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The $12.00 folding stocks and a sister’s revenge

by the Techster

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The $12.00 folding stocks and a sister's revenge.
By the Techster.

It is no secret that my wife of 30+ years and I are engineering types whose "closet hobbies" are bondage/ self- bondage games. Just as I love to see my wife nude in full bondage she enjoys tormenting me when I am inescapable bondage. Tonight I decided that I would be held in our workshop using both and upper spreader suspension bar for my wrists and a very wide, meaning 26 inches, spreader bar for my ankles. I wanted this set of spreader bars to fold in such a way that once installed I could stand on a short stool in order to put my wrists in the suspension cuffs on the upper spreader/suspension bar. The trick would be that when I stepped down the bar would unfold to it's finished width.

Things were slow at work as we awaited supplies so I put the time to good use in the cabinet shop scrounging bits for the project. First were two 8-inch by 8-inch pieces of 2-inch thick wood. These would become the actual "stocks" that locked around my ankles. Working from the centerline in both width and length I laid out the 3 1/8-inch by 4 1/8-inch hole for my ankles. Used a can to draw the rounded ends and a tri-square to draw the lines. Next I used a drill to give me a starting hole placed for the small reciprocating or "jig" saw that I used to cut the holes. I borrowed a router with a 3/4-inch radius from the cabinetmaker and rounded the edges of the holes. A light sanding and I gave the ankles stocks a light coating or epoxy.

Next I cut 2 10-inch long blocks of 2-inch by 4-inch blocks of pine. These would be the folding elements of the stocks and would space my ankles at 28 inches apart on centre.  I had already determined through experimentation that 24 inches was the maximum comfortable spread for me. A wider spacing with a spreader bar will force my knees and hips to lock and the muscles and tendons on the inside of my legs were stressed.

The moment of truth

As soon as my wife called to ask if we needed anything at the grocery store I began to set myself up in bondage. I left my keys with a simple one-word note that simply said "paddock' as a symbol that I had begun a self-bondage scene. Over the years my wife had adapted to my hobby and knew just where to find me. I stepped into the workshop and undressed. To make certain that I could not turn back once I had started I put my clothes and shoes in plastic bags and tossed them out of the door. 

For a suspension bar I chose to use an engine lift balance bar, It was 36 inches long so I adjusted the center support at 18 -inches. Using doubled ended snap hooks I attached the suspension cuffs to each end. Next I placed a one-step stool under it and stepped up to hook the centre support to an eyebolt on the ceiling. This was left over from past experiments. Next I stepped off the stool and placed the stocks/spreader bar securely around each ankle. The bar was in the folded up position so with it on I could step up onto the stool. Next I put my wrists in the suspension cuffs and stepped off the stool. The folded center of the spreader bar snapped down and spread my legs wide apart. Using my right foot I slid the stool out of range.

I was stretched out. I tried to struggle, but my experiment was very successful and I was inescapably trapped. I had no choice but await my wife's return. Her rating and torment would be the high point of this exercise. 

About 1730 (or 5:30 PM eastern (US) daylight time) I heard Techie's car as it pulled into our drive. I heard the German diesel motor clatter to a stop and knew that she would find me in a few minutes. What I didn't know was that she had picked up my sister at the airport. My sister was here for a surprise visit for our 35th wedding anniversary. I heard the women chatting as Techie and my sister entered the workshop. 
"So he still plays these games?" My sister said, "Is he still punished for this?"
Techie explained," Yes and No. Now bondage and self-bondage is a game we both play. It adds spice to our marriage. In this case he will be judged like an Olympic event on creativity, security, presentation and design."

The women walked around in front of me as Techie handed my sister a short riding crop, “I'll show you how the judging is done and you can handle the penalty phase."
"Judging time." Techie said softly as she walked around me looking at the bonds. "The spreader bar or foot stocks are new. Did you make them today?"
Techie took the crop from my sister and laid two hard blows across my buttocks. I shivered, "That's only 3 for immobility, 9 for inescapability, 9 for creativity, 6 for presentation. Nothing special here. Oh, yes and 5 for simplicity. That's 32 out of a possible 50." She handed the crop to my sister and explained, "A shortfall of 18 points, 2 blows for each point. Let me make this easier for you."

