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The Games We Play

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2013 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

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I thought I would never leave work this evening, it was always the same. Someone always wants something at the last minute. It makes me angry how most people I meet are what I call "crisis managers". Always leaving things to the deadline, then, dumping the work on a colleague to do at the very last minute. I eventually finished the report, dropped it in the "In" tray and walked out before someone wanted something else doing. Unpaid volunteer work for campaign season would look good on a C.V but sure was a killer on your social life.

I had to get out and recharge the batteries. The only way I have recently to do that, is to put myself into a situation where I have no say in the matter and just have to endure a bit of solitude. Restricting myself from the world outside. Having no connection to a phone or the TV for hours. Just allowing my body to switch off without control. To leave my brain to think about things, no matter how trivial. That's partly the reason I got into the situation.

I have always done things to the extreme. My family was reasonably well off and we had ponies as a girl. I was a bit of a daredevil always riding the hard path, jumping hedges and ditches I shouldn't, yet I realized I was putting myself and the horse in greater danger than necessary. I grew up with my sisters, but wasn't interested in dolls. I wanted the excitement of danger. I read Walter Scott's Ivanhoe rather than Little Women my sisters were into. The bit that sticks in my mind and always appealed to me was when Ivanhoe said to Isaac of York, he "will not spare horse nor armour", when he jousted at Ashby-de-la-Zouch. He was going at his task, full on. I liked that. I wanted that in my life. Reading Bronte, the love stories took second place to the rugged outdoors, the freedom on the moors away from people and being alive and free.

Well I know all this sounds like a contradiction, but in High-school with a kinky older boy, we fooled around a lot. After a joint or alcohol we were experimenting like crazy. I did blow jobs, a thing I thought I would never do after watching it on a porno film. I watched it because I wanted to know what sex was all about, rather than learning from books and magazines. Pornos were graphic. I never thought the people were in love, just doing it. I loved my first boyfriend so much, we acted out the films. He popped my cherry, then my anal cherry, and finally my BJ cherry in the months to come.

I was insatiable, and loved being in love and sex. It was a picture in a porno mag that got us into a bondage scenario we acted. He tied me to the bed and he would tease me for ages with his hands and a vibrator. He tickled me till I cried, then his fingers very gently traced their way all over my body causing me to pant and want him. To have him bring me to orgasm, which he always denied me, before climbing on my spread-eagled body and slowly sliding his cock into me. Inch by inch, I could feel him in my pussy, wet and wanting him to thrust into me deeper and harder, but he never did, until he was propped up on his elbows so our bodies were touching.

He lay on me, his hips wriggling side to side over my clitoris, his hot breath on my cheeks as I bucked my hips up to get him to start fucking me. Then his weight pressed down on me stopping this, as he kissed and nibbled my lips gently. His tongue gently probing my mouth. Nibbling at my ears and neck I almost came from this alone. Then he was withdrawing his cock before he slammed it back into me with an animal thrust before starting to nibble my ears again. This time he withdrew and slowly filled my pussy again before more neck and ear nibbling. A hand traced over my breasts as he bent his head to take my nipples in his mouth. The flick of his tongue causing them to harden instantly. He sucked, nibbled and bit them, pulling at them with his teeth, as his hands squeezed and kneaded my breasts. His lips found their way back up to mine, as he thrust his cock into me slowly at first building up a tempo as I became wetter and started panting. Waiting for my orgasm to build to a crescendo until the dam would burst.

His lips crushed mine and I could feel him panting as our tongues played and probed with each other. I threw my head back as my orgasm hit me, but he hadn't had his, so continued thrusting harder and faster into me. I was so turned on by our afternoon exertions I came again as he shot his seed deep into me. It was my first time that I had come twice during sexual intercourse.

We were both pretty exhausted after our little session and we both fell asleep. I was still tied and he was cuddling me when I awoke. It was a strange feeling at first. I was pinned by his weight on me as he dozed, and I couldn't move being spread-eagled on the bed as I was. It gave me time to think about what I had enjoyed about sex like that. I didn't have to make all the moves, but I was also defenseless to stop anything I didn't want to do. I was totally at the mercy of someone else.

Yes I trusted him, but who's to say I couldn't be on the end of a Frat' prank with the football team groping me and having the ass shagged off me by 30 muscle-bound meat-heads. I was totally helpless. I couldn't free myself. Hell, I could hardly move with the exception of the wriggling fingers and toes. Only my brain working thinking about shopping lists; my sisters’ birthday card I needed to send, that sort of thing. I actually liked being tied. It was erotic. It was sexy and we had sex a lot like this. I tied him and teased him till he begged me to wack him off, but mostly I liked the feeling of the rope restricting me. Stopping my freedom, knowing only my mind was actually free.

