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Forever Chastity

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; Solo-F; chastity; belt; steel; machine; crimp; weld; bra; collar; enclosed; stuck; tease; torment; denial; cons; X

Jodi lays stretched between the jaws of the huge machine, her wrists and ankles tethered by thick cables keeping her taunt. The only support for her body is the jaw of the machine her waist was now sitting in waiting for the upper half to clamp down and do its magic sealing the tight band of steel permanently around her waist. Morgan was at the controls, he had been the one to build her chastity belts in the past and had come up with this solution to help her achieve her dream of being chastised forever. Jody had worn the last belt he had created for her for a year straight, he had the key the whole time making her a deal that if she completed her challenge showing him she really wanted to be belted forever he would figure out a way to lock her in it permanently. Secretly Morgan hoped the large heavy steel would prove too much for her and he wouldn’t have to go through with his promise.

The last belt he had made was twice as heavy as the others, almost four inches wide around her tiny waist and three inches wide between her legs and covering her ass. The thick steel was smooth and shaped on the underside but squared off and flat on the outside making it look more like an industrial piece that something that should be worn. The probes that allowed Jodi to clean and evacuate herself were double sided steel tubes welded to the inside. Jodi gasped when she first saw and held it and couldn’t wait to be locked inside its grasp. The first few weeks had been very difficult for her, the thick steel compressing her stomach and chafing her everywhere it touched her. After a month she began to feel more comfortable than in any of her previous belts and by the second month loved it so much she was asking for him to build her a matching bra.

Morgan had come up with the idea to use the massive crimper/shaper machine to try again to frighten her instead it seemed to excite her more. He designed and built the cuffs for her wrists and ankles using the machine to crimp them tightly on her. The crimper head not only closed whatever metal was put into it to the programmed circumference or shape of whatever dies were installed it would “cold” weld the piece together literally fusing the pieces together. The head was so large that when Morgan was using it for her wrists and ankles he had to do both wrists at the same time. Jodi was scared when she saw the huge machine and all most backed out of the deal when Morgan fed both hands through the jaws. But when she thought of the perfect cuffs crimped forever onto her she held her breath and watched as the jaws closed around her wrists. Jodi could feel the cuffs get cold then get very hot then quickly get cold again and preyed as the jaws raised up she still had hands.

Jodi’s ankles were more difficult, she had to be hung by her new wrists cuffs so her feet would slip through the jaws and hung helplessly as the jaws closed again this time there was some pain from the pressure but the cold-hot-cold came quickly and soon she could see the set of steel cuffs wrapped around her ankles forever. Jodi loved the cuffs and begged Morgan to do her belt and bra the same way. Morgan had given up trying to talk her out of it and began working on a set to seal onto her body, “At least then I’ll be through with all this foolishness” he thought to himself. Mid way through designing her bra Jodi changed her mind and wanted not only the two steel straps going over her shoulders but a tall thick collar attached to the front of the bra. She wanted two more straps running diagonally from it to the breast cups with the edges of the collar touching the straps going over her shoulders.

Morgan agreed taking more measurements and set to building a collar and attaching it to the bra. Morgan had finished the belt and Jodi decided she wanted it crimped on right away so the two met at the facility where the machine was. Morgan had brought the bra for a final test fit and after deciding it might be a little tight he set her up for the belt to be crimped around her. The belt was made almost identically to one the she was wearing, the only difference was she had asked for it to be one inch smaller in the waist and shorter between her legs. Morgan made the changes then while he had been building the new probes when a small fragment had fallen in between the walls of the vaginal tube, when he went to shake it out it jingled very nicely sounding like wind chimes and he thought it might be nice for her to have a little chime when she moved.

Building both the probes slightly larger he added small steel beads to each tube before welding them to the crotch strap. The front probe was wider and longer than the others she had worn but the plug for her rear was built more like an actual plug than just a probe. He had thought it would be better for the seal not really concerned for her comfort being she had accepted everything he had done to her so far. Jodi loved the belt, but she liked the bra and collar even more and cheerfully asked him to close the belt onto her. Morgan laid her on a steel rolling table securing her ankle cuffs to a strong cable attached to a small winch. While he attached the cable he asked about the tall high heels she was wearing and Jodi explained that the cuffs around her ankles where very tight and the high heels made it more comfortable for her.

