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© Copyright 2008 - Orion1701 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; gag; bfold; rope; cuffs; caught; F/f; bond; tease; tickle; toys; insert; climax; cons; X

What follows is simple fiction. Any resemblance to people, or places was purely by accident.


Mary stepped in the door and kicked off her shoes. Locking the front door she laughed, 'I have the apartment to myself, Kathy won't be home for hours'. The boss let her out early and her room-mate couldn't get out of the office today. 'Good,' she thought, 'for what I'm doing I don't need spectators'. She had the entire afternoon to play without interruptions. 'I haven't played with my things in months, there just isn't enough privacy with a room-mate around'.

Her boyfriend Tom had shown her the ropes, literally! He taught her the many styles of bondage, including self bondage. Mary would tie herself up for him to find all the time. The problem was that he was transferred out of state three months ago and she now had no-one to play with.

In her room Mary stripped to the skin, after all, she may as well be comfortable and no-one was going to see her anyways. Mary opened the duffle bag with her toys inside and dumped it on her bed. Out fell an assortment of rope, straps, and cloth strips as well as her handcuffs. After selecting what she wanted Mary swept the rest back into the bag. She scooped up the handcuff keys and took them to the living room. "There's a good place", she said, as she sat the keys on the edge of the coffee table.

"This will be a good challenge", she said aloud, "a trip of about eighteen feet through two doors and two rooms. Not to mention the hall way".

As she turned, Mary caught sight of her reflection in the tv set. She admired her nearly six foot tall nude form, her short blond hair and slim muscular body reflected clearly in the dark screen.  Her ample breast's stood out firmly above her flat stomach and firm, round ass. 

Back in her room Mary locked a wide leather belt around her narrow waist. The belt has several metal rings attached. Reaching back she threaded her handcuffs through the center ring. Then she started to bind her ankles with cloth strips, their five foot lengths wound around several times before being cinched down securely. A second strip was wound around her knees, above and below, then it too was cinched tightly. Mary wiggled her bare feet and legs to check the fit and security of her ropework. Everything held tight.

Now Mary took another strip and looped it's middle around her ankle bindings and threaded the loose ends  through the rings on each hip. Then they were tied together in front of her waist. She had pulled the slack out until her heels nearly touched her bare ass. With the knots to her ankle rope tied in front and her hands locked behind Mary knew that she could never reach the knot.

With her legs and feet out of the way Mary lifted a ball gag to her lips and buckled it tightly, drawing it too deep to be pushed out. A snug leather blindfold followed to further hamper her progress. All that remained was the hand cuffs that waited behind  her back.   


One hand was now trapped. Before she could think about what she was about to do ( and maybe lose her nerve) Mary snapped the other cuff around her wrist. She was now trapped, naked, bound and helpless by her own hand. She was kneeling on the bedroom floor and the keys were rooms away.

Tugging at her wrists Mary soon decided that they were trapped beyond hope of escape. Pulling her hands to one side she could reach her hip but no further. The knots in front were well out of reach as she expected. 'Ok, I can't get the knots or my hands free, what about the rest of me?'

Mary pulled, tugged and twisted but nothing would slip loose. Leaning to the left to try and reach the ankle knots the self bound amazon toppled over landing hard on her side. "OOGHNPHF!, MA HUHHEM", Mary said around the gag that was pulled deep into her mouth.

'That could have really hurt', she thought. 'At least I'm down, now how about the ankle ropes? Can I at least get them free so that I can walk?'

She tried bending, twisting, rolling, and arching her back but it was all useless. The ankle knots remained just out of reach. Finally, after a tremendous struggle Mary gave up, 'There's no way I'm getting out without those keys. Only, which way is the door? With all the twisting I don't know where it is'. Rolling to her right Mary felt something soft brush her shoulder. 'The bed spread!' she thought, 'That would put the door six feet away. Now I'm on my way'.

Moving across the floor was another adventure. The strictness of her bondage wouldn't allow for much movement. At the most she got about an inch or two with every movement. Just when Mary thought she had missed the door and gone in a circle, her knee bumped the door frame. The captive girl rested in the door way and thought, 'Wow, if going only six feet was this hard how about the hall and the living room she had yet to cross!'

