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Gang of Four 1: Real Estate Lady

by West Coast Comet

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Part 1: Real Estate Lady

When she walked through the office, most of the guys would stop what they were doing, and pretend to casually glance in her direction. Dressed up, Diane looked absolutely stunning walking through the real estate office. She wore tailored clothes that fit her nicely. That is “nicely” and not slutty. Most of the guys would quietly think to themselves, “She is way out of my league, but oh man, what I would do with that!”

She had blond hair of medium length with a cute flip at her shoulders, combined with a pretty face. She had a cute short nose with a slight upturn at the end, blue eyes, and a quick smile. She was not overly endowed, but had a balanced figure with a high perky ass, a small waist, and nice breasts. Diane was not especially athletic, but she did exercise, she did Yoga, and she did watch her weight. She would always walk placing one foot in line with the other, which caused her ass to swing very nicely. All in all, she had a very striking look about her.

Diane was successful as a real estate salesperson, especially if she got to work with male buyers. Sometimes a female buyer or spouses of the male buyer would resent the attention their male partners would give Diane. She was not a flirt and played it straight, and most of the time that was enough to disarm the female buyers. In addition, her charm and perception just cut through the emotional and sexual issues, and she could sell. Holy cow could she sell! She made enough money to be independent and buy the things she wanted, within reason. She had a nice, steady income from her commissions.

She had taken a week of vacation, and decided to just drive for a bit, without a real destination. Today she found herself driving through her old home town. She drove through town and on to her old neighborhood, just to see how it looked. Diane was not particularly nostalgic, but this was fun and sort of interesting. Her parents had moved to Florida about 3 years ago. She had left home 2 years before they moved. She had not been back for 5 years.

The little subdivision was on the outside of the city limits, on the far side of the Interstate. It was just a single 3-block long road with small half acre plots, with look-alike brick ranch houses in nice rows on each side. Each plot seemed to be walled with an old chain link fence meant to keep safe long-ago pets. As she turned into the road for her old subdivision, she saw it immediately. At the end of the road stood the old dairy barn, just as it had in her earlier days.

“Holy shit”, she thought, “I can’t believe it is still standing!” Diane smiled and remembered some of her first experiences that happened in that old place. She drove to the end of the road, past her old house, which still looked the same. She hardly gave it a second glance. She parked at the end of the lane, in the turnaround circle, and got out of the car. She looked at the barn with some wonder. It stood there like a large grey fortress, with the high grasses all around seeming to assault the barn in vain.

“That place never seems to change” she thought. As she stood there she recalled the ‘gang of four’ that she used to hang with some years ago. She also recalled that day she was tied up in the loft and experienced her first involuntary orgasm. It made her shudder with passion.


The Gang of Four

Diane’s mind went into a flashback. She remembered that there were just four girls in the neighborhood her age. They all rode the school bus together, hung around together and were friends. Sally was the informal leader. She was dark haired, angular, and athletic. Rosie was also dark haired and a little heavier than the others, but certainly not fat. Diane was certain she had heard that she was now a mother of 2 and expecting again. Margie was the fourth. She was sort of plain in comparison with the other girls. Margie was the cautious one. Diane smiled to herself, thinking that Margie was probably the one most like her parents. “A mother in training” Diane used to chide her at times. Diane recalled that Margie, like Rosie, was now a mother for real with kids of her own.

Diane had not found that one guy who was right for her, although there had been a few close calls. She was still single, and very much unattached. In many ways, Diane liked it like that.

Of the four, Diane was the one your eyes would center on when you saw them all together. She was the most striking of the four, and sometimes the other three would resent that. They talked about it, with Diane saying that she could not change who she was or who they were. They simply had to accept each other as they were. It seemed to quell any antagonism that might have split the group. However, this would return in actions later.

The girls decided to form a club of sorts. They all sat on the floor at Sally’s house and decided to call themselves the ‘gang of four’. Their secret sign was to hold up their hand with the thumb tucked in, showing four fingers. They had their name, and their secret sign, now they needed a club house.

