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Gail’s Night Out

by Rawn

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© Copyright 2009 - Rawn - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; corset; boots; hood; outdoors; toys; cons; X

Hi to all whom have enjoyed my stories in the past. It has been a very long time since I have been able to submit anything. I hope this will meet your approval as well. It is a 2 part fantasy. I do not recommend any one try anything I have written. Most is probably impossible anyway but I feel I should make it clear just the same. My writing is fictional enjoyment only. Thank you

Gail once again ticked off her mental list, going over it for the hundredth time. The redhead had this bondage adventure planned for weeks. It had taken that much time to not only get up the nerve and unobtrusively check each of her safe zones but also to design and have made for her many of her items for the adventure. Her endeavour would take her outdoors for the first time bound and dressed as no one in the area had ever seen; at least not, in public.

Her large breasts heaved in anticipation as she gently guided a large dildo into her already wet pussy. She had chosen this particular one for it’s unique quality. It was liquid filled and would move around inside her as she walked alluding to the feeling of being fucked. With it comfortably seated she picked up her next toy an inflatable butt plug. Lubricating the shaft she eased it into her tiny rosebud. She calmed herself and relaxed her sphincter muscle as she eased the balloon between her legs. Gentle squeezes on the detachable pump expanded the phallic intruder. Gail stopped short of making it uncomfortable, she didn’t want to be in real pain for her excursion. She removed the pump and pushed the valve into its hiding place.

The red head stood and rotated her shapely hips, helping seat everything in place. Next came a thick tight panty girdle of black latex. She added a glob of lubricant to the inside of the garment making it easier to squeeze into it. Again the redhead ground her hips working her way inside. It slid easily up her legs but as she reached her hips she had to take a tighter hold. Slightly rolling the top she grunted as she pulled the tight girdle past her pale hips. Gail’s eyes widened as the girdle set into place, pushing the dildo and plug deeper with in her.

A small gasp escaped her lips and a flush spread across her pale skin with the rise of her excitement. Fearing if she dallied, she would waste the weeks of planning; not to mention the expensive tailor made clothing. The panty girdle had been made 1 size too small and double thickness. Next came a long line bra again specially made.

It had originally been one layer without cups, just holes for her breast to protrude through. Her devious mind had worked over time to create this. She had the breast opening made smaller to pinch the base of her heavy breasts. Then she added another bra over top; this one had cups that she had made large enough to accommodate her ballooned breast. Inside the cup however were tiny points as her tits bounced they would contact the points and create all manner of distraction. As with the girdle it too was made to be very tight.

In order to get into it though she had made a concession. Since she would not be able to just pull it on she had a zipper put in the front. Once again Gail required lubricant, this time applied to her amble breasts. This would allow them to slide through the holes of the inner layer and become trapped by the tight circle of latex.

A shiver of excitement ran down her spine as she tightened the bra. Her tits flattened against her chest for a moment and then popped through the holes as expected. She could feel her breasts bulge inside the cup. Each breath pushed them further through the small opening. She could not help their transition; the outer cups were thick and made of stiffer latex. The tiny pin points inside also would make touching them painful. The well-endowed woman would have to settle for a slow mutation.

Gail took a break she needed to calm herself. The urge to touch herself threatened to derail her plans though and soon she pushed on. Next came a pair of foot less tights also latex again they were tight and required lubricant. She eased herself into them pulling the garment up her hairless legs over top of the tight girdle. To this she added a high neck leotard that zippered up the back. Even though this was tight as well because of the zipper she did not require lube.

She looked at herself in the floor length mirror. Gail could just see the outline of the girdle and bra under her outer garments. Quite a sight she thought. Waist pinched in by the girdle and bra, her red hair jostled like she had just climbed out of bed after a night of wild sex. A wicked smile crossed her Celtic features. If only her friends knew what she was doing tonight. Gail had begged off a night on the town claiming she had some important business to attend for her boss.

Gail was real horny now she tried to rub her sex but the layers and tightness of the latex denied her any outside stimulation. She would have to settle with what she had for the time being. Later after she followed her plans to the end could she bring herself off. She flushed again just thinking of it.

