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Gail’s Saturday Morning

by Rawn

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© Copyright 2010 - Rawn - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; rope; gag; cuffs; stuck; fantasy; mast; cons; X

Part 2 added

Part One

Gail gazed out her living room window watching as the cold drizzle fell from the grey blanket blocking the morning sun. “A good day to be inside” she thought. She stood coffee in hand trying to wipe the sleep from her mind. Still exhausted from another busy week. When she had finally made it home last night she just showered, pulled on her latex nightgown, curled up in front of her TV and watched the dribble called entertainment.

She'd called it an early night, too worn out to even dig out her bondage gear she would normally use for a free nights sleep. (Didn’t have to work the next day.) As the slumber slipped from her mind she began running over what she needed to accomplish today and how she wanted to do it. Of course some form of bondage and restrictive clothing would be involved.

The tawny hair beauty drained the last mouthful of coffee from the over size mug. “Oh Hell, I don’t have to jump at anything. I deserve some time to myself” she muttered out loud, “I think I need some more sleep.” Gail grinned. Her ankle length latex nightgown swished as she turned from the window. The lithe woman had an idea how she could get more sleep, a deeper sleep and padded down the hall dropping her cup on the kitchen table along the way. She made her way back to her bedroom.

It didn’t bother her that her Mom and Dad had used it while she grew up. Some people might feel intimidated by playing or having sex in their parent’s bedroom. Not Gail, she had learned early in life to be her own woman. She came from a family of five and was the middle child having an older brother and sister and a younger brother and sister. She had purchased the family home from the others when Mom had offered it up. Gail’s siblings had moved away years ago finding life well away from the farm.

They had no interest in keeping the farm. All were very successful. One of her sisters had made it as a model in New York, the other a Major in the armed forces. Her older brother also in the forces had done 2 tours in Afghanistan and was decorated for it. He ran some sort of forces office now. Gail’s younger brother was a wizard with computers and lived near Los Angeles. Gail was the black sheep of the family. So to speak. She had literally followed her own intuitions.

Gail formed as scenario as she walked back to her room. Something simple but restrictive, not what would be called extreme but definitely restrictive. Something to hold and comfort her. A bondage of caring, of holding. A bondage of safe!

She tugged a black plastic storage box from under her bed that held most of her bondage gear. The soloist had found the boxes on sale at a local hardware store and immediately realised their potential in storing stuff under her bed. Stuff like ropes and cuffs because the boxes were a solid colour not the usual clear plastic she felt comfortable leaving them under her bed. Pulling the grey top off the storage container she surveyed the contents and removed a number of coils off soft white rope. Piling these on the bed she also removed a pair of home made sturdy leather cuffs.

Gail remembered how she had designed the cuffs herself from an old leather briefcase she has found at a second hand store. These held special meaning to her. They had been her first pair of restraints that did not leave tell tale marks on her wrists. When she had first started out with self-bondage she hadn’t had money to purchase the factory made ones but by putting her keen mind to work she came up with a satisfactory substitute.

First she had cut the old leather into 3-inch wide strips. Then wrapped the strip around her wrist and marked a decent overlap and cut them off. With a search in the marine section of a hardware store she found small eye straps. They looked a little like the hook end on a locking hasp kit. These she riveted to one end of the cuff. After measuring carefully she cut a small rectangle in the other end of the cuff. Gail made the cut small for a tight fit over the “eye”. Over the years they had softened but the leather was thick and once a lock was applied she could not remove them. They still smelled good even after all this time.

Her mind moved on, next she retrieved a pair of latex stockings and garter belt from a drawer in her dresser. Gail carefully rolled the stockings up each leg fussing over the smoothness of each one. Hiking up her nightgown she tugged the garter belt into place and attached the garters to the top of the stockings. Again she smoothed out wrinkles. As an after thought she reached back into the storage box and brought out a tight fitting ball gag harness.

Gail sat on the edge of her bed and unwound one rope. Folding the rope in half she started at her ankle. She wrapped the loop end around both of her slender ankles feed the free ends through the loop. Winding the rope around three times before splitting off and passing the rope between her ankles a couple of times to cinch the rope. Moving to keep her nightgown out of the way she treated her knees above and below to similar rope work as her ankles had just received. Another rope circled and cinched her latex covered thighs together. None of the rope work was tight enough to cause distress but would hold her firmly.

The bound beauty worked her-self into a standing position to allow her nightgown to flow back down in place. Sitting again she retrieved a long rope from her diminishing pile and after feeding the rope below and between her ankle fetters she stood again. Bringing the two free ends up in front she began a tight criss-cross around her legs up to her waist. She loved the look of white rope against the black of her nightgown. Gail worked the criss-cross over her hip to end with wrapping the remained tight around her waist knotting it in front.

