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Frogtied to Frustration

by Alina Aamu

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© Copyright 2006 - Alina Aamu - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; cuffs; cons; X

It had been a restless day at the office as I knew what I had in store for myself for the evening. I was literally sweating through my dress as I was driving home. All the customers, all the clients at the store couldn't have been further away in my mind as I was driving down the street, nearly counting the miles I was from home.

It had been a long while since I last had had a chance to play any selfbondage games and I was desperately missing it. I had been away to see my relatives for three weeks and hadn't come back until this morning when I just had enough time to shower, change clothes and drive to work. But that was just about to change.

The good thing about having to go without any kind of selfbondage was that I had time to think about it and device new plans. I had been thinking of efficient, easy and very restrictive ways of tying myself up. That's why I had stopped at the hardware store on my way to work to pick up a couple of padlocks.

What seemed like an eternity, I finally got to pull my car to the driveway. It was very relieving because of half of the trip my nipples had been rock hard and I just had to fiddle my breasts a little while driving. While I did wear a thick shirt over my dress as it was coming chilly outside, it made me feel like I would have been exposed to the entire world.

I checked twice that I had locked my car before heading inside. I had once forgotten to lock it in my excitement about an upcoming selfbondage adventure, and I had no intentions of making it happen again. Fortunately nobody had stolen my car that time, but I didn't want to take the gamble again.

Immediately when I heard the door click closed behind me, I took off the thick shirt and kicked my shoes away. The apartment was dark since I had closed all the drapes before I left for the trip and had seen no reason to pull them open just to close them again. As keen as I was to begin, I decided that I really should eat something before I started.

I took off my panties which had already started to become moist during the drive home. I enjoyed the feeling when nothing was between my female parts and fresh air. I opened the fridge and realised that of course I didn't have anything to eat! Why would there be anything in there when I had been away for three weeks. I had completely forgotten all about this in my enthusiasm about my upcoming evening of glorious selfbondage.

I slumped down to the sofa and started to weigh my option. Stupid bitch, I thought to myself. I really didn't want to go to a store in my heightened sense of arousal, but I was afraid that my selfbondage wouldn't be too enjoyable if I had nothing to think about except my empty stomach fifteen minutes into the game.

But then I got an idea! This was something that I could work into my selfbondage. I had been a bad, bad girl. I needed punishment!

It was like a lighting had struck inside of me when the idea formed to me and I could feel my pussy wet from just the idea. I immediately went to my bedroom and opened my 'special' closet. I had a combination lock in the door as I didn't want my friends to see what my darker desires had in store there.

I was extremely thrilled about just seeing all the stuff I had in store for myself in the closet. Sometimes I spent long moments just looking at the stuff, thinking about what I could do with the stuff. I had never been into leather or fancy bondage equipment, so most of what was there was actually quite commonplace. The entire closet was filled with ropes, long scarves, belts and other things to use in my self restriction.

I nearly ripped my skirt off and threw it all the way to the other side of the room. I was so excited that I my fingers actually slipped a couple of times when I was taking off my bra. The tendency of my hands to start shaking uncontrollably when I was aroused was sometimes an inconvenience as it made it harder to do more complicated ties. And even if I hadn't noticed from them rate of my heartbeat that I was extremely aroused, my pussy didn't leave much room for alternative interpretations.

I threw two long ropes, two regular socks and a long scarf to the bed, my tools of choice for my bondage today. I had a plan that I considered pretty elaborate, although I didn't have any misconceptions about my skills in selfbondage after reading a bunch of stories and technique guides from the internet. Then I took the cardboard box from the lowest shelf of the closed. This box contained my most valued bondage possessions. It had a collection of about 30 DVD's but more importantly, it was a secret home for my collection of gags.

Ever since I was a young woman and realised that I couldn't be without bondage, I had been extremely aroused by gags. It was the ultimate tool of submission. To tie ones hands together and to gag her tightly meant that all forms of communication were forbidden from the submissive. And since communication is the most important thing in our society, the idea of preventing that got my juices flowing.

