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Get This Party Started

by Lee

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© Copyright 2007 - Lee - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; susp; toys; caught; cons; X

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Tonight I was going to a Halloween party with Sheri, and Lou. They are two coworkers that I hang out with. I was dressed as a dominatrix, Sheri was dressed as a slave girl complete with shackles. Her whole costume was very see thru. Lou was dressed up as Pocahontas. She was spilling out of that leather bra.

I went all out. I started my outfit with custom-made dildos.  They were remote controlled, they could inflate, vibrate, and where the shaft part is there were metal contacts that could give me variable shocks. They could even squirt like they were cuming. I could select random patterns or an automatic mode. They had sensors that could tell when you were about to cum and in the auto mode would back off just as you didn’t want them to.  They drive me nuts. I had them in at work one day and one orgasm took me to my knees. Thank goodness it was snowing that day. Everybody thought I slipped on a wet floor.

After I got the little Devils in I pulled up a pair of red leather high cut panties that were unbelievably tight. Next came thigh hi stockings with a wide lace band. Then my black leather lace up boots. They had three-inch heels and stopped just below the lace of my stockings. A leather black pleated mini skirt that stopped right at the top of the stockings came next.

I decided on a black leather corset. It went from the top of the skirt to just covering my nipples. And had red trim. I am a 38C and the corset did a great job in the cleavage department. I hooked the laces to the puller. It stopped with my waist at about 22”. After I tied the laces I had to sit down for a few minutes. Wow, forgot about the little Devils. That caused me to break a sweat. I pulled on a set of black opera gloves and topped it off with a 2” leather collar around my neck. I did my makeup and was ready to go.

Right as Sheri and Lou arrived to pick me up I took the remote and set the devils on a mild pattern. Picked up my whip, and away we went. I left the remote at home. When we walked into the party all eyes were on us.

The party started to break up just after midnight. When I got home and looked at the clock it was only one.  The little devils had me to the point a little bondage was in order. After all I was dressed for it. So I got out my toys. I selected a nice red ball gag. I pushed the ball past my teeth and buckled it up pulling it deep into my mouth.

The ceiling in the living room was arched. It had boxed beams that ran the length of the ceiling and more that came down from the peak every 10 feet. I had a hoist hidden in one of those beams. I took the remote and lowered to where I could reach it.

I got out a spreader bar that was about 3 feet long. There were eyes welded on each end and in the center. I clipped the center ring of the bar to the cable from the hoist. I had eyehooks in the floor that were about 4 feet apart. They hinged down flat when I wasn’t using them, and I had a carpet patch that hid them.

I put padded leather lift cuffs on my hands and regular leather cuffs on my ankles.  The lift cuffs were designed in such a way they would not cut the circulation off going to your hands. I had two pieces of chain that were 2 ft long. There were snap hooks on each end.  One end went to the rings in the floor and the other end to my ankle cuffs. I clipped the snaps of the handcuffs to the spreader bar.

I looked around to see if there was anything I forgot.  I got the remote to the little devils and set them to the automatic mode. I tossed that to the couch behind me. Then I got the remote to the hoist and set it to lower me in 1 hr. Last look around and I pressed the button. I tossed that remote to the couch.

The hoist started to move slowly up and my pulse got faster. As my hands got over my head and  my body started to rise my breathing was getting rapid. It affected me this way every time. As the hoist pulled me up my legs were pulled apart. When everything was pulled tight the hoist stopped. It was designed to do that. There I was, stretched tight with no way to get down till the timer on the hoist let me down.

The little devils were working their magic. Slowly they started to increase in speed. Touching me like a patient lover. As the vibrations continued I started to move my hips in a grinding motion. My breathing was getting faster. I could feel the wave start to move through me. MMMMMmmmmmm.   AAAAhhhh the devils both got bigger. The vibrations were almost a rhythm.

