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Friday Night

by Cory

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© Copyright 2008 - Cory - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; latex; hoods; toys; F/m; bond; oral; cons; X

The story begins one Friday night. I’d had a hard week at work and was incredible horny. Not having anyone to share this with meant I had to indulge in a little self-gratification to deal with my “stress” problems. I had received the instructions via email and was to follow them to secure both my restraint and my release. Of course, the entire episode will be filmed live on the web cam I had recently purchased for the viewing pleasure of my Mistress.

I began by taking a plastic cup and filling it with water. Into this, I placed 2 long pieces of string. Attached to one of these was the key that would eventually lead to my release. This cup was then placed deep into the freezer for a couple of hours to ensure it would be well frozen. I knew from previous experiments that the cup would melt in between 4 and 6 hours which would be perfect for what I had planned. As an added release, I had taken the duplicate keys to all the locks I would be using and placed them onto a single ring. This ring I had then hidden in my flat mate’s room. As I would be starting my fun after he had retired to bed as an added backup I could simply retrieve the keys from there if for any reason the ice failed to melt or the key to drop. Of course, I would have to wait until he went to work on the Saturday morning, which would mean I was restrained for upwards of 12 hours if that happened.

The remainder of the evening was spent in the usual manner. I watched a DVD, had a bath and read for a while. I was somewhat distracted by the forthcoming events and really wanted my flat mate to go to bed. I wanted to make sure that once I had begun, I would have no choice but to continue even if I was not entirely secured. Around 10pm he headed off, which meant my activities could begin. I knew he would leave for work at around 8am the next morning, which worst case scenario would leave me with 10 hours or so in bondage.

I began by setting up the web cam and contacting my Mistress so she could watch the proceedings. We chatted for a bit about what was going to happen and then she instructed me to begin.

I retrieved my cup filled with now frozen water and the 2 pieces of string from my freezer. I managed to get the large ice block out of the cup and suspended it from the hooks strategically placed in the ceiling. One hook was directly over the bed where I would be lying; the second was placed further out and had a bowl underneath to catch any drips from the ice. This done, I was ready to begin my restraint.

I had already assembled the items I would need for this adventure. My latex catsuit with feet attached, a hood with eye, nose and mouth holes, a locking harness gag with breather hole, a second similar hood but with only mouth and nose holes, my vibrating penis ring and butt plug and my nipple clamps. My ankles would be locked into leather ankle straps and I would be using my locking wrist cuffs for the final restraint. I had numerous padlocks all already opened and the keys placed well out of my reach. I would be able to get them once I was free but until that point would be stuck into my self-imposed bondage.

I started by stripping completely naked. I was incredibly turned on by the thought of what I was going to do and my erection was already standing to evidence this. I stroked myself a few times, but was told to stop fairly quickly and so proceeded with my restraint. First the penis ring. This is actually 2 latex rings with a vibrating bullet in the middle. The larger ring goes around my testicles and the smaller around my penis. It is guaranteed to torment and frustrate, without allowing my straightforward release. The remote for this I kept to hand but did not as yet turn it on. The rings also serve to enhance my erection, which now appears significantly larger than previously. The next item is the vibrating butt plug. This is not particularly large, but has multiple vibration settings which will stimulate me for this ordeal. In order to hold this in place, I next have to get my catsuit up to my waist. I talc the inside of the legs and it slides easily up. Once past my hips, the butt plug is trapped inside for the duration.

Next comes the latex hood with eye holes. This goes on easily enough and I pull the zip down the back just before I fasten this, I place foam earplugs into my ears which enhance the feeling of isolation. The hood always makes me feel more submissive and I guess that is why I choose to wear it. The harness gag goes over the top of this and the first 3 small padlocks ensure neither the gag nor the hood is coming off. The gag has a hole drilled through it which does not restrict my breathing in any way. This makes it a very useful self bondage item.

