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Full Body Suit

by Michelle

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© Copyright 2002 - Michelle - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; public; cons; X

Michelle 6: Full Body Suit

I’ve always had a passion for latex, but had never had the courage to tell any of my boyfriends about it.  Unfortunately, as a college student, I was always struggling to make ends meet, and couldn’t indulge myself as much as I would have liked.  Luckily, my relations all knew how broke I was, and generally gave me cheques for Christmas and my birthday.  I had managed to save enough to buy some small items but I had never managed to get enough to pay for what I most longed to own – a full latex body suit.

Then I met Steve.

We met at a student disco and, at first I was simply attracted by his incredibly sexy body – slim but muscular.  It turned out that he was also very nice, easy-going and with a terrific sense of fun.  I won’t say that he charmed my pants off me – it was more a question of who was seducing who. 

As I was in a girls-only hall of residence, I didn’t invite him back to my room.  We ended up in his flat.  He obviously didn’t have the financial problems that I did.  He didn’t have to share his flat with any one else, and it was pretty well furnished.

In the morning, when I woke up, Steve was already in the kitchen fixing coffee or something, so I looked around for a shirt to put on so that I could join him.  Opening a drawer, I was stunned and then delighted to find a selection of latex wear staring up at me.  He must share my passion!

The only things which he had which were likely to fit me were a hood, some arm-length rubber gloves and some rubber stockings.  I didn’t want to know why he had those, but I doubt whether he had ever been short of a girlfriend to two! 

I decided to take the bull by the horns, so to speak.  I hurriedly dressed myself in the black latex stockings and gloves and then picked up the hood.  It’s only holes were for my nostrils and I wouldn’t be able to see at all.  I hesitated for at least a second before I drew it on, and settled it down so that my nose was properly lined up with the breathing holes.  Then, naked apart from black rubber on my arms, legs and head, I felt may way out of the bedroom into the kitchen.

I suppose one of the sorrows of my life will always be that I couldn’t see Steve’s expression when he first saw me in the doorway.  Still, his reaction was perfect.  All sounds of work stopped.  I felt his hands first on my shoulders and then around me drawing me into his arms.  Suddenly, he was squeezing me so tightly that he lifted my feet off the ground. 

In all the best bodice-rippers, the hero sweeps the heroine up into his arms and lays her gently on the bed.  He actually did that!  By now though, my hands were exploring his body again and, suffice it to say, we missed our lectures that day entirely.

That day, between bouts of sensuous love-making, we talked long and passionately, and I confessed my secret love of latex.  His was also a long-standing love of the feel of the material next to his skin.  The main difference was that he had been able to afford to indulge himself more, buying things that I had never been able to afford.  The sadness in his life was that he had never found a girl-friend who shared his passion.  Some would indulge him for a while, but things never lasted.  But now he had met me. 

During that day, I found that he owned my heart’s desire – a Michelle.  I helped him put it on and luxuriated in the feel of his rubber-encased body moving over my naked skin as we caressed and made love. 

Over the following week, we explored each other.  I loved the helplessness of wearing a rubber hood.  I would put Blue-Tack plugs in my ears, ball gag and tape up my mouth and put on a blindfold, before putting on the hood.  Unable to see anything, hearing only a very limited range of sounds, and being able to smell nothing but latex, my sense of touch was heightened.  As I stood in front of him, naked apart from the hood, I felt totally vulnerable, and incredibly turned on.  Steve could do with me whatever he wanted, and I loved being able to surrender myself to his caresses. 

Sometimes we would reverse the roles a bit.  I would play the part of dominatrix.  I would dress myself in red net split-crotch tights, red knee-length boots, a long-sleeved, high-necked red latex leotard with a crotch zip, and a red latex open-faced hood.  This turned both of us on.  I have always loved the look of red latex, rather than black – it shows off my body more clearly.  Then I would dress Steve in long-sleeved latex bondage mitts, with his hands balled into fists, and held like that by the rubber.  There was very little he could do until I removed the gloves.  He was mine to command, and I liked to prolong the experience, caressing him, and rubbing my body against his, trying to raise him to an agony of anticipation.  It was sometimes quite some time before I unzipped the crotch of my leotard, straddled him and drew him into me.

As the term came to an end, we decided to stay together over the break.  I planned to move in with Steve, and told my parents that I would be staying up at college.  My final fling in the hall of residence was the end of term disco.  I got Steve a ticket, and was getting ready to meet him there when he knocked on my room door.

