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Garden Shed Adventure

by Inferno of the Soul

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© Copyright 2005 - Inferno of the Soul - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; cons; X

Garden Shed Adventure by Inferno of the Soul

Sarah’s’ life had finally had gone her way.  She landed a great job at a major company and finally been able to move out of her parents home.  She had just finished unpacking all of her of things and was considering living out one of her fantasies.  She had been into bondage for about 3 years but couldn’t really do anything too risky and now she could play and add the thrill of being seen in bondage.  

It was something that she had always wanted to try and now that she had the chance she was going to do what she wanted to do.  She stood up striping off her clothing.  As soon as she entered her room she was as bare as the day she was born.  As she walked over to her closet she thought about her plan to make sure she didn’t see a weak point in it.  She would tie herself up and use electric controlled padlocks to hold her in bondage with the remote that would open the lock was outside in a small garden shed in her back yard.  All she would have to do was wait until the sun fell and night gave her some cover then make her way outside and push the button.  

“I can’t believe that I am finally able to do this.” She thought to herself as she her nerves began to grow.  

She pulled a suit case out of her closet and placed it in the middle of her bed.  She opened up the suit case and the room filled with the smell of leather and rubber.  Sifting through all of her things she found the items she would need.  Placing a pair of wrist cuffs, a pair of ankle cuffs, a black ball gag, black leather collar, a black leather chastity belt, a small butt plug, a vibrator, a pair of Japanese clover clamps, and two 6 in chain.  Only a couple more things and she would be ready.  

“Now were did they go?” She said aloud looking for a pair of 6 in knee high boots.  “Ha there they are.” She called out snatching them out form behind a pile of clothes.   Tossing them over next to her bed she went to her dresser to get the last couple items.  It didn’t take long for her to pull out a corset, 7 padlocks, and a tube of lube.  

Turning a full length mirror towards were she would “get dressed” so she could watch herself become helpless.  She looked at herself in the mirror while running her hand down herself.  She was 5’8” with a nice tan.  She didn’t have large breasts, but they were a large B cup.  The first thing she did was wrap her leather corset around her waist.  She gathered the laces and placed them into a small box that quickly began tightening them.  She grabbed the bed post as she felt the corset tighten from just below her breast to just above her hips.  A small beep was heard just as the corset stopped getting tighter.  Sarah reached behind her and removed the box leaving the laces neatly tied into a single bow.  

“I really hate putting this damn thing on but it feels so good.” She thought as she sat on the bed.  

Picking her foot up she slid it into one of the boots and placing her heel on the bed she was able to pull the zipper of the inside of the boot.  She strapped an ankle cuff on her around her ankle and locking it on she repeated this process with her other leg.  Finally she locked 1 of the 6 in chains to the D rings on her ankle cuffs.  Standing up unbalanced at first on her booted feet she strapped the chastity belt around her waist. Lubing up her anal plug and pushed it home.  After placing a little lube on her vibrator she slid it easily into herself.  Pulling the crouch strap as tight as she could and buckled it on the back of the belt.  

Now was time for her collar.  Picking up the collar she locked the 6 in chain to the small D ring on the back of the collar.  She then buckled the collar around her neck and gave a small shiver as the cold chain touched the bare part of her back.  She then picked up one of her wrist cuffs and locked it onto her right wrist and then repeated this with her left wrist.  There were only three more things to before she would be done.  Picking up her gag she opened her mouth wide to accommodate the rubber ball.  Pushing the ball behind her teeth she then pulled the straps around her head pulling the strap tight as she could stand causing the ball to be pulled a little deeper into her mouth she then managed to buckle the strap.  

She then began to play with her nipples until they were ready.  Picking up the clamps she ran one of the clamps trough the D ring in front of the collar.  She then attached the clamps to her nipples.  The chain on the clamps was too short so her nipples were pulled slightly upwards putting constant pull on her nipples.  She bit hard on the gag as she attached the clamps to her nipples.  She picked up the small remote for her vibrator off her bed and turned on to a random setting she then tossed the remote on top shelf of her book case so she couldn’t reach it once her final step was taken.  Now it was time for the moment of truth she was about to pass the point of no return.  Picking up the last lock she placed her arms behind her back and ran the lock trough the D rings on the cuffs and the bottom link of the chain and then closed it.  

As the click of the lock caching echoed in the silent room Sarah knew it would be a long time before she would be free from her bondage.  Now her freedom was in control of Mother Nature.  She would have to wait for the sun to fall before she could venture out side to retrieve the remote that would unlock the padlocks that stole her freedom from her and that was at least another 1hour and an half so about 2 hours before total darkness.  Sarah fell back on to her bed as her vibrator turned on to its highest setting.  She moaned into the gag and twisting her body so she could pull on her nipples.  She let out a frustrated cry as the vibrator shut off.  This is what she loved about bondage it was able to drive her to the edge and not let her cum.  

She has had partners before, but they never were able to tease her very well.  They would tie her up and play with her body then fuck her never making her go crazy with pleasure only filling there needs before hers.  Frustrated and horny Sarah pulled herself to her feet groaning in pain as standing caused her to pull on her nipples.  As she walked she felt the plug in her pussy and ass move in and out of her slow fucking her driving her nuts.  As she walked into the living room the phone went off just as she passed by it and her vibrator went off at the same time scaring her and causing her to moan at the same time.  

“Damn all I needed was a couple more seconds.”  She taught to herself as the vibrator turned off.  That’s how her day went walking slowly around her house stopping when her vibrator switched on and cursing into her gag.  “Finally” she thought to herself looking out the back door seeing only darkness.  She turned her back to the door so she could open it.  She quickly stepped outside and closed the door behind her and began her journey to the small shed at the other end of the yard.  She had to move as fast as she could because with the high fence she could tell if her neighbors were outside or not.  

When had made it about half way to the shed a football land right in front of her feet.  “Shit” she taught as she heard her neighbors’ voices.  “Just go get it.  I don’t think she will mind if you just hop over the fence get it then hop back over.” One of them spoke as another answered.  “Ok I get the damn ball keep your shirt on.”  

“Damn it I mind.”  Sarah said as see saw one of there hands grab the top of the fence.  Sarah quickly got behind a statue shielding her from view.  “I think I am going to keep this statue now.”  She thought as she was hiding behind a statue she was planning to have removed from her yard and now thankful she hadn’t yet.  

“Heads up” She heard the man yell followed shortly by the sounds of wood being hit.  She waited a good while before looking around the statue to see if the coast was clear.  She didn’t see anyone so she made her way towards the shed again.  The remote was sitting right were she had placed it on the small window seal just inside the door.  She pushed the unlock button and removed the lock and pulled her hands slow in front of her and releasing her nipples from the clamps.  Biting hard into the gag from the pain as the blood rushed into her nipples.  After rubbing some of the pain out of her nipples she removed the chain from between her ankles.  She then quickly made her way back into her house.  Almost running into her bed room she made her way for the bookshelf with the vibrators remote on it.  Grabbing it she turned it on high and fell back on to her bed moaning loudly into the ball gag that she still wore.  It didn’t take long for her to climax.  She lost all control of her body as her moans filled the room.  She turned off the vibrator as her last climax began to subside.  She then slowly slipped off to sleep with a smile on her gagged mouth.


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