Rocking her sweat covered body from left to right Mary worked herself out into the hall. The narrow passage wouldn't allow her to lay across it so Mary had to creep it's entire length on her side. This was starting to feel like work. Mary really wanted out now, except the keys were still over fifteen feet away. 'Maybe this was too much', she wondered, 'for the first time'. 

By stretching up with her shoulder and pushing with her knees Mary found that she could creep on. With the restraints digging in and the carpet rubbing her raw the helpless girl worked herself into the living room. Once in the clear, Mary rolled onto her stomach to rest, pressing her breasts into the rough carpet. Sweat rolled from every pore of her nude body, as she placed her forehead against the floor. Quietly she congratulated herself on finally reaching the living room. 

Laying quietly, (like she had a choice) Mary tried to gather strength for the final push. Slowly at first she ground her pelvis against the rough carpet. Damn, all this struggling has really excited her. The grinding and rubbing increased as her frustration mounted. Bound as she was Mary couldn't touch herself to get the relief she so desperately needed. Harder, she ground against the carpet. She was humping so hard that she was rocking on her large boobs. Mary pulled at her cuffed hands, desperately wanting to get loose to relieve the tension. She had reached a peak in her heated state, she was on the edge but couldn't slip over. The bound girl tried again and again but couldn't bring herself to climax. 

'The key!!!! That's the only way', she thought, 'I have got to reach that key!'

Twisting wildly Mary again set out for the key. Some how the motion seemed to increase her frustration to a new height. The pressure increased, and her frantic pumping finally paid off, as RAINBOWS lit-up her life. Mary thrashed and screamed into the gag as one orgasm after another ripped through her. At last she relaxed and lay still on the floor, spent at last.

Sometime later Mary became aware of music playing somewhere in the building. She was stiff from her strict bondage, but satisfied none the less. 'Oh my god... what time is it?' she wondered. 'Oh shit.... Kathy will be home by five thirty. This game started at one o'clock, it must be almost five now if the neighbors are home! How long have I been laying here? How long did it take to struggle in the bedroom, and crawl down the hall?' 

Desperately, The bound girl twisted and inched her way to where she thought the table with the keys was. Struggling with her bondage Mary could feel the embers of her fading orgasm being fanned to life again. 'NO!... OH SHIT...... NOT NOW!' Quickly the heat spread through her trapped body. The heat and tension swept through her like a hot wave. 'No.., I've.., got ..,to......, reach the ......, keys!' Bucking and rolling helplessly on the floor her body betrayed her as she was again swept away by those damned irresistible rainbows! 

Kathy stopped in the hall just outside the door to her apartment. That mewing sound from her place sounded like a cat. 'Naw.., Can't be, her lease won't allow pets, it must be the tv'. Shrugging her shoulders she went in and closed the door, and stumbled over Mary's shoes. "Damn it Mary! At least push them away from the door." she said aloud. Like Mary she was blond, her hair running well to the middle of her back. Unlike her friend she was the typical country girl, from her pony tail and lightly freckled face, to her feet which were normally bare, Kathy simply hated to wear shoes. 

She froze in the door way taking in the scene. Mary was on the floor naked, her hands and feet tied-up behind her. A gag and blindfold covered her face. Kathy dropped to her knees by her friend and removed the blindfold. The ball-gag came out next as she asked, "Are you alright? What happened?" 

"I'm fine." Mary answered after she worked a few kinks out of her aching jaw.

"You hold on right there," Kathy said, "I'll find something to get those handcuffs off with." 

"Wait, just use the keys. They're on the coffee table."

"The keys?." Kathy asked bewildered, "How do you know the keys are there if you were blindfolded?" 

"I put them there." the hog-tied girl answered.

Now Kathy looked at her room-mate with an odd smile. "Did you do this to your self?" she asked. 

Embarrassed at being discovered in this way Mary only nodded yes.

"But why?" Kathy asked.

"My old boyfriend showed me this and I've been hooked ever since."

"And today?" Kathy asked.

"With Tom gone I don't have anyone to play with so I would tie myself up occasionally for fun." replied Mary.

"What if something went wrong and you can't get loose?"

"I knew that you would come home sooner or later and untie me!" 

"Why didn't you tell me about this before?" Kathy asked.

