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Gift Wrapped

by Lady Ren

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© Copyright 2020 - Lady Ren - Used by permission

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Hey everyone! It’s time for a write up of another of my self bondage stories! :D

If this is the first story you’re reading, I’ll give you a brief bit of a description about myself. My name is Naomi, I’m a 23 year old woman from Australia! I’m a pasty gal with dark brown hair that comes down to just past my breasts, which are a size 36D. My hips are size 40 so I’m kinda curvy. I’m also taller than the average gal, coming in at just over 6 feet, so when I wear killer heels, my legs go all the way up. :p

I’ve also had quite the bit of experience when it comes to self-bondage, having been fooling around with it since I was 16. So I know what I’m doing! If you plan to partake in self-bondage, please please please! Be careful! Always have a backup and a backup to your backup! Plan ahead and stay safe ♥

Right! Onto the smut!

Gift wrapped!

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house;
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
That last rhyme was actually a lie;
For their was one girl riding a self bondage high;

That’s right it was me back here again;
Scratching that deprived itch as I did every now and then;
I thrashed around wildly as the bonds clung to me tight;
Oh what it must have been, such a beautiful sight;

There were many gifts nestled beneath the decorated tree;
But one gift stood apart from the rest, and I know this because that gift was me;

So it was another stinking hot Australian day. I had felt that urge rising in me once again and knew that I would need my bondage fix as soon as possible. Thankfully however, my housemate was away visiting her family for Christmas. Don’t worry, I’m not spending Christmas alone, I just see my family on Christmas day. Anyway! That’s not important! What is important is that I was horny and I needed to embrace my kinky side.

Seeing as it was so close to Christmas, I’d had the chance to do a bit of shopping. I’d had the idea of a tie in my mind for quite a while and made sure to purchase all the things I would need. Thankfully I wouldn’t need to burn a hole in my purse this close to Christmas as all the materials I needed were fairly cheap. The main thing I made sure to stock up on was lots and lots of bright red ribbon! I also made sure to get two small bells with closeable loops on them.

I’d decided that seeing as it was Christmas, I would spend some time as a gift under the tree! A good few hours to tick over into Christmas day seemed like a good way of doing things. Hey maybe if I got lucky, someone would come and open me up :p Just kidding, but it did seem like a good way to celebrate.

All through the day leading up to the evenings ‘celebrations’ I had that sense of butterflies that always comes before being tied up. Makes your heart skip a beat, I’m sure all my fellow self bondage kinksters will know what I’m talking about. The day went by at a horrible crawl, but at least that gave me time to think more about just how my self imposed torment was going to look.

I started digging through my wardrobe in search of certain pieces that would make up my outfit for this ‘event’. I started with a pair of red and white striped stockings that came about two thirds of the way up my thigh. Look it was a cosplaying phase, don’t ask. But now it was time for these little pretties to shine once again! Next I fished out my pair of four inch red pump heels. I loved these shoes and I’m sure others loved the way I looked in them. They also have little wraps over the front to make sure they stay on when I kick my feet around. Not to sound like a hoe, but that was all I planned on wearing. That and my restraints. :p

As the sun started to set, I began to collect my supplies for the evening's fun. First I collected all of the ribbons I’d purchased over the last few days. Undoubtedly more than I would need, but it helps to be prepared. Next came my ball gag. In my eyes, it wasn’t a proper self bondage session without a gag. And seeing as it was Christmas, I decided to pick something extra special. This gag was a head harness gag, made of thick black leather straps and metal rings. My favourite part about this gag was the large red ball that would be stuffed into my mouth. A two inch wide rubber ball that would keep me muffled so I could moan and groan to my heart's content. After that was my leather blindfold, I know it doesn’t sound too fancy, but being blinded whilst in bondage really helps let my imagination run wild. And fantasising is a great part of self bondage for me. The thrill of thrusting myself into all these different scenarios, as I’m sure you would know if you’ve read any of my previous stories. Then came my leather collar and leash. It’s made of a nice soft and well worked leather, was a little bit pricey but was worth the extra money in my opinion. It had a nice design and was comfortable to wear for long periods.

Next came a pair of nipple clamps, clovers of course, the sharper the pain the better in my opinion. Although these were different to the typical pair I use, these ones didn’t have a chain connecting between them, but rather two heavy metal loops attached to the ends. In my mind, these rings would be where you attached weights to for added torment. Unfortunately that wouldn’t be happening... this time. :p Lastly all I needed was my purple multi-speed dildo. It wasn’t the largest thing in the world, only 7 inches long, but it was fairly wide, and covered in little bumps for that extra pleasure. :p But as always, I made sure to load it with fresh batteries. The last thing you want is for your vibrator to run out of juice half-way through a tie. Well not unless you’re into denial. Not saying I’m not, but it’s Christmas! I should get a present as well right?

