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Fun at the Farm

by Harry

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© Copyright 2016 - Harry - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; farm; remote; naked; chain; sunglasses; cuffs; caught; F/m; tease; bond; gag; mast; climax; cons: X

Part 1: Betrayal


'Is it coming closer? Why would anyone come here this time? And who it is?' were the primary thoughts what circled through my mind. The rough gravel road, leading to the yard of my grandmothers farm, scrunched under some ones feet.

It was late evening, about 9:30 pm. I was lying on my left side in a dark room of an old house, The Old Cottage. Completely naked, only wearing sunglasses and chains. Bound by my own hand. Waiting for the sun to rise. Expecting my real challenge to start after several hours. And definitely not expecting any visitors.

Still I heard someone walking towards the house. 'Just go away, I´m not in a mood to be caught by anyone.'


Someone stepped on the stairs leading to the porch. Old stairs as they were, it was nearly impossible to step on them without a sound.

My heart was pounding. 'Please go away', I pleaded in my mind, trying to focus staying quiet.


If you could somehow hover over the creaking porch, there is no way in earth you could open the front door without a loud screaking sound. Time had took its toll on the door hinges, and it leaned to doorstep.

As for stranger, when you came in from the front door, there was three ways to choose. Left, through living room to master bedroom. Straight, the stairs leading to the attic. Or room on the right, where I was lying on the floor, the guest room of the Old Cottage.

I heard footsteps coming in and then a moment there was silent. I focused on my breathing, I didn´t want to make any sounds. Though because of the excitement, and also a little fear, of the situation it was a hard thing to do.

Next sound came from the door handle. It was from the door to living room, and I heard how it stepped inside. I could hear it walking around the room, then to the bedroom and back. It was coming to my direction. 'Shit! Here we go...'


Chapter 1: Homecoming

I was ready to get back home. Travelling around the world with basically just the things what you can carry with your backpack with you, as fun and educating as it is, is an overwhelming and exhausting experience. And it was finally time to end my trip.

I had been backpacking almost the last two years. Just wanted to get out from the stressing environment. Since my parents, who were the primary owners of our family company, had passed away in a house fire 3 years ago, the ownership and responsibilities of a small, but quite successful welding and metal  workshop had fallen to me. I worked there as a welder before, as well as one of the stockholders, but never really enjoyed it. I didn´t mind the long hours, or the dirty hard work. I was living on my own, and the company paid me a decent fee for my time. The company had ruled our lives long enough, so it was time to do something totally different.

It took me almost a year until the last papers were signed. My apartment was sold. I wanted to get rid of everything. Just a week earlier I had signed the final papers to sell the company. Now I was financially capable to fulfill my long term dream of seeing the world on my own.

My grandmother, my only living relative who I could call close to me, had encouraged me to do this when I talked with her about my idea. I think she knew me better than anyone else. Maybe it sounds funny, but she had been my best friend since my early twenties.

Now being in mid thirties, during these years, I have shared everything with her. Well, at least everything else than my "hobby". That wasn´t something to be shared, with anyone. When I divorced my wife, I was mentally broke for a long time. She was the one who got me back to my feet.

So it was only natural I wanted to talk about it with her, before I make any radical decisions concerning my heritage.

She knew I wasn´t happy working at the shop. So Granny, as I call her, told me to do whatever I wanted to do. What was the point in hanging on things I didn´t like. She is not afraid of saying things to me coldly. Hard truths are often served cold. And that is one thing amongst others why I love her. She told me that the good thing about dead people is they don´t expect anything from you anymore. Nor are they making demands. I was the one who had the power to decide what I wanted to do now. And this was it. I wanted to get out of everything for some time. So I did. I sold everything, packed my bag and jumped on to a plane. No plans. Let´s see where the road takes.

And the road was long. It took me almost two years to find my way back home. I had seen the great wall of China. I had fought myself out from the temptations of Thailand. Visited distant relatives in Australia. Smoked pot with locals in Mexico. I stopped at seven different countries in Europe, until I booked my ticket back to Finland. And the reason I was back was Granny. She had been in accident, and was taken to a hospital. I wasn´t sure about the severity of her injuries yet, but she had hurt her left leg pretty bad. A car had bumped into her when she was coming back from the market. Though she is already 78 years old, she was still in good shape. Twice a week she either walked or rode her bicycle the almost 3 miles to the market to buy groceries, and everything else she needed. She lives in a small town, about 200 miles from Helsinki where my plane landed. She had called me from hospital. There wasn´t one in the town she lived, so ambulance had taken her to next town, 20 miles from hers.

