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by Mikel

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; chastity; toys; insert; latex; catsuits; hoods; collar; gag; enema; chairtie; rope; chain; stuck; tease; denial; cons; X

Lori had no idea that when Mark locked her in the leather chastity belt three days ago what frustration really was. Lori sat thinking about when she designed the belt and asked to have it made how delicious she had thought it would be to wear it. The idea of being locked in the thick leather unable to access her pussy for however long Mark decided to leave her in it was exciting. Now she sat wishing she had not thought of it as she strained against the extra wide belt that acted more like a corset than a belt. The strap that ran in between her legs pulling harder on her pussy making it ache not only to be touched but also was hurting her since she had cinched everything up too tight.

The Ben-wah balls had been her idea also something she thought might help her find that level of frustration she had read so much about. They had been bouncing around inside her for the last three days keeping her aroused and several times the vibrations from inside them had brought her close to an orgasm. Lori was frustrated and had often thought about begging Mark to remove the belt or cutting it herself. Lori would never cut the belt, it was much more a trust issue for her than the cost of the belt. She knew Mark would lose his trust in her if she cut it off and that it would take a long and probably painful time to regain that trust.

Mark was gone until tomorrow leaving Lori thoroughly frustrated and alone staring at her pierced nipples while she stroked her covered pussy. Lori decided to indulge the self bondage itch and came up with an elaborate plan to scratch it. Lori was going to use everything she had to secure herself to the heavy wooden chair, rope, tape and chains with leather straps. Her wrists would be held firmly by thick leather cuffs chained to the cross support keeping them pulled taunt behind her back. As Lori’s plan developed she noticed the pulley and weight system Mark had used on her the night before he locked her pussy up was still set up. Smiling she drug the heavy chair closer to it making sure it would not get pulled over by the weight.

“Now” she thought “How should I dress” Lori stood in front of the closet staring at her collection of fetish clothes and grabbed two full body catsuits both with gloves and feet. She smiled as she looked at the hoods on them knowing that the open faced hood was not a problem but the hood with only nose holes and tiny pin holes over the eyes would make everything more difficult.

Lori took her most severe posture collar and pump gag with an attached panel over it and laid them on the bed next to the suits. She stood looking at her shelves of shoes wanting to wear thigh highs but deciding not to since her legs would be folded and they might cut off their circulation. Lori picked a pair a ballet slippers, these could be locked on by the multiple straps and no matter how hard she had tried in the past she had not been able to walk in them well and because of their smaller size started hurting her feet within an hour.

Now Lori had all her equipment and clothing ready she stripped to just the tight chastity belt and relieved herself and performed two enemas. While she waited with the soapy water inside her she thought about the two ice blocks in the freezer. Lori knew one would release her in about three hours and the other would be five hours or longer. Finishing her cleansing Lori went to the freezer and grabbed the big ice block and quickly set up her release. Lori was thinking it should take her about an hour to get dressed and restrain herself to the chair leaving her bound for around four hours, “Perfect” she thought.

Lori struggled to get into the second catsuit, the most difficult part was getting it over her pinched nipples. She had opted to use the clamps Mark had made for her that couldn’t be pulled off. Now the added pressure of the rubber compressing her tits was making her whine as the pain increased. Lori finally had it pulled up to her chin, her long Strawberry blond hair had been pulled through the opening in the back of the first hood. Lori tied a rope onto the base of her pony tail then braided the two long ends into her hair tying it several times before reaching the end of her hair. Lori loved to have her hair pulled and tried to include hair bondage whenever she could.

Now that her hair was ready she stuffed her latex covered feet into the slippers and locked all the straps she had pulled tightly around her feet closed. Lori sat back in the chair laying the Hitachi wand in the seat of the chair right where her pussy would be forced to sit on top of it and taped it to the seat. Her plan was to have it come on and off during her capture teasing her until it finally would come on and stay on until she was able to turn it off.  Lori looked around then started to wrap bands of rope around her ankles then pulled them up tying them to the legs of the chair right below the seat. Lori really liked the idea of sitting with her knees spread wide displaying herself and helpless to close her legs.