All of this time I was remembering our childhood and early teen years. During this time our parents were working two jobs and as elder I was the designated "babysitter and disciplinarian". I was hard on my sister and used to enjoy spanking her bare butt until it turned a rosy red. I was praying she had forgotten the harsh discipline and our cowboys and indians or good person and bad captive games. With that Techie slid our toy box out from under a workbench, she removed a red ball gag and a black leather parachute, a ball torture device. She showed my sister how she pulled down on my balls so she could snap the parachute. Then she tied a small piece of rope from the ring on the bottom of the parachute to a clamp on the workbench. "That will eliminate any excess movement, now to eliminate any excess noise."

Techie stuffed the ball in my mouth and buckled the strap tightly behind my head.
"Now it is time to address the scoring." Techie announced as she patted my sister on the shoulder.
"Do I have to stop at 36?" sis asked.
"Not necessarily, Why?" Techie inquired.
"When were kids, say from age 8 through teenagers, we lived on a farm way out in the country. We'd play a game where one of us was the victim and the other the bad guy and we'd tie each other up. If the victim got loose they got to pull down the loser's slacks and underwear and spank the bad guy or gal. Otherwise the bad guy would lay a switch on the victim until they agreed to be the other's slave and do all their chores." Sis explained.
"Alternated who was captive, he won nearly all of the time. I think he used to enjoy making my ass red. Once I wouldn't give and after a belt wouldn't make me give up he went outside and got a springy willow switch. The welts stayed for a week when I went to a swimming party with my boyfriend. He noticed I told him my mom switched me because I came home late from our date. I did come home late and sneaked into the house and no one heard, but from then on he got me home on time." 

Then Sis looked at Techie and held up the riding crop, "Do I have to use this?"
"No! Your choice." Techie replied. 
I shook my head, "NO! NO!"
Sis sprinted out of the door and in about 3 minutes returned with the perfect switch. It was one of those switches we used to dread it made a high pitched whistle as it knifed through the air.
"This will do perfectly." Sis smiled as held it up so I could see it and then made it swish.
"Where is the strike zone?" she asked Techie.
"Usually I just do the butt, but you can strike from the shoulders to knees. Why what are you going to make him agree to?" Techie asked.
"Once he had me give him a bath just like a mommy dog gives a puppy. You know every inch of his body with my tongue." Sis explained.
"Every inch?"
"Believe me, every inch." Sis returned as she asked me, "Do you want to play mommy dog and give me a puppy bath?"
I shook my head, "NO!"

In an instant the switch landed across my buttocks, then my back, then my shoulders, then the back of my thigh. 
Techie gave me a kiss on the cheek and said," This may get too heavy for me. I'll see you guys later when you've resolved your issues." Techie left and closed the door.

Sis smiled a wicked smile, "Now you're mine and mine alone. I'll have you begging in no time!" Suddenly a blow seared my cock, then another whipped across my balls captive in the parachute. I gasped as I did more blows landed on my back and butt again. I shook my head "NO!" Suddenly as she was facing me Sis lifted the switch up and struck me several times in the balls and then the groin. I shook and tried to struggle, but it was no use. Another blow on my cock, then the balls again. Once again my back stung, then my butt. Sis wasn't going to stop there, she smiled that wicked evil smile of her's and rushed out of the door. I a few seconds she returned with something in her hand - Clothespins!
I shook my head, "NO!"