Though travelling almost 2 years, I still had only that same backpack what I took with me when I left. I got my pack fast and went out from the airport. The taxi stand was where it used to be, and I took the first free car. The driver jumped out to help me with my pack, and I asked him if he would like to go for some country side tour. It was to be almost four hour drive one way, so I wanted to ask If he was up to it. It was fine with him, and Volvos back seat was my seat for the next four hours. I told the destination to my driver, and asked if it was ok if I tried to sleep while we were going. It was no problem to him, and I slept almost the whole time. Driver woke me up 10 minutes before we were there. I called Granny and told her I was already there, and asked in which room she was staying. At the hospital, I paid the driver with a good tip for a smooth ride and wished him safe ride back home. I took my pack and rushed inside.

She was really happy to see me. And so was I to see her. We had been in constant contact during my expedition by phone, but It had been two years since we last seen each other. I asked how was she doing and then she told me the bad news. Her femur bone was broken and it would take at least 6, but more likely 8 to 10 weeks until she would be well enough to get back home. And she couldn´t just leave everything as it was. The house needed someone to take care of. There had not been any animals for years. Since my grandfather had died several years ago, Granny thought it was too big task for her alone and had to give them away. There was still some little gardening, and a good sized strawberry field. And of course all the household works. Plus I was sure there would be some repairing to do as well. So she asked me if I could stay there when she was "bound to her bed", as she called it.

It actually would be great to spend some time there again. When I was a child, we used to visit them couple times a year with my parents, for a weekend or so, but every summer I stayed at least a month with my grandparents. I enjoyed the time there. There were quite many kids around my age, and I got some good friends. I wondered if any of them still lives there. After about 2 hours of talking, Granny was tired. I told her I would be coming back the next day to see her again. I would have more than enough time to plan my future.

I called myself a taxi and went to her farm. When I got out from the cab, I just took a good look around. Everything looked the same last time I was here. The main house looked exactly how I remembered it. And I could tell from 30 feet away, that the spare key was still in its place. Under the carpet in front of the door. The world had changed a lot but Granny still trusted people. Next to the house was the tool- and woodsheds. All the doors were unlocked, there wasn´t much worth stealing. I had to take a look though if my grandfathers old moped was still there. And there it was. It had took me many times to the beach, and to friends houses. Grandfather let me use it since I was 13, though legal age would be 15. But it didn´t matter, no-one would ever call the cops, because the closest station was 20 miles away, so the police would come for nothing. Though in a small town like it still is, everyone who lived there knew each other. Sometimes it felt that other folks knew what you were going to do before even you knew it. 'That´s a must check if it still works', was my first thought. I knew that my father had drained oils from it after grandfather passed away. And maybe it would need a new filter too. But if I knew my grandfather at all, I would find a filter in some of his drawers. But it could wait, I wanted to see other buildings too.

Third building surrounding the main yard was the old dwelling house. Being almost eighty years old, it was in awesome shape. Yeah, couple brushes with a paintbrush wouldn´t hurt, but it looked like someone was still living there. For the last thirty years, after the new building was ready, it has been used as a guest house. When my grandparents still lived there, they had no electricity or running water, but those they got when the new house finished. Though they had put electricity to the old house as well couple years later, water was still something you need to carry in. There was no active heating, but it was mid June, and warm enough already to sleep there. I would check the things in main building too, but preferred to sleep in the "Old Cottage" as we called it. And it would be the place for the start of my predicament later.

Looking out for the corner of the property, the old drying barn was still standing. Maybe the last ten years I had been waiting for it to collapse. But there it was. The old strawberry field in front of it looked to be just grass. Old piggery was there too. On one end of it was still the old sauna. Last years it had served as onion dryer. The new house had new sauna too. Other end of the piggery was still the dog pen. There had been hunting dogs for as long as I remember. My late grandfather was enthusiast hunter. But after he passed away, the dogs had to go with pigs and horses. I was about 7 or 8 years old, when I accidentally let one of the dogs out from the pen. It ran straight to the forest and it took us three days to get it back. Pretty sure it had been chasing and finally when tired enough came back on its own. Those three days weren´t the nicest time for me there. The discipline was tough but fair. And being a curious and inventive child and later a teenager, it wasn´t totally strange for me to get spanked with a belt. But every time I had earned it. Sure, it felt bad at the time, but looking back, I sometimes just begged for trouble.

Ground cellar was where it supposed to be too. A cool, dark and moist room underground. A perfect place to keep home-made juices, jams, potatoes, whatever. So everything was in place. Time to get something to eat, and head to sleep. First night I would be sleeping at the main buildings couch. Just too tired to get the bed sheets to old cottage, and all the food was naturally there too. If I could stay awake for couple hours longer, I would heat the sauna, but a shower had to do. Wood heated sauna. That would be in hard use in the next six-to-ten weeks.

A light supper and head towards the pillow. I was home.

