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Friday by the Pool

by Jayne Does

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© Copyright 2014 - Jayne Does - Used by permission

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I married too young and was divorced by 25. He was having an affair with his slutty assistant in the venture capital firm, and I hired a private detective to prove it! I got the car, the house, the cat and a big check every month. It was more house than I needed in an exclusive, gated community, with five bedrooms, a fully furnished basement and a three car garage, all of which provided me lots of “play” opportunities. But what I liked most about it was the secluded, fenced backyard with a huge garden, pool and hot tub. I still worked a steady job as a personal trainer because I really liked my work. And, because I made my own schedule, I always had time for myself too.

You see, I am into self-bondage of all kinds. Sometimes I like to be teased but unable to cum. Other times I like to have to work hard to be able to cum. And some days I like being tied so that I can’t stop from cumming over and over and over again. Friday was going to be a beautiful, sweltering sunny day – just perfect for what I had planned. I made sure I had a clear calendar and after a quick breakfast, I gathered my gear and headed out to the pool area.

I started by covering my tanned and toned body with sun screen mixed with a little insect repellent. I was very thorough as I intended to be outside in the sun for several hours. When I was good and oiled up I began to arrange my predicament. I pulled a large queen sized lounge cushion off a patio bed and over to a space between the edge of the pool and the large electric umbrella. A while back I had recessed d-rings installed in the concrete to exactly line up near the four corners of this cushion. Next I pushed the Up bottom on the wireless remote control for the massive 20 foot diameter aluminum umbrella with the base buried in the concrete near the pool. The winch slowly lifted the umbrella top until it was fully deployed.

There was a great feature of this umbrella that I had discovered a while back, much to my delight. By inserting a short metal dowel through holes in the pole near the top when the umbrella was fully extended, I was able to secure it in the up position but able to lower the lifting mechanism. I now had full use of an electric winching mechanism around a sturdy pole that could lift a great deal of weight up toward the top. I smiled as I thought about my last use of the umbrella winch – a fiendish standing tie with my hands stretched up and only my toes in contact with the ground with other interesting distractions….but that is another story.

This was not a spur of the moment tie – I had carefully planned it out. I took four pre-measured lengths of thin chain and clipped them to the winch head. I ran a long and a short chain through the d-ring by one corner of the mattress with the short piece leading to where one hand would be in a spread-eagle tie and the long chain going through the other d-ring and coming to the position of my other hand when lying on my back. I did the same with the two chains for my feet. Next I used a small stool to reach up to the outer edge of the extended umbrella top which was perfectly centered above the middle of the mattress. I clipped on a small carbineer and then threaded another chain through it and down to the winch. Attached to the end of the chain that hung down onto the middle of the mattress were three noose-type clamps which I intended to put to sinister use!

I found the plug for the umbrella winch, plugged it into a timer and adjusted the setting to turn off in 10 minutes and stay off for 2 hours. And then for my final preparations; I sat down in the middle of my mattress and took four thin, locking bracelets and secured them to my wrists and ankles. Each had a small recessed screw that was tightened with a special tool which I tossed out of reach when I was done. Next I lubed up my vibrating anal balloon pump toy, carefully inserted it, pumped it up enough to keep me from expelling it but not enough to be painful and turned it on low. Then came my gag. I had made a special ball gag using a thick rubber ball and 50 lb. fishing line so that it could be tied behind my head to keep it in place without leaving tan lines on my face.

“I really do think of everything” I said to myself as I tied on the gag after drinking all of a water bottle – “don’t want to get dehydrated” I thought.

For the last two steps I took the chain hanging directly over me and attached the loop-type nipple and clit clamps over my pierced nipple and clit bars. Pulled tight under the bars, these would not come off no matter how hard I pulled. Lastly I lay back on the mattress and clipped the wrist and ankle chains to my bracelets and secured them with 4 luggage locks. I lopped the strap for the remote around my wrist and then turned on the winch. As it slowly started rising again it took all the slack out in all my chains at the same time. My arms and legs were pulled toward the 4 corners of the mattress and my nipple and clit chains were pulled up.