Having gathered all my supplies, I decided it was time to get dressed for the event. Quite ironically, the first step of ‘getting dressed’ was to get undressed. Seeing as it was summer here in Australia, I wasn’t wearing much to begin with. Being home alone I’d only put on a light tank top, my comfy bra, my panties and a pair of sports shorts. These were quickly discarded to the floor as I let myself stand naked in my room. The air was still slightly warm even though it was so late in the evening, but things were certainly going to heat up soon enough. First things first, I ran my pair of stockings up my legs, letting them come to rest just two thirds up my thigh. Next was my bright red shoes which I quickly buckled onto my feet. Being a pretty tall gal, these shoes gave me a towering figure now. I moved to the corner of my room where the mirror was to inspect myself. Now there was no denying how good the heels made me look, not only did they make my legs look good, but they also pushed my ass out just that little bit further. I turned to the side, cupping my breasts as I drank in the sight, I gave my butt a little wiggle before taking my hands away and letting my breasts bounce. Right now I wanted nothing more than to be on someone’s naughty list. To be bent over, flogged, caned and tormented to my heart's content.

This always happens to me, the closer I get to being in self bondage, the more I want those intense feelings. Pain, pleasure, heat, strain, tightness! I just want it all! But that might just be a side effect of horniness. :p And as I stood there looking at myself in my bright red stocking and heels, I certainly felt those sensations growing in intensity. I knew if I stood there any longer I wouldn’t be able to resist grabbing my vibrator and pleasuring myself until I passed out.

Time to earn that present, I thought to myself as I quickly turned away from the mirror and moved over to pick up my supplies, grabbing my padded cuffs and a padlock as well. Now, we had set up the Christmas tree in the living room by the front window. Not entirely sure why we did this as there is a large fence blocking us off from the street, that way no one would be able to look into our living room. Given that was the case, I decided to leave the curtains open. In all honesty the likelihood of someone walking into our front yard was minimal, and even if they did there was very little chance they would see me as all the lights in the living room would be off. But hey, that added risk only made things that bit more exciting.

I sat my supplies down at the foot of the tree before quickly doubling back to the kitchen. I felt the cold air wash over my skin as I opened the freezer, reaching down to the back I found what I was looking for. A small glass of ice with a piece of thread frozen into it. Over my years I’d learned a few things, one of which was to always hide an ice release at the back of the freezer, you never know when it can come in handy. I closed the freezer and brought the cup of ice back over to my supplies. Just for an added bit of torment, I ran my cold hand over my exposed breasts. Safe to say my nipples quickly rose to meet my touch. I guess you could say I was priming them for the clamps in a way.

I started looking around for what would be the best place to set up my ice release when my eyes looked towards the tree. Naomi, that is a brilliant idea, I thought to myself as I quickly rushed back to my bedroom, getting out a wire coat hanger from my closet. I started to untwirl it as I walked back to the living room, but left the top of it in shape so there would be a little hook on the end. I then stood in front of the tree and reached in for the thick metal pole that was at the centre. I curled the wire around the pole at the centre, wrapping it around one of the joints that the branches came out of. The end result was a long hooked wire sticking out of the tree about five feet up. From this hook I could attach my ice timer, that way, the ice timer would release the keys down to me at the bottom of the tree. A fool proof plan! Because none of my plans ever go wrong. :p

Seeing as I needed to pass the time slightly before I could take the ice out of the cup and hang it from the hook, I decided to get started on my bondage. First I decided to work on my chest harness. I’d done plenty of chest harnesses over the years, but never with ribbon, so this was going to be a first. I started by unrolling the soft red ribbon. I’d been sure not to get any of the ribbon with glitter on it as that would likely become very irritating after a while, especially seeing as this ribbon would be going over some sensitive areas. Anyways, I unrolled the ribbon from the spool until I could grab a hold of both ends, I then fed the ribbon back through my hand until I found the centre of the length. Anyone who has tied a typical chest harness would tell you this is the best way of doing it. I started by running the two layers of ribbon smoothly down under my breasts, the two layers of fabric overlapping. I then fed them through the loop at my back and came back around to run the ribbon over the top of my breasts. I’d realised that wherever I need to do some sort of knot or hitch, the ribbon would crunch up and become more thin like rope, but after those points, I could press it back out smooth again. I wanted this to be different from a typical rope chest harness, I was meant to be a present under the tree and so wanted to be decorated thusly.

