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From Bad To Worse

by GaggedUtopia

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From Bad To Worse
by GaggedUtopia
From Bad To Worse Written By: GaggedUtopia

Today was the day. I have waiting patiently for Friday night to start my adventure. I had come up with the idea earlier in the week when I was changing the batteries in my walkman. The idea was so simple that I didn’t believe I didn’t think of it before. An electromagnetic release system. I had used ice a number of times, but most of the time I get the “urge” at anytime and usually never think to keep a key frozen in the fridge. 

The design was pretty simple; I went to the hardware store and bought one of the huge nails (about 7 inches long and about ½ an inch thick) and some thin, solid core copper wire. I went to Radio Shack and bought a battery holder and went home to build my new little toy. First I wrapped the wire tightly around the nail, pretty much mummifying it with the wire, then putting another layer on top of that one leaving two ends of wire free. I stripped the ends of them and soldered them to the battery holder. Before super gluing the battery holder to the nail, I tightly wrapped the wire and nail with electrical tape to ensure that it would not become unwound (I doubt it would have anyway), and it also gave a better surface to glue the holder to. Once it was attached, I also made a small wire loop that I glued to the top of the nail to give me something to hook it to when I was ready to use it.

That was on Monday, and I spent the rest of the week testing out my new device with some dead batteries that I had saved. I would put the battery in, hang the magnet on the hook on the ceiling, and then hold the key up and it had just enough power to hold it up there. After about 20 minutes or so, the battery would fall to the ground. I guess what excited me the most of this new device is that I even without a blindfold on, I would have no idea when it was going to fall. It was as total mystery. I figured that a battery with a full charge would give me 4 to 5 hours in bondage before dropping the key. Since the electromagnet effectively created a short on the battery, the drain should be pretty fast.

I went and took a quick shower and after drying off (no need for clothes, I prefer to be naked while having my fun) I started to setup my backup release system. Since this was going to be my first run with my new toy, I didn’t want to make a difficult backup system, so it basically entailed my key on the end of some string hanging in a room on the other side of the house. I walked back and started getting everything ready. Before I started to get aroused by all this, I grabbed a steel ring and worked it behind my balls and penis so that it was pressing against my pelvis. I will explain this a little later.

I hooked the magnet on a hook in the ceiling and put in the battery. I held up the key and it jumped to the magnet and held there fast. I knew that it wouldn’t be falling for while a while. I put on my bondage belt and locked it closed. I then locked a set of handcuffs to the back of the belt. I then sat down on the floor and put some leather straps around my ankles and knees. I was almost ready. I grabbed a posture collar with a ring in the front and put it on. I then threaded some nipple clamps though it and attached them to my nipples. These are pretty strong and even have little teeth for extra grip. The teeth hurt at first, but after about 20-30 seconds, it dulls off and only feel the pure goodness of the clamps. Next was my ballgag head harness. I put the ball in my mouth, strapped it behind my head, on top of my head and under my chin. It felt very secure and there was no way I was getting it off for a while. 

I was getting very aroused at this point and knew that I had to finish securing myself, or I was going bring myself to orgasm and will lose the nerve. So I quickly grabbed the chain on the floor and locked it to the ring that I had put around my penis and balls before. The other end of the chain was connected to a 50 lb weight. The idea of this is one I came up with a few months ago. By locking myself in this way, if I wanted to travel anywhere, it would take a huge effort (and pain) on my part to do so, but I could do it. However, if I became unaroused and lost my erection, with a little effort, I could slide the ring off and then be able to move around without any trouble. It’s a bondage within bondage in a way.

The last step was here, I picked up a leather strap that was already looped and I put it around my arms and worked it up to my elbows. I reached down and locked one of the cuffs on making sure that the keyhole was facing down. I had left a small nail on the ground so that I could engage the double lock, and did so on the first hand. I locked my other hand in and engaged the double lock on that one as well. I was now official stuck and had to wait for god knows how long before the battery let me go.

First things first. I had to test out my bondage and make sure I did a good job. I struggled around just to have some fun with it, in my mind I knew I was quite secure, but was having fun anyway. After about 5 minutes, and being totally out of breath, I stopped and rested for a minute. The first order of business was to get to my entertainment. I had put one of my favorite bondage DVD’s in and the remote on the floor… when and if I make it to the living room. I started to move to the living room and reached the end of my chain so to speak. “Mmmhhph!!” Ouch! I had already forgot about that. So while I am tightly bound and gagged, I have to keep my mind off of it and try to lose my erection, hmmmm, this is going to be quite a task.