Once her ankles were secured to the chair Lori took short lengths of chain and wrapped around each ankle running it under the steep heels of her shoes and across her feet before locking the chains under the seat of the chair. Now even if she went no further she would be stuck sitting in the chair with her legs held wide open until the keys dropped. The spreader bar was next and she strapped it tightly between her knees locking each and forcing them to stay pushed wide apart and putting more strain on her ankles.

Lori’s arousal was growing fast as she began using more ropes around her body pulling each tight before cinching them together. When she had finished she had a rope body harness covering her from her pussy to her chest. Lori smiled as she took more rope and began pushing it under the harness and then pulling it around the chair spreading the twin lines of the harness and in turn making it pull her much harder into the chair. Lori was gasping from the tension and tried to wiggle in the chair and couldn’t move or twist at all.

The leather straps were used to criss cross her chest and around her waist each locked after she made sure they were pulled tight. Lori was almost done with her body only needing one more thing to make her escape more difficult when the time came. Lori took the rolls of tape and began winding them around her body and the chair covering all the ropes, chains and leather straps. Lori purposely had no scissors or knife and would have to wrestle with the tape to remove it once her hands were free all while her pussy was being shaken by the vibrator. Lori used three rolls around her upper body and ankles even wrapping up her folded legs to the spreader bar before she stopped and sat gasping as she tried to move under her mass of tape.

Lori was actually getting tired at this point and thought about undoing the tape and trying to free herself early but fought the urge and stuffed the gag into her mouth. Lori buckled the gag tightly behind her head sealing her mouth shut with the wide panel covering it and used another lock to make sure she didn’t chicken out. Lori pumped up the gag until she could feel her cheeks bulging under the rubber with her latex covered hands and removed the pump/release valve from the gag. Lori wrestled the remaining hood over her head then zipped it closed sealing her head in two layers of latex. Once the hood was covering her head and face she adjusted the nose holes and wrapped the thick posture collar around her neck and pulled the straps very snug. Testing the collar she adjusted the straps another notch tighter before slipping small padlocks through the buckles and snapping each closed locking her in the tight rubber.

Lori took a short length of rope and tied it to the D-ring on her collar pulling it tight then fed the loose ends through the center ring of the spreader bar. Pulling the rope just taunt feeling it give a little pressure on her neck and knees she tied it off, now happy with her bonds. Now Lori felt the situation she had put herself in, her legs were already cramping and her feet were starting to ache. Each time she breathed in her nipples were crushed further by the two layers of rubber and screamed with pain. Her entire body was roped, taped and chained to the chair. She had no way to cut the layers of tape and the keys were held about four feet out of reach for the next four or five hours. Lori struggled in the chair for a few minutes before stopping and calming herself and deciding to finish her bondage. Reaching behind her head she found the heavy rope from the pulley system. Lori carefully threaded it thought her pony tail rope pulling it taunt forcing her head back and up slightly. Lori tied the ropes together careful not to pull too hard on the rope yet.

Lori always over did her gags and this time was no exception as she sat through a small panic attack as she chewed on the rubber filling her mouth. Lori sat testing her breathing and how uncomfortable she was and carefully locked the wide leather cuffs around her wrists. As Lori sat with her hands behind the back of the chair she thought if maybe she had outdone herself this time and should just stop. She tried to turn her head to see if the ice had started to melt yet but since she had pumped her mouth so full it had tightened her chin against the collar and she could not turn her head at all. Her blue eyes darted around behind the rubber covering them as she tried to decide if she should continue or not. Lori squealed when the vibrator turned on and the vibrations jumped into her pussy making the Ben-wah balls shake violently.