I continued to work on my chest harness, one loop over my breasts, followed by a second one. Then I ran the ribbon back through the original bite at my back before running it over my shoulders and down between my breasts.I looped it around the length beneath my breasts before running it back over my other shoulder to the ribbon at my back. As per usual chest harness, this had the effect of pulling my breasts up and sticking them out just a bit further.

I still had quite a bit of ribbon left over, so I split the two layers at my back and ran them around to my front, this time further down my chest. I passed one layer over the other as I looped around my torso snuggly. I then crossed the two loops behind my back about halfway down before bringing the two lengths around to my front, pulling the ribbon against the tops of my hips as I did so. This allowed me to bring the two ends together across my belly button and tie them together. I made sure to do my best at tying the two ends together into a nice large red bow. I was supposed to be a present after all. :p

I pushed my hair back behind my shoulders with a smile, looking down to admire my handiwork. Things were certainly coming along nicely, even in the dim light of the dark living room, I could still see the way the ribbons clung to my skin oh so nicely. I decided there wasn’t any harm in viewing things in a better light, grabbing my phone I switched on my flashlight and took a few pics. Never know when they might come in handy. :p

After this, I ran my hands through my long brown hair once more, this time parting it along the centre. Taking one half in a bunch in my hand, I twisted it as I took a hair tie from my wrist and looped it over my hair. I then did the same with the rest of my hair, giving myself two high pigtails. This would have nothing to do with my actual restraints, was merely more decoration on the present that was me. :p I then took the scissors and cut off two short lengths of ribbon from a new spool, tying it into two small ribbons and the base of my pigtails.

The next step in my self imposed torment was going to be a lot more enjoyable than the others. I took my vibrating dildo and gave it a generous coating of lube, this thing was going to be stuck in my pussy for at least two hours and I wanted to make sure it was nice and comfortable. Not that my own juices weren’t already starting to flow, but it pays to be prepared from what I’ve found. I laid down onto my back and let my legs spread as I teased the member between my folds. Again I had that urge to just let my passions overcome me and give myself all the pleasure I wanted right then and there. But I also knew that I would find the session much more enjoyable if I could stick to my goals. After all, I’d be getting all the pleasure I wanted soon enough.

I let out a gentle moan as the dildo slid into my love tunnel, once again I resisted the urge to switch on the vibrator as I instead held the dildo in place with one hand. I sat back up, grabbing another length of ribbon with my free hand. Now it was time for the crotch rope. Well crotch ribbon in this case. I started by raising my butt up from the ground as I rested on my knees. Tensing so that the dildo wouldn’t fall out, I ran the length of bright red ribbon over my hips. Knowing from my chest harness that I would likely have plenty of ribbon left over. I made several passes around my stomach, making sure to keep the ribbon nice and smooth. I also made sure not to cross over the bow at my belly button, wouldn’t want it after all. :p

Having made several loops and being satisfied with how the layers rested snuggly over my hips, I then brought the ribbon down between my legs, passing it over the front of my pussy as I pushed the end of the dildo back up inside myself. Keeping the ribbon smooth, I ran it up between my cheeks and over the loop around my waist. Classic crotch rope stuff for all those proficient kinksters out there. I made sure to pull the ribbons tightly as I passed over the loop around my waist, not only did this cause the dildo to be pushed deeper into my pussy, but it also had the added effect of pulling the loop down somewhat, making a sort of guided point downwards. I then continued the same process as before of running the ribbons back over the lengths between my legs several times. Each time making it just that bit tighter. After all, nothing wrong with a tight crotchrope. :p well crotch ribbon in this case.

Satisfied that the ribbons would stay on and that there was no chance of my dildo slipping out, I then decided it was time to set up the ice release. Given that the ice had melted somewhat, I could not pull it and the string out of the cup, I then stood up and attached it to the hook sticking out of the tree. Next, I tied the little key to my main padlock to the end of the string. Once I was bound, there was no way for me to reach the key until the ice melted and dropped it down.

With the key secured and out of reach, it was time to move onto my legs. I’d left tying up my legs this long because if they were tied up, I wouldn’t have been able to set up the ice release. See! I do think things through! Well most of the time. I quickly grabbed a couple of cushions from the couch and placed them on the ground beside me. I then sat on my heels as I started to unroll another spool of red ribbon. With my heels still pressed against my ass, I quickly began feeding the first length of red ribbon through my hands until I found the centre. I leaned on my left leg as I brought up my right, balancing on my left knee as I made a loop with the ribbon and slid it over the top of my knee. This would be the starting point of my leg tie. I made sure to press the ribbon down smooth and ensured that the tension was both even and snug enough to ensure it didn’t slide off.

