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Forced Impressions

by Wanda

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© Copyright 2004 - Wanda - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; hotel; cuffs; gag; chain; submission; denial; mast; cons; X

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This story took place a few months ago in Miami. I won't reveal my name but I will say that I am of Hispanic heritage, born in Beaverton, Oregon. I'm 5-7, 120 lbs, I have long black hair, I love to keep in shape, and I'm 22 years old.

I moved to Miami after Kara, one of my closest friends, helped me get a job with a local law firm. I had been looking for a job for the last 3 months so I was more than happy with the entry-level position I got. The pay was good, the city was nice and I was finally going to be on my own.

But moving on my own also meant changing my way of being. I had always been somewhat shy and conservative, a miss-goody-two-shoes in Beaverton, but I was determined to shed that image in this city. But how do I throw away 22 years of conservative upbringing? Easy, I told myself, I'll force myself into changing, and a few days after I arrived to Miami I had devised a fool-proof plan to do just that.

It was the Saturday before my debut at my job and part of my plan was to convince my friend Kara to do some shopping for me. I took her to lunch and I asked her to buy a business dress for me. Nothing too wild and definitely nothing conservative. "Something not too sluttish, but sexy enough to make a statement". She was a couple of years older than me, worked as a fashion consultant, and had been incredibly helpful so I knew I could count on her

We called it the "surprise dress", but of course it wasn't just a dress, it was everything else as well (from accessories to lingerie to shoes).

Kara was intrigued but accepted. I figured she would need a couple of hours so after lunch I left her at the mall with my measurements and my credit card, and I drove alone to a local sex shop to buy the other items I needed. The guys at the counter helped me choose a pair of police handcuffs, a leather collar with O ring in the front, a small chain, and 2 small locks. Despite my shyness and my inhibitions, I had always liked bondage and had even seen a few bondage videos by myself and hundreds of pictures, in fact it was one of my hidden fantasies.

At the shop I also saw a ballgag and I figured I would get one just in case. Bright red, just like in those pictures on the internet, I told myself.

I met Kara again a couple of hours later. She handed me the bags with a big smile in her face and we drove to her house. It had been a very productive day.

Sunday came and I woke up late. I got up, took a relaxing shower, and concentrated on other things for most of the day.

After an early dinner I gathered all my stuff and headed out to complete my plan. It was a beautiful night and I wore an old sun dress and old sandals. In my purse I carried the handcuffs, my makeup kit, and in my hands I carried the suit bag and the shoe box with my underwear, shoes, and accessories.

Except for my apartment key, I left everything else in my apartment: my cell phone, my car keys, even my IDs. I was taking only enough cash to take a cab to the hotel and rent a room. I didn't even need money for the ride back or for food, I was planning on asking someone at work to bring me home and to feed me as well.

"Take me to the hotel closest to here", I told the cab driver as I handed him a paper with the address.

The hotel was only a few blocks away from the firm’s office in Coral Gables. I checked in at 7 PM and told the front desk people that I would only be staying for one night and that I would pay up front with cash. I also told them I had an unusual request: I needed a member of the staff to slip this envelope under my door at exactly 7:15 am.

I had bought a greeting card and taped the keys on the inside cover of the card so they wouldn't show even under close inspection.

"Miss, I will personally deliver this envelope before my shift ends tomorrow morning", the guy at the counter said writing the room number on the envelope.

"Please make sure", I told him as I gave him a $20 also. Then I proceeded to my room.

I entered my room, put the "do not disturb" sign, and locked it. I was alone. I took a deep breath and proceeded with my plan. I took off my sun dress, my underwear, and my sandals, then pulled a pair of scissors from my bag and began cutting everything up into unusable pieces of cloth and plastic.

I threw everything in the trash, took my restrains, and pondered my fate. I could still open the "surprise dress", put it on and take a cab home.

Strangely I began liking my situation, I knew I had to restrain myself before I got any more turned on or got any more ideas about escaping. I put on the collar and locked one end of the chain to the O ring in the collar. I had decided that I would lock myself to the ball knob of the door handle. I made a tight circle with the chain around the thin part of the ball knob, took a deep breath, and locked the chain.

Obviously I was still able to undo the collar buckle around my neck so I knew I could still get away... but I was determined to finish this. I kneeled on the cold tile, grabbed the ballgag, and began examining it. This was something that I had never used and I hadn't planned for. Something within me had compelled me to buy it at the store, and now that something was urging me to put it on. I had seen pictures of countless women being reduced to simple objects just by wearing things like this.