As Lori sat moaning she reached as far down the chair as possible taking one lock and slipped it through the D-ring and a link on the chain and pushed it slowly until it clicked. Lori yanked up on her trapped wrist twisting and pulling wishing she hadn’t closed it yet. Lori settled down again and let the wonderful vibrations penetrate her body and once again reached back pulling the chain taunt to her free wrist and carefully slipping the hasp through the D-ring of the cuff and the furthest link she could reach and squeezed the hasp. Lori squealed again as the lock seemed to close on its own and she wiggled and moaned as she yanked and pulled on the chains now connected to her wrists.

Lori was still enjoying her struggles when the Hitachi went silent leaving her gasping and whining in her bonds. Lori leaned as far forwards as she could trying to look past her breasts to her pussy when suddenly she felt her hair being pulled back and up violently. Squealing Lori thought someone was trying to rip her hair out and started struggling harder against the ropes and chains holding her still. As Lori fought she could feel her body sliding slightly up the back of the chair pulling all the bonds tighter and forcing her knees to be spread wider. Her movements forward had tipped the weight behind her off the low shelf and it was now pulling her up mercilessly.  After several minutes of struggling Lori remembered the weight she had braided into her pony tail and leaned back and relaxed as she thought the weight would hit the floor and just keep her taunt. After fifteen minutes Lori still felt like her hair was being ripped out and started struggling again hoping if she continued to rise in the chair maybe the weight would find the floor.

Lori’s body only rose about an inch and a half but now she was pulling hard on her cuffed wrists forcing her shoulders back. Lori’s head was now being pulled further backwards bending her upper torso against the chairs back and putting more strain on the ropes and tape trying to hold her to the chair. Lori was gasping and whining as the hair stretch was making her nipples scream with pain as it forced the rubber tighter across them. Lori was losing her battle for air and had to calm herself and went totally limp and silent as she breathed as deeply as she could. The next ten minutes felt like she was being stretched by some medieval torture device. Lori felt it stop pulling as hard and whined into the gag in relief. Lori was still whining as she tried to push up with her legs while she twisted in her bonds and was able to make the pull on her hair ease slightly.

Lori was glad she was recording this because she knew she must look incredibly sexy with her head being pulled up and back by her own hair while the chains from her wrists to the bottom of the chair were now pulled so tight she had already lost the feeling in them. Her rubber coated legs were spread wide by the bar between her knees forcing her pointed feet to twist even further in the tight ropes and chains holding the to the seat of the chair. The rope she had connected to her spreader bar was pulling on her collar making the collar feel like it was getting tighter. She tried to relax but each time she did the ropes and tape would pull on her body making her whine as her hair was pulled harder.

Lori’s hands were thrashing behind her, instinctively trying to find a weakness in her bonds. Loir’s mind was fighting itself as one part wanted more and the other wanted freedom but both became unhinged when Lori heard the vibrator come on again and realized she had been pulled far enough away from it that there was no chance of it stimulating her enough for her to orgasm.  Lori was stunned, the thought of being held in this position for hours without the distraction of the vibrator or the hope of an orgasm would be too much. Lori’s body started thrashing and twisting in the chair, her breathing was becoming shallower and all the pains were getting worse. After about ten minutes Lori had to quit fighting and slumped in her bonds to catch her breath and sat whining as she could feel the vibrations through the chair. Lori sat panting, listening to her gasps and the vibrator running and tried to shift her body somehow so she could get some of the vibrations to hit her pussy instead of her shoulders and ankles.

For the next few hours Lori would struggle wildly, she desperately tried to get some stimulation to her aching pussy only to be denied and have to stop struggling. Her frustration had built up so much she no longer cared about anything other than her orgasm and continued the cycle of struggle and rest. Lori’s body had become a constant source or pain, her nipples throbbed her feet ached and now her shoulders felt like they had been dislocated. The hair pull had remained constant and the pain had eased from it but the rope between her neck and knees was now making her neck cramp as she tried to pull her knees closer to her wishing she had not wrapped them with the tape.