Sis nodded, "Yes! Remember that time you did this to me. We were playing a captive game and you put clothespins on my nipples. Then you tied strings through the centers and to two trees. I was screaming and begging for mercy. You left me there until dark. Well it is my turn now! Are you ready to beg?"
I shook my head, "NO!"
"Well, now it is my turn. Be thankful you can't scream for mercy.” Sis advised me as she took about 30 feet of line off Techie's fiishing rod. Sis got a pair of small scissors out of her pocket and cut the line in 2 pieces. She carefully tied a piece to each clothespin. She looked at the workbench and located the places where she would tie each line. 
Sis walked up and held each clothespin in front of my face. "ready?"
I shook my head, "No! No!"
"Enjoy!" Sis chuckled as she clipped the pins on both of my nipples.
I struggled and screamed into the gag.

Sis pulled on each line and tied them through holes at each end of the heavy steel workbench. My nipples burned and stung as she wound the lines tighter using a pair of pencils. "Ready to give up?"
I shook my head "NO! NO! NO!" What sis did not know was that I had just experienced a major endorphin rush. I was starting to enjoy my torment. Sis vanished in a haze of endorpins.
Sis picked up the switch and seared my butt and back. 
I didn't even try to move I was truly immobile, held by the nipples and balls.

At this point Techie burst in, cut the lines to my nipples, grabbed the switch from Sis' hand and announced, "Alright you bitch, back off. We know Techster is tough. In this house we torment, not torture!" she put her finger in sis' face, "Is that clear? Could you stand this ?"
"Well, I don't think so." Sis pleaded.
"We're going to settle this feud for once and for all time." Techie shouted as she released my ankles, stood on the stool, released my wrists and removed the gag .
I removed the parachute.
Techie grabbed Sis by the arm and spun her around. "Your turn now, lose those clothes."

Sis was truly afraid of Techie and shed her clothes. She stood meekly as Techie put her ankles in the spreader bar she tied a piece of rope to the centre of the suspension bar, stood upon the stool and dragged her wrists into the suspension cuffs. 
I was stunned, techie had never done anything like this, and besides the years had been very kind to my sister, Her perky almost jutting breasts and well muscled, body, arms and legs were like and object of art.
Techie handed the rope to me and ordered, "Pull and tie it off."
I stood up on the stool and stretched Sis very tight. I hurriedly tied the line off.
"Now you will watch from here." Techie ordered, passing me a pair of handcuffs, "Cuff yourself around this roof support pole." Techie slapped me on the bare butt as I obediently turned around so I was facing sis and snapped the cuffs shut on my wrists.

"Now, it is your turn!" Techie shouted as she crammed the ball gag into sis' mouth and buckled it behind her head. "Since you made these you can use them too." She snapped the clothespins on sis' nipples, pulled the lines tight and tied them off to the workbench. Techie held up the parachute, ”What a shame, you can't use this! Don't cry, I have a substitute."
She produced another clothespin, tied a piece of fishing line through the center and clipped it to sis' clit. The line was tied off to a leg of the workbench. "Comfy?"
Sis shook her head, "NO!"
"Since you want to play this silly game I will too. Do you want to be our slave for the weekend and give us both puppy baths?"
"NO!" sis shook her head.
"Let's see if we can change your mind." Techie said loudly as she laid thew switch across Sis' back and butt. "Give?"
"No!" Sis shook her head.

With that Techie brought the switch from the floor into Sis' opened pussy with a resounding snap. Tears started to stream down Sis' face, she shook her head, "Yes!"
Techie removed the gag and asked, "What have you to say?"
"May I please enjoy the privilege of being your slave?" Sis pleaded.
Techie stood up on the stool and released Sis' wrists. Sis quickly removed the clothespins, bent over and removed the ankle spreader bar.
"Turn around." Techie ordered as she snapped handcuffs securing Sis' wrists behind her back. Techie quickly released my right wrist pulled the cuff from behind the pole and snapped them shut. Sis and I stood nude , cuffed, looking at each other. Techie was obviously irritated, she put her hands on her hips and ordered, "Now I've had all of this shit I can stand! You two into the house!"