It was only about a week before the midsummer festival. And if the town had kept its tradition, there would be a lot of people gathering to the beach at the evening, and there would be a big fire to celebrate the summer. That was something not to be missed. Maybe I would see some old friends there, trying to remember what they looked like.

I would definitely remember Hanna if I see her. We had some fun time together the last two summers I stayed there. She was a pretty redhead, and for a teenager, she had sizeable boobs to underline her otherwise slim body. And her eyes. Her icy sold blue eyes. What a package. Actually, Hanna was the first person who tied me up. I had teased her all day for her blushing when her mom asked her about us. I bugged her the whole next day and at the evening, she had enough. A young boy was easy to be lured and before I realized what had happened, she had my hands cuffed behind my back. Soon I was gagged and blindfolded too and she kept me like that for six hours before releasing me. I don´t know why, but she liked to tickle me, and during those hours she took all the joy out from the situation. Those same cuffs had been around my wrists many times after that, but after breaking up with her, I had been the one cuffing myself since. The only concrete memory I have from her. It would be a thrill to see her again.

Of course I would remember her sister, Laura, too. Though she was two years older than Hanna, people who didn´t know them, often thought they were twins. They looked almost the same, and the one time I mistakenly thought Laura as Hanna, those troubles mentioned earlier were finding their way to me once again. But it ended with laughs, and no harm done. Laura was the wild cat. Always rushing to new thing and first to try everything. A feisty daredevil. She got a lot attention from the boys, and she enjoyed it. But she had a rule. She would not give herself to some local boy. She had her plans made up very early, and home town was not involved. She wanted to save herself for her future husband. So why build anything there. We often teased her about it, and sometimes even laughed to her ridiculous idea. It was 20th century already. But she held her head, and at least what I know, she only teased the boys but that was it. They lived in a racing horse ranch, about half a mile down the same road where my grandparents farm is. So it was easy for me and Hanna to see each other as often as we wanted.

And guys. I wonder what they are doing these days. Jake, Sami, Pete... I really hope they are around.

Those summers there were not all fun, there was some work involved as well. "There is no such thing as free lunch", was my grandfathers favorite saying. It wasn´t slave labor, but something suited for my age. Cutting grass. Pick berries. Cleaning. Taking care of animals, which I loved. It didn´t even feel as a work. But every week from Monday to Friday there was something for me to do before I was free to go out with other kids. Good times. During my stay, I would visit Granny at the hospital in every three days. If she wanted, I would go there every day, but she told me every three days was fine. She had her cell phone with her, and I could call her almost any time, and so could she.

The week went fast. First I needed a car. Even if I could fix the moped, I knew it was not registered. I couldn´t risk to use it for my daily needs. And the hospital was too far away and there was the police station too. So knowing that the local cabdrivers were maybe the best source of information needed, I called myself a cab and told the driver to take me to the closest used cars dealer who he knew was decent. Thirty minutes and I found myself in front of a used cars shop and after couple test drives I found a perfect car for my needs. Ten years old Honda would do. I´m not too picky, but I want it to be comfortable when I drive. I don´t care if the music can´t be heard to next town. Or if I don´t have the latest ding dangles attached. A car is a transportation tool, nothing more. Especially not an amusement center. It looked good enough both inside and out. Engine sound was ok, sixty thousand miles didn´t seem to mean much. It felt good to my hand and after test drive I bought it. It was now easy to visit Granny at the hospital.

When I got back to farm, I went to check the moped. If it wasn´t in bad shape, I´d try and fix it before the party. I wanted to drive there with it. And like I had thought, I found a new oil filter, but there was no oil. So that was something to buy. I would also need gas. Perhaps new battery wouldn´t be a bad idea either. I was pretty sure I would get all what I needed from town, from a hardware store which had a motto "What you don´t find here, you don´t get from us". It was a strange thing to say, maybe "What you don´t find here, you don´t need" would be more suitable for a store like that, but the owner thought it was funny. I think he was the only one though. But it didn´t matter, because everyone knew it. But they had almost everything. I even got the battery from there. Gas I needed to get from gas station.

I had put something else to my shopping list also. I needed something to tie myself up with. I had my trusted pair of metal handcuffs, but they were not enough. I like challenges. I like to tie myself and make it a rough way the key for cuffs. And the farm, and the yard with all the buildings, were perfect for me to play some games. I just needed something to restrict my movement. Chains and padlocks would do just fine. Chains are great, because they are so adjustable. I asked the staff to cut me 5 pieces, one meter each. I knew couple of them would be too long, but the poor guy didn´t seem to be the sharpest pen in the pencil, so it was easiest for me to make the task as easy to him as I could. Maybe he was a summer trainee, looked young enough to be. And he got me what I asked, bagged and tagged. Next what I needed were padlocks. Five locks with two keys each. Those would suffice.