Now that the loop was resting just above the bend in my leg, I brought the two ends of the ribbon around to the outside and inside of my leg separately. I then tied a little knot around the loop with each end before moving about an inch down my leg and repeating a very similar process. I would leave about an inch of the ribbon flat before looping around the other side and tying a knot with that first inch. I then repeated the process several more times down my leg until I reached where my ankle pressed against my thigh. I then brought both lengths of ribbon around to the outside of my leg where I tied a nice bow. I then shifted to sit on my ass as I repeated the process on my other leg. The end result was some very nicely frogtied legs, gift wrapped you might say. :p

Hey, maybe if I was lucky, someone would come and open them for me. :p

With my legs now wrapped snugly in the ribbons I picked up my two padded wrist cuffs and buckled them on. Like most padded cuffs, they had a small loop through which you could feed a padlock to ensure it couldn’t be unbuckled. And that’s what I did, with two quick snaps, my cuffs were locked onto my wrists and wouldn’t be coming off until I got the key. The key for my cuffs however was not hanging from the hook above me, but were back in my room. I didn’t need to take the cuffs off until later anyway.

Next I reached over and picked up the mess of leather straps that was my head harness gag. As I said earlier, this thing was a menacing two inch ball of rubber that would keep me securely silent for the duration of my tie. I was about to pop the ball in my mouth when I had an idea, surely with all the ribbon I had left over, my poor ball gag could get some attention as well, after all it was a gift to me at least. I cut off a small length of ribbon and ran it over the ball on the inside of the gag, bringing the two ends to meet at the front. I then wove the two ends into a nice bow at the front of the gag. Luckily this wouldn’t make the gag any large, two inches was already going to be enough to keep me quiet. :p

Now with the bow affixed on the front of my gag I lifted it up towards my mouth. I opened wide as I slipped the ball into my mouth. It was a tight fit, but eventually I felt the ball slip behind my teeth as I brought both ends of the buckle behind my head. I buckled it on snuggly as I then moved to tighten the strap under my chin. Not entirely sure what the chin strap would be doing in this whole situation, it wasn’t like I could stretch my jaw much wider. I pulled the leather straps over the front of my face and over the back of my head. I made sure that the ring that was now at the top of my head wouldn’t mess with my pigtails when I tightened the two leather straps that forked out from said central ring. I buckled it on snugly, the ball being pushed a little further into my mouth as I did so. I decided to give a few test cries, when my shouts came out as nothing more than muffled mews, I felt another surge of excitement course through me. In my opinion, bondage without a gag was no real bondage at all. Well unless of course my mouth was being used for something else but I’ll leave that up to your imagination. :p

I ran my hands over the gag, giving the bow at the front a soft tug just for my own amusement. Should my mouth have had the room for it, I’m sure the devilish smile that would have grown across my lips would be quite the sight. Next I picked up my red leather collar. This was a much duller shade of red than the ribbons that now covered my body, with a snake skin type pattern to it. As I said earlier, it was super comfy to wear. I pressed the soft leather around my neck and buckled it shut behind my neck. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no idiot, I made sure to leave the collar pretty loose. In all honesty it was more for decoration than purpose, having things around your neck, especially in self bondage can be a dangerous game, one that I didn’t feel like playing. That being said, my original plan had involved taking the end of the leash and fixing it to the base of the Christmas tree, but I decided against that. I know it probably wasn’t possible, but I didn’t want to risk accidentally pulling the tree down on myself or anything. But hey, this way the leash attached to my collar was ripe for someone to come along and pick up, claiming me as their gift! Well, in my fantasies at least. :p

As usual, there was a method to my madness, I’d been sure to put the gag in first because now it was time for the nipple clamps! I picked up the first clamp and made quick work of attaching the bell to the small loop at its end. Even though I was already excited for what was about to happen, my nipples still needed a little encouragement. Holding the clamp in my right hand, I began to tease my left nipple with my left hand. I gently rolled my nipple between my finger and thumb, teasing it to come out and play. Sure enough my nipple quickly rose out, clearly not wanting to miss out on the fun of course. :p I then quickly pinched down on it with the clover clamp in my right hand. A heavily muffled squeal came out from behind my gag as I did so, I rocked from side to side to help distract from the pain. This only caused the new clamp and bell to let off a soft jingle as I did so. I quickly set to work on repeating the same process with my other breast, a clamp soon pinching down on my right nipple as well. I bounced a little bit in my bondage as I got used to the pain. Being as experienced with nipple clamps as I was, I knew it wouldn’t take long for the pain to dull.