"I was afraid that you would think that I was weird!" Mary said, "Besides there is a lot of trust involved here."

"And you don't trust me? Your room-mate?" Kathy asked.

"Yes.... No...... I don't...," Mary tried to explain.

"Well I do!" Kathy said, dangling the keys before the captives face. "Ya'll just have to trust me now, I have the keys!" 

'She's right', Mary thought. 'She has the keys and I can't get them from her like this. It's not like I didn't do this to myself.'

"I should have told you sooner". Kathy brushed few stray strands of hair from Mary's face.

"It's only friday evening, You have all weekend to make up for it. How would you like to play all weekend?"

"Really!" Mary asked, "You don't think I'm weird?" 

"No way, back on the farm my brothers use to tie me up all the time. Momma would find me tied-up in the hay loft a couple times a week. She would leave me there saying that I deserved what I got for not getting away quicker. To tell you the truth, I could have easily out ran my brothers, even barefooted. I could run faster then anyone back home I let them catch me, I kinda liked it."

"Sounds good to me, not that I seem to have a choice." Mary said. "But how about a change of position, I've been tied like this for hours!"

She went on to describe her adventures in getting to where she had been found. And the long trip into the living room.

"Sure thing." Kathy said, as she started to untie Mary's bound feet. Minutes later Mary was sitting on the edge of her bed, the belt and cuffs still locked around her waist. The other restraints were dropped on the floor as Kathy dumped the toy bag on the floor. Kathy removed four heavy leather cuffs and some rope, "You can show me how some of that other stuff works later." she said, "Right now your a little busy - tied up!"

Kneeling by the bed Kathy buckled a cuff around each ankle locking it firmly into place. A length of rope was tied to each cuff and Mary's feet were tied wide apart to the thick bed posts. The belt and handcuffs were removed only to be replaced by thick, soft leather. A firm hand guided Mary to lay down and her hands were drawn over her head and secured to the bed posts there. The blindfold and gag were replaced on Mary's head and her friend proceded to go around the bed, tightening the ropes holding her down. Mary found herself spread eagle on the bed, naked and helpless. Oh she had longed for this day to come. To be tied-up, naked and helpless, totally at someone else's mercy was wild. She had not felt quite so wild since Tom moved away and left her the toys. 

Mary jumped as a finger touched her chin, it softly slid down her neck and chest, passing between her breasts. The finger traveled down to her navel where it stopped and withdrew. Moments later something brushed the sole of her bare foot. Mary giggled and curled her toes in reaction to the tickling. However the restraints kept her helplessly available to what ever Kathy had in mind.

"You be good." Kathy said, "I'll be back to check on you later." 

When Mary heard the door close she began to pull at her trapped limbs. In a matter of moments she knew that she wouldn't slip out of the leather cuffs any better than the metal ones. Grasping the cord that held her wide spread limbs Mary tried to follow the cord to the knots. The knots however were well out of her reach. Once again she was naked and helplessly tied-up in her own bedroom. And nothing she did would change that. 'Oh well', she thought, 'I just wish I had told Kathy to get the vibrator before she left. It's far too late now, no choice now but to wait.'

Kathy returned an hour later to check on her tightly bound friend.

"Gmmmuph!" Mary said, her gag still effectively filling her mouth.

"Good," Kathy said, "it's fun time."

'Fun?' Mary wondered, 'What's going on in her head?'

Soft finger tips gently brushed Mary's stomach sending a thrill racing through her. They circled her chest doing a figure eight between her boobs. The teasingly light touch drove her nipples to hard points. So softly that it almost couldn't be called a touch the fingers glided down over Mary's ribs and stomach to her right hip. There it traced lazy circles on her hip and thigh. Sliding across her waist from one hip to the other and back up the left side to start all over again. 

The bound girl squirmed in torment, as she pulled at her restraints in a useless attempt to reach Kathy's stroking fingers. Mary could feel a massive orgasm building, how strange that this soft contact should do this. But it didn't matter as long as it didn't stop! But it did, as quickly as it started. Mary moaned and humped the air with her hips.  Her wait was short as Kathy again began to tease her nipples, rolling them gently. The soft tingling in her boobs went to white hot as Kathy viciously pinched Mary's erect nips!