For this session, I decided that I'd use my regular medium sized ball gag. I gave some thought to the ring gag for a moment since I probably would be out of breath at some point of my play, but I decided that this time there would be no mercy, I was going to experience the bondage as I had been thinking about for days.

I threw the gag to the bed and laid down next to all the equipment. I just laid there doing nothing for a moment, building excitement for my selfbondage experience which was only moments away. I then took the paper bag from the hardware store that I had put to the table next to the bed. From there I took the padlocks I had bought earlier and started opening the package. This turned out to be as frustrating as always since I didn't like to grow my fingernails, but finally I did manage to get one of the packages open. I left the other one to the table because I would need only one today.

I walked down the hall to the kitchen and placed both of the keys that came with the lock on one of the kitchen stools. I didn't want to make things too easy for myself, but even less I fancied the idea of starving to death in inescapable bondage.

I then when to the bathroom for the one last time before my adventure was about to start. The excitement was making my hands tremble a lot as I approached the bed for the last time as a free woman. I took a deep breath and sat down on the floor beside the bed. It was finally about to begin, after all those restless nights waiting for sleep to come and dreaming about bondage.

I took the ropes from the bed and then proceeded to firmly press my right leg against my thigh. What I had in mind tonight was a tight frogtie for my legs. I wrapped one of the ropes many times over my leg and thigh and made a knot that was sure to hold my struggling. I also made sure that the knot was far enough that it was impossible for me to start messing with the tie once my hands would be secured behind my back.

I then took one of the socks and forced it between my tightly bound leg and thigh. I put it through beside the rope and then yanked it back above the rope. I then proceeded to tie it around the rope forming a tight cinch. Pleasure waved over my body again as I felt the rope tighten when I pulled the cinch harder. I had been waiting this for so long. Or at least it felt like it.

The socks had remained in my repertoire from the olden days when I didn't have anything more fancy to cinch my ties with. It was the times when I was still living at home and I didn't have the courage or the money to go out and buy anything fancier. After awhile, I thought that why should I use anything else when I already have a cheap and working solution.

Pleased about my handiwork, I did the same for my other leg. After I had completed it, I did some struggling to make sure the ropes weren't about to give up on me. They sure didn't.

Next part was the gag. I leaned myself against the bed as I took hold of the straps. I waited for a moment. This was by far my favourite part when it came to bondage. Inserting and strapping the gag in place had such a huge effect on me that I had several times orgasmed multiple times from just masturbating with my hand and wearing a new gag.

I pressed the gag against my lips, pretended that someone was forcing it on me. I slowly opened my lips and closed my eyes as I felt the familiar taste of rubber in my mouth. This was my oldest gag and I had been wearing it so often and so long that my tongue knew this ball almost as well as the insides of my mouth.

I felt pressure mounting on me and my pussy wetting even more as I quickly strapped the gag behind my head. Even though I promised myself every time that I wouldn't do it, I just had to stoke my pussy a few times. It felt heavenly, and I knew that I wouldn't have to do long to get me over the edge for the first time.

But I didn't want that to happen. I pressed my legs together even before I had removed my hand from my private parts. It wasn't time for that yet, I told myself. My only concern at the moment should be getting my hands tied as tightly and securely as possible, for this was the first time I'd try the padlock.

I took the scarf from the bed and tied the ends together tightly to form a loop. From a lot of experience I knew that if I looped it three times around itself, it would form a loop that would be just barely large enough to work both of my wrists into it. I then took the padlock from the bed and placed it right beside me on the floor.

As it always was, it was a struggle to get my hands through the tight loop. It had frustrated me on several occasions, but the effort would always result in a much better bondage so I deemed it worth the effort.

It took me even more struggling to slip the second hand through it as I was sweating a lot. I rolled around on the ground and tried to help my hand by pressing my elbow against the foot of the bed. After some cursing and screams into my gag, I finally felt my hand going through the loop and that my wrists were now pressed to each other by the scarf.