When we arrived we discovered a special dinner table was set for us. Techie seated Sis and I across from each other and cuffed our wrists together, my right wrist to her left and vice versa. "If you want to eat, you will feed each other." Sis and I dined in a very civilized manner and fed each other, this included putting the glass of wine to each other's lips. When we finished Techie announced, "You two, this peacemaking session is far from over. Stand and I'll take you to bed."
We stood and she recuffed our wrists behind our backs. Training collars, the kind with the spikes on the inside that pinch or jab if one struggles, were snapped around our necks. Techie jerked our leashes and we meekly followed.

When we reached the guest bedroom we were released. Since you two seemed to enjoy games I have one for you. Techie has me lie down first, face up. My wrists and ankles were chained to the posts of the bed. My head was set up on a thick pillow. Next Sis was ordered to lie down on top of me with her head facing my feet. Techie threaded her leash under me. "now open wide and put his cock in your mouth. The leash was pulled very tight and locked to my collar. "If you move you'll hurt your brother." Next another pillow was put under my head, "Open wide and put her pussy in your mouth."
My leash was run up Sis' butt and tightly locked to her collar. "If you move, you'll hurt your sister."
Techie locked Sis' wrists to the posts, covered us with a blanket and turned out the light.
"I hope you two have your difference ironed out by morning or it will be a rough weekend." 

Sis began tickling my cock with her tongue so I started teasing her clit with my tongue. After a while we both had an orgasm, I could feel Sis swallow my cum and I sucked up and swallowed her cum.
"I'm sorry for the past, can we make a new future?' I mumbled.
"Sis mumbled back, "Only if we don't tell anyone about this night!"
"Agreed." I returned.
"So be it!" Sis agreed.

In the morning Techie released us and sent us to the den where the video camera was set up. "Now Techster it is time for you to give your sister a bath. To make it more challenging and fun for us to watch your hands will be cuffed.”
In front of the lights and camera(s) I used my tongue to wash every inch of my sister. It was then I discovered just how sweet her sex tasted and her pretty little asshole did not taste bad. What is more she seemed to enjoy it.  I stood as Sis washed every inch of my body, I shook a little as she brought me to an orgasm as she washed my cock and ass. Techie watched and when she saw us enjoying it too much she ordered us to stop. She brought out a Chastilock and locked it around my cock.  She pointed to the lock and told Sis, "Now his sex is under my control. He can have no form of sexual relief whatsoever. He cannot masturbate. If he even thinks about an erection the lock's unyielding steel will deliver a painful punishment. For you I have a special treat."

Techie brought out four short lengths of small chain and a handful of small padlocks. She locked one around Sis' waist, another went between her legs and was pulled tightly up into her sex. "If you have to pee go through the chain, if it the other ask and I will release you." Lastly were both hobbled with short chains between our ankles. Techie smiled and said, "That should keep you out of trouble."

I walked around as Techie told Sis how she enjoyed watching the lock sway. She noted that every movement of the lock was a tease by itself.
"Now back to the matter at hand, Cherise(Sis) you will remain nude as will Techster. Now kiss and make up, not on the lips on each other's ass. There is a list of chores on the desk. I will be a lady of leisure. When you hear this little bell come running to my side and attend to my requests. Do you agree?"
We both agreed and I knew Sis and I had survived a torment far worse than we could have given each other and our bond was stronger that ever. I saw it written adversity that does not kill you only makes you stronger.

Techie, Sis and I enjoyed the rest of the weekend. My wife, Techie had her leisure as her two slaves did her bidding.
Sis did look tempting, so just to be sure things didn't get out of "hand" I was required to wear the lock for the duration of Sis' visit. 

Postscript by Techie: Although this was a rather extreme way to settle an old feud, it did work and with both Techster and Cherise forced to sleep in a helpless submissive posture with the other's sex in their mouths it made certain neither of them had an advantage. They resolved their problems as they recognized each other not only as people, siblings, but sexual entities. It was fun to watch them and great being served by two nude slaves who ere eager to please me. 


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