Well, after 10 minutes or so, I discovered that if I get really close to the weight, the coldness was helping me “cool off” so to speak. It took another ten minutes before I was totally flaccid and could make an attempt at getting the ring off. After a lot of pulling and tugging I was successful. Successful at getting another erection, ugh…. So I started over. It took a total of (guessing) a half hour to get myself out of the blasted ring. It had done it job too well this time. Now that I was free of that room, I squirmed myself over to the living room. As I began to get myself into a comfortable position, I clicked on the TV and hit play and started to watch the movie. While I was watching the movie I would being to daydream and fantasize that I was one of the prisoners in there and started to squirm around without even knowing it. Once I caught myself, I just smiled (on the inside) and continued my little fantasy.

When the movie was over, I clicked over to the TV and found out that about 4 hours had passed since I first started and I began to wonder if the key had dropped yet. So I started my journey back to the room with the magnet. I peeked around the corner and discovered that the key was still attached to the nail. “Damnit, that battery should be quite dead by now” I thought. “Oh well, I will watch some more TV while I am waiting” and with that I moved back in to the living room. The gag and nipple clamps were really starting to hurt now and it was getting pretty hard to concentrate on the TV. However, after about another hour or so, I moved back to the room with the key release system and found that it was still up there, and hasn’t even slipped.

Right about now a little panic started to set it because it should have dropped by now, a shorted battery would have run out of juice long ago. “Ugh, time for the long trip to the spare bedroom” I thought. To make matters worse, I had not left on any lights, so the hallway and room was pitch black. After stopping several times to catch my breath, let the rug burn settle in or whatever other 20 things were causing me discomfort. I was trying hard to suppress the panic that I was feeling, but it was really hard. It took me a good 20 minutes to make it to the other room, but I made it, beat up and all.

I moved myself to where the string was, took one look and my heart sank. “Mmhhhphhh!” I screamed into my gag. “WTF? Where in the hell is the key? Is somebody here? There can’t be, I locked all the doors and windows, but where the hell is that key?” I thought. I frantically searched in the dark for the key but it was nowhere to be found. Panic really started to slip in now. I started to thrash and try everything possible to get out of my bondage, but it was too tight and it was not going to budge. What am I going to do now? I was trying my best to collect myself together and figure a way out of it.

Everything was really sore now, mostly from trashing around, which caused the clamps to feel like they tighten on my nipples and really were aching. The gag needed to come out now, because my jaw was killing me. The thrashing had my wrists pretty raw, and I am sure I have bruises all over. I just laid there in defeat and decided that I would try and get a little rest and try to clam down. I know I can get out of this… and with any luck; maybe the key will have dropped when I wake.

3 hours later… 

I woke up from a bad dream. In the dream I was bound and gagged and my captors and left me to die. After taking stock in my current situation, I started to think that my dream was not far from the reality of the situation. If I couldn’t get free, I was stuck and would probably die. I had taken Monday and Tuesday off from work, and since I lived alone, nobody would come looking for me anytime soon. I could feel the panic starting to build again, but I knew that they key would have dropped by now. I worked my way over to the room with the magnet and laid around the corner for a few minutes, mostly catching my breath, but not wanting to look around the corner and not see the key had dropped. After catching my breath, I looked…. It was still up there, unmoved. “Mmhhhphhph! Mmmmphhphhh!” I was swearing under my gag. I really didn’t know what to do at this point. I rolled over to give one arm a rest and that’s where I saw my key.

My key was on a huge glass table in the dining room. How it got there was also very apparent. My cat must have been playing with the string since it was so low to the ground and broken it. He was now chewing on the end of the string still attached to the key. Now I just had to figure out how to get to it. I kicked the table to scare the cat away, hoping that maybe he might bring it down for me, but no avail. I only succeeded in scaring the cat and he left the key on the table. I thought about trying to knock over the table, but I knew if it fell on me, I wouldn’t be able to get it off, it was too heavy… assuming that I could tip it at all.

Just then, I got an idea. I reached for my ankles, and sure enough, they didn’t have locks on them ! Yes ! I undid the buckle around my ankles, but couldn’t reach the ones around my knees. This might be enough to let me stand. I moved to the corner of the room and moved myself up the wall. After a lot of huffing and puffing, I was able to do it. I was able to stand up. I slowly walked over to the table and reached for the key. Once I had it in my hand, I unlocked both of the cuffs, and I was free! Thank God! I finished undoing the rest of my bondage, grabbed the keys for the padlocks on the counter and was about ready to just go to bed and recover when I remembered my magnet.

I walked over to it, took it down and removed the battery. The first think I noticed right off the bat was that the key didn’t fall. “Son of a Bitch” I said out loud. I had totally forgotten about that. After a while, the nail became magnetized, thus holding on the to key. I tested the battery with a voltmeter and sure enough, it was deader then a doornail. Oh well, there is always next time… only this one will work ! Hopefully….


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