Walking through the store, I tried to look around if there were familiar faces. Couple older men were checking some screws, and I was sure I had seen them before. Just couldn´t place where. Not to mention their names. Some local folk, had to be. At the cashier,  I piled my things to the belt, and said hello to cashier. It was a guy about my age, he looked me back and said hello back. If it were up to me, I would´ve just paid my stuff and walked out. But when the guy was giving me back my change, he looked at me and asked "Harry? Is it you?"

At first glance, I didn´t recognize him, and it took me maybe five seconds to realize it was Pete. With the guys, our humor had always been rough, and sarcasm was always in play. So maybe it came from the spine when I replied "Yeah, of course. Who´d you think I was?" And we both laughed. Loud.

We shook hands and changed the basic compliments. I asked him to come by at the evening to catch up, and he gladly agreed. The store closed at 6pm, so he would be at Grannys place around 6:30. Timing was perfect, I had enough time to go and see Granny and start to fix the moped before he would arrive.

Next was the visit to the hospital. I called Granny to inform her I was coming, and asked if she needed anything? She had told me earlier how nice the staff at the ward she´s staying are, and how good care and treatment she is getting from them and she asked me to bring them something from her.

When I asked her how many people works there, she told there was eight members in the ward staff, 7 women and 1 man, and there was a surprise for me too. I thought a big box of chocolate could be a nice compliment to them. Girls love their chocolate, right? The one lucky guy had to be gay, or otherwise insane. Or the women had to be ugly as hell. It would be a cold day in hell before I would submit myself to that kind of torment. Seven pretty girls with their nurse uniforms. Nuh-uh. I came out from the supermarket with two big boxes of chocolate and a bunch of flowers. Other box and flowers were from me. I wanted them to keep up the good work, and of course, when there is a chance to please seven ladies at once, why wouldn´t I take it. And gays like flowers too, don´t they? What was the surprise Granny told me? Maybe someone I know is working there. Well, I would see soon.

When I arrived to the hospital, first I went to say hello to Granny. I showed her what I had bought and told her I would drop them to nurses office and be back in a minute. I knocked the door, and went in. Three nurses, who were sitting on in front of their computers, turned their gaze to me when I walked in their office. I laid the boxes to table in the corner of the room, and gave the flowers to a pretty blonde, introduced myself and said "The older lady in room 3 is my grandmother, and she asked me to bring you something. She told me how good care she gets here, and I thought this would cheer your day a bit."

They were visibly happy for the gifts, and I asked them about Grannys state. They told me, that she was to be relocated to a larger hospital, 70 miles from where she stayed now. This hospital didn´t do that kind of surgery she needed, and ambulance would take her tomorrow. I asked them if Granny already knows and they said they just got the info ten minutes ago, and hadn´t told her yet. Great. She must be very pleased. Well, though it really didn´t matter where the bed was located, because she couldn´t move much without help. But relocating itself and of course now 90 miles away from home. She would be moved back when her state would allow it, and it would take only some days for her to stay there, but I knew she won´t like the idea. But there was no choice. If she wanted to walk again, that had to be done. Nurse made it very clear for her. And she is a reasonable person, so when the facts were on the table, so to speak, it was end of discussion. We had a good long conversation with her. Just before I was leaving, I asked her if she knew anything about my old friends. I told her I met Pete at the hardware store but he´s the only one I know I had seen so far.

"You didn´t see her?", she asked.

"See who?"

She kept a short pause, like thinking what to say next. "Never mind. Someone you know works here at this ward. Maybe you´ll see her later, I don´t want to spoil the surprise."

"Ok. Maybe I´ll see her here some day. I´ll come to check up on you the day after the surgery."

She tried to resist, telling me that I should be driving there and back just to see her. She would be coming back here and then she was closer. The distance was no problem, and I told her that her resistance was for no use. I would be coming. Period.

Downstairs, at the lobby were a little cafeteria. I thought to take a coffee with me, and when I started to walk out I heard a female voice calling my name. "Harry! Where have your manners gone? Won´t even say 'hi'?"

I looked over my shoulder to the couple tables in cafe. I saw Laura smirking at me. She waved her hand for me to join her. I was glad, but surprised, to see her. So she was the one who Granny meant. I walked to her table, she stood up and hugged me. Like friends do when they have not seen each other in 20 years. Her shoulder length hair was as red as ever, looking like a sunset. She had kept herself in good shape, but I also noticed she had forgot to grow tits. As when her sister had big boobs when she was a teenager, Laura had always been "a flatty". That has been always the best way to tell which is which, and me, like other boys, remembered to remind them about this fact. Now when think about that later, it was maybe a bit harsh, but we were kids. "Hello Laura. Wonderful to see you"

We sat down and when she grabbed her cup, I saw her wedding ring. "So, no more pressures, right?"