"AAAAggguuhhhh!" Mary cried, as the pressure increased. 'Shit! she's pulling them off!' Mary thought. 

Kathy released her grip, for a new attack. Digging in with both hands she began to tickle the helpless blond before her. Again the bound girl squirmed wildly as she tried to shake off the tickling assault. A squeal escaped the gag as Kathy moved to her exposed under-arms. But the thrashing really increased when her hands found themselves closing in Mary's navel. This seemed to be the center of everything.

Just when you don't think it can get any worse, it does!. The target for the torture suddenly shifted to her feet. Mary cried and writhed as Kathy dug in with both hands on her tender soles. Unbelievably this brought out even wilder reactions from the bound girl. In fact Mary was so busy she didn't even notice the vibrator slip into her. Until that is when it turned on and the attack stopped. 

Kathy left the room leaving her friend to enjoy the vibrator by herself. The orgasm that was building crashed full force into the bound girl. Rainbows and fireworks exploded end to end, never ending, combining into one huge blast that didn't end. Finally Mary lost contact with reality and drifted off to sleep. Still bound and gaged, and with the vibrator still doing it's job.

"Sleep well." Kathy said quietly as she closed the door.

Mary would wake several times through out the night, only to be greeted by the devious device buzzing away in her pussy. Each time the rainbows came to pull her under again. 'And it's still only friday night, How much could she take? Surely she didn't mean to keep me like this all the time. OOPS! It's rainbow time again.'

Kathy sprawled on the sofa watching the late night news. The towel she had draped around her nude body now lay on the floor in a heap. The announcer said something about the weather but her mind was on Mary. Teasing her had been fun and brought back the memories of her brothers and the barn. Silently she slipped into the bound girls room to check on her friend. The batteries were as exhausted as the girl on the bed. Kathy released her from the cuffs holding her down and removed the vibrator, blindfold and gag. As the nude left she took the duffle bag with her. 'Two can play this game', she thought, as she placed the bag by the sofa. Kathy had thought about this all night, and now it's time. A large ball gag came first as she pulled it tightly past her lips. Other things were added to her pile before she pulled the wooden high back chair out of the corner,

She straddled the chair and placed leather cuffs on her ankles. Then with rope she tied her waist to the chair. A short rope went through the metal ring on her ankle cuffs and tied to the back post, lifting her toes off the floor. Satisfied with her work so far, Kathy then wound rope around her upper body both above and below her breasts, pinning herself to the chair. Leather cuffs for her wrists came next, as each was securely locked into place. Taking a vibrator with fresh batteries Kathy slid it into place. Time was short now, she could feel herself responding to the little buzzing devil between her spread knees. Quickly Kathy pulled on a blindfold and slid a key to the cuffs under her rear for safety. Wrapping her arms around the chair behind her back she snapped the lock.


Helpless and nude Kathy squirmed as the vibrating demon brought her quickly to the brink. Her restraints were put to the test as she tugged and twisted in her self tied torment. Ka----boom, she slid into her first orgasm. She was bucking so much the vibrator slid out of her slick opening and dropped to the floor. "Oh shit", Kathy mumbled, at it's loss, "At least I can get it back". Leaning to the left she swept her fingers across the wood seat. No keys! She tried again, this time reaching as far as she could. As her hand went through again Kathy's thumb knocked them lose from her back side where they had stuck to the skin. They jingled all the way to the floor. 

Early morning sun shine greeted Mary warmly. Standing and stretching felt wonderful. After a hot shower to work out the kinks in her shoulders Mary went into the living room. There she found her room mate still bound to the chair. As Mary approached her friend she stepped on the fallen keys, And knew right away what happened.  Without warning Mary pounced, tickling her trapped friend. Kathy laughed and struggled franticly trying to escape the attack. However like Mary the night before she was held tight. Mary's hands roamed Kathy's nude body tickling every inch that she could reach. Her bound feet were in a perfect position to be tickled, tied back to the rear posts like that.

Finally all the pent up frustration of the night before and the teasing drove Kathy over into another orgasm. More fireworks, oh what a day. Silently Kathy plotted what she would do to her friend, if and when she ever gets loose. 'Oh well, at least there won't be any more boring evenings. Not if she could help it!'



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