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Found Out

by Thomas Denny

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© Copyright 2001 - Thomas Denny - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; spandex; caught; F/m; cons; X

I love to look at myself in the mirror, especially when I know I look good. Now don't get the wrong idea. I'm not a stuck up or vain man, when I look good I look good. No extra weight around my stomach, legs are better than average. Fantastic butt. I just wish other people could see me like this, or at least my wife. One more glance in the mirror. Black was my color. Shiny black spandex to be exact. The black footed tights I had on shaped my legs just right and the seams running from my toes up the back of the legs to the waist were as straight as you could get them. The tight spandex black leotard I had on over the tights fit perfectly. I looked as good as any woman I had seen wearing the same outfit. The crotch of the leotard didn't show the bulge of my erect penis too much. I had tucked it down between my legs as far as I could. The only thing bad about that was that every time I moved there was so much pressure against my crotch I thought I would probably shoot off.

I finally pulled myself away from the mirror and walked out to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. My wife had just left for work and I had all day to sit around in my favorite outfits. There was just one thing wrong. I wanted to have someone be able to see me dressed like this and to share my fetish with. My wife had found a pair of tights I had put in the closet and came unglued. I finally convinced her that I had to wear them when I worked out for support. I'm not sure if that convinced her but she never said anything else about the tights. Nevertheless, I know she didn't feel the same way about them as I do. I'm glad she never found the assortment of outfits I had hidden in the garage. She probably would have walked out that very day.

From that day on I've had to be careful and I don't get that many chances to wear them much, anymore. I'm also into self bondage pretty hot and heavy and I know there's no way I could explain that to her. I have even taped myself dressed in my tights and leotards tying myself up and having orgasms while I'm tied up. They're not the best tapes in the world but if I position myself just right you can see me shooting off in my outfit. The best tapes are when I get over zealous and tie myself up too tight and make it hard to untie myself. That really gets me going. I can usually bring myself to another quick orgasm when I have trouble with my bindings and can't even get the blindfold off. That is a very intense orgasm.

I took my coffee to the living room and put one of my tapes in the VCR of my self-bondage game. This one I was dressed in a red footed unitard, spandex of course, with a light blue thong leotard over the unitard. I had a bra on under the unitard and had stuffed it pantyhose. With the leotard over the unitard pulling on my crotch it didn't look like I was going to make it through tying myself up. The tape wasn't as clear as I would have liked it but I could see that I was really tied tight. After I had finished tying myself up. This particular time I had put a black hood over my face. There were no eyeholes so I couldn't see a thing. I didn't last long on this tape. It only took about three minutes of rolling around on the bed, which I rolled off about half way through the session. Right after I landed on the floor is when I had my first orgasm.

Luckily when I landed on the floor my butt was facing the camera and when I had the orgasm you could instantly see the red unitard get a dark spot in the crotch. As big as the wet spot became you would have thought I hadn't had an orgasm in a long time.  But it was just being dressed like that and being tied up made my orgasm very intense and long. I watched the tape a while longer and realized this was one of the times that I had problems getting loose from the ropes. I usually have a knife on the floor pretty close so I can at least crawl over to it and cut myself free if I have to. I remember in this tape I couldn't find the knife and I was tied so tied I couldn't move much. The more I struggled on the tape the louder you could hear me breathe. It took me almost an hour to get untied that time and by the time I did you could see that I had an immense erection going.

By the time I had finished watching that tape I also had an enormous erection. I picked the remote up and turned the television and VCR off. I stretched out on the couch so I could see my feet and legs covered in the shiny spandex. I decided not to waste my erection so I got off the couch and headed for the bedroom. I had already gotten all my ropes and hoods out of the garage so all I needed to do was start tying myself up.

I sat down on the bed and tied my ankles together as tight as I could stand. Then I ran a piece of rope from my ankles to just under my waist, behind my back, with a loop for my hands. I slipped the spandex mask over my head and tucked the end of it down the unitard. Laying down on the bed I pulled my knees up and put my wrists through the rope from my ankles and rolled them several times to tighten up the loop and then taped the rope so I couldn't just unroll my wrists and slip out. Sometimes I could get carried away with the tape and regret it later. Just as I had done on the tape I had watched earlier.

I was all tied up and laying there fantasizing about having someone else to share my dreams with. It wasn't going to take me long to orgasm this time. I could feel my penis already starting to twitch. I finally pulled every muscle tight and when I did I could feel my sperm moving up my penis until it was shooting off all inside my leotard and tights. Boy that feels great I thought to myself. I just lay there for a few minutes enjoying the feeling of my sperm all over my crotch. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up my body was so stiff. I must have slept for a little while. I finally got enough energy to roll off the bed. When I hit the floor I landed on something. But what ever it was didn't move. I was pinned between the bed and whatever I had rolled off on. Maybe I had rolled off the side of the bed instead of the end. Now I would never be able to find the knife.

