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Fortieth Birthday

by Ray Writer

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© Copyright 2004 - Ray Writer - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; outdoors; tape; cuffs; toys; consequences; wax; oil; nipple; messy; mast; climax; cons; X

Susan awoke at the sun shining into her bedroom. The sound of nature found it's way through her window screen. She peeled the sheet from her naked body. Her bare feet touched the hardwood floor as she walked across the bedroom and down the stairs. Her sense of smell was greeted by the freshly brewed coffee courtesy of the remote control coffee pot. She poured herself a cup of coffee and walked outside onto the secluded deck and sat down on a lounge chair. She sipped the coffee and let out a sigh. Her first cigarette of the day found it's way to her mouth. The sun radiated it's warm rays on her naked body. She looked at her body and said "Happy 40th birthday you old bag. You still look pretty darn good for an old lady" 

Susan had always been the "Wild Child"; the rebel. Her diverse life had included a 5-year marriage as well as live in lesbian lover for 2 years. There was always something lacking in her life. She had always felt unfilled. She gave up her executive career for a more sedate lifestyle. Two years ago, she left her job and bought an old farmhouse in the hills of West Virginia. The farmhouse had a greenhouse that she raised tropical plants and sells them. It must have been her upbringing but she never wore shoes. She liked the looks she got from people as she walked through town barefoot except for the two silver toe rings on each foot. She never wore clothes at home and never wore a bra or underwear when she did wear clothes. She liked the attention. 

Her sexual interest recently had been toward bondage or most accurately self bondage. She had often fantasized about being chained naked in a cage or tied to a tree and tortured. Many an evening had left her masturbating to those thoughts. For her birthday, Susan wanted to reward herself with an extended self bondage. She walked into the house and went to the bathroom. She wondered if the weather forecast for the next 24 hours was correct. It called for high heat and excessive humidity.  She then walked out the path to her tool greenhouse. The greenhouse was a plastic covered structure that measured 40 feet long and 20 feet wide. The temperature inside was very warm with high humidity. It was made that way to simulate the tropical environment. The path was covered with small stones that were painful to even her calloused feet. 

She walked over to the greenhouse, opened the door and walked in. The combination of her excitement, the heat and humidity inside made her perspire. Her bare feet kicked up the dust on the floor. Her bondage idea was simple. She would bind herself inside the greenhouse and have to crawl through the greenhouse and along the path to her house. Along the way, she had made some traps. The aisle inside the greenhouse above her would have burning candles that would drip on her as she crawled. The candlewicks were tied to a special fuse that would light all the candles from her starting point. 

In addition, the floor would have some special dangers. She had placed several office chair mats upside down on the aisle inside the greenhouse. The mats were those that are common in offices and used to protect the carpet. On top, they are very smooth to allow the chairs to roll but underneath they are covered with many small pointed tits. They were not sharp enough to cut her but would be very uncomfortable. Along the aisle, she had positioned several other traps. One would spill old used motor oil on her if the can were knocked over and the other would allow fertilizer or manure to drop on her. After gaining her freedom from the greenhouse, she would have to crawl along the stone covered path to the back porch. As a final insult, she would have to crawl through the doggy door to gain access to the kitchen and her keys. She checked the thermostat in the space and turned it up several degrees to 90 and also increased the humidity. "It was time" she told herself.  

She sat down onto the dirt floor and opened her bag of toys. She grabbed the duct tape and began taping her ankles together. She did the same with her calf’s and thighs.  She pulled her red hair back into a ponytail and held it in place with a rubber band. She next put her rubber ball gag into her mouth and secured it with a strap. She then installed the remote control vibrators inside her two openings. She held them on her hips and used duct tape to hold them tightly. The control part of the device was attached to the telephone ringer. Whenever someone called her, the vibes would start. The last thing to do was to light the fuse for the candles. She did that and then attached the cuff to her right wrist and turned off the lights in the greenhouse. She then reached behind her back and clicked the cuffs together. She was done. She tried leaning forward and found herself falling forward with no way to stop. Her chest landed on the dirt floor with a cloud of dust. As she was about to try crawling the first drop of wax hit her back. It made her wriggle. 

She cried out into the ball gag. She tried different ways to move but none was very fast. The heat inside the building was very high and perspiration rolled from her. "What the hell am I doing?" she thought to herself because the progress was so slow. It was then that she found the first of three chair mats. The pain was intense as her chest found the matt. She tried stopping to catch her breath but that made it miserable. She almost jumped as the vibes inside her came to life with the phone ringing. The combination of the vibes and the pain made her feel the excitement building inside her. Just then the vibes stopped. She wiggled on her stomach wishing for another call. 

She continued her journey. Her back and legs and head had wax splattered all over them. She soon found her way off the mat and closed her eyes and relaxed on the cool dirt which was fast becoming mud from the humidity. The vibes started again and she could feel herself ready to cum. The orgasm was intense as she rolled in the dirt. She closed her eyes and wondered how long she was here. It was then that she noticed that she had to urinate. She tried crawling further and not thinking about it. The next mat found her body and she cried into the gag. Her bladder let loose and she could feel the warmness running down her leg. Her wriggling caused the old motor oil to fall over covering her body in the warm goo. 

Two hours later, 4 phone calls and two more orgasms, she reached the door to the greenhouse. She gasped and decided to rest before attempting the final 20 feet to her house. She fell asleep and was awakened by the vibes starting inside her. Susan pushed the door open and began her crawl outside. The sharp stones attacked her battered, bruised and dirty body. Her progress was slow and she found herself dreaming of being captive to a mean master that beat and used her. This orgasm was particularly intense and she felt droll draining down her chin. She opted to roll over onto her back on the grass to give her body a break. She closed her eyes and awoke to a light rain falling and it was night. The rain made the grass and dirt muddy. She opted to try rolling to the porch rather than crawling on the stones. She rolled down the slight grade and found herself in a thicket. The sharp needles scratched her side and she had tremendous difficulty escaping. 

At last, she was at the foot of her porch. The two steps onto the porch were painful and tiring. She pushed in the doggy door and found herself stuck halfway. The door bit at her stomach and she had to lift her tired and sore legs to slide in. The bottom of the door scratched her and she finally landed on the floor. She crawled into a ball and fell asleep. She awoke and realized she was still taped and bound. She was able to get the keys loose and unlocked her wrists. She stretched them out and smiled. She then grabbed a knife and cut the tape. Pulling the tape off was painful. She stood up and saw herself in the mirror. Her body was scratched and bleeding and filthy. She slowly walked upstairs and fell into her bed and slept for 12 hours. 


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