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Forced Exposure

by VaughanR

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© Copyright 2012 - VaughanR - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; naked; cuffs; hogtie; caught; F/m; tease; bond; cons; X

I had a fantacy of being caught naked tied up but never got to do it. I was determed to do it some time. My neighhour asked me to take her to town the next morning and I had a plan.

I wanted to cuff myself helplessly and wait for her to catch me locked up. I waited till early morning, got the cuffs ready and sent her a text telling her to come in and see me when she was ready.

As I stripped naked a text came through saying 'ok see you about 8'.

I locked on my ankle cuffs and padlocked them close together putting the keys out of reach, I then lay on my stomach and cuffed my hands and feet together behind my back. I was now helplessly cuffed in a hogtie and waiting for her to unlock me.

I was helplessly exposed, naked and could not get to the keys wondering what she would do when she found me. I started to think it was a bad idea and tried to wriggle free but I was really stuck in the cuffs and getting hard.

At this point I thought I better be free before she comes, I felt shy and really embarrased to be seen like this. I was really hard now realizing I had no way out the cuffs.

It was almost time for her to come and I was helplessly cuffed and openly exposed. I tried to struggle to the keys but cuffed like I was made it impossible. I could not move much and waited for her.

Sometime later I heard a knock on my door it was her I suddenly panicked. "I am in my room come in" I said.

"Ok can I come in" she said.

"Yes come to my room " I replied.

She walked in seeing me locked up and said, "What happened to you, why you locked up naked?"

I asked her to please unlock me as I can't get to the keys.

She asked me who did this to me and why I was cuffed naked.

I explained to her I had a fantasy of her seeing me like this so I cuffed myself so she could find me like this.

"Ok nice" she said, "you do look cute like that."

"Where are the keys?" she asked, "I should leave you locked up naked" she said.

"Please unlock me," I said pulling at the cuffs helplessly.

"Not yet honey, I like you this way helpless and naked. I can also be kinky and seeing you so hard I want to play with you first!" she replied.

She picked up her phone and started to take photos of my naked cuffed body.

"Please uncuff me I am feeling very embarrased and shy please" I asked.

"You should have thought of that before you cuffed yourself honey" she replied

"You won't need these for a while honey, I'm going to put these photos on my laptop see you later" she said taking the cuff keys and leaving me there.

I lay there helpless and very horny wondering how I got myself this way and what she really thought of me like this. I should ask her to cuff me next time thinking she loved seeing me like this.

She returned some time later to me saying she posted the photos on to her web blog and to a bondage site. "One friend has already seen them and commented it is so sexy and naughty" she said.

"Ok nice, would you like to keep me cuffed for a while?" I asked her.

"Ok I will do that for you if you want" she replied while working with her phone

She looked at me similing as I struggled with the locked cuffs.

"You really enjoy being locked up I see and you're nice and hard as well" she said. "What made you cuff yourself?" she asked.

I explained I wanted to expose myself to her so I cuffed myself helplessly so she had to find me naked. "Nice so you wanted me to see you naked that is cool honey" she replied.

"Once cuffed I was helpless to avoid the exposure " I said.

"Ok" she said "nice and my sister says she loves the cuffs and should leave you locked up" she replied

She stripped naked and her sexy body made me really hard. She unlocked my hands and feet. She continued on her phone as I sat there naked. "My naughty sister dares me to get into the cuffs she said it feels so good" she said. "Would you cuff me naked" she asked.

I agreed and cuffed her naked body in a hogtie position. She pulled helplessly against the cuffs. I took photos of her locked up and sent them to her sister. "Your sister says you look cute in the cuffs" I said showing her the message.

I played with her making her wet as I came all over her naked body. "That was good" she said. I touched her all over making her come again. I left her there for a bit watching her struggling with the cuffs.

"Would you mind loosing me," she protested "I can't move much" she said.

"Nice" I said "I can see you enjoying it leaving you there for a while" I replied seeing her lay there helplessly tied up.

A bit later I unlocked the cuffs. "Would you mind cuffing me to the bed" I asked.

"Ok no problem" she replied locking my left hand to the bed bars. "I am taking the keys with me this time" she said walking out "see you later" she said smiling.

"I want you later".

I pulled helplessly at the locked cuffs naked and horney..

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