She looked at me and had no idea what I was talking about, so I continued "I see someone has ringed you. Did you give chances to local guys or where´s he from?" I had to hold myself for not laughing.

She chuckled and said "Well yeah. Three years ago. And before you ask, the answer is no..." she laughed and continued "...I didn´t wait that long. I know you were going to ask"

There she was. She was still the same teaser she had always been. "I married a horse trainer, and a year ago when our parents moved to town, my husband bought the stables and now he continues our parents work. And we live on the ranch. I work here as a nurse and he takes care of the horses."

"Good to hear. I don´t remember you talking about nurses job years back though. But we have to catch up at some point with a better time. I must be going. I´m staying at Grannys farm now for the time she´s at the hospital. By the way, is the midsummer party tradition still alive?"

Her eyes widened. "I heard, your grandmother told me you were coming and you´ll be staying at her place. I´ll stop by some day. And yeah, there is a party, every year. We have been keeping that tradition alive. Hanna is coming too. She´s coming Thursday morning, and the party is held like always, Friday evening. And she will be staying the next week, taking care of the ranch. My husband suggested that we should take a week off, to celebrate our third anniversary, and Saturday evening we will leave to our getaway. One full week without needles or horses, at the sunny beaches of Spain. The guys working there could easily take care of all the hard labor, but we need someone to take care of paper works too. And she promised to come and whip those guys to work."

"Whip the guys... Yeah, I can imagine" The wide grin in my face told Laura just what I had in my mind. "I can picture her bossing those guys. Poor guys, I feel sorry for them already" I couldn´t hold any longer. We both laughed, and started to draw too much attention.

"I really have to go now. I bumped into Pete and he´s coming over. And I have something I need to do before that. But if I´m not visiting Granny, or shopping, most likely I´m at the farm. So stop by."

I hugged her before I left, and she told me she will come to visit Wednesday evening. "Ok, any time is the best time. See you" We hugged again and said our goodbyes.

When I got back to the farm, I took the battery, oil and gas from the trunk but left those chains and padlocks still there. Those are for later. It was time to test that moped.

I placed the oil filter to its place and poured some oil to the engine. Then a half gallon of gas. It could just fit the tank. After connecting the battery it was ready to be tested. 'Gas faucet open: check' 'Foot to the pedal: check' 'And then press down hard!'

It was running. I turned the throttle handle a bit, to test the engine if it could hold some more rounds. And for over forty years old moped, it was in great shape. I knew grandfather kept good care of it, and other than being a bit dusty, it looked good. It was starting to take more rounds on its own, so it was time to close down the faucet. It ran quite smoothly for a thing that old. I pushed it out from the shed and thought to give it a little test drive. There was no helmet, but then who cares if I drive to next crossroads and back? No one. It was couple hundred yards down the road and by the time someone even would notice anything, I would be back at the farm. I jumped on the bike, grabbed the gear changer, which was with the left handle, and turned forward. It was the first gear. The second would be when turned towards yourself. In the middle was neutral. I released the switch and gave it some rounds. The test drive was a success. And I still had enough time to wash my hands and get something to eat before Pete arrives. He was always a little bit of a mystery to me. He made good practical jokes. He was a fun guy to hang out with. Dull moments were a rare occasion with him. But there was something bugging him. I once asked him about it, but he told me everything was fine. And I let it go. I wonder what tricks he has for the party. If he´s the same guy he used to be, there will be something from him.

Pete arrived couple minutes early and I snapped the coffee maker on. Then went out to greet him and ask him to come in. We had a good catch up. Two hours went like flying. I told Pete what had happened with my life and he told me about his. He had planned to move to Helsinki for studies, but his father got cancer so he decided to stay here. Because of the treatments, his father was no use maintaining their old house, so Pete had decided to rent his own place from town and that way be able to help his parents when they needed. Plus there was the job at the hardware store, so he could afford to do it.

His father had passed away five years ago, so his mother needed him even more. And it had been like that since. The fun times were history.

I felt sorry for the guy. At the store, he cheered me up so happily, but now this guy sitting in front of me was something totally different. Maybe it was just for the show for the customers. But the happy guy wasn´t there now. Something was still bugging him.

After Pete left I thought to treat myself and heat up the sauna. After starting the fire under heater I had plenty of time to find bed sheets for myself and to go unpacks my things to old cottage. The evening went by relaxing and after sauna my time was up. Old cottage, and the bed in there were calling my name.