Sally mentioned that her brother Jason liked to hunt birds with his BB gun in the old barn at the end of the street. He told her it was empty, and pretty cool. Maybe the barn might work for a club house? Sally relayed to the girls that Jason told her there was a secret way into the building. He had told her the little door on the far side of the barn’s lower level was unlocked.

That night Diane had asked her parents about the barn. It seems the original developer of their little subdivision had big dreams. He had purchased the property that contained the barn, intending to build many more homes, but promptly died. His heirs squabbled about the estate, and threw the whole business into probate. Meanwhile, the whole development company went into bankruptcy. As a consequence, the barn remained untouched since the day the dairy farmer moved out. These old barns would stand forever if the roof remained intact, and the farmer had put a metal roof on just before selling out.

“Hum, sounds like it is fair game for a club house” Diane concluded to herself. That was right after her parents warned her to stay out of the barn since it was private property. As usual for most teenagers, she simply ignored the parental cautions, and heard what she wanted to hear.

Next Saturday the gang of four set out to have an adventure. They slipped through the fence, and crouched down to creep through the grass. They moved furtively, glancing all around to make sure they would not be discovered. Of course, nobody was looking, nor would they have cared had they seen the girls. Ducking and dodging was part of the adventure, and made the whole thing fun.

Diane led the charge. Of all the four, she was the most daring. She often acted before she thought through the consequences, and this would come back to haunt her later. As they got closer to the barn, they all were in awe of the size of the thing. It was a very large structure. She got to the little door in the stone wall of the barn foundation. One of the window panes was popped out and the door opened when she turned the knob and pushed.

Of course, Margie had to say, “Are you sure we should be doing this?”

The girls entered and walked through what were the milking styles. They were in the cool stone cellar area of the barn. The dairy farm had installed stainless steel styles to hold the cows’ heads while being milked. It was a simple arrangement where the cow would lower their heads to eat hay in the trough along the wall. When they did that, they would engage the steel head restraints. When Diane looked at that, she could envision herself caught in a similar trap. She recalled that she liked the feeling that the idea gave her.

As the girls would soon figure out, the hay troughs along the wall were supplied with hay from the hay loft 2-3 stories above through chutes than ran down the sides of the barn walls. These hay chutes would play a major part in future truth-or-dare sessions.

The gang of four went up the stairs to the main floor of the barn. It was elevated with an earth bank on either end of the structure, allowing large farm equipment to be stored in the main part of the barn. The girls opened the door at the top of the stairs and quietly walked through the rooms along the side of the main structure under the hay loft on the south side of the barn. They were even more awestruck at the size of the barn when they looked up from the floor.

“It must be 50 feet to the roof from here”, Sally whispered. There was a large hay hook hanging by a long rope from a pulley somewhere high along the roof center. Diane found herself looking at the hook with some interest. She didn’t know why, but it seemed to hold her interest.

Sunlight filtered through the boards and through the hay loft door highlighting dust in the air. The girls soon began to scout around being very quiet and stealthy. Rosie found another set of stairs, this one leading to the hay loft on the south side of the main room. The roof was a gambrel style with small dormer windows that provided light into the hay loft.

All four girls went up the stairs to the south loft. It was divided from the loft on the north side by the large open area in the center of the barn. At the far end of the barn, there was a walk way over the end door that connected the lofts. The girls called it the bridge. Hay bales still littered the floor, and there were a substantial number of bales in the north loft.

“This is where we need to make our club house” Sally said, “We can stack up the bales and make a little room. Nobody will think there is anything here but we will know the secret passage”.

The girls set to work. They stacked up the bales in front of the remains of an a little store room at the far end of the north loft. The room no longer had walls, but the 2x4 skeleton was still in place. They made the bales look random on the outside, but their pile concealed a little hay-walled room in the corner, with a passage along the wall. It was very clever, and seemed to them, to work quite well. They cleaned the floor in the little room as best they could and moved some more bales into their room to function as seats.

