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by Mikel

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The gag had been something her mother had shown her when she was very young and had always threatened her by telling her that it was what “gabby” women had been forced to wear. The heavy steel and odd shape scared her when she was young but the memories of it fascinated her as she grew older. Now that she was old enough to know what it really was and enjoyed an active bondage life she had searched the house for it and any reason she could find why her mother owned a metal gag.

It had all been an accident, noticing the hidden door, figuring out which key opened it, finding the small room with all the steel bondage equipment and letting herself get carried away with wanting to try everything on. Now Liz stood facing the cold stone wall, her mouth aching as the metal gag kept constant pressure on the inside of her gapping mouth. Liz had whined and even cried as it expanded every time she relaxed, opening her mouth a little wider and it forcing her mouth to stay open. Now she felt like she would never be able to close her mouth again and fought the chains she had locked onto her firm body almost twenty four hours ago.

Liz stood thinking about all the different cuffs and manacles she had seen lying on the shelves and hanging on the wall, each seemed to be calling her name begging her to try them on. Liz pulled a very heavy looking set that had strong chains connecting them off the wall studying them and making sure that the keys with them worked the locks and giggled as she removed what little clothes she had been wearing and locked them around her ankles. The weight of them giving her a strange feeling of permanence that excited her as she took her restricted steps. She quickly locked the other set on her wrists and carefully moved around the room staring at the massive collection. The next display held several metal corsets some looking like they were very old and the others looked like they had been built recently. Liz owned two corsets with one being a firm leather one but never could lace them correctly by herself so she had never worn them much.

Liz pulled one of the newer corsets down and studied it getting more excited as she found it would encircle her breasts pinching them in between the steel of the corset busk and what gave the appearance of being metal straps that crossed over her breasts and went over her shoulders. The corset was not adjustable and locked with a single key which opened it easily daring her to try it on. Liz removed the cuff on one wrist letting it swing from her other wrist and tried to close the corset around her waist. As she struggled to close the corset she smiled as the swinging cuff banged and clanked against it driving her arousal higher. Liz could feel she had several inches to go to close the corset finally backing against the wall pushing the front as she twisted inside it until it clicked closed. Liz was already gasping as she adjusted her breasts in the openings supporting them then quickly closed the open cuff around her free wrist.

Liz walked around the room feeling the tight steel on her body forcing her to sway as she strutted in her high heels. Standing in front of the long mirror she admired her tiny waist, even though she felt like she was being crushed, she loved the feel and look of the steel flowing over her hips. While she walked around she noticed another collection of chastity belts and stopped to inspect them noting that again some of them looked very old while others were obviously much newer. Like everything she had seen so far the keys were dangling from a small string on each one. “I’ll have to try these later” she said to herself enjoying the feeling of the corset too much to take it off right now.

Moving to another shelf she found all kinds of electric toys and vibrators some looking very complex and two very elaborate tens units. Grinning Liz thought about her small unit she had recently acquired and had started to play with thinking about how much stronger the big unit setting there must be. The next collection was hoods of all kinds, leather, latex and steel and below them were collars of all kinds. She picked up each hood feeling the weight of the steel ones finding even the head cage with the large round ball extremely heavy. The collars fascinated her, she had never seen so many different kinds from slave collars to leather and steel posture collars all making her pussy wetter as she picked them up finally locking a steel posture collar around her neck.

Finding a door she opened it and flipped on the light and saw a collection of shoes covering the walls of the small closet and stared in disbelief at how many there were. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the ballet shoes having always wanted to wear them but never being able to afford any. Picking up a pair of stiletto heeled shoes she smiled at the extreme height of the heels and was shocked at their weight. The more she looked at them the more she wanted to wear them realizing they were made of stainless steel and locked around the ankle forcing the wearers feet into a steep arch. Sitting on the small stool Liz struggled to remove her shoes in the tight corset but soon she sat gasping as she admired her small feet trapped in the steel shoes.

Standing was difficult in the corset, collar and shoes but walking was almost impossible. After a few tentative steps Liz smiled and carried the keys to where the others for her cuffs and things were lying. Liz was in haven as she stared at her steel covered body deciding she needed more and finally understanding where her deep seated desire to be locked in steel had come from. Liz continued to search for a gag collection opening another cabinet and found not only more gags than she had ever seen but locks of all shapes and sizes and a massive amount of chain. Looking at the gags she picked up several inspecting each almost inserting one with a steel ball mounted on a long adjusting screw in her mouth before finding the one she had been looking for the whole time and held it up in front of her face smiling.