Morgan had her slide into the open belt carefully sliding each probe into herself as she settled into the waist belt. Jodi hummed as the larger probes entered her and squealed slightly as the large plug popped into her firm ass. Once inside the belt she laid on the closed side leaving the unbent strap sticking up waiting to be shaped around her. Morgan slipped her body into the jaws lining up the steel belt with the edges of the jaw and clamping it there. Jodi’s arms were stretched out and attached to another winch and Morgan carefully increased the tension of both winches until her whole body lifted from the table and was held straight across the large jaws. Jodi hung sideways panting as the tension kept her stretched further than she thought possible and completely immovable. She thought about asking Morgan to use the wide black tape she spotted laying on a table to cover her mouth and eyes but didn’t want to “Weird” him out.

Morgan double checked everything and lowered the jaw until it was almost touching her belt stopping to ask her one last time if she was sure she wanted this. Jodi smiled broadly and nodded her head. The machine came to life and Jodi watched it close the steel around her waist, then it felt like it was crushing her as the cold-hot-cold happened very quickly and the jaws opened leaving her panting. Jodi watched Morgan check the steel and the weld then felt him lowering the tension on her wrists. As soon as Jodi could reach down she felt the much tighter steel around her waist noticing just like with the cuffs she could barely tell where the belt had been fused together. The idea of being sealed forever almost made her orgasm and she told Morgan to finish her and clamp the bra and collar on as well.

Morgan desperately tried to get her to wait but Jodi was determined to have it all done now and Morgan quickly got aggravated and agreed. While Morgan set up the machine to crimp both the collar and bra closed Jodi remained on the steel table with her feet still attached to the cable leading away from her. She had become so horny she asked if Morgan would restrain her to the table until he was ready. Morgan grunted and grabbed some thick wire and pulled her ankles down to the legs of the table and tied them tightly to them. While he was busy with her ankles Jodi took the tape running several strips down her face covering her eyes and ending under her chin following them with several more across the vertical strips sealing her mouth completely and almost covering her entire face with the tape.

Morgan finished her ankles and stood up to see her face was now just a mass of featureless tape and grunted as he yanked her arms backwards towards the end of the table and pulled the wire tightly stretching her again. Morgan was also horny and once he had her restrained he took advantage of her helplessness and massaged her large breasts for several minutes, first getting grunts and gasps of shock from her then they turned into moans of pleasure. Morgan took two small pieces of wire and twisted them tightly around her erect nipples eliciting loud moans and whines from his captive. He told her to be quiet and when she continued he took the ends and bent them inwards until they pinched her nipples severely making her moan and fight more.

Morgan pushed the rolling table away from him quickly letting it roll down the loading ramp until the cables attached to her ankles caught, yanking her to a squealing stop. Jodi was fighting the wires holding her so firmly on the table and tried to ignore the fresh pain from her nipples as she gasped for air through her nostrils. Feeling the tension the cables were putting on her ankles as she hung from them on the ramp. Each time she had moved she could swear she had felt a slight vibration in her ass and pussy but had thought it was the steel table hitting the steel belt and dismissed it and lay struggling for the two hours it took Morgan to get the machine set up relishing her pinched nipples and tight bondage. Jodi felt the table being pushed back up the ramp, Morgan never said anything as he loosened the tension of the wires and laid her in the waiting bra and collar. Morgan was massaging each breast into the cups only stopping when Jodi’s struggles became violent and he thought she might want to back out. He freed one hand and watched her quickly move it to her nipples and squeal behind the tape as she tried to pull the tight wires off.

Morgan laughed as he removed the wire pincers from her nipples saying “That would have sucked for you if I had forgotten those!” Jodi giggled under the tape and let Morgan continue to adjust her body. Once again he had everything lined up this time Jodi’s arms were winched out away from her body until she whined loudly and Morgan stopped. Morgan asked if she was sure. “I still think they will be too tight and you know once I push this button there is no undoing it” Jodi moaned and shook her head for the last time as she felt the metal closing around her throat and across her chest. Jodi couldn’t see or open her mouth but she still tried to scream as she felt her chest being compressed and tried to stretch and twist her neck as the metal was forced tighter around her. Jodi was desperately trying to get Morgan to stop, he was right it was too tight but the more she struggled the tighter it became then she felt the cold-hot-cold again and knew it was done and she was now wearing the tight steel forever.