Finally whatever I had rolled off on moved or rolled out of the way. Now I didn't know where I was and knew I'd never be able to cut myself loose. I was becoming a little nervous and very excited. I had my erection back again and knew it wouldn't be long before I came again. I was trying to move around on my back to find out what side of the bed I had fallen on, but I still couldn't tell. Then I heard it. A voice asking me if I was having fun yet. Damn, I thought that was my wife. Had I left the VCR on after all and was just hearing a tape? Then I heard her opening her dresser drawer. She asked me again if I was having fun.

I still didn't answer her. By now the fun was going out of it. I was more embarrassed and scared than excited. However, my erection was still going strong. It sounded like she was changing clothes. Nevertheless, all I cared about was getting untied. Now she asked me if I wanted her to untie me. I shook my head yes. I still couldn't bring myself to say anything. I felt her foot on my chest. She slid it around in a small circle. By the way her foot slid against the spandex of my leotard I knew she still had to have her pantyhose on. The idea of her in pantyhose made me forget about everything else for a second.

Her foot moved down to my crotch. She must have felt how wet it was but she didn't say anything. She took her foot off my crotch and I heard her kneel down beside me. My mask was pulled out of the leotard and rolled up past my mouth. She didn't say anything but I felt her hand on my crotch squeezing my penis. She pulled her hand away and put it up to my mouth. "Lick my fingers," she said, "and taste your own sperm." Her voice didn't sound mad or disgusted but it had sultry tone to it. I licked her fingers and instantly felt my sticky juices on her fingers. I had sucked my sperm out of the crotch of tights and leotards many times so this was nothing new to me. I was still too nervous to say anything.

She changed her position and I felt the fabric of her pantyhose against my mouth. I knew what she wanted me to do because this was her favorite love making position. I stuck my tongue out and licked the crotch of her pantyhose. I could tell she was excited, her crotch was as wet as mine was. With her pantyhose wet I could push them up inside her with my tongue. I tried to go as deep as I could. She was rubbing herself back and forth across my tongue moving faster and faster. She reached down and ripped a hole in the crotch of her hose making it easier for me to do what she wanted me to do. I licked and sucked until she finally she had my entire mouth covered with her crotch. I knew by how wet she got that she had just had her first orgasm. I couldn't breathe and I thought as was going to drown if she didn't hurry up and finish.

Just about that time I felt my juices starting to go up my penis to the head and shoot out, again. I guess she sensed what was happening and that got her moving faster. Finally I was through and she was through. She moved off my face. It was so wet with her juices that it was rolling down my cheeks. I was still lying on my back with my hands still tied behind me and they were beginning to hurt. Just as I started to ask her to untie me I felt her pulling on the ropes around my ankles. She managed to untie those and rolled me over to get to my wrists. When my wrists were free I reached up and pulled the hood of my head. I looked for my wife but I couldn't see her.

I got up and sat on the edge of the bed. I didn't know what was going to happen next so I just waited for her. I thought about getting out of my wet tights and leotard, but decided not to. If she was going to fight I figured I would let her see me the way I am. The bathroom door opened and she walked out still with her crotchless pantyhose on. She was neither smiling nor frowning. She sat down next to me and put her hand on my leg. "First of all, thank you," she said, "secondly if you want to hide something from me don't hide it in the garage." She told me she had found my stash of woman's clothes a long time ago. She was mad at first but them after she thought about it the idea of me dressing like that kind of excited her. She just hadn't known, until now, how to bring the subject up.

"Plus, when you play a tape you don't want anyone else to see, don't leave it in the VCR, dummy."

I was feeling totally humiliated by now and must have turned several shades of red. She rubbed my leg and played with my tights and told me not to be embarrassed. She liked me like I was dressed. In fact I like me dressed like that. She got up and pulled some tights and leotards out of her drawer and put them on. God she looked good. She saw the bulge growing in my tights and told me not now. She just wanted to sit around like we were and look at each other. We went out and sat in the living room in each other's arms for several hours and just talked. My crotch never did completely dry out but that didn't matter. We both took our clothes off later and had normal sex. Then we took a shower and put on some fresh leotards and tights and climbed into bed and slept. It's so nice to wake up with my tights and leotards on but it's almost better to wake up next to someone else who is wearing the same.



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