They would meet in their secret club house about every 2 days. They would talk, share snacks, and giggle over stuff from school. Often they would play a game called truth or dare.


How Did It Get So Raunchy?

A car drove by the road at the end of the subdivision and broke Diane’s concentration. She watched it disappear down the farm road. Diane stood next to her car looking at the barn, remembering the gang of four, and the truth-or-dare game. She smiled and wondered if the barn was still open. She locked her car and began to walk through the field to the barn.

“I remember that day” she mused, “when innocent play turned to raunchier activity”. He mind flashed back to that day truth-or-darn turned sexual. Of course, the four girls had matured and were now in high school. They were all becoming sexually active to one degree or another. Diane had always been more daring than the rest of the gang, and that Saturday she firmly established her leadership in daring-ness.


“Truth or dare” Sally posed her question to Diane, “You have a crush on my brother Jason”. Diane did indeed have a crush on Jason, but she wouldn’t give Sally the satisfaction of knowing that, so she had to do the dare. The dare was to take off her blouse and drop it down the chute to the hay troughs in the styles in the cellar.

“Watch this guys.” Diane proudly took off her blouse and threw it down the nearby chute. She stood there defiantly in her bra and shorts. “Now you guys need to do the same. It will be an adventure. We can sneak down to the cellar without being seen and get our tops back. It will be cool!”

Even Rosie did it. They all rushed down the two sets of stairs giggling and blushing. They retrieved their tops from the trough in the cellar and quickly put them back on, except Diane. She felt exhilarated by being exposed. She suddenly found this to be very exciting.

It wasn’t long before ‘Truth-or-Dare’ became mostly ‘Dare’. Soon everything but panties were going down the chute. Then they would run across the bridge between the lofts and down two sets of stairs to retrieve their clothes. In reality, every one of them found this very stimulating sexually, although none would admit it.


Diane stopped in mid-thought, and stopped walking toward the barn and stood still for a moment. She rubbed the outside of her shorts, pressing her hands against her crotch. She shivered a bit remembering the thrill. Those days were delicious. She licked her lips. She found it amusing that she was getting aroused just thinking about those days.

She recalled that one Saturday the girls ran into a problem.


Jason and his buddies arrived at the barn expecting to shoot at some pigeons, right in the middle of one of the dare-games. The girls had to stay hidden up in their clubhouse. Thank goodness the boys were not inquisitive about the barn. They just shot around until all the birds left. The gang of four hid in their club house being as quiet as possible, in nothing but their panties, having already thrown the rest of their clothes down the hay chute.

They escaped without detection that day. However, Margie swore off doing the bare-assed dash anymore. Rosie called her a stick-in-the-mud and harassed her into continuing her participation. Margie was not into the game as much as the other three.

The Kidnap Game

It was Margie that said it, “What if Jason and his BB-gun buddies had discovered us without our clothes? They might have tied us up and done bad things to us. They could have kidnapped us and kept us tied up in our barn secret place, and no one would have found us”

The whole idea of being tied up and exposed sent lightening through Diane’s brain. She remembered that conversation to this day. She repeated it out loud as she walked toward the barn through the high grass, “Maybe they would tie us up and do bad things to us!” Diane smiled. Her interest in bondage could be said to start right from that comment by Margie.

Regardless of Margie’s concern, the idea sounded interesting to all of them, save Margie. She went along with the crowd anyway. The girls decided to be “kidnapped”. At first it was just tossing their clothes down the chute, holding their hands behind their backs and running down the stairs in just their panties. They made a rule they could not cover up because their hands were tied behind their backs.

This soon gave way to being really tied up. They had all been in girl scouts and still had those cloth belts with ratchet type clasps. Each girl brought their old belt and one of the four would belt the others hands behind their backs. Then the last one would get one of the others to close the belt on their wrists.

Soon this game evolved into everyone tossing their clothes down the chute, except panties. Then one girl would tie up the others, but this time, they had to place their arms around the 2x4’s of the old room. The forth girl would be tied up also, but be free to creep down the stairs by herself to get the clothing of the other kids, and bring it back up to the club house, hands still tied, to “rescuing the damsels in distress”.