Next came a full catsuit of latex it had hand and feet coverings as well as an open face hood. She entered through the shoulder of the garment. This time she smeared her entire body with the jelly and started the task of donning the garment. It took time and when she was done she again admired her body in the mirror. Now however she saw a bizarre creature made of shiny black latex. The only feature to show she was human was her face. Her cascading red hair was now trapped beneath the tight hood of the catsuit. Her heavy breasts hidden beneath the hard cups of the bra jutted out in front of her unnaturally.

Knowing it would do no good but unable to stop herself Gail again tried to rub her pussy. Once again the bizarre creature was denied any outside stimulation. Gail took a drink from the sport bottle next to her bed. She wanted to keep her fluids up but not to the point where she needed to pee. At least not too soon.

The latex sheathed woman examined the remaining items of her internment. Now she was at the point of no return the next item would require even if she didn’t go further that she explore outside to retrieve her keys. The next items had also been frightfully expensive because she had had them made to exact specifications. Her hand shook with both fear and excitement as she reached out toward the boots. Made of steel covered in patent leather, the boots were extreme high heels forcing one onto their toes once locked about the ankle.

They had been made to fit her foot exactly because the steel had to be shaped. A thin steel cable served as laces. These would eventually be fitted onto tiny studs that once covered by the ankle strap could not be freed until the strap was removed. The ankle strap was also made of leather covered steel. It had a flush mount lock embedded in it once it was snapped closed it could not be opened without the proper key. Around the perimeter of the cuffs were strategically place “D” rings to be used as needed. This would not be the only time she wore these and the rings would allow other bondage options to be explored.

The key was a barrel type virtually non-pickable because of it design. She would not be able to remove the boots without it hence the steel design hidden under the leather. Once she locked them on she was in them until she got the key. That key although was in the house she could not access it because it was locked away in a safe. The key to the safe on the other hand was the need for the outdoor excursion.

Gail picked up one boot and examined it. She loosened the laces opening the foot wide enough to receive her. Sitting on the bed pushed the plugs unexpectedly deeper, her eyes again widened in shock. It wasn’t painful but she definitely knew she was full. Slowly, deliberately she eased her foot deep inside the boot. The bizarre woman faltered. Instead of closing the lock she donned the other boot. Her breathing rapid as her excitement grew.

Working through her excitement she drew the laces of the first boot tight but could not latch the loops over the studs. The laces had tiny loops at the ends to accommodate the studs, and were also the exact length. The lacing would need to be pulled to its tightest closing the front of the boots in order for the loops to meet the studs. She re-tightened the laces this time making them fit. This squeezed her foot from all sides, making a perfect fit.

Hands shaking visibly now she closed the ankle strap hinged at the back to allow the steel movement. She still hesitated locking the device, the point of no return. Gail took a number of deep breaths as deep as the tight garments would allow. Again she mentally perused her list. She had her safety in place. If she managed to get stuck she had an email ready to be sent to her best friend. She would be stuck until her friend came but she would not die. It detailed what she had done to herself and begged that she not abandon her to finding other means of escape. Which would of course mean returning to her office to retrieve the other set of keys hidden away in her desk.

Looking out her bedroom window she noticed the angle of the sun. It would be another hour before darkness descended on the city and she required total darkness. Even with the darkness she would not venture outside. She required people to have bedded down. Probably not until the wee hours of the morning would she be able to venture outside unnoticed. Or at least that was the plan. She checked her list again took one last deep breath and pushed. The sound of the lock click seemed loud enough for the neighbours to hear. Shivers ran down her spine, another click and she sealed her fate.

Gail had never walked in the boots before. It had been quite an argument with the manufacturer to allow her to leave without seeing her move in them. She explained to them she wanted to experience walking in the boots the first time, during her adventure. The red head had made several trips for fittings. They had cast each of her feet while in an enpointe stance. That had been quite an experience in itself.

Standing in the boots Gail wobbled and had to steady herself against the dresser. It took a few minutes before she felt confident enough to walk around. This was a far as she would go for the moment. She needed to wear the boots without other encumbrances until she felt confident enough to carry on. The latex enveloped woman spent the next hours until after dark walking around her house. Getting used to the way she needed to step and how shortened her gait was. Taking a break every so often to relax her calf muscles.