But now it was time for the final steps in my self imposed torment. I took the open padlock I still had left, the one to which the key was hanging up high out of reach, and fed it through one of the loops on my wrist cuff. Next I reached down between my legs, lifting my butt up so I would have a little easier access. Although with my legs in the frogtie position, there was very little wiggle room. A frustrated and muffled growl came out from behind my lips as I fidgeted around for the end of my vibrator. Having run so many layers between my legs, I was worried that the crotch rope ribbons would have pushed the vibrator in and out of reach. But thankfully I soon found the small lump was the base of the vibrator. Thankfully once I found it, it was fairly easy to twist. A different, yet still muffled noise came from behind my lips this time. It was a soft moan of pleasure as I felt the vibrator buzz to life. However, for now at least, the vibrator would be staying on its lowest setting, just enough to tease me for a while until I felt like I’d earned turning it up. I ran my hands back up my torso, passing over the soft ribbons as I felt my way back up to my breasts. I gently cupped the underside of them as I gave them a soft massage. I moaned once again as my fingers worked their way up to the little loops on the clamps. I then gave them a sharp tug that caused me to cry out loudly behind the gag. “Focus slut!” I thought to myself. After all, I wasn’t done yet and didn’t want to risk ruining all my hard work so close to the finish line. Well more like a starting line I guess, but that doesn’t matter.

I picked up my phone and checked the time, 43 minutes until midnight, until Christmas! I set an alarm to go off at midnight so I’d know when it happened. That would also be the signal for me to reach back and turn my vibrator on high, after all, I deserve a gift as well. :p I then quickly took a few more pictures of my bound form before sitting my phone to the side a little ways away. I’d hear the alarm no matter what as the only noise in the room would be coming from me, and that would be pretty muffled anyways. I then picked up the remaining ribbons and tossed them onto the nearby couch. I also made sure to sit the scissors far away next to my phone. I didn’t want to risk rolling on them in my struggles or anything, but I didn’t want to have them completely out of reach should anything go wrong. Remember, safety first, mind blowing kinky orgasms second! ... and third... and fourth... and fifth....

I knew my struggles were only moments away and once again that made my heart flutter with excitement as I reached down and picked up my blindfold. What I particularly liked about this blindfold was not only the soft leather that it was made of, but the fact it had a little nose hole built into the fold. So it went over my nose but didn’t obscure my breathing in any way as my nose would just poke through the hole. But what was important about this nose hole is that it would stop the blindfold from riding up and slipping off. I’d had that happen a couple of times in some of my sessions and it really does kinda kill the mood.

Alright, enough talk! Time to start the struggle! I quickly buckled the blindfold shut behind my head as I pressed the leather down smoothly over my eyes. There was a soft jingling of bells as I moved my hands behind my back, my fingers fishing around for the back of the crotch rope. There was quite a mess of ribbons at my back, but I soon found the layers of ribbon that went down between my butt. Taking the open lock in my left hand, I twisted the loop part so I could push it underneath the ribbons and up to meet my hand on the other side. It’s a little tricky to do, but when you’ve had as much practice as I have it kinda becomes a simple routine. I bent my elbows a little as I hooked the other end of the padlock onto the cuff on my right hand. I then twisted the base of the lock to line up with the latch and took a breath.

It was funny how many times I’d found myself in this same position, on the edge of locking away my freedom, of taking that long leap down into subspace. I could still stop now, I could undo these ribbons and be free... Yeah, that ain’t happening, I thought to myself, the gentle buzzing between my legs giving me all the encouragement I needed to lock the padlock shut. So there I was, on my knees, my legs frogtied with ribbon, covering my pretty red and white stockings. I could feel the points of my heels pressing slightly into my cheeks as I leant on them. Tight layers of ribbon woven between my legs to hold in my vibrator what was already causing my juices to flow. Ribbons woven around my breasts and torso, two bells hanging from the clamps on my nipples. A red leather collar around my neck with the leash running down my front for anyone to grab. My hands cuffed and pinned uselessly behind my back. A large ball gag with a ribbon on it stuffed in my mouth, a blindfold over my eyes and two bows on my pigtails to finish my outfit off. Now I was perfectly gift wrapped....

I let out another muffled moan as I heard the lock snap shut. I wriggled my torso around slightly as I tested my bonds, the bells giving off a soft jingle as I pulled on my cuffs. I noticed that when I pulled on my cuffs, there was very little change in the pressure of the vibrator in my pussy. My guess was the thick layers and how snug the ribbons were around my waist and crotch meant that there was less give than with a few passes of rope. But not to worry, I could still grip onto the ribbon running between my legs with my hands and pull on it to give me that added stimulation.