The machine opened and Jodi tried to look down and found she could not move her head at all, even if she could have seen anything through the layers of tape. Morgan began stroking Jodi's encased body asking how it felt and getting desperate moans from her sealed mouth. Morgan tightened the cable stretching her further and continued stroking and rubbing her body, when he reached her steel covered pussy he took a screw driver and thumped the steel with the handle. This made Jodi jump and squeal and Morgan laughed and said “Be quiet I’m trying to hear something” he thumped the steel again and he and Jodi could hear a slight chiming noise. Jodi was gasping for air but not only could she feel the impact she could feel the vibrations from the chimes.

Morgan said “I gave you a little surprise” and released the pressure from her ankles and wrists lowering her onto the table again. Morgan unhooked her wrists and helped her sit up and said “Well you’re done, I think you can get dressed and find your way home so I’ll be leaving now”. He walked out leaving the struggling woman pawing and tugging on the collar and bra that felt like it was crushing her. Jodi peeled the sticky tape from her face and tried to look down again only to have the collar stop her “I’ll have to get used to that” she muttered. Calming herself she unhooked the cables from her ankles and slid into her high heels. Bending was a new experience for her as both the probes and the rigid collar kept her from being able to bend comfortably at her hips or upper torso. Jodi got dressed feeling light headed and continuously caught herself pulling at the collar and bra.

Walking to her car she could hear the chimes in her pussy and ass arousing her with the vibrations and she cursed Morgan for giving her something that not only kept her from having sex but forced her to stay aroused. The drive home was slow, first she hit her head on the door frame then had to pull over twice to catch her breath and tug at the steel around her neck. Arriving home she was forced to park far away from the building she lived in and each time her high heels clicked on the pavement they made her chimes ring and vibrate her gently. Jodi started walking faster and then stomping her feet hoping she could increase the vibrations and finding they stayed exactly the same. Reaching her building Jodi was very horny and gasping for air having to stop and catch her breath. She was standing next to the doorway and reached under her short skirt and knocked on the metal band between her legs, the chimes could actually be heard from anyone near her!

Jodi dashed to her apartment as fast as her heels would carry her and slammed the door. Dialing the phone she left Morgan a message about he would have to remove the steel he had just put on or at the very least stop the chimes! Jodi hung up and went to her room stripping her clothes off as she walked. Reaching her long mirror she gasped as she saw her steel covered body, she stared at her neck and how long it now looked. The steel orbs covering her breasts had been made perfectly smooth with no natural shape to them at all and felt like they were squeezing her breasts. She looked at the wide steel around her waist noticing how much further it dug into her skin. Jodi desperately tried to work her fingers under the steel and found she could do nothing, Jodi reached between her legs and found her skin was bulging around the wide band there as well.

Over the next two days Jodi realized how difficult it was going to be to live her life encased in the tight steel but it was the chimes that continued to keep her aroused every time she moved. She lay wide awake for the third night, the chimes seem to move more when she lay down and the constant stimulation would not let her sleep. As she lay thinking about being trapped in the steel, she hoped Morgan was exaggerating when he said how hard it would be to remove the steel from her, the building orgasm crashed over her making her body shake and the chimes ring out.

Morgan called her the next day and listened to her concerns and explained to her again about the difficulties and dangers of cutting the steel from her body, he also told her he wouldn’t be doing any more work for her or anything along these lines again and hung up. Jodi sat looking straight ahead as she thought about her predicament stuck in wide bands of steel around her waist and through her crotch, her breasts were trapped under the same impenetrable steel and her neck was attached to steel straps welded to the tight band around her chest making it impossible to turn or lower her head. She couldn’t walk without wearing very tall heels from the tight cuffs around her ankles and her wrists are permanently locked in tight steel.  

Jodi was finally able to sleep laying flat and dreamed about what would happen when she got older and started dreaming she was fighting the steel around her body. Jodi woke up screaming and reaching for her breasts and feeling her skin she looked down at her sweat covered breasts and smiled until her hand touched steel around her waist. Panicking she ran her hand around the belt finally feeling the small padlock dangling from the front hasp. Calming Jodi smiled as she realized she had been dreaming the whole time, she was still wearing the same chastity belt she had been wearing for the past year. As she caught her breath she smiled and quickly moved to the closet and locked the steel bra around her chest, “I knew I shouldn’t have taken it off” she thought to herself. The bra was now locked on for the remaining time she had until the key to the belt was returned since she had used the same keyed lock as the belt. Jodi realized as much as she loved her steel the dream had showed her she didn’t want to ever be locked in them forever.

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