As the night moved on she grew more and more excited not only because of the twins buried deep within her but also about her upcoming adventure. Her legs were beginning to burn from the extreme boots adding fuel to her fire. She tried many times to bring herself off only to be denied by the heavy layers of latex. Along with her excitement grew her frustration at being denied fulfilment.

Impatience and desire drove the bizarre creature to complete her bondage as it neared midnight. She would be in complete bondage for about four hours. Providing of course nothing went astray. Moving with more grace, Gail entered her bedroom she no longer had to rely on the walls or tables to keep her balance. There she picked up a simple roll of ½ inch wide white medical tape and a ½ inch diameter hose.

The hose was for liquid intake and in the case her nose plugged up breathing. Gail tore off a short strip of tape and attached it to her cheek. As she had seen done in an illustration of John Willie gags she pinched her lower lip and gently pulled it out. Opening her mouth wide she pulled the tape tight and attached it to her other cheek. Next she fed the tube into her mouth not so far as she gagged on it above the first piece of tape. She repeated the tape this time going over the tube. This trapped the tube between the two pieces of tape.

To this she added a pair of pussy juice soaked panties. She packed the panties around the tube and covered that with a number of pieces of tape ensuring she could not spit either the tube or the panties out. Gail continued taping until she was satisfied with her silence and inability to remove the gag. Over this she pulled a human mask that fit tight around her head and snug around her throat.

Pulling the zipper down tightened the mask and effectively hid the gag if for some reason she was spotted she might just get a curious stare but hopefully nothing more. She would hide the neck later with a long sleeve, high neck dress that would drop to her ankle. It would not hide the fact she was wearing the ballet boots though.

4 items left. The next was the most devious that had cost her a small fortune. It was a heavily boned corset with a chastity belt built in. It covered her from just below her bulging breasts to hips. Built with strict movement impairment in mind. The corset was built to crush her waist and force her to stand straight at all times whilst laced and locked into it.

Made of thick heavy black rubber it had sturdy steel boning running its complete length. The steel boning tied into the steel waist of the chastity belt. The cod piece of the belt would be pulled tight between her legs once she had the laces tightened properly. Nothing would lock until it was laced to its tightest. Gail opened the front of the garment and slung it around her back. She pulled the piece into place and re-closed the front. At his point the corset was far too loose to lock.

In order to tighten the bondage corset Gail utilised a devise she had purchased a number of years ago. She stepped over to the tightening rack and fed the loose ends of the laces into the spindles of the machine. It took her several stages to achieve the required constriction. With it tightened she could only take short breaths and now had to rest between stages.

Once it was properly cinched she added the tiny padlock over the lacing. Two overlapping flaps covered the laces. One flap had small hasps that protruded through the over lying flap. Though these hasps she closed tiny locks. With every click she thrilled. Her blood raced as her bondage neared completion. The final step she pulled the codpiece into place and completed her bondage. She could not get this off with out keys either. Gail nearly fainted as the final lock snapped home. She was so horny she could barely stand it.

Again she looked herself over in the mirror. The face that looked back was not hers and only looked vaguely human. She forgot the wig. The corset’s strictness immediately made its intentions know. She could not bend at the waist. With the chastity belt built into it she could hardly bent her hips. Gail had to bend her knees to retrieve the blonde wig. That in it self proved quite the challenge requiring her to balance with one hand on the bed.

She loved the almost bondage of restrictive movement. How not being bound hand and feet yet unable to move freely seemed at times more bondage than ever. Gail settled the wig in place and took another look better she thought. With that she retrieved the dress and opened the zipper allowing her to drop it over her head. The thin latex fluttered down at time threatening to close around her face cutting off her air. Wiggling as much as her clothing allowed she managed to get the dress on properly.

She had to struggle to get her arms down the sleeves and pull the zipper back up. Although she looked a little better she was still an extremely bizarre sight. Blonde wig, human featured mask over an extremist corset, trailing down to absurd boots. All of this topped off by an astonishing fetish costume. Now all she had to do was wait until the city went to sleep.


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