By now Diane had reached the little door on the backside of the barn. She tried it and found it locked. She was disappointed, but realized that the window pain was still missing. She reached inside and found the door lock. She unlocked and opened the door, and slipped inside. As she walked around the barn, she noticed that it seemed cleaner and in better repair than she remembered. Odd, she thought, usually memory fades the unpleasant. It should have looked worse.

She thought nothing more about it until she reached the old hay loft. All the hay had been removed and the lofts were a little dusty, but relatively clean. There were some evidence of changes, but the place still looked abandoned.

Diane was still thinking about the old days.


When it was Diane’s chance to be the rescuer, she dutifully tied up the other girls. Sally was tied to post one, Margie to post two, and Rosie to post 3. They had all tossed their clothes down the chute. After she had them tied, they offered to tie her. Right then, Diane changed the game. She pulled down their panties to their knees, each and every one, and then ran off laughing. The other girls screamed in panic and mortification.

“I’ll come back later and rescue you guys… maybe”, she giggled. “I hope the BB-gun gang doesn’t find you. I am going to steal your clothes and take them home with me”. She ran out of the club house and down the steps. She got to the area in the field where she thought the girls could see her. She waved and yelled “Bye”. This was long before she realized that ‘paybacks are hell’. She did intend to return and free them, but after a bit. She had even left their clothes at the bottom of the chute.

To Diane, this seemed terribly titillating and exciting. The other three girls didn’t agree. Rosie just about died of embarrassment. Margie attempted to wiggle free herself. Sally was pissed. She told Margie to reach over with her hands, easily freeing Sally’s belt buckle (the 2x4’s were only 16” apart). Then she released Margie and Rosie. They all agreed that Diane had to pay for this dastardly deed. They plotted their revenge.

Paybacks are Heaven

There was little doubt in Diane’s mind that the girls would get back at her. In fact she looked forward to it. She found it strange, but it was exciting to her, to become the target of a possible “kidnapping”. She found that the whole idea of being a “victim” was exciting. She was sure the other girls would show little mercy.

That next Saturday the girls met at their secret club house, and soon they were engaged in the kidnap game. Sally said that Diane must be the first tied-up because she could not be trusted to rescue the other three otherwise.

“Okay” Diane said, and took off her T-shirt, shorts and bra. She tossed them down the chute.

When she turned around she realized that none of the other girls had removed their clothing. A spike of excitement ran up her spine as she realized she was going to be the only kidnap victim today. They pulled her hands behind the 2x4 in the middle of the room. This time the belt around her wrists was pulled tighter than usual. A second belt went around her waist, buckled in front.

“We don’t want you escaping before you get rescued, so we are going to tie you up extra good” Sally said with an evil grin across her face.

“I’ll get out anyway. You can’t keep me here you dirty kidnappers!” Diane responded, playing into the game.

Sally grabbed Diane’s panties and pulled them down to and off her ankles. They even pulled off her shoes. Diane was now absolutely naked. She sucked in a big breath at this twist in the action. She had expected them to strip her after what she had done to them; however the actual act of having her panties pulled off was far more intense than she had expected.

To Diane’s surprise, Rosie and Margie each grabbed a leg and pulled them over to the adjacent 2x4 stud. They each wrapped a belt around an ankle and then around the 2x4, spreading Diane’s legs apart. Now she couldn’t close her legs. She felt very exposed and vulnerable. With her legs tied Diane began to become very aroused. She could feel her excitement building.

“We’re not done yet” Sally said in a low threatening voice.

Hay bales are tied together with baling twine. Over the years, as the bales were broken apart, piles of this twine were left all over the floor. Sally grabbed a handful and began to tie them around Diane’s arms. The other girls joined in randomly tying strings all over Diane. However, one of the girls had an agenda. Diane couldn’t tell who it was. She suspected Sally.