So that’s what I did, bells jingling as I yanked and tugged on the ribbon crotch rope. The movement was still very limited, but it sure as hell felt nice to have the vibrating dildo move around inside me. I started to move my hands further down my back, trying to grab more of the ribbon when I felt a tug on the chest harness. I tilted my head to the side in confusion as I tried to figure out what was going on. Moving my hands down again, I felt that similar tug stop them from going past my hips. It didn’t take me too long to figure out what I’d done, I must have looped the padlock through both the crotch rope and the chest harness. After all, I had woven the ribbons further down my body because I had so much left over, hence why it was such a mess of crossing layers at my back. “No biggie” I thought, it’s not like getting that extra length to pull on my crotch rope would have done much, in fact it probably would have made the teasing worse in all honesty. I smiled behind my gag at my own accidental genius. Besides, I wasn’t supposed to get my first orgasm until later anyway.

Still resting on my legs, I decided it was time to go down. (No! Not like that!) Knowing that the cushions I’d layed down were just to my side, I carefully folded my torso downward, the bells jingling as I did so. I then twisted my shoulder to the side so as to minimise the distance I would fall before my shoulder hit the cushions. Falling over in bondage is always scary, but it’s a little more daunting when it’s self bondage and you’ve blindfolded yourself. I slowly started to rock from side to side, jingling the bells as I did so. I was wanting to work up enough momentum to tip myself over, and given the position I’d put myself in, this was fairly easy to do. I couldn’t help but let out a soft squeal as I felt myself tipping over and landing onto the cushions with a loud jingling of bells. I breathed in sharply as the clamps bounced and sent a surge of pain shooting through my nipples. Thankfully however, the initial starting pain of putting on the clamps was starting to fade.

I let out a soft moan, “Success!” I thought. I’d landed on the cushions and was now free to enjoy my struggles without further worry. I knew from previous experiences it was best to stay on my side on the cushions where it was comfortable. Given that I wasn’t in any kind of strict hogtie, should I roll into my chest, I would press down on the clamps and end up tormenting my poor nipples more than they deserved.

At this point, I decided to test how well of a job I’d done with my self imposed torment. I flattened out my thighs and once again felt the heels of my shoes press into my cheeks. The ribbons were different to rope, my legs had very little movement at all. Like I could kick and thrash them around all I wanted, but the ribbons were keeping my heels pressed to my ass with a constant strictness. With rope there is usually a little give, but with ribbon, I don’t know. It’s a bit like bondage with medical wrap or tape, there was just this uniform strictness that kept my legs welded in place. Another muffled moan of pleasure came from behind the gag in my mouth, the feeling of strictness was intoxicating to say the least, I loved the pressure, the feeling of helplessness as I writhed in my bonds. I again tugged on the crotch rope ribbon, hungry to get any pleasure I could, yet still there was very little this tugging could do. This time I let out a groan of frustration from behind the gag. I poked at the ribbon on the inside of my mouth and could already feel it was absorbing any drool I was making. But I also knew that given it was such a thin fabric, it wouldn’t be long before the drool spilled out.

“This was just what I wanted” I thought to myself as I moaned into the gag again. I was now a helpless little slave who could do nothing to escape the tight bonds around her body. I could feel the vibrator still buzzing away at a maddeningly slow speed. I remember trying to grind my hips, to squirm around in any way possible so as to get that bit more stimulation. Just because I wasn’t supposed to have my first orgasm until midnight didn’t mean I wasn’t going to try. Afterall I never said anything about being an obedient slave. :p

One of my favourite things to do in bondage is to fantasise. Dreaming about all sorts of scenarios that would have resulted in me being in my current predicament. And so I started to fantasise. Maybe some particularly kinky couple had ‘bought’ me for their own Christmas present, hence why I was bound beneath a Christmas tree. The next morning, the couple would come to play with their now bound and helpless present. That being the case, I decided to play my part as well, I had no desire of being owned by anyone and so began to fight against my bonds. In the darkness I thrashed around in my bonds, the bells on my nipples jingling all the while. I panted from behind the gag, breathing around the massive ball pushed some of the drool out of my mouth. You’d be surprised how much of an effort it is to try and struggle when you’re bound so tight, you have to move every muscle in your body just to move an inch.

With the jingling of bells I rolled onto my back and off of the cushions. My heels pressed into the floor and forced me to lift my butt off the ground ever so slightly. I again moaned and writhed from behind my gag, the pleasure of the vibrator was enjoyable, but was starting to tip into the more frustrating realm. I moaned loudly this time, in my fantasy, I hoped if I made enough noise I could convince the couple to come over and turn this damn thing up! But I knew that wouldn’t happen. After all, I imagined I was quite the entertaining sight to say the least. I could already start to feel the slight sheen of sweat across my skin as a result of my most recent struggles. Still on my back, I reached down and gripped the top of the crotch ribbon as I strained my hips and thighs to push my pussy into the air. This resulted in the ribbon digging in deeper and thrusting the vibrating dildo in just that little bit further. I then released the tension and felt the dildo slide back ever so slightly. My horny slut brain saw this as a victory and I started to thrust my hips back and forth feverishly in an attempt to get off. How pathetic and desperate I must have looked, fighting and straining so hard to try and fuck myself with what could have only been a few centimeters of movement.