Wednesday evening Laura stopped by on her way home. We were talking about childhood summers when I asked her about Hanna, how was she living her life, and where. And all she told me was that she was living in Helsinki. The rest I have to figure out myself. "You will have the whole week to catch up"

There was something how she said it. There was that teaser again. Maybe she just couldn´t help it. But I wouldn´t want it any other way with her. Her husband called and she had to leave. Granny called and said the surgery had been successful. Doctor will tell more tomorrow. And tomorrow I would be visiting her there. I would also have to do preparations for my night in chains. I planned it to start Thursday evening at sundown and to end briefly after sunrise. Then I would have enough time to sleep and get myself ready for Friday evenings midsummer party. Plans were made, time to watch the news and head to bed, a lot to do tomorrow.

Chapter 2: Under her command

Thursday. If someone had told me that morning where I would be this time next week, I would most likely recommend that person a psychological evaluation. It started as any other normal day would start. After normal morning routines it was time to start placing the pieces to my freedom to their places.

Rope. I needed rope and forgot to buy it. But the treasure shed didn´t let me down. There was a bunch of about 1/4" blue nylon rope hanging on the wall. I needed the rope to open doors in my way to freedom. I cut three about 4 feet long pieces. First two were to be tied to ground cellars inner and outer doors handles, to pull them down to open the door. Third rope was for the tool shed door latch. After placing the ropes to where they should be, it was time to prep the keys.

First, I took one key for each lock, and placed them with the spare house keys under the main buildings door mat. To get there, I would have to crawl over a large yard, covered with rough, sharp edged gravel. And being naked that would be a big effort, so I wasn´t going to get my easy way out without a good reason. All the locks and keys looked the same, but after couple rounds of testing I was sure that one key opened only one lock. So no cheating.

First key was going to the tool shed. I just dropped it at the middle of the floor, and that was to be my one easy key to get. Which lock it will open, that was to be seen later.

Second key went to the cellar. I placed it to a hip-height shelf. Though this was the closest key from my starting point, there would be no way for me to get the key before unlocking at least one leg. Crawling on the floor hands tied behind my back It was impossible to reach the shelf.

Third key found its resting place from the furthest corner of the dog pen. The hard part won´t be opening the door, but to enter the pen. It was a door made out from couple pieces of board and a chicken net. All I had to do was grab the net and pull the door. But the step in to the pen was about a feet high, so going over it, chained, would be difficult.

Fourth key was to be placed in the old drying barn. There the difficulty would be opening the sliding door. It was high and heavy, made from wood. And the rolls sliding in the rail could´ve used some lubricant. Once I enter, I would find the key on the floor. I didn´t want to go further in, the damn thing still looked like it will collapse at any time.

Fifth key was going behind the barn, the far corner. There was high and thick grass to conquer before reaching the key.

The key to my handcuffs stayed with my easy getaway kit, so I would need to at least walk through the sharp stoned yard, with bare feet.

With all the keys in their places, and before the hospitals visiting hours begins, I had couple of hours to kill. I thought I might as well use the time productively, and started to chop logs. Granny would need them, so that was one easy way to help her a bit.

I had forgot how swinging the axe brings the sweat in surface. Shower and on the road.

My visit at the hospital was short. The staff were giving Granny some treatments, and she was too tired to entertain any guests. I left her to rest, and went to ask nurses how was she really doing. Her surgery was a success, and her healing should start normally. She would be moved back in couple days. Good news.

At about 9pm it started to get dark. It was time to start my challenge. I went to my car trunk and got three of those five chains out. I would need only three this time. With the chains shingling I walked to old cottage, and went to guest room. I had placed the cuffs, padlocks and sunglasses there already. Sunglasses for restricting my sight outside. Though in the middle of the night, it would be dusky, but this time of year it would not get dark enough. I didn´t want to blindfold myself either, that would´ve been stupid. I just had to make sure, that I couldn´t see clear enough to start my way before sun rise. There would be a serious risk on injury, because of the terrain, if I tried at night. So first I would have to lie down maybe about 7 hours until there would be enough daylight.

First task, stripping. I took all my clothes off and piled them on the bed. I knew my body would definitely carry some kind of marks for some time after this journey, but in some way, that was one part of the fun. This wasn´t everyday sports to me, so before next time I would get myself in bounds, those marks should be gone. First chain went around my waist. That chain would be important part of these ties. If the first key found, opens the lock holding that chain, the fun would be almost over. I would have my legs free, and my hands would have more space to move. And that too was a part of the fun. Maybe I would be glad to find that key first. I knew after those hours my soles would be killing me, and I would be wanting for a quick release. But on the other hand, this was to be a challenge. And I wanted to go all the way through it. I sat on the floor, next to my bed.

Second chain was first looped around my left ankle and feet to keep it still. And making walking practically impossible. Without even putting any weight to your feet, the tightness of the chain would make the upcoming hours uncomfortable, to say at least. Other people at the party would get a lot of fun on my expense, watching me squirm with my sore feet. I grabbed the other end of the chain, bent my knee and with a third padlock I locked it to my waist chain. There was about fifteen or sixteen inches of loose chain, and it gave my legs just some space for movement. Standing up was impossible. Lying on my back, my right leg got the same treatment.

