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The Gates of Hell Experiment

by Prof. Challenger

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© Copyright 2003 - Prof. Challenger - Used by permission

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The Gates of Hell Experiment
by Prof. Challenger ([email protected])

The Gates of Hell Experiment, by Prof. Challenger ([email protected])
I bought a cock toy called a “Gates of Hell” for experimentation purposes. It consisted of a strap with a series of graduated rings attached. In this case, there were five, and made out of black rubber. (Some are made of metal rings, and have up to seven rings). Another page on the internet devoted to chastity reported that some users had had some success using these as chastity devices. I’m not into the prospect of long-term chastity, but any ideas involving a good, cheap dungeon toy attracts me.

I put the device on. The first and largest ring goes around the base of the penis and testicles, and the rest line up along the length of the penis. Depending upon the graduation of the rings (this one was mild) it can be quite a deterrent to a full erection. Locking the last ring and first ring together would further hold the penis in a bent-down position, as well as making the device difficult to remove. As directed, I took a small padlock and looped it through the smallest ring, and then under my scrotum to the largest ring. I found it very awkward to try to get the lock through both rings, and found it rather uncomfortable. The single strap connecting the rings did not stay “in line” which caused pressure to be applied unevenly. Possibly because the rings were flexible, it would have been easy to escape from.

After a short time, I removed the lock and just wore the device for a while, and found it comfortable. I noticed the outer end of the strap had a small d-ring for a leash or other attachment, so I decided to try some other experiments.

I had been intrigued by some other self-bondage writers who described making bondage “real” by tethering themselves with nipple clamps, such that the player had to pull themselves out of the clamps (hands bound behind, of course) in order to get to keys and freedom. The really wicked suggestion proposed using tethers of different lengths, so that you couldn’t pull out of both at once, but had to do first one and then the other. So far, I haven’t tried this, because I have small nipples and it’s hard to get clamps that will hold on at all. Ones that do are VERY painful so that I am wary of tissue damage. However, the idea of some kind of cock bondage that could be pulled out of with effort occurred to me.

I swiftly rigged up some sash-cord to run from the d-ring on the gates to a screw eye in our very solid bedframe. After some thought,I decided to loop the rope through the d-ring and tie it off at the bed end, where I could, with difficulty, reach the knots while handcuffed, as opposed to looping the rope through the screw eye and knotting it at the d-ring, which I could not have reached. This turned out to be a good decision!

After tying the knot, I shackled, gagged, and handcuffed myself behind my back. I then proceeded to back off and pull against the cord, initially finding it quite secure. However, by backing up to pull things taut, and with creative wiggling, I was able to maneuver my then-flaccid penis out of the rings! The unexpected result occurred when I squirmed myself out of the last ring, which remained looped around my scrotum. I discovered that no amount of maneuvering would cause it to slip over my testicles. The same tension that pulled the rubber rings into a narrow shape allowing the penis to slip out made the ecape of the testicles impossible. I had quite literally trapped myself by the balls!

I pulled as strongly as I dared—nothing. I was caught!

I tried to orient the direction of the pull downward, but the cord was too long to allow me to exert direct upward pressure against the gate, and too short for me to bring up a foot to try to hook the rope and pull downward. It did not escape me that standing on one shackled foot, my hands cuffed behind me, trying to hook a cord between my balls and the bedstead with the toes of my other foot was an extremely hazardous procedure.

Instead, having established the inescapability of the gates, I turned around, bent down, and carefully undid the knots with my cuffed hands—which I would NOT have been able to do had I tied the knot at the other end.

Now I was free to move around, and discovered I had to face a real problem: I normally keep all my handcuff keys on top of a bookshelf, out of the reach of cuffed hands (as mine were), except for the one I had set aside to escape with. This time, I had forgotten to leave some where I could reach them. So there I was, naked, gagged, cuffed and shackled, a leash dangling from my testicles, and no keys in reach. I had to make my way to the bookshelf, shuffling through the litter of books and magazines that had piled up at its base. I craned my neck up, and used my nose to knock the small box of keys off the shelf. I watched the little keys cascade into the pile of books at my feet, and noted where a couple of the handcuff keys fell. I sat on the floor with my back to the shelf and fumbled for a cuff key. The first one I got didn’t match the cuffs! I managed to find a second and free myself, breathing deeply with adrenaline—and exhilaration.


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