Well with him being older, he left school a year or so before me, and I realized I needed my fix from the ropes. With the Internet being used more and more, and this great big computer age dawning, what with everyone getting a pc, the inevitable happened. I became used to tying myself up, and found several sites on line that gave dares and situations, and provide the "how to do self-bondage" information I needed. It wasn't the same as with a partner, but it satisfied me that a vibrator in the right place can be unmerciful and unrelenting, making you come over and over.

So after graduation and not really having a clue as to what I wanted to do, my father suggested going on the campaign trail. He gave me a small allowance that would allow me to live while I did the work voluntarily. A good education from a good school, and this, would set me in good stead for anything I wanted to do later on, he said. So being daddy’s girl and not wanting to disappoint, I signed on the dotted line.

I wasn't interested in the politics. It was a job like any other. It slowly dawned on me though, that it was all about who you know in this world, to get you on to the next rung of the ladder. It became depressing for me, as there were so many more talented people out in this big world, who wouldn't get a chance. One politician is as bad as another. Never answering a direct question and a firm handshake will take you to the White House though. The good thing for me is I was travelling around city by city seeing the country, and could catch up on my old classmates as I went.

So after a week’s gut full of lies, bullshit and deceit, yet we still successfully went up several points in the polls, I was ready to get home and turn the phone off for two days and do nothing. Even the drive to my apartment didn't upset me, although there was still an ass on the road who thought it was cool to cut me up on the road home. Once the car was in the garage and the doors shut and locked for the evening and I could be in my own little world again. I was happy.

After a quick toilet break and shower. I was in a kinky mindset to free me from my woes of the day. That meant having a bondage session. I walked naked back to the bedroom where I had already laid out on the bed what I needed. I was contemplating wearing some sexy underwear as I had recently bought a bra and pantie combination. Those, some stockings and a garter belt and I would look amazing tied up. Trouble is I would be the only one to see it. I really couldn't be bothered adding to the washing pile, so a naked tie was what I decided on. It would be cool in the evening, but I would be free and dressed by then so I wasn't worried about prancing around the house naked.

A few squirts of lube rubbed onto the remote Butt Plug saw me standing with one leg up on the bed and bending slightly forwards as I slipped the plug into me. I could feel my ass pucker as the plug probed me before I angled it up into my ass. It slowly opened to take more of the plug as I pushed it deeper into me, where it finally closed around the tapered end of the plug.

I took hold of my Venus Butterfly and strapped it around my waist. I positioned the little three inch bulb into my pussy while the ridged part I pressed hard between my pussy lips to keep it intact with my clitoris. Then I strapped the Venus in place with the two thigh straps so I could walk about while the Venus held its position snuggled tightly against my mound. I inserted the freshly charged batteries into the remote control unit and tucked the remote into the thigh strap for the time being.

I padded off to the ice box where I had frozen two short pieces of string in a small block of ice. I hopped up onto the bed, the exertion of that jiggled the intruder impaling my ass and I gasped. My bedroom has a ceiling fan directly over the bed. I wasn't going to use it so I moved the blade in the off position so that it was directly above the centre of the bed.

I tied a long piece of sting to the blade of the fan. The other end of this I tied to a folded lock knife making sure it was tight. I then tied one of the loose ends of string in the ice to the door handle of the fitted wardrobes above my bed. The other piece of string I attached to the knife. The ice would melt and the knife would swing down to the middle of the bed and I would use that to free myself, cutting the ropes I needed to get free.

I sat on the edge of the bed and bent to tie my ankles together. I made sure to cinch them well together so they felt comfortable but I could not wriggle my feet out of the bonds. Next up was a rope around my thighs, positioned just above my knees. You really need to do this carefully as there are tendons at the back of the knee the rope can constrict and make painful. I cinched this too and then tied the rope with the two rings just below my knee.

It is two rings tied together that are tied off to something. In this case my knee rope. With a slip knot in one end to hold a loop of rope to tie my wrists, and the loose end threaded in just the right way through the rings; that it will allow you to pull in only one direction.

I was going to hogtie myself. Now if I had tied the rings at the ankles I would be able to reach the hogtie rope to pull my ankles down to my bum. With the rings at my ankles in reach of my fingers, I could pull the rings apart, and loosen the hogtie. If you are acting out a damsel in distress situation, you sure don't want to make getting free as easy as that. That's why I opted for the rings at the back of the knees. It is physically impossible for your hands to reach down your legs to your knees to pull the rings apart.

I stood and tied a rope around my waist. I pulled this down the front of me and slipped it between my thighs. It would be the crotch rope that held the Venus in my pussy. I tied this off at the back of my waist.