When the vibrator came on the last time Lori knew it would not turn off until she could reach it and hoped she would get her keys soon. Her struggles had diminished to quick bursts of jerking as she sat frustrated, with only the creaking chair and humming of the vibrator for comfort. Lori was weeping for the last hour the frustration had consumed her completely before she felt the keys drop near her hands. As Lori struggled with the key she realized she had gotten exactly what she wanted and smiled under the gag.

While Lori fought the key with her numb fingers she heard the vibrator go off and briefly wondered why but quickly returned all her thoughts to the task at hand. First she must free her hands then untie her hair from the weight, after that she must release her collar from her knees and begin to unwind the tape she had used on top of her bonds. Only after the tape was removed could she unlock the leather straps and chains holding her to the chair. Lori’s thoughts continued to drift to her release as she realized she also had nothing to cut the ropes with so she would have to untie each one with her water logged and rubber covered fingers. Lori was feeling more desperate and frustrated than before as she fought the key still holding her hands behind her.

Lori was finally able to unlock her wrists, it had taken almost a hour but she was now fighting the knots she had tied in the rope to the weight, all while she struggled to hold herself up in the chair. Weeping again Lori got the knots untied from her hair and was able to slide back to the seat easing some of the tension on her. Lori sat sobbing for thirty minutes as the pain and frustration overwhelmed her and she wished she had never tried this. For most of the night Lori sat trying to unwrap and untie herself, tearing some of the tape had made it more difficult to release the remaining bands of tape making her cry more. When she could reach the straps she quickly unlocked them and the chains she had locked around herself before resting again. Lori did know it but she had now been bound for almost ten hours, but she did know and was trying not to think about it that even when she was free of the chair she would still need to go and get her keys for the collar, cuffs and shoes.

At the last minute Lori had taken them and hung them in a milk jug full of water hoping it would not freeze before she was able to get to it again. Forcing her to walk in the painful shoes to the kitchen and get it out of the freezer. Lori struggled with the ropes having several fits and yanking and pulling on them before she was finally able to lower her legs and let out a long sigh of relief. Lori had now been in the chair for over twelve hours, every part of her body ached and even with the release she still hurt badly. Lori rubbed her nipples through the rubber moaning as it seemed to make it worse. Lori was now free from the chair and sat preparing her frustrated body for the long walk to the kitchen when she realized she had locked the spreader bar between her legs and could not remove it without the frozen keys. Lori’s frustration made her scream under the rubber hoods and she grasped the Hitachi and ripped it from the chair. Lori held the vibrator up so she could look at it and found the switch was on, Lori banged it with her hands and it started humming but quickly turned back off. After several bangs of the vibrator having it turn off quicker each time Lori gave up and threw it away from her in tears.

Lori pulled at the rubber encasing her trying to get to the belt and thought about where her scissors were seriously considering cutting everything off herself. In Lori’s frustrated state she forced herself to her pointed toes and promptly fell to her knees. Lori was kneeling in front of the chair weeping as she understood there was no possible way she could walk with her knees held wide and her feet held so tightly in the ballet slippers. Lori looked like a rubber monster as she knelt in her bonds, her hands reaching for something that wasn’t there and pulling at her stretchy skin.

Lori finally calmed herself and drug her sore body to the bed and heaved herself up on it, the exertions of her struggles and the heightened frustration making her lie back and immediately fall asleep. An exhausted Lori lay sleeping, her body instinctively struggling with the bonds put upon it occasionally tugging at the collar or hood around the pumped up phallus sealed in her mouth. While Lori dreamed of being sealed in rubber and unable to ever orgasm again Mark had come home and stood watching her sleep. He had inspected the pile of restraints and rope lying around the chair noticing the rope braid still in her long pony tail and the wide band of rope around each of her ankles.

Mark smiled as he knew she had tied herself and from the location of the vibrator had failed to achieve orgasm. He quietly picked up the mess she had left while he thought about how he was going to punish her for tying herself without his permission. He knew he was going to start by securing her to the bed using the restraints she had so thoughtfully applied to herself already but after that he was going to have to think about it, maybe until tomorrow night.

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