Around my ankles I now lock the ankle cuffs. These will be attached with a short pole once I am closer to finishing my bondage. Once this is done, I finish pulling the catsuit up over my torso but not before placing the clamps on my erect nipples. I reach behind me and pull the zip to my neck. This will be locked to the second hood, trapping me inside the latex until the key drops. I am nearly done with only a few more items to go. I adjust the web cam so it has a proper view of the bed and move there with my final few items.

I place the wrist cuffs on my wrists and lock them in place. I also lock the spreader bar between my ankles holding them about 18 inches apart. A length of chain is locked around my waist with a length running through my crotch from back to front. I pull this as tight as I can manage and place another padlock through the links. I have just the second hood, one large and 2 small padlocks and the posture collar to go. I quickly lay back to ensure I will be comfortable and check again the position of the key. The ice has started to melt but it still a fair sized block. I reach over and set my alarm for 8am. I then place the hood over my head and run the zip down the back. This removes my ability to see and of course, this hood is now locked to the zip running up from the catsuit. This locks me into the latex until the key drops. The posture collar is placed around my neck holding my head in one position. This too is locked in place, although the added security will shortly be redundant. I guess however, that it means I will stay in bondage once I have completed each step, even if I choose not to continue. I fumble next to me and find the remotes for the cock ring and butt plug and flick those onto high. Even on this setting they should continue until I am free. They immediately begin to frustrate me massively and I know I need to finish before they bring me to the edge. Taking the last padlock, I place it through the chain around my waist and through the ring on my right wrist cuff. This last part is a little awkward but can be managed with a little patience. I manipulate the lock and the left cuff until this too is through the hasp and with a final click I am completely secured.

The initial feeling is one of calm, but then quickly one of panic sets in. I try to calm down to breathe more slowly, but I cannot help but pull against my bonds. I am aroused more than I have ever been and know that I am close to orgasm. The restriction of my body is keeping me close to the edge and although I cannot touch my penis, I can rub through the latex. With as large a groan as will come through the gag, I orgasm massively into the catsuit. My back is arched as far as it will go and although it doesn’t matter my eyes are screwed shut. The feeling seems to go on forever and after what seems like an eternity I slump back onto the bed exhausted.

I lay there slowly drifting off. A peaceful calm has come upon me and I relax where I lay. I must have dropped off because the next thing I know I am struggling with my bonds and am disoriented as to my surroundings. My penis is erect again and I can feel myself moving closer to another orgasm. The vibrators are still going and I am unconsciously rubbing myself again. This one seems to take a while and I don’t know whether I have dropped off to sleep again in between but finally I can feel myself on the final approach. I am getting closer and closer to orgasm and can feel the heat of the latex and the restraint of my bondage adding to the sensations. Suddenly it happens and this one leaves me even more devastated than the last. Even though my breathing does not normally feel restricted, suddenly I cannot get enough air into my lungs. My back is arched and I have curled my toes so much they hurt. I try to calm down but cannot and know that this time I must black out from lack of oxygen. The feeling goes on for what seems like an age until I drop spent to the mattress, lungs heaving for that precious oxygen.

I have no concept of how long it will take before my key drops. I lie back and try to sleep some more. My release is set up so that the key will drop into my hands and I can release myself from the cuffs. I know it will drop before the alarm goes off but I don’t know exactly when. I guess I must have dozed off again because the next thing I know I am woken by the alarm. I fumble around for the keys but they are nowhere to be found. I begin to panic now and start to think I will have to go for the spares. I try to sit up and swing my legs off the bed when I realize the collar I am wearing is attached to the headboard and the bar between my legs has been fixed to the bottom and I cannot move. I am really concerned now and start to fight my bonds. No rational explanation presents itself until I feel a hand gently run itself down my chest. I practically stop breathing at the touch and stiffen completely when I hear a voice whisper.

“Got you exactly where I want you. Now you belong to me….”

I am completely unable to move. The position I placed myself into does not allow for escape and the apparently extra bonds added by the unknown intruder have only increased the security of my situation.