Soon Diane found her fingers and thumbs tied together and tied to the post she was bound to. Sally wrapped the string through her mouth and around her head, immobilizing her and making it difficult to speak intelligibly. Twine wrapped around her chest and around each leg making any movement difficult. Diane was grunting and protesting as best she could, but as a whole, she was quiet. She found herself enjoying the experience.

Sally then changed the whole game when she said, “We’re going to give you a string bikini!”

“What the hell did that mean?” Diane thought as she attempted to look downward with the strings wrapped around her head. Diane had nice tan lines where she had worn her 2-piece swim suit. She had white skin across her chest and below her belly.

Sally wrapped each of Diane’s breasts once with baling string, tying it to the post in the back. Then she pulled a double string across Diane’s nipples, twisting it as she went. It gently pinched Diane just right. Diane moaned out loud, which made Sally laugh.

“This will teach you to betray the gang of four” Rosie boasted. “Now you are going to get yours”.

“Finish up her string bikini and let’s get out of here” Margie said nervously.

“Go find me some more string” Sally said to the other two girls, “I’m not half done yet”.

The girls came back with handfuls of strings. Sally tied several of them to the belt in front, and pulled them through Diane’s crotch, tying them to the 2x4 behind her. Sally pulled them tight, forcing Diane to rotate her hips back and get up on her toes. That movement forced the 2x4 into her crack. Sally tied them off. Diane protesting greatly, but ineffectively with squeals and mumbled threats. The string tasted terrible and she was trying not to move too much.

“Rosie is going to call your mom and tell her you are going to the movies with all of us and will spend tonight at her house. We are going to take all your clothes with us, so you can’t escape. We will see you Tomorrow afternoon” Sally said with a wicked smile.

“Un-Aah, Un-Aah” Diane grunted, trying to thrash a bit and get loose. She didn’t want to get left in the barn, naked and tied up all night. Well, maybe she didn’t, maybe she did? It crossed her mind that this was a pretty interesting situation.

“I might tell Jason about the really big ‘bird’ stuck in the north loft” Sally smiled and walked off.

The idea of being discovered by Jason, and no doubt molested by him terrified and excited Diane. She pleaded with Sally not to say anything, as best she could with the strings cutting across her mouth. For some weird reason, she found this situation exhilarating. She was panting. Her chest was rising and falling as she pulled in deep breaths and pushed them out. Adrenalin was rushing through her body.

She watched the girls pick up her clothes and walk away. In about 5 minutes, she could barely see them through the window, walking across the field waving her clothes. She couldn’t quite turn her head, and the little window was at the limits of her ability to see with her head tied so tightly. None the less, she knew her clothes were gone.

She was alone in the old dairy barn, naked and tied up. Not a stich of clothing was in the barn. She moaned. This was some sort of fantasy come true for Diane. She had thought about this sort of situation, but of course, the bondage of her fantasy was not nearly as tight or complete, or most importantly, as invasive of her private parts as she was experiencing right now.

Something about her situation was so exciting that Diane found her heart racing. She felt so alive right now, standing naked, tied in this old barn. She started to relax and tried to rotate her hips forward and get off her toes. As she did that, the strings under her crotch slipped into her wet little pussy, causing her to let out a loud groan. The so-called string bikini has become a very persistent crotch rope, or better, crotch strings.

This invasion of her most intimate parts was completely unexpected. Diane pulled against her bonds, but nothing gave. She strained as hard as she could, but all that happened was a buildup of excitement. She found she couldn’t stop herself rocking her hips, pulling the rough baling string through her crotch, rubbing her clitoris with the rude rough cords. Her body was out of her control. Her conscious-self seemed to fracture away from the animal that existed inside her. The animal was in control now, and Diane was along for the ride.

The first orgasm caused her to buck and scream. She knew no restraint in action, because she was restrained. She let it all out, allowing the orgasm to roll over and over her. She pulled against every belt and string, forcing them into her skin. She finished was a heavy shudder that affected her whole body.

