liz looks over the box again and as she does she reflects back on the year and all the online adventures she has had with Master during that time and his innate ability to totally surprise her .The box is the latest in an unending series of surprises that had turned her into a real anticipation addict as he was always so creative with his ideas and scenes, despite the restrictions of an online relationship.

A twinge of pleasure welled up as she recalled her last birthday and Master had contacted a local munch group and arranged a "Dial-A Spanking" for her, well and skillfully delivered, with a few of these members providing a singing accompaniment to the celebratory whacks.

Finally the phone rings again and Master indicates he has just exited the Interstate and instructs her to open the box and then carefully read the printed instructions and follow them to the letter as he has very carefully planned this out for their first in person meeting.

Liz eagerly opens the box and as she unpacks it her heart races.

She unpacks the black leather blindfold, the adjustable and locking wrist and ankle cuffs, each with a metal loop securely bradded to the outside and the four odd looking C-Clamp like devices. She then unfolds the printed instructions and gasps at the drawing at the top of the page of totally naked female, spread eagled and face down on a bed with the same type cuffs holding her firmly in place.

His instructions tell her to first go unlock the front door, then strip totally naked. Then secure each of the special C-Clamps to each post of the bed, these he writes are designed with a spring like mechanism that will grab each metal loop on each wrist and ankle strap once inserted and secure the metal loop in place. Once the C-clamps are in place, secure and lock the cuffs around each ankle and wrist cuffs and then with the blindfold get on the bed and secure each ankle. Put the blindfold on and secure it firmly in place. He indicates it may take a bit of navigating but you should be able to get each wrist secured to each side despite the blindfold being in place.

Liz heads to the front door and unlocks it, then as she is carrying the box with all its contents to the bedroom, she grabs the cordless phone, hoping Master will hold it to her ear should the call come in while she is so well secured and praying she doesn't have to take notes of any type.

She easily fits and tightens the special C-clamps to each bedpost and then with a feeling of real eroticism, strips down and then snugly dons and locks each cuff around her ankles and wrists. Placing the cordless phone on the bedside table, she then gets on the bed with blindfold in hand and with some maneuvering hears a loud, solid click as each metal loop on each ankle cuff is secured. Liz then puts on the blindfold and tightens it in place, leaving her in total darkness so thick is the heavy leather of this blindfold. Then she begins with her left wrist and soon hears the solid click as the loop is secured, a few moments later the right side is also secured.

In total darkness Liz thoughts begin to race as she thinks of all the things Master has planned for her and has talked about for the past month. She becomes wet with anticipation as she thinks of all the fantasies he wants to act out and the promise of an orgasm denial session, that in Master's words, could go on for several days and ultimately would be so intense that she'd be agreeing to do things she would never even consider beforehand.

Her reverie is broken by the creak of the front door opening. And her pulse pounds as she hears heavy footsteps slowly make their way to the bedroom. Then the footsteps stop beside the bed and Liz hears his breathing as he moves closer. Strong hands then begin to fondle and rub her all over and then she feels him shift to the foot of the bed and she tenses knowing he will take her anally.

She gasps with a shriek and her first thought is, "My God, he is huge!" as he forces his way inwards.

Just then the phone rings and she says, "Sorry Master, that's the office can you hold the phone to my ear. I will hurry I promise."

She then feels the phone by her ear and he clicks the answer button for her, but remains well inside her without thrusting.

Liz answers, "Hello" and then she hears, "Liz, it's Master glad you can still answer the phone, I had a flat tire and it'll be another hour before I get there"

Liz screams, "But Master!WHO? OMG! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...."



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