They would pulse from soft to intense. I pulled at my bonds. It was no use I was at the mercy of the chains and the little devils. OOOOOHHhhhhhh. AAAAhhhhhh Shit they went quiet. I could feel my heart pound wanting them to start up again. There they are, their vibration was soft, teasing me. They would UUUhhhh run up then go back to soft tingles. My body shook. I was pulling against the cable and chains. I want more but the devils didn’t want to end it to soon. I think they actually enjoyed teasing me. MMMmmm.

The devils were getting more intense now. OOOOhhhhhhhhh.  Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! UUUhh. The intensity was growing; My mind was lost.  There was nothing but the waves. Crashing as they came to peaks. The waves came faster now,  building up inside of me. I was swinging back and forth against my bonds now, Faster, and Faster the waves increased. The little devils seemed to know that I had to release. A shock came from the devils. And I SSSSSSSSSSSttttttttarrrrrtttttedddd tttttoooooo  CCCCCCCCCUUUUUUUUUmmm. I screamed into the gag.  OOOOhhhhhhh  OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh.The orgasms were AAAhhhh rapid AAAAAhhhhhhh fire now YYYYYeeeeessssss, one right after another. I was lost in the waves.  AAAahhh. AAAhhhhhhhaaaaaa. OOooooohhhhhhh  GGGGGooooooodddddddd. Finally after what seemed like an eternity the little devils slowed to soft vibrations. The orgasms slowed as well. But I would move my hips UUUUhhh, and my Bodddddyyyyy would shake and I would cum again.

My head was on my chest. I was breathing heavy. My heart finally came down from the clouds. I raised my head to see how long it was till the hoist let me down. And standing right in front of me was Sheri and Lou. Oh Shit. The thought of being caught brought on another orgasm and my body jerked against the bonds. UUUUUhhh.

"You left your whip in the car. We weren’t that far off and decided to bring it back." Sheri said.  Lou saw the remotes on the couch and went over to get them. All I could do is hang there and muff into the gag. Then Sheri said to Lou, "I thought we were the only kinky ones in the office."  A thought crossed my mind and I had another small orgasm, my body jerked.

Lou brought the remotes over to Sheri. She took the one to the little devils and the pressed the stop button.  "I have one of these.  And this must be the hoist." She pressed the stop button and then started to lower me. As I slowly came down Lou helped me steady myself till she could unhook the cuffs. After they unhooked the chains. I sat back on the couch and reached around to unbuckle the ball gag.

Once it was out I finally caught my breath. Sheri sat on the couch while Lou was playing with the hoist. "This thing is neat, can I try it out?" Sheri and me both laughed. "Well how long have you been having an affair with the chains?"

I thought about that for a moment. "About 10 years. Since I was 13." Lou had found my toy box and was sifting through it.

Sheri was a little upset that I didn’t have a backup person. "I never thought I would need one." I said.

"Well you won’t have to worry about that anymore." Was Sheri’s remark. Lou had found a black ball gag and was trying it on. One of my leather hoods was on the arm of the couch. "She is like a kid in a candy store," Sheri replied.

I told Sheri I had to get something to drink and we both went into the kitchen. As I poured us a glass of wine we chatted about the types of bondage we like. Sheri’s favorite was the strict hog tie. Of course she knew mine, they found me in it. About that time we heard the hoist start to run. As we walked into the living room we saw Lou and laughed.

Lou was hanging where I was when they came in with one difference. She was wearing a leather hood she found in my toy box and it looked like the ball gag was under it.  We walked over and could hear a faint sound of vibrators. "We both are wearing the same Little Devils that you have," Sheri remarked. We could hear Lou start to moan.

As Lou’s moans and gasps started to get louder. Sheri and I were setting up my video camera to film Lou’s orgasm. Sheri finally said, "we need to put in a second hoist." Sheri pressed record and we sat back on the couch to enjoy the show and our wine. Lou was starting to strain against the bonds. Sheri said, "I’m next."



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