I groaned and moaned loudly behind my gag in frustration. The surge of energy that came with the slight increase in pleasure was starting to fade and I knew then I wouldn’t be getting the orgasm I’d struggled so hard for. I slumped in my bonds, letting my hips fall as far as they could as I struggled to catch my breath. My hands and arms were getting a little sore from me laying on them and so I rocked to the other side, now leaning on my left shoulder. I groaned as I rolled over, the bells jingling and bouncing as they pulled on my nipples. I breathed heavily, wiggling my legs as I squirmed in my bonds. I could feel the drool spilling from the corner of my lips as I lay there.

I would have laid there for another ten minutes or so as I recovered from my struggles. I continued to try and rub my legs together as the vibrator teased me with its maddeningly low speed. I could feel the fires of an orgasm building, but it didn't get any ‘hotter’ just staying in a steady state of pleasure and frustration. Just as the fabric of the ribbon in my mouth was getting damp with my drool, the ribbon between my legs must have been getting soaked with the juices I could feel in my pussy. I continued to groan in frustration as I wriggled, I wanted nothing more than to reach down between my legs and turn the vibrator up to high so I could drown my brain in pleasure.

I needed some kind of distraction or the constant teasing would drive me mad. Not that it wasn’t exactly what I deserved or anything. :p I decided that the best distraction to pleasure would be pain! Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone to torment me, to come along and spank me or play with my breasts.... This time.... So I started to rock from side to side, wanting to tip onto my stomach.

“Ok, here we go and--AHHHHHH” I cried out into my gag as I rolled onto my stomach. I could immediately feel the sharp sting of my breasts pressing down on the clamps. “Fuck fuck FUCK!” I growled from behind my gag, the bells didn’t help much either, just gave more space for me to press down on and pull on the clamps. I shook my head from side to side, my pigtails bouncing as I did so. I continued to shout into the gag, breathing and spilling more drool from behind my lips. Well I certainly had the distraction I was looking for, I’d pretty much completely forgotten about the frustration of the vibrator.

You never think you miss a strict hogtie until you’re not in it and needing a way to lift your boobs up off the ground. If I was in a hogtie, I’d be able to strain my legs to lift my chest up or something, but now all I could do was try and arch my back which wasn’t an easy thing to do. I groaned and breathed heavily through my nose in a way of coping with the pain. I tried my best not to struggle or move, any movement of the upper half of my body resulted in a sharp sting in my nipples.

The pain was almost unbearable, my nipples already having been clamped for a while only added to the burning pain. Well, this is what you wanted and now you have it, I thought to myself as I tried to stay as still as possible. I groaned into my gag as I felt the now soaked ribbon in my mouth with my tongue. Just for my own amusement, I tried to push the gag out of my mouth. Of course there was little to no movement, why would there be? I’d buckled this thing on so it wouldn’t move, I was supposed to be a gagged slave after all. :p I let my head fall forward and rest against the ground as I continued to breathe deep. I could feel the drool in my mouth start to pool at the top of my mouth as I did so.

The pain dulled very little as I laid there, the only thing helping was the feeling of the vibrator buzzing slowly between my legs. Although that too began to feel more and more frustrating. I let out a long and low groan into my gag, if anyone was there to hear it, they would have probably interpreted it as a plea for release. Although right now for me, that wasn’t an option.

It was hard to let my fantasies take over me with the sharp pain in my nipples. I began to fantasise about how I’d found myself in this particular situation. Maybe the couple who had taken me and bound me under the tree had heard my cries but were less than pleased with the noise I was making. Maybe they were angry that I’d woken them and decided to give me something to whine about. With that, I lifted my head again and tried to plead with my fantasies, begging them for mercy. I must have looked so pathetic, laying there on the ground wrapped in ribbons as I drooled and tried to beg for release. Of course, the ribbons weren’t going to let me go that easily.

Now I was starting to think that the teasing of the vibrator was a better alternative to the now burning pain in my nipples. Alright alright, back over we go, I thought to myself as I reached my hands down to grip around the crotch rope ribbon, I was planning to use this as an anchor point to help roll myself over. Ok, here we go, I thought to myself as I started to rock from side to side. “Ow, ow, ow, shit, shit! Shit! FUCK FUCK FUCK!” I squealed into my gag. Rocking from side to side resulting in a tugging and pressure on the clamps that made my poor nipples scream. However, with the soft jingling of bells I rolled back onto my side. I breathed heavily into my gag as I struggled to catch my breath, giving my nipples a chance to recover from the intense pain that was now returning to a constant dull.