Again I feel the hand run down my chest. It caresses me slowly and gently, moving down to my thighs and all the way to my feet. I still have no idea who this is but the touch is beginning to arouse me again. The hand continues. Down my left leg, across the left and right feet then back up the right side. It is hard enough for me to feel through the latex but only just and I find myself straining to meet the touch. I am definitely turned on again but still have no idea who this could be.

I feel a body lie next to me on the bed. She begins by unlocking my hands from the chain around my waist, but keeping them locked together she moves them above my head locking them to the chain to my collar. She then removes the collar from around my neck. It is a relief to get that off but I am still not any closer to freedom. I pull again against my bonds but they are still as firm as I knew them to be. I feel her fumbling at the back of my neck and the outer hood is then removed. I blink into the light but cannot focus as a lamp has been position to shine into my eyes. She unlocks the gag but places a finger on my lips to discourage me from speaking.

She very gently lifts my head forward but only to slide the outer hood back on. She obviously does not want me to find out who she is and is taking great pains to do so, but equally obviously she does not for now want me gagged. I have a feeling what comes next and am not disappointed when she moves above me and lowers her pussy onto my face. She is kneeling either side of my head and pressing down onto my mouth. It is hard to breath around her but I know what she wants from me. My tongue reaches out and flicks her clit. I hear a very faint moan from above and know that must be louder outside the hoods and so my tongue flicks again. Very gently up and down her clit, then down her pussy to the bottom and back up to the top. This is repeated over and over and I can feel her becoming more aroused as it happens. The weight of her on my mouth is oppressive and she has reached around and is pulling my head into her pussy with her hands. I can feel her grinding herself back and forth and moaning that she is going to come. I feel her tense and she slumps on top of me her weight pressing down and it is difficult to breathe. I know I am about to pass out when she lifts herself off me and climbs off the bed. I want to speak out to ask who this is and what she is going to do with me, but all I can think about is getting enough oxygen into my lungs.

I sense rather than feel her come back and the first thing I know is when she has placed a different gag into my mouth. She straps this tightly behind my head and I hear the faint click of a padlock which ensures this is staying on for now. This one does not appear to have breathing holes so I now have to concentrate to get enough air through my nose. Once again she reaches behind my head and I feel her start to unzip the catsuit. She apparently decides that my position is not helping her and she moves to unlock my legs from the bottom of the bed. My wrists are unlocked from above my head but she quickly locks them together behind my back. There was a brief moment when I could have attempted to escape, but that moment had gone and I was restrained once again. If I am being entirely honest, I am not sure I really wanted to as this mystery woman was exciting me and I was intrigued to find out where she was taking it. She locks my ankles together and swings my legs over the side of the bed. Standing me up she now has better access to the zip in the catsuit which she runs down to the small of my back. My torso is dripping with sweat and I get goosebumps as soon as my skin is exposed. She pulls the latex down as far as it will go until it is just below my bottom and trapped around the cuffs on my wrists.

I am quickly spun around and pushed so I fall face first onto the bed. I feel her climb onto my back and for the first time I realize she is naked as I feel her legs either side of my body. The nipple clamps are now pressed firmly into the bed and my chest and the pain, which had been reduced to a numb feeling returned with a vengeance. Keeping her weight on me she turns around and unlocks my left wrist. Keeping my right arm pinned, she feeds the catsuit off that arm and relocks the cuff in place. This process is repeated with my right wrist and once again I am secured; only now I am kneeling on the floor with my body on the bed.

She obviously wants the catsuit off and so she finishes this action promptly. She pulls if smoothly off my bottom and down my legs and repeats the process of locking and unlocking my wrists with my ankles. I am now exposed to this stranger. Hooded, gagged, clamped and restrained I have never been hornier. I had entirely forgotten the butt plug was inflatable until I felt the bulb being reattached and given several pumps. It was not entirely unpleasant, especially when she restarted the vibration, even though it was on a fairly low setting. The cock ring is now removed, along with several pubic hairs that have become entwined in the latex and she says to me.