Liz studied it remembering it from her childhood wishing it wasn’t rustier than the last time she saw it. Liz knew it was actually called a pear gag and that some were used as anal plugs and medieval torture devices but had always dreamed of having one tightened firmly in her mouth. During her whole life she had an infatuation with being gagged wearing one as often as possible learning to sleep in a large penis gag and preferring a gag that was inflatable that stretched her mouth as far as possible. Liz often slept with her inflatable gag expanding her cheeks and making it impossible to breathe through her mouth but she had to be careful since it made closing her mouth the next day difficult.

Liz wanted to use the pear gag but even in her aroused state she refused to insert the rusty object into her mouth. Dejected she laid it back on the shelf then noticed a box in the back and pulled it out and squealed when she opened it finding what appeared to be a new pear gag and this one could be locked. Liz stood shaking in the steel shoes as she removed the lock and worked the gag open and closed loving the heavy feel of it and as soon as it was closed she stuffed it into her mouth and began turning the handle. The taste of steel filled her mouth and she started drooling instantly feeling her saliva dripping on her bare breasts. Liz turned the handle until she felt it forcing her mouth open and smashing her tongue to the bottom of her mouth.

The moans from her filled mouth were deep and loud as her climax grew close as she continued twisting the handle only stopping when it became difficult to turn. Liz pushed the center rod in feeling a slight click before the lock could be slipped through the hole and snapped the lock closed. Testing the gag she muffed a few times able to make sounds but nothing else and smiled around the large steel gag protruding from her face. Forgetting the shoes and the corset she spun around and almost pranced to the mirror turning back and forth staring at her gapping mouth as her orgasm neared.

Liz fondled her breasts pinching her nipples remembering the shelf with the clamps on it she walked over to it and picked up some strong adjustable clamps and quickly placed them on her pert nipples adjusting them until tears formed in her eyes. Moving back to the mirror she moaned loudly as the heavy chain connecting them swung with each step. Squealing at her reflection Liz mock struggled for a few minutes before noticing two rings of steel sticking out of the wall behind her. Turning towards them she wondered why they were mounted the way they were if they were only attachment points.

Liz walked over to them like she had been wearing the steel shoes and ankle cuffs her whole life and reached up and pulled on one. The ring pulled away from the wall threading a heavy chain out behind it. When about two feet of the chain was exposed it suddenly got hard to pull making Liz have to tug very hard to get it to come out. When she had pulled it a couple more feet she heard a loud click and let the chain go slack. The chain didn’t retract, Liz stared at it around the metal sticking from her mouth then pulled again and felt the chain begin to pull back into the wall. After a few experiments she found it worked like a power cord reel, she could pull it out until it latched then jerk it and it would pull back into the wall.

Liz was very excited and found that there were actually four rings protruding from the wall and all of them reacted the same way. With her pussy screaming for attention she removed the cuffs from her wrists and ankles, having to really strain to reach her ankles in the tight steel corset and locked another set of individual cuffs in their place. Her idea was she could pull the chains out lock her wrists and ankles to them and let them retract spreading her wide against the wall, a standing spread eagle she thought smiling. Liz rolled a small cart near the wall and set all her keys on it so she could reach them with her wrists chained. As she passed the cabinet she remembered the vibrators and stopped to look at them more.

Liz found a strap on butterfly vibrator with a small “lump” in the center and many smaller ones that would settle on her clit and quickly strapped it on as tight as she could dragging the power cord behind her as she walked back to the wall. Finding the outlet she checked to make sure it worked turning it off quickly and reached for the chains for her ankles.

The corset made bending far enough almost impossible so she leaned against the wall and crossed one leg over the other and locked the chains ring to it, quickly repeating it with the other ankle. Standing next to the wall she realized she had crossed her feet and now the chains were pulling on her to turn around and face the wall. Liz chuckled around the gag, deciding she would just face the wall instead of being able to watch her struggling body in the mirror across from her. The chains for her wrists were already pulled out and hanging within reach so Liz grabbed two more locks off the cart and as she was snapping the locks closed glanced to her right and noticed two small handles she had not seen previously.