I paused a moment to take a breath. The act of tying myself up required so much concentration and sheer strength that I had almost forgot that I was tremendously aroused by all that was going on. But I was used to that, there was time for games and restricted enjoyment later.

I managed to get myself on sitting again against the bed and turned my back to the padlock waiting on the floor. My theory was that I could use the padlock as a cinch for my wrists, thus making my bondage locked a secure without the need for tasteless cuffs or other expensive accessories.

It took me awhile to work the lock in place, but when I heard the lock click, I was in heaven. It did not only work, but it made my wrists to be in a tighter tie than I had ever before managed with a sock as a cinch. I closed my eyes and leaned myself against the bed once again. This was it, there was no way out until I manage to travel those 30 feets that separated me from the kitchen and the keys at the stool. Not a short trip to take when tied like this.

But first I decided it was time to enjoy. With my eyes closed and still leaning to the bed, I relaxed myself completely and let every part of my body take in the feeling of tight bondage that I was experiencing. All the hard work that it took to get me here was forgotten and the waves of warm contentment started hitting me again. My pussy came back to life and my juices started to flow, expecting something to happen. But as I was all bound and gagged (I loved saying that to myself), there was nothing I could do about it.

Usually I entertained myself while in bondage by reading bondage stories by others, but this time my position prevented me from accessing my computer to start reading them. What to do, then? I figured that I might as well start my journey to the kitchen.

For a moment I had to give some careful thought about what would be the most efficient way of moving about while tied like this. For awhile I considered the possibility of laying down on my side and try to wriggle my way through the hallway, but I realised that it wouldn't get me anywhere. Instead, I decided that the best way to proceed would be to remain sitting up and push myself forward with my hands. I could also manage to push my feet a few inches forward, but that was all the bonds would allow me to do.

It was a long journey to say the least. As I had predicted, it didn't take very long for my stomach to start protesting about the lack of food, but there was nothing I could do about that before I could manage my way into the kitchen and free myself from the bondage.

I regretted that I didn't look at the clock when I started my voyage, but it seemed like hours passed with my painful progress of just a few inches at a time. The ropes had also started to dig into my feet pretty painfully since I had to push my feet forward against the bonds as hard as I could if I didn't want to stay like this all night.

I even fell down a few times and pretty soon decided that I had to take breaks very often to let my legs to recover from the intense pain the ropes gave me every time I pushed my feet forward. I had to bite into my gag several times and even let out pretty loud grunts and screams. Needless to say, I loved every second of it and I suspected that my pussy juices left a trail to the floor as I advanced.

When I finally reached the stool I knew the keys were on, I could just collapse on the floor from the extreme fatigue. As I had predicted, I was entirely out of breath. I was grateful that I had chosen the medium sized ball gag, since it left plenty of room to breath around it.

As I laid there, gasping for breath, I realised that if I didn't start moving pretty soon again I might fall asleep. It wouldn't be so dangerous, I've slept in bondage several times, but I was afraid that it would soon come so late that I couldn't get anything to eat. In addition, I preferred to sleep in lighter bondage and on the bed.

I had prepared that I'd have to make the stool fall over in order for me to get the keys, but I realised that if I'd lift myself to my knees, I could reach my hands behind me and get the keys that way. But after realising what an athletic manoeuvre it would be to get myself to my knees, I just grabbed the stool and let it fall down.

I was in luck; a key landed just beside me so I didn't have to sit up in order to get moving towards a key anymore. I grabbed the key and started working on the lock to release me. To my surprise, it wasn't as hard as I thought and only moments later I heard the padlock hit the ground. My hands were free again... or at least they would be after I force my wrists from the tight scarf.

It was a battle again, but as it always is, it was a lot easier to pull my hands from the loop than to insert them there. Immediately when my hands were free, I didn't plan to waste a second. With no intention of releasing any of my other bonds, my hands shot straight to my pussy and I started to do the wonders I know that pleases me the most.

After that, time was something I had no idea about. My eyes felt like they turned completely around as I had the orgasm that would be the first of many to come before I'd release myself from the bonds completely and start typing my adventure on the computer...



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