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Getting Myself Caught

by XulValhalla

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I want to start off by saying that this is in fact a true story.  Self-bondage is not something new to me.  In fact, I have been practicing self-bondage since I was twelve years old.  Though, my knowledge with techniques and experiences now are far more superior than they were back then.

It was a regular weeknight.  Like usual, I found myself adding various bondage pictures and videos to my already excessive collection.  The question is not "when are you in the mood for bondage?" but rather "when aren't you in the mood for bondage?".  It seems like I am always in the mood.  Even though the regular business of the day keeps the mind occupied, in the evening, the want to be tied up increases.  I generally don't perform self-bondage on a regular basis because I often take a few hours to prepare and perform, which is hard to spare as a student.  Regardless, this night, I simply couldn't take it anymore.

After going through all of the self-bondage tutorials and ideas I have seen thousands of times, I found a couple techniques I wanted to try.  The first technique was an utter failure.  It was an instructional video I came across that had a self-bondage Shibari tutorial.  I simply didn't have the patience to constantly rewind the video to see what the instructor (who spoke in Chinese) was doing.  Plus, it would be hard to rewind the video with your hands tied behind your back, wouldn't it?  After going through more scenarios and realizing that it was 1:00 A.M., I decided to go with my all-time favorite: the hogtie.

Before I made my preparations, I contemplated getting dressed for the occasion.  I started to grab my pedicure bag to repaint my nails a dark color for the occasion but I decided not to.  I then got ready to pull out my 6-inch lace-up stiletto heels, fishnet stockings and a gothic dress but I decided not to either.  How can you dress yourself in these things without painting your toenails black?  Instead, I decided to stay dressed in a t-shirt and pajama pants.  You can't go wrong with a little bondage on the bed while you're dressed for bed. 

I proceeded into the bedroom to open the dresser drawer where my rope, tape, blindfold and ballgags reside.  Why a drawer, you ask?  I have roommates, which is one reason why I don't really perform self-bondage on a regular basis.  After I pulled everything out, I began the preparations for a self-hogtie.  I will mention that I have had bad experiences with tying myself up in a hogtie before. 

There was an occurrence where I tied myself up in a hogtie and had a very hard time getting out.  In fact, I was home alone when this happened and was supposed to pick up my roommates from the airport the following day.  Could you imagine being tied up on your bed while your roommates are forced to catch a cab and come home to find you helplessly tied up?  This wasn't the only bad experience I have had in a self-bondage hogtie, either.  Another time I got stuck in a hogtie, I had to wiggle to my scissors to cut the rope that joined my bound hands with my bound ankles.  Though, I got out and because of this, I think I had the mentality of "if I got out of a stuck hogtie twice, I can continue to get out" while others would say to themselves 'lesson learned'. 

So, even though I have had a couple bad experiences, I have had many good and pleasurable experiences.  I went through my organized strands of rope to find the right pieces for the tie.  I first grabbed my special ring device and prepared it with a slipknot/pullcord.  After the special ring device was completely prepared, I set it aside and grabbed a length of rope to prepare a wrist coil.  I generally keep a wrist coil handy but I have since acquired a bondage play partner who helps me explore various ties, so I had to recreate the coil.  Though this time, the wrist coil had more wraps and was slightly more restricting than my previous wrist coil.  After that was prepared, I combined it with the slipknot loop attached to the special ring device and set them both aside.  I found and set aside various lengths of rope for my legs above my knees, legs below my knees and ankles.  I also grabbed a rings of submission ballgag and blindfold, which were set beside the necessary lengths of rope for the session.

I locked the door, put the excess rope away and grabbed a roll of electrical tape.  I began by tying my legs up above the knee by wrapping the rope in half, pulling one end through the loop end, wrapping tightly around the legs a couple times and then further binding it tightly by overlapping the strands in the middle, between the legs.  I tied off the rope and repeated the same method to bind the legs under the knees and to bind the ankles.  After my lower body was all tied up, I swung my feet off of the floor onto my bed.  I grabbed the prepared special ring device and looked at my ankles for a place to tie the ends to.  I then realized that I grabbed the electrical tape to tie my bare toes together rather than a small piece of rope.  Though, rather than use the electrical tape, I opted for a way to convert the wrist-to-ankle hogtie to a wrist-to-toe hogtie.

The top of the special ring device had two small strands holding the rings in place but just enough to tie up my toes.  I wrapped both strands over both toes and tied the toes up together by a simple knot.  Though, it just wasn't restricting enough so I decided to improvise with the extra length I had left over from the angle tie.  I was simply too lazy to hop to the drawer all tied up to grab an extra piece of rope so I took what I had and made it work....which it did.  With my legs, ankles and toes tied up to the special ring device, I grabbed my ballgag and blindfold.  I put on the ballgag and fastened it tightly behind my head.  With the red ballgag in my mouth, I prepared the blindfold so that right before I was ready to enter the hogtie position, I could flip it over my eyes.  After struggling a little bit, with one wrist in the wrist coil, I managed to get the pullcord in a place where I could find while blindfolded.

I then put the blindfold over my eyes and put my other wrist through the wrist coil.  Then, I pulled my arms toward the back of my head to tighten the slipknot.  I found the pullcord, pulled it and tightened the wrist coil some more.  I grabbed the pullcord from its end at my tied toes, arched my back to bring my hands closer to my feet and pulled the pull cord.  After a few more adjustments to remove the slack joining my bound wrists and my bound toes, I realized that I was in a pretty snug hogtie.  After this realization, I began to rub my crotch against the bed in ecstasy.  The ballgag was very tight and I could feel the drool making its way from my lips to my chin.  I then proceeded to rub my crotch against the bed some more and eventually rolled on my side so I could savor the exquisite position I was in before I continued to force myself to cum.