Liz was so aroused she ignored the handles turning the adjustment knobs on the clamps three more turns making the small teeth dig into her tender flesh. Just before yanking the chains so they would reel back in she turned the vibrator on high and pushed the small button to the left of the thumb wheel. Liz moaned loudly as she pulled the chains and felt them drag her arms up and away from her body. As her arms were being pulled up she kicked her legs making the chains begin to pull at her ankles dragging her high heeled feet out wards. Liz was enjoying the constant pull on the tight cuffs around her wrists and ankles when she noticed something moving on her pussy. Liz had been drawn so close to the wall that her nipples and the end of the gag was already hitting the cinder blocks and couldn’t look down at whatever it was messaging her pussy and clit so well.

Liz stood spread eagle moaning, each time she stretched her mouth a little further open she felt the gag spread out keeping her from closing her mouth. Panicking briefly she felt the vibrator ramp up forcing her to moan again and again the gag widened but she was no longer concerned about it. As Liz stretched her arms and spread her legs further the chains continued to take up the slack until finally she heard and felt a loud clank. Liz was so aroused she ignored the noise and continued pulling and twisting in the chains almost ready to climax. Liz was really struggling as the vibrations were starting to become too much and she was banging the gag and her nipples against the wall.

“I can’t breathe in this corset with this damn gag in my mouth” she thought to herself as her frustration doubled and she felt her orgasm slipping away. Liz decided to reset the chains so she was facing away from the wall and maybe loosen the clamps hoping a little less pain and being able to watch herself struggle would push her over the edge. Pulling on her wrists Liz couldn’t get the chains to give back any slack, “Damn it” she mumbled around the ever widening gag. Thinking she needed to give the “reel” some slack she stretched towards her right wrist and could feel the chain slip into the wall, since she unable to look up because of the tall collar she didn’t know that the chain did indeed retract into the wall but as that reel turned it also turned the reel for the left side chain. Now Liz was smashed against the wall, her breasts were pinched down against the metal corset and her nipples were crushed under her body weight.

Liz could feel her weight ease slightly on her cramping feet but noticed that the gag was now pressed hard into the wall and she could no longer pull it away. Liz yanked and pulled harder on the chains but could not get any slack and fought with all her might no longer caring about her orgasm only getting herself free. When she calmed herself and stood panting feeling her legs had been pulled wider apart and now her calves were starting to cramp she started thinking about that no one knew she was here and since the door had closed behind her no one might ever know about this room. She stood shaking and almost crying for several hours before quieting herself and controlling her breathing.

While she was quiet she could hear a slight clicking noise, Liz started counting them and after several minutes she could hear them change tone for one cycle and noticed she could also feel her arms get pulled on a little harder. After a few more hours Liz was barely touching the ground, just the toes on her steel shoes were helping to support her body and its steel adornments and her wrists and ankles were throbbing. The monstrous little vibrator that had looked so simple was doing its best to keep her horny but the pain from her stretched body and smashed tits was too much for her orgasm to overcome only succeeding in adding to her frustrations and making her feel like she was going mad. 

Liz could no longer move, her head was held not only by the rigid collar but also by the steel gag being pressed against the wall. Her breasts and nipples had gone numb along with her arms and legs many hours ago. She hung stretched tight the only movement was from the bump on the vibrator which continued to move in random circle patterns on her pussy and clit. The clicking noise she had been listening to had stopped leaving her with only the sounds of her gasping for air and the thumping of her heart in her ears. Liz hung thinking about who would find her body and what they would think of her when she finally gave in and accepted her fate and decided to try and enjoy herself bondage predicament.

She was in the ultimate bondage situation, inescapably bound with no one to release her, clad in her metal corset, collar and shackles with the gag she had been dreaming about since childhood wedged deep in her mouth. As Liz thought about these things her arousal began to build again making her struggle against the steel holding her. Within minutes of her acceptance the climax that had been building for hours due to her love of steel restraints and the humming and twisting vibrator exploded through her making her scream and thrash and seemed to the exhausted woman to go on for hours. Liz was starting to think it would never end and hoped that if she were to die that she would die while experiencing this orgasm.

Liz woke up and stared at the ceiling for several minutes before realizing she was not only alive she was lying on the floor. Her cuffed wrists were still being pulled towards the ceiling and her ankles where also still attached to the chains but she was now lying flat on her steel corseted back and could pull the chains out further if she tried. Her body was exhausted and still quivering from the huge orgasm as she tried to reach for the rolling cart taking every ounce of remaining strength she had to reach onto it and pull the handful of keys off onto the floor.