Leaning forward to my ankles I doubled over a four foot length and looped this through and tightened it over the cinches I made earlier. I left it loose as I was going to use this to hogtie me in a few moments. I positioned the looped coils of rope into the loose slip knot, and threaded the free end into the rings at the back of my knees. I was almost ready to give up my freedom to the ropes that now bound me.

I took a hold of the Ballgag and pushed the red latex ball between my lips so it rested behind my teeth, and buckled this behind my neck. I always loved the look of the girls on the web, gagged and drooling, yet I hate to drool all over myself. Funny, I giggled. I decided this time I would go for that effect. I undid the buckle and pulled the gag tighter moving the fastening up another hole before I was satisfied.

I picked up the leather blindfold I used and strapped it around my head up but left it on my forehead, to pull down when I was ready. It is very soft and covers the eyes but also has a nose hole so that you can’t rub it off of your face when strapped on. I wriggled into the middle of the bed. The feeling of the Venus and the Butt plug intruder inside me was electric.

Lying on my stomach I pulled the ankle rope up to my waist and bent my legs in as close to my bum as I could. I fed the rope through the crotch rope around my waist and pulled this tight. I fumbled around my back with my hands, making sure the hogtie rope was secure and wouldn’t slip at all. My ankles were tied just a few inches from touching the backs of my thighs. Just the severity I was looking to get.

I shivered in excitement and fear as I always did before a tie. There was every possibility something could go wrong, but I had done the tie just like this dozens of times, and it never had. My knees were comfortable and bent so they were almost touching my bottom so it was time to secure my hands and arms and relinquish my freedom for the next hour or so.

I took the two belts I had, and tightened them above and below my breasts trapping my upper arms to my side. I could hear the ice drip onto the towel I placed on my bed to catch them. The quicker I worked the longer I had in my bonds and I didn’t want to waste a minute if I could help it.

I pulled on the blindfold when I remembered I hadn't turned on the vibrator control at my thigh. Pulling up the blindfold I stretched out for the remote control pressing them until I had the random vibrating mode and then pressed the on button to stir the Venus into life. I made a quick stretch to get a hold of the fob switch that activated the Butt plug and set this to “on”, before tossing it onto the pillows way behind me so it would remain out of reach.

Soon there would be no way to turn off the vibrators until my hands were free again. I quickly pulled on the blindfold and groping around in the dark, I found the looped ropes for my wrists and the pull rope that would cinch the loop and also pull my hands away from my bottom, down to my knees, that would eventually be tight enough to trap me for the next hour.

The vibrators were humming away nicely and I could feel the warmth in my loins as they turned me on. Now it was always a pain to grope behind your back and push your hands into the rope coils. With a final grunt I finally managed to push my hands into the coils. With the straps tight around my chest and a big ball in my mouth I rested a bit catching my breath before pulling the rope to tighten the slip knot. I pulled and pulled until I felt my hands stretched down towards my knees. The ring would only allow one way movement, so with every pull I could feel the rope coiled about my wrists cinch tighter. I pulled until I was satisfied I wouldn’t be able to get free.

I lay there in my self imposed darkness testing my bonds.

My hands crept up to try to loosen the ropes at my ankles but the downward pull of my wrists to my knees prevented me reaching them. Wriggling my legs I tried to slip my ankles free of the ropes holding them. I knew it would be an impossible task as the ropes were also tied at the knees, and would not allow me to move all but an inch at most. Wriggling my ankles and knees to see how tight I was tied trying to find any slack I could maybe attempt to use to get free just caused the crotch rope to pull the Venus Butterfly closer into my pussy and the plug further up my ass. Then I had to let out a groan of pleasure as the Venus shifted up a tempo.

The feel of it tingling at my sex was fantastic and I murmured in pleasure, which released a small amount of drool down my chin. I tried to suck up the saliva from my mouth and swallow but the tight gag was having none of this. When you start to drool there is only two options I learnt from experience. Drool profusely, or forever try to swallow the saliva which in turn with the Ballgag in my mouth, just made my mouth water more. I would just have to wash the sheets this evening.

The Venus started to slow to almost nothing, before getting faster and harder. Then it jumped into a buzzing dot dash Morse code effect, before turning onto its highest setting. I was already panting at the slowly increasing tempo, but when it kicked into dot dash mode then the faster setting I started a low moaning wail. The vibrator suddenly stopped and started and then stopped again. This time I moaned in anger as I was so close to orgasm. Then the vibrator started on a random low stop start buzz for the next few minutes. I laughed at myself and how evil technology could be.

I could just have sat on the bed with my rabbit vibrator and taken me to orgasm over and over, but I wouldn’t have done that. It was too easy. This way I had the danger of not knowing how I would come or even if I would, in the next hours’ worth of imprisonment. That’s not to mention, what I would do if the melting string failed and snagged up. I wouldn’t be able to move from the bed until the landlady came to do some cleaning Monday. Then the shock of finding me bound and gagged on my soiled bed would probably kill her, the poor thing.