"How bad could it be", I thought to myself. I put the bright red ball as far in my mouth as if would go, and then buckled it behind my head pulling the straps tight. It was a little uncomfortable and I wondered if I could take a few hours of this. I ignored my own complains and proceeded with my plan before common sense settled in.

Next I took the heavy silver handcuffs. I placed the first cuff on my left wrist and locked it, and then placing my hands behind my back I locked the right wrist.

It was now done. I had nowhere to go and all I could do was accept my self-bondage.

Pretty soon I realized that I had forgotten to close the window curtains and that everyone on the building across the street would have a good view of my predicament. But that was the least of my worries. I tried to put that thought out of my mind and concentrated on sleeping. It was only 8 PM, and the night was long and merciless and it had other plans for me.

The first half hour I actually enjoyed myself. I had tried self-bondage once before in Beaverton, but it was never this serious. The thought of it had always been a huge turn-on for me.

For the next hour there was a lot of movement outside my room. People coming and going. Couples talking, kids running. It made me wonder what they would think if they could only see through the door.

After only a couple of hours the people traffic on the hall had almost ceased and my situation had degraded considerably. The ballgag had definitely not been a good idea. The taste was awful and I was drooling a lot. I could barely swallow. I stood up to stretch out, but the chain was short and it kept me pretty much in my place. I soon realized that it would be best to keep my weight out of my hands. The handcuffs had closed a couple of clicks after a leaned against the wall and I knew the pain would get worse if the cuffs closed any further, so I kneeled submissively in front of the door.

By the third hour the air conditioning coming from under the door had become unbearable. My knees were sore, my wrists hurt, my jaw was aching, and my entire body was cold and shivering. The drool on my chest and body made the cold even more painful. I began crying loudly, but had to stop my sobbing after I hear someone come to my door, probably a good samaritan checking to see what was going on. Luckily he didn't knock but I could see his shoes under the door right in front of me.

After kneeling for some 4 hours I decided to lay flat on my stomach using my breasts to cushion my body. At least I wouldn't choke on my drool. Again I began sobbing quietly and not so long after that I cried myself asleep.

Sometime during the night I woke up and began tugging against my bonds. This had become a nightmare. The couple next door had been making enough noise to wake everyone on the floor. It was driving me wild. Despite my situation I felt even more turned on than before. I tried rubbing my legs together but it was impossible, I needed more than that to get off. The couple stopped some 20 minutes later. After that I literally collapsed from fatigue and pure frustration.

The sun shone in my face and my eyes slowly opened. The sun in my face and the tears in my eyes had blinded me for a few moments and I woke up shivering and sore all over. Dry tears in my cheeks, drool in my chest and all over the floor. The pain was too much. I began moaning as I moved. I felt rusted and couldn't stand up. My vision returned and I could hardly turn my head to look at the time. The clock on the night table said 7:30 AM and I began wondering if the guy at the reception had forgotten to deliver my envelope, but I felt relieved to see the envelope inside the room.

Of course that wasn't the end of it.

A few minutes passed before I had regained enough movement to reach the envelope. I got the keys, undid my handcuffs first, and then my leash. The gag popped out of my mouth when I unbuckled the straps. A string of drool followed it. If not for the gag I think I would have more pleasant experience, but at least it kept me from calling for help.

A few minutes later, while in the hot tub, the constant tingling between my legs overtook the pain and my hands found my wet and hot pussy and I exploded loudly the biggest orgasm I've ever had. I came twice more before remembering that I still had to go to work.

If my prolonged self-bondage had driven me wild, then I was sure my "mystery suit" would drive me over the edge. It bordered the provocatively professional and the bluntly sluttish. It was a light gray, mini-skirted business suit with a very small white blouse to show plenty of cleavage, a small jacket that closed only with a button near the belly so I wouldn't cover up, black 5-inch pumps to torture me all day, bright red bra to keep everyone’s eyes on me, and red see-through panties to keep me in my best behavior. Kara really outdid herself picking my suit. I had the handcuffs and the ballgag and the other things in my purse but it felt like I was still wearing them on the way to the office.

I finally met my new boss and a few minutes later I was paraded through the entire company like a new toy. Everyone's eyes were on me. I felt naked and dominated. I loved it. It made me realize just how submissive I really was.

At the end of the day my boss and practically every male in the floor (and a couple of women) had offered me a ride to take me home. And when I finally got home I was this close to asking my ride to come with into my apartment to finish me off, but I was sure that was going to happen some day soon, I even kept the gag and the cuffs until that day arrives ;)


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