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In Forest W’d she play

by Glenn Nitwood

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© Copyright 2001 - Glenn Nitwood - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; stuck; cons; X


She stumbled and almost fell. "Hey girl, take it easy!" She said to herself. Why did she do these things to herself? And the answer came immediately, because of the challenge, because it was fun and, God, how she loved to be this way.

She had to hurry. 

Time was running out. 

Already the patches of sky she could see through the trees were a dull blue and soon it would be night. Then she would be in trouble. Not only would she not be able to see but the mosquitoes would come out and, naked as she was, she would be a tender feast for the little bastards.

Already she could hear that high pitched whine that was reminiscent of a dentist's drill. The sound sent shivers through her body.

Ok. Time for another try. The keys suspended above her head were almost motionless now.

Bend the knees.

Take your time.

Wait for the right moment.

Then… leap!

She opened her jaws to try and catch them in her mouth. But she mis-judged and only managed to bang them out of the way with her chin. She landed again but unable to balance herself, tumbled to the ground. Stones, bits of stick dug into her. One twig feeling like it was piecing her left breast.

"Bitch! Whore! Slut!" she called herself, with a flash of anger.


She struggled to a sitting position. This was harder than she thought it would be. Looking up at the keys dancing wildly, she knew it would be some minutes before they slowed enough for her to try again. Already it was darker than before.

Why had she done this to herself, the voice in her head asked for the thousandth time. Because it seemed like a good idea at the time. And because she was a stupid fucking bondage bitch, she said to herself again. Already she'd been at this for three hours and she was no closer to freeing herself. She was also getting tired. She rested for a little while, then struggled to her feet. It was so difficult with her hands cuffed behind her back and her feet cuffed together.

Ok. The keys were almost stationary now.

Here we go again.

Bend the knees.



Then jump!

But no. Her cheek, this time, knocked them flying. At least when she landed this time miraculously she kept her feet. Never, never would she do such a stupid thing as this again. Not only were the mossies starting to attack was it getting dark but the keys floating above her head were getting difficult to see. She had to get the damn things down soon or she'd be here all night.

What a sight she must be, she thought. Cuffed hand and foot, naked for anyone to see. Her pink bits there for inspection and speaking of which, didn't those little freaks have no respect!

She danced around trying to drive the little tormenters away from her tender parts. It was now, she decided or never! If she didn't get them in her mouth this time, by the time the keys stopped swinging madly it would be too dark to see them. Yet even though there was some urgency now, she stopped. A small, playful breeze came out of some hidden valley, shook the leaves gently then left. She was entranced by restfulness of the sound. She could have stood like this all night, but the mosquitoes drove her into action again.

Once more she launched herself into the air, breasts flying. A magnificent sight. And this time her aim was perfect. Her mouth neatly wrapped itself around the keys. She had a momentary fear the string holding them up would not break as she headed down. But it gave. She didn't even mind the twigs and the stones digging into her when she hit the ground again. Though at the last moment she almost swallowed them. What a catastrophe that would have been.

Carefully she climbed to her feet. The hinged handcuffs locking her feet together meant she'd have to hop to the car. The handcuffs fettering her hands behind her back were of the standard chain type.

Well, at least she had the keys.

She started to hop down the path. The tender souls of her feet feeling every stone and pebble, but for the keys in her mouth and the need to keep her lips pressed together so they didn't pop out, she'd be cursing and swearing. Never, never would she do anything as dumb as this again.

After an eternity of sharp pebbles digging into the souls of her feet she made it to her car. Great! Now all she had to do was open it up. The keys for the cuffs were on the drivers seat, just waiting for her.

She rested against the car's body, catching her breath. The coldness of the metal sucking the warmth from her body. Sweat, from her exertions, ran down her breasts, down her nipples, and the nipples rings, then into space to impact with the dirt and form miniature craters. Her next task was to get the keys from her mouth to her manacled hands.

She knelt down, then fell on her knees and yelped with pain as they contacted the hard ground. All she could do now was topple over onto her left side, then she let the keys, wet with her saliva, fall to the ground. Falling onto her side again, she then wormed her way along the ground till the keys were within reach of her fingers. She was going to need a shower when she got home.

At least now it was 'When' and not 'If'.

Scrambling to her feet once more, she backed up to the door. She tried to see with her fingers, tried to find the right key. She got the first one in. Damn, no good. That high-pitched whine told her her friends were back. Another key went in. No good. Wouldn't turn.

Try another. 

Yes! This one felt right! But the keys slipped form her fingers and fell to the dirt.


Once more she put herself on the ground. Once more she wormed her body around, felt for the keys with her hands. Got them!

She struggled to her feet again. Backed up to the door again. Now which fucking key was it. Three more attempts, three more failures and then she had it! The key turned in the lock. That glorious sound of the lock opening. There on the seat the keys that would give her her freedom. She worked the door past her body, then sat down on the edge of the seat. She was almost home free. 


There was one more hurdle to over come. She still had to undo the cuffs fixing her hands behind her back. What had seemed like a fun idea when she'd thought of it, she remembered she even giggled, was now just dumb. To make the job of un-cuffing herself a little harder, she'd put a number of key rings together. On the rings were dozens of like keys. She couldn't just start with a key at random and work her way around to the right one. Oh no, she'd have to do that anyway, but she'd also have to be careful and not forget the bunch she'd just tried else she'd find herself running around the same bunch over and over again. Just getting any key in without the use of her eyes and with her hands locked behind her back was an art. She'd made it so much more difficult for herself. Bitch!

As it was it was 20 minutes before she heard the wonderful click that said she was free.  At last she could bring her hands around the front, then it was a matter of moments before her other wrist and her ankles were free. Her clothes were in the boot, in less than ten minutes she was dressed and driving out of the forest on her way home. Her mind couldn't help but drift back to her day shackled and she quickly became wet. Her left hand found its way down to her crotch, slowly rubbing the denim covering her groin. With an effort of will she forced the hand back to the steering wheel.

None of that. When she got home.

Next time, she thought, it might be nice to have something inside her. Better still, nothing and a chastity belt, with the key at home, so she couldn't play with herself when she got free.

And a belt around her knees to make balancing a little harder.

Oh and she could wear her slave hood. 

So she couldn't see. 

Hmmmm. No, maybe not.  She might not be able to get the keys through the zip opening.- disastrous!

Well, just a blindfold then.

No, may be not. If she became disorientated and didn't know where to jump for the keys she'd be trapped and helpless.

Still she could try….

Samara drove through the dark, along the quiet lane with bondage plans running around in her mind, making her hotter by the second.


The End.


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