“Don’t want you getting too much pleasure from this now do we?”

I am sure I recognize the voice, but it is difficult to tell through the ear plugs and 2 layers of latex surrounding my head. My cock is still erect and bobbing in front of me. She stands me up again and begins to caress my body with her hands. She is tickling all my most sensitive areas and I am sure she is getting a kick out of my squirming. I am laughing through the gag and desperately trying to get enough air through my nose when she stops and I feel her move away. I am left standing in the middle of my room, unable to see, speak, hear or smell anything.

I have been standing for what feels like an age but in reality has probably only been a few minutes when I start to shift around. I bend and straighten each leg to try to ease the discomfort when I receive a stinging swat to my backside.

“I didn’t say you could move!”

I immediately return to the position she left me in and I feel her approach me. She takes my penis in her hand and strokes in gently back and forth. I start to become more aroused and to move my hips in counterpoint to her motion. She is not keen on this as I receive another swat only this time much harder. I yelp at the pain and grunt through my gag. She is now stroking faster and faster and I am getting closer to the edge. I am panting and groaning and it is obvious that I was shortly have an orgasm. Just as I am about to come she stops her movements and takes her hand away. I moan in frustration and buck my hips vainly but with little effect. She simply takes a step back and a couple more strikes at my backside. It feels like a riding crop but I cannot be sure. There were several different options available to her in my toy box.

I feel her come back and feel her mouth on my nipple. The clamps have again caused my nipples to go numb and her breath and tongue on that area is both painful and pleasurable. This continues on each nipple for a few moments when she quickly removes the clamp from my right nipple. The blood comes flooding back and the pain is excruciating. I feel my knees buckle but she catches me under the arms to steady me. Her mouth is at my ear again.

“One more to go. You ready for it?”

I shake my head no but she is relentless in her torment. The second clamp is removed just like the first and this time my legs do go. The pain of the feeling returning to my sore nipples after what must be at least 12 hours is too much and I collapse against the bed. I am a big guy and she cannot support my entire body so she helps to lower me down onto the floor. I am seeing stars under the hoods and my breathing has become erratic. I am given a few more moments then helped to stand again. I am pushed back onto the bed and positioned in the middle. She reaches underneath and unclips my hands and brings them back in front. I am too disoriented to consider escape now and simply allow her to do as she wishes.

She straddles me and my erect cock slides into her very wet, waiting pussy. She leans forward and puts her weight on my chest while gently guiding my hands once again above my head. I feel her kiss my gagged mouth and she stretches forward and locks each wrist to the waiting chain attached to each corner of my bed. I realize what she has done and pull against the bonds but am again secured and available to her whim. She is still riding me and my restraint seems to excite her more. She is moving up and down with an increased vigor and I am again approaching orgasm. She leans forward and tells me I had better not come before she is ready or I will be punished. Her pace slows down and she is using longer strokes which is not helping my situation. Suddenly I feel her dismount and climb off the bed. My ankles are unattached only to be reattached to each corner. I am now completely spread eagled and open to whatever she now has planned.

I feel her come back and unlock the gag from behind me. She removes it from my mouth and I work my jaw to try to get some feeling back. She leans in and kisses me hard, her tongue exploring my mouth entirely and crushing my lips against my teeth. I am enjoying the voraciousness of the kiss when she pulls away and I am left longing for more. My mouth is still open and she crams another gag in to replace the one she took out. This one can only be described as a small penis which means I know what she has planned. On the outside of this gag, there is a longer, fatter phallus which will be used for her enjoyment.

Again I feel the legs straddle either side of my head, only this time I am sure she is the other way around. She lowers herself onto the protrusion from my face and settles back at the same time as taking my cock in her hand. I feel her raise up off my face and can breath and then she lowers herself down right onto my head. My nose is buried against her and I can no longer get any air into my lungs. She raises herself up and starts to ride the shaft. She sits up and even more weight is placed on my head when I feel a vibration which I can only assume she is applying to her pussy at the same time.