She felt like she had been hit by a train. It was the most intense experience she had ever experienced. She became conscious of the sweat dripping off her as she hung in her bonds. She was depleted, but there was still this itch in her pussy.

“No, oh no” she moaned, as her body started once again to respond to the bondage, the nakedness, and the specifically, the crotch strings tickling and touching her vaginal lips and her clitoris. It was impossible for her to stop her hips rocking as she roared into a second, even more intense orgasm. She had completely lost control of her young body as she experienced multiple orgasms this time, each one causing her to shake and scream.

When she came back to some semblance of consciousness, she found herself covered with sweat and shaking a little. She thought she might die from being over stimulated. At least it crossed her mind.

She thought, “The girls will be sorry. They will come back tomorrow and find me fucked to death by string. It will be a closed casket funeral because my poor pussy will be so swollen the coffin lid will barely fit!”

This caused her to chuckle a bit to herself, and broke her sexual concentration. After a little rest, she began to feel around her bonds trying to figure out how to get loose. She was able to work the strings off her fingers, but one of the girls had really done a nice job on her thumbs, they were tied and cinched, and then tied down to the 2x4. Diane could not get those strings off. She did not do much better with her toes, getting most of the strings off all but those on her big toes. Several other random strings had broken or come loose, except for the ones that really mattered. She began to realize that she might be there, tied up in the barn, until she was rescued.

During one of her episodes, the string broke that ran through her mouth and around her head. She was able to move her jaw and turn her head. Diane was grateful for that small bit of freedom.

As she was turning and twisting to free herself, she was also causing the strings around her breasts to contract. Furthermore the strings across her nipples were gently pinching them. She stopped moving trying to make the stimulation stop. The problem was that just breathing in and out caused those strings to play their evil role in this diabolical bondage.

Somehow, through random chance, the three girls had done a superb job tying Diane in inescapable bondage that also caused her almost maximum sexual stimulation. It wasn’t long before Diane’s hips were rocking again, and she had lost control.

“Oh God. Oh God. Oh God…. Not again!” Diane screamed. It seemed each time; each successive orgasm was more intense than the last, at least in her mind, although she was tiring physically. This cycle kept repeating itself through the afternoon and into the evening.

The three conspirators did leave Diane in the barn until late that night. They all felt a little guilty about the harshness of their revenge. They had decided not to leave Diane overnight, even in their initial plans. They told Diane that they would leave her, just to make the ‘punishment’ seem worse.

They snuck back into the barn after dark, being careful not allow Diane to hear them coming. However, when they heard Diane’s gasps and moans, they thought she was being murdered. They rushed up the stairs and across the bridge only to find Diane hanging in her bondage, exhausted but quite alive, and quite safe.

Diane slumped against the belts while the other girls cut the strings. Rosie cut away the so called “sting bikini” and uttered a loud “Ick, ick, ick!” She had put her hands into all the juices from Diane that covered the crotch strings and most of the insides of Diane’s legs.

“What the hell” Sally shined her flashlight on Diane’s crotch. “You have been having a good time up here haven’t you? You slut! You dirty slut! This turned you on didn’t it? “ .

Diane said nothing at first. She needed to sit down. Her legs were trembling and she was not sure she could even stand, let alone walk. One of the girls gave her some water. There was no denying what had been going on. The smell in the loft was enough of a giveaway, let alone the mess all over Diane’s legs.


Now, standing in the old barn, Diane’s mind snapped back to the present. She vaguely recalled how embarrassed she was at the time, but the elation of that day completely out shined her humiliation. She knew that she must recreate that feeling. Somehow she would need to bind herself in this old barn, once again, and feel that sexual exhilaration and abandonment she had enjoyed that day in the barn so long ago.

Diane practically ran back to her car and started for the nearest hardware. She was determined to find enough hemp rope to do the trick. Her head was spinning with the way to accomplish her mission. She had done a little self-bondage before, but she did not have any of her supplies with her. She would need to do some shopping. Little did she know the wild, exciting outcome this day would lead to.


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