It was then the vibrator kicked into full power mode between my thighs, I could feel both the plug and the Venus touching and teasing grinding in me, though separated through the thin rectal wall. I lost all track of thought of shocked cleaning ladies. I wanted to come and the vibrator was going to let me. My panting increased I was moaning into my gag. The feeling was intense. I held my breath waiting, waiting, waiting then the orgasmic dam burst and I grunted in pleasure crying out loudly as the vibrators kept up the onslaught on my vagina and ass. I came again almost immediately.

The Venus then started to slow and as I came down from my climax high. I rested my face on the duvet. It was wet from my drool but I didn’t care. The orgasms I had were fantastic, and I waited for the Venus to start up again and give me more. Almost at once it did. I felt my ass being assaulted by a powerful burst from the plug but the vibrator in my pussy was on a constant low hum. It was a nice feeling but I’ve never been able to come from just anal sex. I needed the Venus in my pussy to up its game and it wasn’t going to, just yet. I moaned into the gag in frustration and rested my head back down on the duvet. The vibrators teased me for ages on low before slowly upping the tempo. My mind was thinking sexy thoughts. I was being taken roughly by my old boyfriend again and teased but always denied, I wanted to touch myself to rub my clit with latex gloved fingers. To plunge my fingers into my wet sex while pawing at my clit until I came loud and hard and was satisfied, but that would be ages away.

After a long while the Venus kicked into a full powered dot dash mode drumming at me over and over. I couldn’t help myself counting its rhythm 1-2 3-4-5 1-2 3-4-5 1-2 3-4-5. I was panting and moaning into my gag in time to the vibrations "I-WANT" "TO-COME-RIGHT-NOW" "PLEASE-LET ME" "COME-RIGHT-NOW"

Then as I hit my orgasm the Venus shuddered into full power and I screamed into my gag at the assault on my senses.

My pussy was contracting around the vibrator. I bucked to try to relieve the pressure on myself but the ropes of my ankles pulled on the crotch rope pulling the vibrators and the rope tighter into my fanny so there was no let up.

I cried out a strangled scream as I couldn’t stop my orgasms. I buried my face into the duvet shouting into my gag "Turn off, turn off, oh god please turn off." All to no avail. I was coming but was in pain from too many orgasms. My senses had overloaded. What is pleasureable was also a pain, yet I could do nothing to prevent it. My helplessness was complete. I was at the mercy of the ice timer and the vibrators. Nothing else mattered.

Not being able to see due to the blindfold, all thoughts of the rest of the day didn’t matter. I was in a highly charged sexual position, every touch, every brush of the duvet on my skin was electric and I shuddered. My only thought was my tortured pussy. Contracting wildly around the intruding vibrators that were now on full power. My ass cheeks were clammy with sweat.

The big plug was literally a pain in the ass now too.

The weight of my chest squashing my boobs into the bed was uncomfortable. I so badly wanted to turn onto my side just to relieve my weight pushing down on my crotch. Another bout of orgasms hit me and I screamed my head off burying the face deep into the duvet so as not to let the neighbours hear.

Then the vibrators cut off. I was shattered. I lay there panting for minutes to try to compose myself.

"That was quite a show you put on for me."

Blind as I was, I looked around in the direction of the voice. It was a male. In my room! Shit. How had he gotten in? I locked everything. I didn’t hear anything, but I wasn’t interested in that. I only cared about my next orgasm. I struggled at my wrists and ankles trying to pry the rope off with my fingers, but I was hopelessly stuck. Stuck and at the mercy of a complete stranger.

"Look lady. If you are good, I won’t hurt you. Understand? I SAID UNDERSTAND!" He raised his voice menacingly on the last part. I whimpered and nodded my head. Although I was gagged I managed to mumble out "AT'U'UNT"

"What everyone wants! Money."

"AKE OT U ONT AN EEV" I whimpered back at him. I was scared for my safety now. I was frightened I would be raped by him any minute.

"Look lady apart from the TV and the car, there's nothing worth stealing here. I am taking you! When your father sees what you get up to on this tape, and receives my ransom note he will be more than happy to pay me the two million bucks I am going to asking him for!"

I panicked and started to yell. Some bastard had broken into my house and was filming me. I was so angry but I could feel my ears burning with embarrassment and the shame of my poor parents seeing me like this. My privacy violated. I was thrashing about the bed trying to free myself, but he had anticipated it. I felt a cloth press over my face and the sickly smell of the chloroform on it.

With my mouth gagged already, I had no choice but to breathe in the fumes. The sweet smell of the cloth over my nose made me light headed. I could feel my body go limp. As my mind became foggy, I passed out.

(End of Part One)


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