Satisfied with her rope work she attempted to sit but the ropes made it difficult as now her nightgown was trapped and would not slide with her movements. Gail toppled onto the bed and squirmed her way into the center. Her hand moved toward her sex but the taught latex kept her from reaching the desired spot. Sheepishly she resumed her bondage.

Half sitting half lying, with effort she forced the large red ball between her gleaming teeth. Gail fumbled getting the straps in the proper places but with patience she won and tightened each strap forcing the large ball deeper in her pretty mouth. Next she picked up the leather cuffs. This would be the hardest part. Getting the cuffs to stay on while she fought the lock through the eyes and around the rope at the same time. All the while doing it behind her back.

The bound woman was frustrated by the time she managed too finally lock her wrist together behind her back. It had taken the better part of five minutes. Gail realised then that she was on top of the covers not under them and so the struggle began to find the comfort and warmth of her comforter. After a short battle with bound hands she managed to flip and snuggle the covers into a reasonable place to settle down under.

Gail let her mind go. Suddenly she was a kidnap victim. Snatched from the comforts of home, roughly bound and thrown unceremoniously into the back of a van. The tawny hair woman struggled and mewed into her gag. They wouldn’t let her go she knew. She had to free herself but the ropes held her tight. Again and again she battled her binding only to succumb to exhaustion. Finally defeated the bound beauty slipped off into a deep sleep.

Part Two

Later that morning the bound heroine woke. As she tried to stretch a slow smile spread around the large red ball buried deep in her mouth. Her fantasy crept back into focus. She had been abducted from her own home. Still in her nightgown bound hand and foot and dumped unceremoniously into the back of a van.

Gail was horny and tried to reach around her side but the ropes and cuffs held her firm. The bound woman rolled to her tummy and tried to hump the bed. That did nothing for her. She squirmed in her ropes but to no avail. Her binding kept her chaste. Grunting into the ball Gail rolled to her side her excitement building, burning inside her. She needed sexual release. That would only happen once she was free of the ropes and leather binding her.

Golden brown strands of hair matted on her face as she struggled. Grunts and squeals erupted from behind the ball gag strapped into her delicate mouth. Her jaw ached, her pussy throbbed and her frustration grew. Gail struggled to her feet and hopped to the end of the bed. A large ball rested atop one post of the four-post bed. She worked her way to it with tiny hopping shuffling steps. Pushing against the ball she tried again for release but the ropes and gown prevented even getting close. The beauty screamed behind her gag.

Looking around Gail knew the only way for sexual release was to find a way out of the ropes holding her. She knew too that the key to lock holding her wrists behind her back was in the kitchen on the table. Defeated she shuffled and hopped her way out of the bedroom. With each hop her large breasts bounced. Gail wished she had added nipple clamps the bouncing and rubbing of the gown would have been enough to get her off. Next time she thought.

The key was on the table but out of easy reach. She had thrown it on the table not paying attention to where it landed the key had skidded to the far side. Gail had placed the table under the kitchen window because she liked eating breakfast being able to look out over the farm. That now created a challenge the key had come to rest under the edge of the window frame. With her hands bound behind her she could not just reach out and retrieve it. She looked around the kitchen trying to find something long enough to reach the elusive key.

Gail screamed into her gag again and bounced up and down in frustration. She wanted to get off and roadblocks were being thrown up in front of her. Desperate she grabbed the edge of the table and tried to move it. The old solid oak table had no intention of moving. It had taken the help of a friend to get it under the window. Her useless tugging would not move it. She screamed again and tried to push against the corner of the table again hoping she could use it to get her satisfaction. All she wanted to do was cum.

She again surveyed the kitchen, nothing. Exasperated she hopped around the kitchen. An idea hit her, the broom! She shuffled and bounced to the broom closet. Turning her back to the door she grasped the knob and turned it. Her feet blocked the door from opening. She shuffled forward and tried again. This time the door opened a crack. She jiggled her way sideways and stretching her fingers out flipped the door open. Another challenge faced her. She kept all kinds of crap in the room. Out of sight out of mind. Junk littered the floor, the mop pail, old boots, and other debris she never thought of. Gail screamed in frustration again.

Looking at the broom so close yet out of reach. It hung against the wall only two feet in from the door. Normally she just reached over everything. “Damn got to clean this out!” she muttered behind the gag, although what came out was unintelligible. Taking a deep breath she knew she would have to fight her way in close enough to get the broom. Shuffling inside she felt her feet touch the first object in her path. Gail jumped and kicked sideways to move it. The pail moved, she did it again hope rising as it seemed to be working. The self-bound girl continued inching her way closer each time. When she was with in inches she turned her back and stretched her fingers out but she still could not reach it.

