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Furs & Chains

by Mike Kelly

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© Copyright 2002 - Mike Kelly - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; fursuit; hood; locks; chain; basement; stuck; F/m; bond; cons; X

One of my favorite things besides chains are my fur coats. I have four; all fox, ranging from short jackets to floor length. I do not know if a love of long hair (mine is about three inches from my knees) and a love of furs go together, but with me they do. I decided to take my love of furs a giant step forward and mustered up the courage to go to see the furrier where I bought my coats. Jean is a long time friend and I felt I could approach her with my idea. I wanted her to make a body suit out of fur. I like heavy fur, such as fox and fox fur is usually about three inches long. I knew my request would be strange to most people, but I trusted Jean. I was paying the bill, and the fur business is not what it used to be, so I felt my request would be jumped on.

The meeting with Jean went great. As a matter of fact she had some good ideas, which lead me to think that this was not the first time this request was made. We decided on a body suit with leather pads for the feet and a double lining for the hands. The hands would not have fingers, this was my idea and it got a strange look. The suit would zip up the back using a very heavy-duty zipper with a large ring on the end of the zipper. This ring would serve two purposes; first to make it easy to zip up and secondly make it easy to be locked to the hood.

Again the hood was my invention. Jean liked the idea and made some suggestions and asked no questions. The hood would zip from mid back down to slightly below the end of my neck. It had openings for the mouth and eyes. The mouth opening would be round and two inches across. The eyes were to be just slits. At the end of the nose we added a few small holes. To fit properly, we made a hole at the top so I could pull my hair through.

After about a month Jean called and said the suit was ready. The month wait seemed like a year and I went down to her shop right away. I was so excited that there was no shame in trying the suit on with Jean there. It fit great!! I was so turned on that I could hardly stand still. There were some modifications required, but I convinced Jean that we could do these later. I took the suit home to a well prepared basement.

I had frozen the key to my main lock in a one-gallon jug. It had been frozen since I ordered the suit, so it was ready and so was I. The jug would take about six hours to melt. I placed it on a shelf above a box containing a towel, to soak up the water and catch the key when it fell. I then ran a chain through a ringbolt attached to the wall. The key to the lock for these chains was frozen in the gallon jug. The key to the neck chain and the lock for the hood was up stairs. My safety system was my cell phone with Jean’s number on speed dial. I was now ready.

I was naked, and had braided my hair at the top of my head where the hole was placed. I first put on the body suit and zipped it up as far as it would go without placing my arms in the suit. I then ran the braid through the hole and fit the hood in place. I then zipped it on. Visibility was hard because the fur was all around the eye slits. Next I locked a length of chain around my neck. This chain was then locked to the chain that was run through the ringbolt. At this point I was chained until the ice melted, but not suited up. The next step was to place my arms and hands into the suit and zip it up. I had placed a small string in the suit ring and with the string around my hand I was able to pull the zipper up all the way. With a hard pull I was able to break the string. Why, I don’t know, and this later turned out to be a mistake. The last step was to lock the two rings together.

Handling the lock was hard with the double lining over the hands and the length of the fur, but I chose a large lock for this purpose. It clicked in place, though I could hardly hear it. A life long dream was accomplished. I was chained to the wall with my entire body covered with fur. I was so excited that I thought I would go crazy. I crawled over to the wall and pulled on the chain. There was no escaping. The light was poor and judging time impossible. I tried to look at the jug to see how much melting had occurred. With the fur covering my face and eyes I could not find the jug. I tried to push the fur from my eyes, but I was doing this with hands covered with fur. So all I really did was place more fur in my line of vision. I crawled over to the limit of my chain, knowing that I could reach the box where the key would fall. However the box was not there. I knew that it had to be in the room, but where? After crawling back to the wall where the chain was attached I then moved along the wall until I found the box. With my mouth I tried to see how much water the towel had soaked up. Almost none. I knew it was going to be a long wait, and I loved the thought of the long wait. Helpless, covered in fur and chained to the wall. I think if I had the key I would have thrown it away.

Time moved slowly and I eventually fell asleep. After waking I tested the towel and realized that a lot of ice had melted. In testing the towel the fur got wet and I could then keep it out of my eyes to see. Based on the amount of ice left I knew I had another hour or more. I spent most of this time simply enjoying the situation. The key finally fell, much to my disappointment. I was able to pick up the key from the towel. It was not easy to hold the key, but this was the reason for the double lining of the hands. I moved back along the chain to try to find the lock. The fur around the eyes had dried and again I had trouble seeing.

To find the lock I put the key in my lap and moved hand over hand along the chain until I reached the lock. Reaching for the key, I dropped it on the floor and then found that I could not pick up a flat key off the floor with fur-covered hands without fingers. After numerous tries I realized the only way was to use my mouth. Again with fur everywhere getting the key in my mouth was not easy. Getting it in my fur-covered hands was more difficult. Finally I got the key in the lock. I had to keep the key in my mouth and bring the lock up to the key. I reluctantly unlocked the chain from the wall and was free.

I worked my way upstairs and found the keys for the locks for my neck chain and the rings of the suit. The problem not foreseen was the locks were in the back and I could not hold the keys. They kept falling on the floor and I had to pick them up with my mouth. I realized this was a hopeless situation and I was getting frustrated. I decided to call Jean. I returned to the basement and found the cell phone. I returned to the kitchen and had to put a spoon in my mouth to hit the numbers and send button. To my ultimate shock I got a message. I had no one else I could trust, so I left a message telling Jean that I was stuck and asked her to come over and help. This excited me even more than before. Knowing that I was now under someone else’s control. I decided, stupidly, to return to the basement and lock the chain back on. I did bring the cell phone (I am not a complete fool).

Jean showed up sometime later. She took in the situation and asked me how long I have been in the suit and chained to the wall. After telling her, she asked me if I would like to stay chained longer. I almost chocked on my reply…. YES!! Jean took the key and left. I stayed chained the rest of the day and through most of the next. I had a bowl of water that I had to drink from on all fours. When Jean returned she said nothing. She simply unlocked all the locks and unzipped the body suit. She then left. A real friend and maybe a real mistress.


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