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Found and Embarrassed

by Ben Keete

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© Copyright 2018 - Ben Keete - Used by permission

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It was a lot of work, but worth it. I was in a public park, but thirty yards from the closest trail, and invisible to anyone on any trail. There was no sign of man. It took me weeks to find a spot that fit my requirements, and another couple of weeks to make sure no one else went there.

I was naked. I was sitting against a smallish tree with my waist tied to it. My ankles were tied to two other trees, keeping my legs open about ninety degrees. My mouth was taped shut and there were two pieces of gaffer's tape holding my eyes closed. My handcuffed hands were way over my head and behind the tree with the cuff just over a low limb. I also had a good sized butt plug in me. It would be an hour or so until the ice melted and the key dropped into my hands.

I was uncomfortable, horny, and happy.

This was the fourth time I'd done my self-bondage here. I used to get turned on by much simpler bondage in my own house. But after a few times, I wanted more – more time or more restrictive. After a few years, I needed the frisson of possibly being found. I hope this doesn't pall soon because I don't know what the next step could be.

The first time here, I didn't use a blindfold. That was a good choice. Every time a squirrel or chipmunk moved I thought it was someone about to discover me. There are still sounds that worry me, but that's part of the excitement.

Then came one sound that was unambiguous: A woman's voice saying, "Hello."

I often fantasized about being found and what would happen. Who knew that having your dream come true would be an instant boner destroyer?

I struggled for a bit to get free, but of course that didn't work. I think she giggled.

When I slumped in defeat, she said, "I'm taking your key, so I'm in full control of how long you'll be here."

That matched some of my fantasies, but it didn't help make me more turned on or less embarrassed. Later I realized that I should have been scared, but at the time I was much too embarrassed to be scared.

I heard her move around me some, then she came in front of me and said, "I followed you here last week, so I know what you were planning to do. I don't know if you want someone else taking control, but I do, and I'm holding your key.

"Actually, I guess I do know. If you wanted this you'd have gotten harder instead of flaccid.

"You can think about things while I have a look around. I suggest you think about sexy things. You'll see why soon."

Think about sexy things? All I could think about was being naked and helpless in front of this strange woman. I could feel my blush intensify.

After a bit she said, "You have some choices."

Yes! Choices are good. I choose to have you give me back my key and go away. Unfortunately, I was gagged and couldn't express that choice. And I was pretty sure that wasn't going to be one she offered.

"What I'd like to do is free one of your hands and watch you bring yourself to orgasm."

WHAT? I've never jerked off in front of anyone, much less a stranger. I can't even get it up now.

"If you don't want to do that, I'll just leave."


"But that will leave you tied here without your time-delayed key. I couldn't let you starve here, so I'd have to call someone. I could call the police and tell them where you are."

That thought was finally enough to get me shaking my head and trying to talk through my taped lips.

She continued, "If having the police find you here like this, and filing a report which would be a public record, doesn't appeal to you, there's another option. You really should learn to lock your phone. Instead of calling the police, I could call some of the people on your contact list. I see for instance boss, sister, and brother. Or maybe I'd call all three."

That's when I went from embarrassed to afraid. I could never live that down. I couldn't let that happen.

"So, Mr. Crabtree, it's time for you to make your choice. Actually, this doesn't seem to be a formal setting, so I guess I should just call you 'David.' Oh yes, I also found your wallet with your driver's license and such. Anyway, one grunt for option one of bringing yourself off for me, two grunts to have me call the police, and three grunts to have me call your contacts. No grunts means I'll call the police and your contacts."

Shit, shit, shit! I haven't even seen her and she knows my name and address and who knows how much information from my phone.

I don't want any of those choices. I want this never to have happened. I tried really hard to make her know that despite my gag. I just kept going on and on.

That's when she grabbed my nipple and squeezed it. Hard. And she kept squeezing while I screamed. And she kept squeezing when I stopped screaming and became quiet. Finally she let go.

"That was not one, two, or three grunts. I'll give you exactly one more chance. If you don't make a choice in the next ten seconds, I'm making it for you."