Her motion is getting faster and faster and I can hear her groaning even through the earplugs and hoods. I feel her begin to shake at the same time as she sits back on my head and screams in ecstasy. The vibration is taken away and she slumps onto my chest, but she continues to twitch for some time in the after throws of her orgasm. I lie still for a while and get my breath back and am not sure whether she has fallen asleep. After what feels like 10 minutes or so I start to very gently move my head back and forth pushing the dildo further into her pussy. I have only moved 8 or 10 times when I receive a smack on my penis which prompts me to stop my motion. I try to relax and begin to doze off when I feel her stir and dismount herself from the dildo attached to my face. She reaches behind my head and removes the gag and commands me to lick. I lift my head into her pussy and taste her again. She is incredibly wet but I am told to bring her to orgasm again or I will not be released. I know this is going to take time, so relax into it. I use long strokes to caress the outer lips then gently flick and nibble the clit and begin again. I can feel her begin to respond but it is a slow process as she is obviously very sensitive from her previous orgasms.

Eventually I feel her lift herself slightly and I strain to reach her with my tongue. I reach up as far as I can manage but only succeed in just catching her with the very tip of my tongue. She moves backwards down my torso until she is in a position to impale herself again on my cock. It hasn’t been touched in some time and is harder than it has even been. Very slowly she rides me. Up and down, up and down, she is taking it completely to the limit then rising up until she is practically off my cock. She then slams herself down onto me so our pelvis’ are crushed together. With each downward motion I hear her gasp as though it is touching the places she needs it to touch. I like this motion but it will take a long time to get me off, which by now is all I can consider.  She seems to sense this and begins to speed up the process at the same time as retrieving the vibrator and placing it against her pussy.

She bounces up and down and with each motion I can feel bruises developing on my groin. The vibration of both the butt plug and her vibrator and added to the sensation and I know it will not be long before I orgasm. I feel the muscles of her vagina contract around my cock and know she has begun her orgasm even before I hear her scream with pleasure. She leans forward and tells me to come now for her and deeply inside her. This is all I finally needed and with her continued motion and vibration is enough to bring me over the edge into the biggest orgasm I have ever experienced. My back arches and I thrust my cock as far into her as I can get it and I can feel her still shaking with her own orgasm.

I feel her hands on my chest and hope we are about done. She leans forward and puts her mouth again to my ear.

“One more orgasm for me and I will let you go.”

She rises up and lifts herself off my cock quickly planting herself again over my face. Her juices have mixed with my own and they now run down her pussy and into my mouth. I can taste the mixture and squirm at that taste which seems to add to her excitement.

“I want you to get your tongue deep inside of me.”

After everything I have gone through I am keen for this to be over and thrust my tongue out and deep into her pussy. I feel her squirm as I caress her most sensitive areas and feel her reach down and flick her own clit with her fingers. I am straining as hard as I can to bring her one final time to orgasm, my tongue is deep in her pussy and I can feel her fingers flicking over her clit moving faster and faster. Finally, after what seems like an age, she orgasms. Her juices flow down into my mouth and I have no real option but to swallow. I know they are mixed with my own sperm but there is nothing I can do from this position.

She dismounts and kisses me deeply on the mouth, much more tenderly than before. My hands and feet are unlocked and she removes the hoods from my head. I blink into the light and she leans over and kisses me again. I wrap my arms around her and tell her I love her. We kiss again and she lays her head against my chest and I feel her relax into me.

I shift around so I can tell her.

“I love you more now than ever, I am so glad I finally got you.”

She responds in the way I know she will but still can never hear enough of.

“I love you too my darling. Always and forever.”

At those words I slip into a blissful dream, marveling that I have found not only someone I can share my passion with, but someone who will love me for it and who can enjoy it too. The last words I hear before I drop off make me smile even more.

“Don’t forget, it’s my turn later.”




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