Then Gail decided to be daring she stuck her bum towards the instrument of her pending release. Still out of reach she shuffled back. Her foot bumped into something and stopped she had compressed the floor contents enough they were not moving any further. She lost her balance, and screamed as she fell tumbled back first into the broom closet. As the hapless woman fell she twisted trying to miss anything that might cause her injury. Thump she landed on top of the pail and a pile of other junk. Air whistled out her nose and from around the ball as she landed. Her ribs hurt but she had managed to keep her head from smashing into anything.

Now Gail was mad. She squirmed around on the floor, had it not been for the ball gag firmly strapped between her teeth a string of swear words would have spilled from her mouth. In her struggles her fingers brushed the bristle of the broom. “Well at last!” she thought. Grasping the business end of the broom she pulled it from its holder and tipped it out of the cramped room it clattered to the floor. Battling the confines and contents of the room the tawny hair woman worked her way out.

Still on the floor she hunted down the broom and with a lot of effort raised it up and rested the handle against the edge of the table. Next she contorted herself until she could kneel. Fighting her bonds she struggled to her feet using a chair for support she lay across the seat and brought her feet under her. Finally erect Gail retrieved the broom. Grasping the handle she manoeuvred around until she could bring the bristle end of the broom onto the table. Again things went awry. As he swept the broom across the top of the table she used too much power and the key skittered off the end of the table. Because her back was to the table she didn’t see where it landed.

Gail really screamed in frustration this time. Mrumffs and other noises spewed from behind the gag. There was nothing lady-like about the words she was trying to say. Her horniness only escalated at each challenge. All she wanted to do was finger her soaked and aching pussy. She turned toward the noise the key made when it hit the floor and shuffled her way to the end of the table. The key was nowhere to be seen. The bound beauty knew she was in trouble. The other key was in her safe and with her hands locked behind her back she could not reach it.

Hanging her head in defeat Gail knew what she had to do. Loathing the thought the bound woman knew she would have to cut the ropes holding her. She hated the thought of wasting perfectly good rope. Of course all of her sharp knives were in a block at the back of the counter she would have to settle for one of her serrated butter knives from the drawer.

Using the challenges to her benefit, Gail settled back into her fantasy. Her kidnappers had left the house confident their charge could not free her-self. When the helpless girl had realised no one was around she had struggled through the house looking for some way to get free. Finding the kitchen she started searching drawers. Finding the cutlery drawer she fumbled around and dug out a butter knife.

Excitement built as Gail sawed at the rope holding her hands behind her back. After what seemed and eternity the rope cut. The ropes binding her gown to her shifted and loosened. She shook herself and the ropes tumbled down her legs to the floor. Sweat slicked the inside of the gown and Gail was flushed from the exertions. To her dismay though she still could not bring her hands around in front. The lock still held her wrists together behind her back. At least now though she could move them around. She tried again to reach around her waist and satisfy her-self.

She still needed that key. Her eyes searched around the side of the table the key had flown off. A silver gleam caught her eye. The key must have hit the back of the chair and bounced off it under the table. Gail carefully dropped to her knees angry she hadn’t looked before she cut the ropes. She wiggled her way towards the key and as gently as she could flopped onto her side. Kicking with her feet Gail wormed her way between two chairs and scooped the key up.

With trembling finger she worked the key home and snap the lock popped open. Not moving from under the table Gail’s hands flew to her pussy. Her ankles still bound Gail scooped her night gown out of the way and spread her knees as far apart as she could. She pulled aside her panties and drove two fingers deep inside. A gasp of bliss escaped from behind the red ball still muffling her voice. Her thumb stroked and clit and she pushed another finger inside. Her blues eyes fluttered shut as she drove herself toward climax.

Her legs closed trapping her hand deep in her pussy. A cry of pleasure erupted from her gagged mouth she twitched and ached her back high as the orgasm racked her body. She wiggled her fingers eliciting another cry. After an eternity she slumped to the floor not moving. Time suspended and the bound woman revelled in the aftermath of her orgasm. Slowly the stretch of the ball in her mouth intruded on her bliss and groaning she moved. Reaching behind her head, she struggled the clasp free and worked the large ball from between her teeth.

Gail rubbed her jaw lying on the floor under the table. “Depraved bitch!” she mused out loud looking at the underside of the table. She lay a moment longer before deciding she really did need to get her day going. She had chores around the house she had been neglecting for too long. Still bound at her feet she wiggled from under the old family dining table.

“If Mom only knew!” she thought and laughed out loud.


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