I like my bondage tight, but not too tight as I enjoy squirming and twisting in a mock attempt to get lose. So I stopped the winch at a place where I was deliciously spread and my nipples and clit were pulled tight and I needed to arch my back slightly to keep the pressure off my nipples. And within a minute or so I heard the click that announced that the winch would no longer operate and I was staying where I was for the next two hours without a chance of escape.

This is when the best part of bondage begins for me. The great rush of the final click and then the gradually building sensations of pleasure as my body begins to react to the stimulation and the knowledge that I have no control. Did I mention the sinister use of the clamps already? The perfect placement of the clamps created a dilemma for me. The single chain that connected my nipples to my clit needed to be adjusted regularly as I could not lie flat on my back in comfort. I needed to lift my hips to reduce the pull on my nipples and I could ease the pressure on my clit by lifting my head and shoulders in a small sit-up motion. But when my stomach muscles fatigued I had to lower my head and shoulders and lift my hips again. In fact, what I had designed was the perfect ab workout and sexual tease at the same time. And so I fell into a rhythm of alternately lifting my shoulders and my hips every minute or so to make the position manageable. But it was going to be a long 2 hours!

Since it was only a little after 10:00 in the morning and the sun was not high in the sky yet I was laying in the shade of the umbrella. But just as I planned, about 10:30 as I was working up a good sweat from the forced workout, the sun peeked over the top of the umbrella and gradually began to spread direct sunlight over me. The effect of the hot sun on my squirming body really began to get my juices flowing. I knew from past experience that rhythmic tugs on my clip loop could make me cum, but the problem was after – how could I bask in post-orgasmic glow if I had to continually raise and lower my chest and hips? So I used the time to edge myself – bring myself close to orgasm but not allow it to happen.

I kept my eyes closed to keep out the bright sun but also to focus on my latest bondage fantasy – being placed in this position by my captors who eventually use my bound body for their own pleasure, and mine! I guessed I was nearing the end of my time and strength so I began to rhythmically alternate tugs on my clit and nipples and I felt the orgasm begin to grow. As I increased my speed and listened intently for the timer to click, I suddenly heard a different noise. At first I hoped it was the timer clicking, but when I repeatedly pushed the down button on the winch remote nothing happened. I tried to look around but was blinded by the sunlight and couldn’t make out much. Then I heard something else – footsteps!

“Ms. Smith, is that you?” someone said. I couldn’t even think – I was so stunned at the thought of being seen by someone in my self-bondage, inches away from an orgasm. Who could it be – a friend, neighbor, burglar – who? And then I realized in horror that my pool technician had called on Wednesday to cancel his Thursday visit and had left a message saying he would be over Friday if he could squeeze me in.

“Damn” I thought, “my own stupidity has outed my little self-bondage secret to a total stranger.”

He hurried over to me but stopped short when he saw my arrangements. After a few moments he grinned and said, “So, I am betting you did this to yourself didn’t you?”

All I could do was nod my head and grunt into my gag. As he examined my predicament I continued to struggle to keep in control of my nipple and clit dance. Then I felt his hands on my right wrist and when I tried to explain through my gag how to lower the winch I was shocked to find that his only intention was to remove the wrist strap for the remote control.

“I bet this little thing is what you were going to use to release yourself, wasn’t it?”

I made unintelligible sounds and shook my head "Yes". And just then we both heard the click as the winch power was restored – except the remote was now not in my hand and I was at his mercy to release me or make my suffering continue.

“Looks like you might be here a bit longer” he said as he stood and surveyed my predicament bondage. “You sure look like you are getting an ab workout with this arrangement” he said with amusement. “Maybe I can help you with that”.

Now I have to mention that my pool guy fit the stereotype perfectly. He was a 20-something college kid with blond hair and a great body with a killer tan. He took off his shirt to reveal his chiseled chest and abs and knelt down between my legs. “Let’s see if I can make things more interesting” he said as he lay prone between my legs, propped up on his elbows with his face in front of my pussy and the taunt clit chain. While I held my hips off the ground to rest my poor, sore nipples, he helped by putting one hand under my ass and helping to hold me up. Then he began to lick my labia and the entire outside of my very wet pussy while gently, tugging rhythmically on my clit. He teased with his tongue both outside and inside my pussy before settling into a steady rhythm of chain tugs and tongue licks.