Next, the sunglasses. I had tied a thin line to go around my head to prevent them to fall off. It would make it possible to see enough even at night so that was something I did not want to happen.

The cuffs have 4" chain attached between, and I slipped them behind my back and around the waist chain. That way my hands got a little space to move, but not too much. Chains holding my ankles to my waist were close each other and prevented me to slide my hands to my side. Until the waist chain would be removed. I turned to my left side and put my left hand to its cuff. *clickclickclickclick* I felt the rush that sound gave me. And it gave me that every time. My right wrist was soon in its own holder. The point of no return. *clickclickclickclick*

The uncomfortable wait had started. I tested my bonds, and tried to straighten my legs. The pain in my feet reminded me not to do that again. Even without the tension, I could feel the pressure from the chains. I had put them tight on purpose and regretting the decision already. 'My walking tomorrow would be fun to watch'.

I had laid there about ten minutes when I thought I heard something. I knew though the road had not much traffic, especially at nights, there would be some cars and maybe even someone walking. I would not hear someone just walking the road, but if there was talking, I would definitely hear that. I had left the ventilation window slightly open just for that purpose.

The sound became stronger. Yes, it was footsteps from the short gravel paved road leading to the yard.


I was facing away from the door and then I heard it let out a little squeak. There was no point turning towards the door, Sunglasses in a dark room blocked my vision enough me see who it was. And I didn´t want to show my uncovered manhood to a stranger.  I had to try to talk my way out, and had to start fast because after couple more steps it would be right where I were. And offence is the best defense, or so they say. After this incident, I would question that phrase to the end of my days.

"Whoever there is, good evening. What you see now may make you uncomfortable, and believe me when I say, the feeling is mutual. So now you have two choices. You can either walk away and try to forget what you just saw. Or you could take these sunglasses off and help me out from these chains."

I was waiting for at least some kind of reaction or response. But no. Nothing. It just stood there, couple steps away, obviously watching me. "Could you please say something."

I was starting to get frustrated, when she spoke. "I had no idea you liked this so much that you just had to come back here and tie yourself up. It feels like you were asking me to come here. Or wanting."

She walked right next to me and then I felt her fingertips tickling my soles. It was Hanna. She knew how easy it would be to make me squirm. And my soles were the way. The feeling was overwhelming. The blood rush from the fact that it was her. Tickling and pain in my feet gave their own sensations to the mix. Suddenly she just stopped. I felt her hand on my right shoulder and she pushed me to my back. My immediate reaction was to close my knees, for a little decency what was left.

I heard her laughing. "There is nothing I have not seen before, so don´t be shy." She was definitely enjoying the situation.

"Come on Hanna. You had your fun. Help me out. These chains are for something else, but I´m still glad to see you. Or I would be if you take these sunglasses off." I could hear her giggles again.

"Harry Harry. What you mean I had my fun? From my point of view, I could have all the fun I want. And this time I don´t even have to tie you up, you have done pretty good job by yourself."

She took the sunglasses off and I had to try to convince her to let me go. "Come on. You can´t be serious", I tried to plead. "It may have been fun then, but please, help me out. By the way, what exactly are you doing here at this hour?"

I could hear the excitement from her voice when she said "When I heard you were in town, and what you had bought from the hardware store, my curiosity woke up. And like a gift from the sky, I was on my evening jog, passing the farm when I saw you at your car trunk. You obviously didn´t see me when I hid behind the big rock next to the road. I saw you taking those chains and going in. I ran back to ranch and thought to give you about half an hour or so, until I would be coming back to check things up. And now, here I am."  Out of nowhere, she took a firm grip from my right nipple, and twisted. Hard. It made me shout out of the surprising pain. "And by the way, we have very different opinion of my choices in your... situation, as you called it. So now, it is you who have two choices. First is you tell me where I can find the keys to your bonds. Or if you would prefer, I could gag and blindfold you and leave you as you are. I bet it would make your situation a bit more interesting."

She walked to the door, where the light switch was, and put the lights on. Now I could really see her. Years had treated her well. Her bright red hair was still hanging on her shoulders, just like it had been years back. Her sizeable boobs thrust out from her otherwise still slim body. She was a sight for sore eyes.

She walked back in front of me, with her hands she pulled my knees apart and stepped in between my knees. Now I wasn´t able to close my knees and my slightly erect cock was right in her sight. She took her phone out of her pocket and snapped couple pictures, showing everything.

"You wouldn´t want you grandmother to see these pictures, would you?" There was something in her voice. Something nasty, maybe even evil. I had no idea what she had in her mind. But I continued my pleas.

