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Doreen struggled like a fish out of water.

Because she was.

Well she was and she wasn’t.

Her fascination with mermaids was started at seven and never quit. Growing up in near New Orleans near the gulf. Swimming was her passion. Swimming as a mermaid . More so.

Now in her early twenties she had really done it to herself.

Her dad died when Katrina hit. She was just ten. Mom remarried about eighteen month later. An investment banker. But his wife died of cancer so she inherited a new dad and a brother. Dick.

Her original father was a fisherman and encouraged her mermaid like fascination. The second father. Larry. Was a bit more stern. He was not as supportive. Doreen went to college. Got a degree. Moved to Miami. Started teaching preschool kids. Yes once in awhile she would dress up in her new mermaid tail she made. A blue one. With her black hair. It worked. The suit went all the way up and stopped just under her arms and dipped a little around the breast. She wanted to avoid the ‘Aerial’ look. Rather she went for a ‘Dory’ look. More of a blue dolphin. No scale pattern.

She did consider having a silicone tail made but her opportunities to wear it seemed slim. Plus it was damm expensive. This was more practical for her.

A tube in the cleft of the fluke of the tail let water in and out . This was so that she would not have the problem of buoyancies and trapped air. She could swim in it very well. She was scuba and PADI certified. She even had elbow length gloves with black trim. More of an elegant mermaid.

She squirmed and nothing much in progress seemed to happen…

The big surprise was when Larry died last year he left her a lot of cash in his will. Dick was frozen out.

Dick was a tech savvy guy. He made apps for smart phones. He helped her set up hers. She was not a Tech type person;

Dick’s real problem was he could not keep it in his pants. He got one girl pregnant and Larry had to pay her off.

Doreen grunted but her efforts where muted….

Mom had a stoke just after she moved to her new job. Mother was not herself after that and needed home care. Dick was taking care of her because he could sponge off her mother as a care taker. A third party looked after their finances. Larry left her with a sizable fortune.

It was summer. School was out and prime time to be a mermaid.

She went online. Normally to check out the competition as it where. She wanted to get with other mermaids in the area. During her search she saw something. It was an image of a mermaid bound up in some rope and netting. Arms bound behind her. The rope looked to tied in a very ornate faction. Decorative but restrictive. Added to the fact she was in her mermaid tail and wrapped up in a net. Arms bound behind her. Waiting for what ever cruel intentions to befall her from her captors. Doreen got turned on.

She wiggled some more and got no further that she had before…

With school out for the summer and her foray into the local date scene had tanked. She had been without for a long. Perhaps longer time. Longer than she cared to admit. A small house with a cement basement. Built around the cold war and was supposedly reinforced during the Cuban missile crisis. It was damp and cool. Perfect for what she wanted to do.

She could feel it building up again…

She had some nylon netting. She had it for background to add atmosphere when she did model herself in her tail.

She had a plug in egg like vibrator. The wire could go up the tube. Connect to the controller and outlet.

Slide the tail on. That was easy.

But the arms. How could she tie herself up.

She was trapped. Please god get me out….

More online ‘research’ showed a number of way you could do it. Handcuff did not seem right. How many fisherman carry handcuffs?

Rope. That had to be the answer.

A hog tie of sort was what she decide on. The decorative rope would bind her legs inside the tail so she could not slip out. Then another rope at the base of her tail wrapping around her feet. Then a pair of slip knots.

All she had to do was straighten out her legs. The slip knots would bind her gloved hands and she was tied up. Easy as you please.

She was stuck and the ropes where not getting any looser…

She scouted out her location. The basement had a painted white floor that had a epoxy base making it weather proof. The same paint had been done to the walls. Condensation was forming on the water pipes. A drop would form and fall to the ground. It would either evaporate or slowly make its way to the drain near the water heater.

Water. She needed water…

Doreen wanted to record this. So she picked out a spot and imagined where her camera phone would be at. She would have it on the charger so it would record the whole scene and not run the battery down. She wanted this to last.

She also wanted to make sure the power cord did not pull out on the vibrator. A second rope from her tail to a sturdy iron pipe shelf that was bolted to the floor would do. The rope would be shorter than the cord to the vibrator so she could not pull the cord out of the socket. She could also mount her camera there. A little duct tape to hold it in place should do the trick.