Slowly my panic began to subside and the orgasm started to build. I guess if I was going to be discovered, at least it was by a gorgeous hunk who knew what to do with a tied-up, naked woman! I would worry about others things later, like getting raped, killed or getting loose. My breathing became faster and shorter and my moaning louder. The combination of my bondage, my discovery and his insistent tongue was something my body couldn't resist. I could feel the need building and building and when the wave was ready to break, I took a big deep breath and held it and strained all my muscles against my bondage, the way I always do when I am ready to explode… and then he stopped all contact and got up and walked away!

I screamed and shook my head and pleaded with my eyes but he only laughed, and lowered the winch a bit so that I had a little more play in my arms and legs but also lost all tension on my nipples and clit. No matter how I squirmed or twisted I could get no friction on my sensitive areas, so my ruined orgasm hung over me like a cold, dark cloud. “Time for a break for you and some work for me,” he said. He turned off my anal vibrator and disappeared the way he came in.

I was beside myself. I was excited, scared, frustrated and incredibly turned on all at the same time. As I lay there catching my breath he returned from his car with his pool cleaning equipment and got to work. My ragged breathing and racing heart gradually slowed and my frustration slowly subsided as well. I finally relaxed and realized just how fortunate I was that he had loosened my chains since my abs and neck were very tired from all the abuse they had taken.

But now that I was regaining my senses, I began to examine my situation. Without my remote I could never get free. Still, he hadn’t abandoned me or taken photos to blackmail me, yet. And, wasn’t I in a position I had often dreamed of – being securely tied, without a chance to escape, with a hot guy in a position to take advantage of me in any way he wanted? As I watched him doing his work I tried to enjoy the sensations, and there was no doubt from the bulge in his shorts that he was enjoying the view! The hot sun was baking me and I was covered in sweat from both the heat and the exertion. All I could do was close my eyes and await my fate.

It was probably about 30 minutes later when he came to check on me. “You look comfy” he said. “Are you ready for round 2?”

I nodded “yes” and he stretched my chains tight again with the remote control and got back to work licking my dripping cunt. To make things more interesting, he turned my anal plug on to medium and the extra vibrations reignited my smoldering fires even faster. Being as horny as I was, it didn’t take long for my passion to rise and before I knew it, I was panting and grinding my hips toward his mouth and breathing hard again, just moments away from the climax of the century. This time I was determined not to tip off my impending orgasm with my favorite breath-holding technique, so I breathed hard and harder and harder as the wave rose. And just when it was ready to crash – I screamed – he had stopped again and loosened the chains to prevent me from cumming!I am not sure if anyone can tell how much someone hates you just by looking at their eyes, but I gave him the most hateful glare I could muster and listened to him laugh as he walked away to get back to work.

Being tied and aroused has a strange way of distorting time. How long he spent doing his work this time was hard to say, but I guessed it was another 30 minutes or so. By them I was starting to get stiff and beginning to get dehydrated. And without the sun screen, I am sure I would have been getting very red. Just when I began to feel a little panicky that he had left me, I heard footsteps and saw him come back through the side gate towards me. Now for the moment of truth – was he going to release me, or worse? He sat down beside me.

“I bet you are getting pretty thirsty after all that work” he said and I nodded my head. "OK, if you promise not to scream".

I nodded again. He reached behind my head and tried to loosen my gag, but the thin fishing line was tied tight. I usually had to use a scissors to cut the gag off so I used my head to motion toward my bag of bondage equipment by the umbrella. He seemed to understand and dug through my bag until he found the scissors. After cutting the line he helped me pop the gag out of my mouth and I twisted my jaw and opened and closed my mouth and said “thank you”. He brought me a water bottle with a straw and helped me to drink almost all of it.

When I was done I asked quietly, “What are you going to do to me?” I am not sure why asked it that way. I could have said, “Please help me get loose” but I guess I was secretly hoping for more.