"Hey, this isn´t funny anymore. If I tell you where the keys are will you let me go?"

"Don´t you worry about what I will do with them. Just tell me where they are, I´ll take care of the rest."

Grannys words echoed in my head. 'You are the only one who has the power to decide your actions.' It didn´t feel that way. I was in her command, as long as she wanted.

Stinging pain in my left nipple cut my thinking and she said "Well! Where are they. I don´t want be here all night. Or just a word, and I´m gone. I hope you´ll get yourself free before the party tomorrow. You wouldn´t want to miss it."

It wasn´t really a choice, I had only one. With a gag and a blindfold, my road to freedom would turn to  a road to hell so I had really no choice but to tell her where the keys are.

"At the main building, under the front door mat. There is a set of keys, one for each lock. And one for handcuffs." She left to pick the keys and I had about a minute to think.

'How far would she go? What was she going to do to me? Or with me?' That last thought gave me another rush. 'Now that might be fun. Maybe I should just play along with her. To see what she had planned. I can´t see a reason why she would harm me.'

Our break up went nice, as friends. It was just one more cold fact in life that one month per year wasn´t enough. So it was a mutual decision. We lost the contact after couple years, but everything was fine. So that can´t be the situation. I heard her coming back.

"Right there where you said they would be. Thank you. Now let´s see if we can make something useful out from your chains while we talk about the future." Hanna started to fit the keys to their corresponding locks.

It was now something Laura had told me at the hospital cafeteria, what echoed in my head. ' You will have the whole week to catch up.' The thought of being held, captured, for a whole week, who knows maybe even longer, gave me the creeps. I liked my freedom, so my first thought of course was to fight back. She´s a reasonable person, and I can talk her out of this. And if that won´t help, if her sister found out, she would be talking sense to her head. But then a different kind of idea came to my mind.

'Would it be a bad experience in the end? I can take little humiliation and little pain, well, I can live with it. And if it would include sexual activities with her, it could be a lot of fun. And maybe that´s just what she´s looking for.'

At that moment, for a split second, I gave my cock the authority to make my decision. I was sold. Hanna had already opened the locks holding my ankles towards my waist and I laid on my back with straight legs. She was working with the lock at my ankles when she saw my cock pointing to the roof.

"Wow. Aren´t you a horny little puppy. I have to ask, what are you thinking now?" She looked straight to my eyes and licked her lips. My face had to be burning red. She had caught me. I had to make something up, I just couldn´t tell her that I fantasized about her, holding me the week she´s staying here and using me as her sex slave. At least not yet. I had noticed she had no rings, so there was no mister. Again she took a hold on my right nipple and gave it a painful reminder. "Well! Tell me what you are thinking." This time with a firm, demanding voice.

"I was thinking about what you are going to do to me. What kind of torments I will have ahead."

She couldn´t but to laugh. "A thought of torments makes your dick stand like a tree? I doubt that." She lowered her voice and said "Really, tell me your thoughts. Don´t be shy, I would love to hear."

I was again that same young boy in front of her. There was nothing I could deny from her. She still knew how to lure me and wrap me around her finger.

"I was thinking of you, using me as your sex slave."

"Oh reeeeeaaaally?" With a grin at her face she continued "Well, there might be a crumble of truth of what I have planned for you. But all in due time. For now, maybe I can ease your pain a little before we move on." With that said, she kneeled on my left side and took a good firm grip from my cock with her right hand. I tried to squirm but she held me still. "Is this what puppy wants?" she asked, her ice blue eyes staring at mine, as she started stroking my cock. I just closed my eyes and moaned a silent "yes". She turned her face to my manhood and said "Then this might do also", and started to guide my cock to her mouth. The excitement of the situation made sure the act was short. After couple dips in her mouth I was ready to cum. She continued with her hands, and made sure I sprayed my load all over my own stomach.

While I was recovering, she went back to my ankles, and snapped a lock holding them together. The loose ends from my ankle and feet chains she locked to a chair leg. "Happy puppy is good puppy. But good puppies needs to be in a leash too."

"What you mean puppy? And a leash? Are you going make me your slave pet for the week? Come on, this is ridiculous."

My time for intelligible talk was over. She stuffed my undies to my mouth and finished the gag with wrapping my shirts sleeve around my head, tying it tightly. Next she went to my pack and took a t-shirt, folded it and wrapped is around my eyes. At first I tried to resist, but for nothing. With my current state I could only let her do what she wanted. After finishing my blindfold, she patted my head and whispered my ear "Now be a good puppy and wait until I come back." With a kiss to my cheek, she left. I heard her foot steps on the yard, and she was going towards the road.

'Where is she going? When will she come back? Will she really treat me as a pet puppy?'

I would soon find out...


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