After the moment of climax disappeared, I rolled back over onto my stomach to continue the most incredible self-bondage experience I have ever had.  Rather than continue to give myself the pleasure of reaching climax, I decided to truly test the ties that bound me.  Usually when I do this, I am able to pull a wrist through the wrist coil but not this time.  I had really done it this time; I was in a self-bondage nightmare.  I went from paradise to hell in a matter of seconds.  I struggled against my bonds to try to pull a wrist through but the loops were simply held too tightly by the slipknot.  In situations like this, I am usually able to wiggle the slipknot up to decrease the strictness level and eventually wiggle a wrist through.  This time, it definitely was not happening.  This time, I really tied myself up in a strenuous and helpless position.  I couldn't see because I was sightless through the blindfold and could not speak because I was tightly ballgagged, with drool coming from between my lips. 

I keep a knife and a pair of scissors on my nightstand when I perform self-bondage because, well, you never know.  Remember earlier when I mentioned that I had to cut myself out of a hogtie once?  Thank my scissors.  Although this time, since my tied wrists were so close to my bound, bare feet, I had less-than-usual reach ability.  This was in fact the most strict self-hogtie I had ever been in and the panic that settled in didn't help; it made the bonds tighter!  As I tried to inch my bound body to the nightstand while blindfolded, the bonds that tied my wrists only continued to tighten.  Then, the heart stopping moment hit.... I started losing feeling in my hands.  If I were to struggle to reach for my knife or scissors and my hands were asleep when I got a hold of one, how would I cut the ropes?  I had no choice: I had to call out for help.

With the ballgag shoved violently into my mouth, I yelled at the top of my lungs.  "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllp!" I screamed but I heard no activity in the house. 

I struggled violently at my bonds only finding that I was further tightening them!  The more I struggled, the more strenuous and painful the hogtie became.  I could feel the rope tying my toes together digging into my skin while I tried to loosen the bonds.  I could extend a single pinky finger to only find out that I was touching the soles of my bare feet.  As I proceeded to scream, I thought of what went wrong and what could go wrong if nobody were to respond to my muffled cries.  What if I would have left the strands of rope tying my toes as a single piece of rope?  If I would have left it the way it was before I strived to make my experience the most restricting as possible, I would have been able to undo the tie that bound my toes together thus, releasing the special ring device that held me in this strict hogtie.  Instead, I connected the rope that bound my toes and the rope that bound my ankles so that the tightness rating of the toe tie was very strict.

After what seemed like an hour of yelling at the top of my lungs with a large red ball between my lips and a pool of drool on my bed sheets, I finally heard the other bedroom door open.  My roommate tried to open the door but since I was engaged in self-bondage, the door was locked.  I managed to yell "Break it down!" which may have sounded like "Mmmmmph mmmph mmmmmmmmph!" but regardless, my roommate began to break down the door. 

After the door swung open, I could hear a slight pause.  The first thing that came to mind was what was my roommate was thinking at the sight of me tightly tied up in pajamas, barefoot, blindfolded and ballgagged.  My roommate then tried to undo the knots.  At this point, the feeling in my hands was mostly lost so through the ballgag, I said to cut it.  I was then told that there was nothing to cut it with but I motioned toward the nightstand, where the scissors and knife were located.  After the rope binding my wrists to my feet was cut, I was able to wiggle the wrist coil loose.  I was then asked, "Who did this to you?".  Without hesitation, I said that an ex came over, was pissed off about something in the past, tied me up and left as a joke.

After my roommate went downstairs to make sure nothing was taken, I removed the rest of my bonds.  I put on a persona which made me believe that the lie I told was true.  I went downstairs and acted like what I said happened really happened.  I was asked how the door was locked behind the person who left and fortunately for me, we have a keypad lock on our front door that allows you to lock the door from the outside by a push of a button.  After a brief conversation, I went back upstairs, sat on my bed looking at my strands of rope lying on the floor and thought of everything that went wrong.  I also thought of what I could have done if I hadn't have entered a panic state when I realized that I was tied up for real.  After a while, I put my supplies away in the appropriate dresser drawer, came to my computer and proceeded to masturbate to bondage videos.

Needless to say, I won't be engaging in a self-bondage session that involves a hogtie again.  Like the expression says, "third time's a charm".  The third time I got into a bad predicament in a self-bondage hogtie, I got stuck.  Luckily for me, my roommates were home to free me from my bonds.  Though, I am very embarrassed about the situation.  The worst part about it is that my roommate tried talking to me about it!  Regardless, thinking about that night and how tightly tied I was, I almost want to do it again.  Being completely bound and helpless is one of the most exciting experiences I have ever felt. 

Tightly bound, blindfolded, ballgagged, drooling and barefoot is the ultimate submission situation but unfortunately, should not be done by yourself.  I will continue to do self-bondage but with release mechanisms so that I am sure that I will eventually get out of my bonds, even if it takes a couple hours.  It's just too bad that I didn't have my camera set up on auto like I usually do but at the same time, that would have raised additional questions.  Regardless, the sessions involving more strenuous and strict bondage will be saved for when I am meeting with my bondage play partner.


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