It was going to record her death…

Now as for the net. There was a problem. It was hard to wrap around her with her hands tied. She found some stuff the pervious owners left in the garage. It was a adhesive spray. Water soluble. So it would wash off. So in her mind. All she had to do was spray the netting and roll. Trapped like a fly in a spiders web. Oh that would be something.

The net only seemed to get tighter as she struggled….

The weekend was typical Florida weather. Raining one day, Broiling the next. It was supposed to be hot this weekend. Which was fine. The cool floor would work for planned experiment.

First drink a pint of water. Then a bucket for water just under the dripping pipe. So it would fill up. Lay out the net. Add a little mermaid make up. Then put on her mermaid bra. Next insert and attach vibrators. Securing the wires to her breast and vagina with tape. Thread the wire out the end of the tail and put the tail on. Scoot around and tie the rope to the her tail binding her legs and making it impossible to yank the wire out.

A quick yank showed she could move around and still not able to pull free of it. This was her leash. Next she set up the second rope with the slip knots at the end for her hands. Then the gloves. Then the gag.

Her heart was beating with anticipation. The timer on the vibrators she set up gave her a ever increasing doses for five minute with a rest period of five minutes, Then the next phase for ten minutes with a rest period of ten minutes. Fifteen then fifteen. Then a reset back to five. She could have done twenty/twenty but passed on that . Rater she gave herself a thirty minute rest period before it began the cycle all over again.

Her brain started cooking up a story of how the sea hag was tormenting her. Never would she submit to the evil sea hag. She would resist her at ever turn.

Then sprayed the net with the aerosol glue. Lined herself up. Slipped the hand into the slip knots. Tighten them. Rolled into the net. It wrapped her up better than expected. It was nice and tight. The sticky net clung to every surface even her face. Well it was too late to adjust that now.

She scooted to where the camera was aimed and waited.

Then she began shaking her head demanding the sea hag witch to let her go. But knowing the clock was ticking. She refused to betray her father.

Then in her mind the sea hag did her ‘first spell’ as the vibrators began to pulse with even increasing frequency.

Doreen was in ecstasy. It was a huge turn on and she panted like dog through the gag. Never had she felt so good. The next ‘spell’ came at her again longer this time. The sea hag vowing to break her. This time Doreen was in the moment as it where. She was spent but defiant. The hag had not broken her yet.Now the hag was furious and venting her rage. This would be the last spell.

The next spell hit and it went for broke Doreen never knew how many times she spasm in the grip of ecstasy. The sea hag had broken her. Doreen passed out with the biggest smile on her face

When she awoke she knew she had enough. She wanted to get out of the net and loose before the next ‘spell’ hit her.

That when she found out the horror.

She was glued to the floor. The net had melted. Something in the glue had melted the nylon in the net and to her bonds. She could not slip out of the net nor could she free her hands. The rope was nylon too.

The net had her stuck fast to the epoxy floor.

Doreen was trapped. Quite literally stuck to the floor and unable to move an inch.

Doreen was in a panic. Who would hear her.

Then the vibrators began again. She could not pull them out if she tried. Her tail was stuck to the ground.

All she could do was convulse with each round.

She hit another rest period and she thought she was going to die.

After the third rest period she was thirsty. The dripping water was taunting her.

She was going to die. A fish out of water. Irony was not with out its humor.

“Hello little sis. Got yourself in bit of mess I see.”

Doreen opened her eyes.

Dick's pudgy face leered over her.

She did not even have the strength to say ‘help’. How many times had she gone through the cycles. Five. Six. Maybe more. It was a three hour drive at least from where Dick and her mom lived.

“Well for starters Our relationship is going to change. A little blackmail. Say OH a few grand a month. Just to help out ‘mom’ or that's your story you going to say to the lawyers. Maybe me and her will move in with you. Won't that be great.”

“I am going to cut you loose but before I do. I got all of this on my little private cloud. If I don’t update it. Say every thirty days. Guess where it gets sent too. Oh the school is going to love this.”

Doreen nodded. She was defeated. The hag turned into her brother in law. All because of a fluke accident.


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