An hour later she had managed to unlock the chains from her wrists and one ankle and sat fighting for air as she bent to reach the other. Once she had all the chains detached she rolled onto her side yanking the cord for the torturous vibrator out of the socket and lay moaning and flexing her arms thanking whomever or whatever had released her. Another hour later Liz forced herself to stand up, the tremendous thirst driving her to the kitchen for some cold water. Liz didn’t even have the energy or peace of mind to remove the nipple clamps before pulling the heavy door open and staggering out into the darkened house. Grabbing a bottle of water out of the fridge she dropped into a chair resting her shaking legs and raised the bottle to her desperately dry mouth.

When the bottle hit the protruding gag Liz grunted letting a small chuckle escape her dry lips and leaned back in the chair and started to pour the cold water over the gag. After choking a little Liz got the hang of drinking with the gag in and poured two more bottles over it getting enough to quench her thirst for the moment and help refresh her strength to make the long walk back to the room to release herself completely. Liz staggered back to the door finding it had closed again behind her, Liz slowly looked around for the key ring she had been given before remembering that it was inside the small room behind the closed and locked door. Liz weakly banged on the door whining knowing that her only clothes, phone and all her own keys were also locked inside the room.

Liz stood leaning against the door for a few minutes before she turned and saw the large bed and felt no matter what she could figure it out but first she needed to get some sleep, at least she wasn’t chained to the wall anymore. Liz slept for twelve hours waking to find she hadn’t dreamt it all she was still locked in the crushing steel corset with the tall posture collar keeping her head permanently motionless. Her feet were locked into steel shoes with at least six inch heels forcing her to stand almost on her toes. The corset kept her large breasts bulging from the tight steel around their bases. Each limb had a steel cuff locked tightly around it and every inch of her body was sore.

She reached up to rub her sore jaw and felt the metal gag sticking out of her mouth and suddenly remembered everything including the locked door. Rising to her feet she stumbled towards the door whining from not only her aching feet and torso but feeling the heavy chain between the nipple clamps sway and pulling on her tender buds. Stopping at the door she twisted the adjustment knobs of the clamps until they started to hurt badly and stopped thinking she would release them slowly hoping it would ease the inevitable increase in pain when they were removed. Pushing and banging on the door she thought I’ll call John and ask for another set of keys, grunting and feeling stupid because not only was the only working phone locked inside the room she was wearing one of the most effective gags for making speech incoherent she had ever worn.

Liz went to the kitchen again and forced more water down her throat and sat thinking about how to get out of her situation. Liz looked outside and could see the neighbors going about their day having no clue to what had happened and what was happening inside this house. Looking at the clock she knew she had several hours to wait until it would get dark enough to go out to the shed to see if any of the tools that had been kept in it were still there and if any of them might help her break the door down and allow her to free herself. Liz was now confident she wasn’t going to die worse case she would go to her neighbors and get them to help her, she would have to move and never come back but at least she wouldn’t die trapped in her steel restraints.

Liz wandered around the house waiting for the sun to set, she had removed the clamps and now sat at the desk her mother and father had used their whole lives to pay bills and keep track of their financials. Shuffling through some of the papers and pulling out things from the drawers Liz got bored noticing an outlet and plugged the vibrator in. Playing with the control she found a setting that felt wonderful and sat back moaning and grunting as her orgasm grew nearer.

Liz sat fantasizing about being forced to wear the corset, collar and gag for the rest of her life and had several large orgasm’s making her thrash and twist knocking most of the papers off the desk. With her body relaxing while she blacked out she slowly slid to the floor her hand drug more papers with her uncovering another set of keys on a ring that read “Duplicates”. Liz would sleep through another night being constantly aroused from the vibrator and her vivid dreams waking the following day to find she would have to wait and suffer in the tight corset and collar again until night fall to go to the shed before she could release herself.

Liz found the keys several days after she had broken the door down and freed herself and vowed to never move away from her family home wanting to wear every piece of steel in the massive collection and had mastered wearing the ballet shoes. Liz thought if she could wear the six inch heels so easily she could wear the others as well. Liz also found that the handles she had seen next to the chains were control levers setting the tension and length of time to keep the tension on the chains.

She spent many wonderful hours at first chained to the concrete wall each time hoping she could duplicate the series of extreme orgasms. Each time was building up to her attempting to repeat that first night trapped at the wall except she would make it trap her for at least two days. But for now she was content to wear all the steel she could as much as she could and locking herself up at night and had gotten so used to the steel corset and extreme heels she often wore them to work. During work days being trapped in her high heels and corset she would dream about being controlled completely by the house locked forever in cold steel and tried to figure a way to make it happen.

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