I was beaten and she knew it. I grunted once. I didn't know how I'd manage to do it, but it was the only choice that let me keep knowledge of my... hobby from everybody I knew.

She said, "Good choice."

She then wrapped some chain around my neck and around the tree. I heard a snick.

"I've locked you to the tree." Then, as she move away from me, she continued, "I'm putting the key to the lock about five yards away. If you think about doing anything stupid, remember that you need me to be able to walk away from you in order to get the key."

When she came back she said, "I'm going to free one of your hands. Please don't do anything stupid. Also don't try to remove the tape from your mouth or eyes. If necessary, I can cause you much more pain than just grabbing a nipple."

As she said that, I could feel her shoe against my balls and it was obvious she was right.

So I meekly let her uncuff one hand and cuff the other hand to the limb. I let my free hand drop to my crotch where I tried to hide my penis. Hiding it made no sense, but I couldn't not try to cover myself.

She moved away. After a bit she said, "Just sitting there isn't going to get you off. And it isn't going to get me to leave or give you your key. At least look like you're trying."

That helped me. Instead of thinking I was jerking off, I could think that I'm pretending to. The blindfold also helped as I couldn't actually see her watching. So I started stroking and squeezing my penis and balls.

I was surprised when I started to get hard. But that made things more difficult, mentally. I could no longer think I was just pretending. I knew I was actually jerking off in front of some strange (very strange) woman. But I also finally realized that I had no choice and continued stroking.

It took a while, but eventually I came. It wasn't a good one in terms of amount or enjoyment, but it was undeniable.

While I was still breathing heavily, she uncuffed my other hand and cuffed them both behind my back, but more comfortably, near the ground.

After my breathing returned to normal, she said, "I need you to pay very close attention to what I'm going to say. Grunt seven times when you're ready to listen and understand and remember.

I grunted seven times.

She said, "What you're doing is dangerous. There are a lot of more hazardous things that could happen than being found by a crazy, kinky woman. You could be found by a crazy, evil person. Animals could chew through your key's string. The string might get a permanent kink from the ice and keep the key from getting to your hands.

"If you continue doing this as you have been, you could die.

"Do you understand?"

I grunted and nodded.

"Good. From now on, I'm your safety backup until you find another. I've left contact information in your wallet. Any time, from now on, that you do something dangerous, you'll let me know where you'll be and when you'll be able to let me know you're safely out of it. If I don't hear back, I'll get you out of whatever you've gotten yourself into.

"I know this place. I also know where you live, what car you drive, and a lot of other things. If I find that you've done something potentially dangerous without calling me, it will be dangerous, and I'll give you a lesson you will never forget. I'm not really a sadist, so don't force me to do horrible things to you.

"Do you understand?"

I nodded.

"I'm going to untape your mouth. You are not going to scream or yell. You are going to repeat back what I just said."

I was afraid she was just going to rip the tape off, but I guess she really isn't a sadist. She took it off slowly and carefully and without any pain.

I just sat there until she said, "Talk."

I said, "Bondage is dangerous and I need a backup person. If I don't have one, you're going to do nasty things to me. So if I continue, I'll let you know ahead of time and when I'm out."

She said, "Very good," and I could hear her smile as she said it.

"Close your mouth. I'm going to retape it before I give you your key."

So I did and she did.

I got worried when it sounded like she was leaving, but she came right back and unlocked and removed the chain from around my neck. She then tied a string around my wrist.

"There's about 50 yards of string tied to your key. By the time you can let yourself out, I'll be long gone. If you're not at your car in a reasonable amount of time, I'll come back. But if you're not actually in trouble, well I have pictures of today's activities and all the contact information from your phone. Please don't do anything stupid."

I started reeling in my key. When I got it, it was the most welcome present I'd ever received.

After I uncuffed and untied myself, she was gone. So were my undershirt, underpants and socks. I'm not sure why she took them, but it did mean I was going to have to go home without being able to wipe anything off my groin. And I'd have to get to the rags in my car before I could wipe anything off of my hands.

That was a couple of weeks ago. I'm too scared and embarrassed to call her, but I'm also building up pressure that can't be released without stringent bondage. And I'm too scared to try it without calling her. This can't go on much longer....

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