In his hands was a package, a present for me.  To my delight, when I opened it I discovered a red latex body suit.  I couldn’t wait to try it on.  I stripped off and pulled it on.  I had got it up to my waist when Steve stopped me.  From the package he took out a pair of bondage mitts in my size.  Fine by me!  I balled up my hands, one at a time, and he pulled the mitts over my fist and up past my elbows.  Then he helped me complete dressing in the body suit.  Next he got out my knee-length boots and put them on me.

I stood up and started walking up and down my room, feeling the complex movements of the latex skin as my leg movements caused it to massage me in my most sensitive areas.  It was pure heaven.

Then Steve got out the Blue Tack, gag and full-face hood.  Very soon I was totally encased in rubber, unable to see or hear, and only able to feel and smell rubber.  And, with the bondage mitts on, I realised that I would stay that way until Steve decided otherwise.

But Steve had ideas of his own.  I felt myself being drawn to my feet and, before I quite realised what was happening, he had me out of my room and was leading me down the corridor.  I stopped moving.  I couldn’t speak so I shook my head.  Steve pulled me forward, and when I resisted, I heard his muffled voice speaking in my ear.

“You’re like that for the evening, whether you like it or not.  We’re going to the disco, and I’ll bring you back here when it finishes.  Console yourself, though.  No-one will know who you are”.

And that’s just what he did.  He led me down to the hall where the disco was set up and I could feel, more than hear, the music playing.  At first he steered me to a seat, and sat me down.  As I sat there, feeling the beat of the music, I began to imagine all the people there staring at me, and wondering who I was.  If I had enjoyed the feeling of helplessness before when wearing a hood in the privacy of Steve’s flat, that was nothing like as powerful a feeling as I was getting now. 

As I imagined the people round me, and not knowing whether Steve was near me or whether he has gone off somewhere, I began to feel hotter and hotter inside.  This was made more intense by the increasing warmth inside my rubber skin.  I could feel myself becoming more and more moist.  If I hadn’t been wearing the bondage mitts, I would have unzipped my crotch and helped myself to as climax, and to hell with whoever was watching.

I was just starting to experiment with what I could do with my balled fists inside the mitts, when I felt hands drawing me upright.  Then, to my relief, I heard a muffled voice in my ear.

“ We’re going to go out onto the dance floor and you are going to dance with me.”

With that he drew me forward.  After twenty paces or so, we stopped, and I was told to start dancing.  At first, I simply jiggled round to the pulse of the music a bit but, the more I did that, the more the latex massaged me and the more I got turned on.  I started to move into a world of my own.  My movements became bolder, as I started to lose my inhibitions, and as my juices flowed.

Suddenly I was shaken with a shuddering orgasm, so strong that I almost fell over, and I felt strong hands supporting me, hugging me and moving with me.  As the shudders subsided, I was able to support myself again, and I was led off the dance floor and back to a seat.

I completely lost track of time that evening.  I would be left sitting for periods, lost in my own fantasies of what would happen next, and then a hand would clasp me round the wrist, and I would be led back to the dance floor.  There I would stand and dance, not knowing who I was dancing with, or whether I was standing alone, in a spotlight, with everyone watching me.  I couldn’t tell and, as I had no control over where I was or what I was doing, I didn’t care.  I trusted that Steve wouldn’t let me get hurt, but he clearly wanted to show me off, and I was happy to oblige him in my anonymity.

It must have been many hours before I felt myself being led away from the music.  Mind, the time hadn’t dragged – I had loved every minute of it.  Then I felt cooler air on my the outside of my suit,  He was taking me outside!  I thought of stopping to object, but I was totally under Steve’s control.  At least, I hoped it was him I was with.

We walked some distance, before he lead me down a slope onto a soft surface which I realised must be sand.  He was taking me down onto the beach.  Here walking was very difficult in my high-heeled boots but, fortunately, he didn’t take me very far.  He lay me down on the sand and I felt him feeling for the zip in my crotch.

As he drew the zip down, I felt the coolness of the fresh air around my sensitive parts, but that didn’t matter because I was more than ready for him.  As he entered me, I wrapped myself around him and we made love with a passion which was so different from the tender caresses of our previous occasions.  I was demanding more and more from him, and he was obviously ready to oblige.  It was a wild ride.

After we had recovered a bit, he zipped me up again, struggling a bit to get it closed, but managing it eventually.  Then he walked me back and, in the privacy of my own room, he helped me out of my rubber, and joined me in the shower.  I was looking forward to the coming college break. 



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