He smiled and said, “I have been thinking about that. But I think you will just have to wait to find out.” And he began rummaging through my toy bag and found my favorite inflatable penis gag. “This should do nicely” he said and proceeded to place it on my lips.

I knew resisting would not be wise so I opened my mouth and he sank it in deeply and secured it with several straps behind my head, giving it a few pumps to expand and fill my mouth. He only stopped pumping when my eyes got wide and I began to shake my head. I am not sure I had ever pumped it that much and I could feel the tip rubbing the back of my throat and almost gagging me. He just laughed and said, “You will get used to it, and your next boyfriend will appreciate your new deep throat skills!”

And as I struggled to accept my throat fucking, he found his place between my thighs and resumed is gentle licking of my still wet pussy. Without having to constantly adjust my shoulders and hips to remove the strain on my nipples and clit, I was able to lie back and enjoy his skills, which were exceptional. As he licked and nibbled he stuck first one, then two, then three fingers in my sopping cunt and finger-fucked me. And I responded with low, encouraging moans and a slow grinding of my hips. He was in no hurry and he varied his rhythm and pressure to prolong my tease. 5, 10, 15 minutes or more? I don't know how long he played with me but it was beyond my wildest fantasies.

While I wanted to cum, I also didn't want it to end. Eventually he did begin to increase his speed and pressure on all my hot buttons and the orgasm started to grow. This time, before I got too close, he stopped, got up and brought his face close to mine. “Now that you are almost ready to cum, I want to give you a choice. I can either put on a condom and fuck you till we both cum or I can reset your timer, give you your remote back, jerk off all over you, and leave you here all hot and bothered, just the way I found you. The choice is yours. If you want the first option, shake your head “yes”.

I didn’t wait long to vigorously nod “yes”. I needed to cum and I needed it bad, and I hadn’t had a good fuck from a hot guy in far too long.

After removing his shorts and pulling the condom from the pocket, he knelt between my knees, rolled the condom on and guided his hard cock into my drenched pussy. I groaned as he seemed to take 2 minutes to slowly inch his way in and fill me completely. And then he started to fuck me hard! With each thrust he tugged on my nipple and clit chains stoking my fire. Faster and faster he pumped and high and higher I flew toward an orgasm that I couldn't live without. He could tell that I was close so he pumped and pulled harder and faster until I screamed and went rigid. And that pushed him over the edge and he grunted and pumped his load into his condom and then collapsed on top of me before rolling off beside me, both of us panting, drenched in sweat.

After a few minutes of recovery he got to his feet. He removed is condom and said, "Here is a little something to remember me by" and proceeded to squeeze the cum out onto my tits, belly, face and hair. I struggled to keep the gooey mess out of my eyes and shook my head in shocked frustration, but he just laughed. After pulling his shorts on he looked at my helpless body and said, "Now what am I going to do with you?"

I grunted that I wanted him to let me loose but it came out garbled gibberish through my gag. He ignored me and began examining my escape mechanism. "Hmmm" he said, "Looks like all I have to do is give you your remote back and you will be able to get free. Since I had such a great time, seems only fair."

As he worked the wrist band of the remote back over my hand he kissed me on the cheek and whispered, "It was a pleasure seeing you today.”

As an apparent afterthought, he rummaged through my toy bag and pulled out three small bullet vibrators. "These might be kind fun" he said and he attached one to each nipple chain about 6 inches above my chest and one to the clit chain, and turned them on. I squealed in surprise at how well the vibrations found their way down to my sensitive parts. He just smiled and said, "You really are one hot babe. Maybe I'll clean the pool on Friday more often." Then he turned my anal vibrator on high and left!

I heard the gate close and his car starting and driving off. And I sighed and hoped he would come back some other Friday, and I would be waiting! But when I pushed the down button in the remote nothing happened. I screamed in frustration as I realized by the slow ticking of the timer, that he had reset it again and it would release me some time in the next 24 hours! But I knew what I would do to pass the time as the vibrations started to rebuild my desire. I wouldn't delay the next orgasm. Instead I would enjoy it for all it was worth and keep cumming as long as I needed to, and hope for the timer to end sooner rather than later. Or maybe not!

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