More drool rolled from the side of my lips as I lay there. I tried to stretch as much as I could, working out the strains I could feel in my muscles. As I outlined before, the ribbons had very little give, my legs and heels were still pinned very much against my ass. My elbows and wrists weren’t so bad as I still had a bit of movement. Not that it would do me any good until the keys dropped and --- beep beep beep I heard. I won’t lie, the sudden loud sound after nothing but the vibrator and my own moans made me jump slightly. Beep beep beep. The alarm! I thought with excitement. That meant that it was now officially Christmas and it was time for the present to get her present!

With great excitement, I reached down between my legs. All I needed to do was turn the vibrator on high and enjoy the bliss until the key fell and then maybe release myself depending on how I felt. I started to reach my hands down between my legs when I felt the tug on my chest harness. My hands stopped. Oh no, I thought to myself with a slight panic as I tried to reach further down between my legs again. Same result, a tug on my harness and my hands not moving any further. “No! No no no no no!” I cried into my gag as I tried to reach between my legs again. My hands still didn’t move past the top of my ass, the padlock and cuffs keeping them tightly connected to my chest harness. I tried again, and again, and again! All to no avail. With my hands pinned like this, there was no way for me to reach down and turn the vibrator up...

I cried out loudly into my gag as I struggled with all my might, pushing my arms down with all the strength in my body. Still on my side, I tried to arch my back to let my hands reach down further, but no matter how much I stretched, my hands couldn’t make it down far enough. All I achieved was a pathetic jingle of the bells on my nipples as I lay there groaning loudly. I don’t know how long I laid there, desperately trying to reach down between my legs like my life depended on it. I struggled and struggled until I couldn’t anymore. Slumping in my bonds and letting my head fall to the side as I tried to catch my breath. The feeling of hopelessness was well and truly setting in now, only made worse by the low buzzing between my legs. The crushing feeling grew more intense as I realised that I was going to be stuck like this, teased by the maddeningly slow vibrator until the key fell.

I will admit, what came next was not my proudest moment. As I lay there on my side, the pain in my nipples, the ache in my jaw, the teasing between my legs and just how exhausted I felt. I did start to cry. It was that dangerous point mentally in bondage where you feel yourself slipping out of a fun fantasy and back into a rather brutal reality. My body was starting to win out over my mind, the pain, strain and general discomfort was too much. I started to thrash against my bonds again, this time with far less strength than before. I’d been tied up now for nearly an hour at the least and it was starting to take a toll on my body. I was counting on my vibrator to give me that surge of pleasure to push me forward. I mewed weakly behind my gag, pleading to be released from my self-imposed captivity. Of course, there would be no mercy. I’d gotten myself into this situation and now I was going to have to deal with it.

I could feel the wetness on the inside of my blindfold, my tears soaking into the leather. I coughed, sputtered and sniffled as I gave another hopeless tug on my cuffs. I knew that I needed to pull myself together otherwise things would just continue to spiral downwards. Just breathe. It isn’t that bad, you aren’t stuck, I rationalised with myself as I breathed in and out slowly. This isn’t a bad thing, this is a good thing, I continued as I felt the tears stop. Now you can live out your fantasy of being a tormented and teased slave! What more could you ask for!

I could feel my spirits starting to lift as I felt more in control of the situation. Well, as much in control as I could be. I knew I needed something to focus on, to keep me distracted from the situation and the buzzing between my legs. I decided I should try to find my way back to where the key would drop. At least then I would be ready to get out as soon as possible. I started to shuffle in the direction I thought the tree to be. All I needed to do was either find the cushion I fell down onto, or the puddle of cold water from the melting ice. I pushed down with my elbow to lift my shoulder up and shuffle forward ever so slightly. The again caused the bells to jingle as my nipples bounced. The sharp pain caused me to groan loudly into the gag. I really wanted these clamps off of my nipples now, but knew that there was no way they were coming off unless I tried to rip them off. But no doubt that would be worse than having them biting into my nipples. Several jingles and groans later, I felt a cold patch under my shoulder. I was under the key!

Sadly it wasn’t there waiting for me, but deep down I knew it wouldn’t be. I needed to rest and catch my breath, the shuffling really did take it out of me and I was already exhausted from the whole ordeal so far. I let my head rest against the carpet. I could feel the slick sheen of sweat that coated my body. The ribbons in my mouth and between my legs were thoroughly soaked, but for different reasons. :p

I mewed again softly into my gag, again pleading for release. I jumped and jingled my bells as I felt a drop of icy water land on my neck. Given how much of a sweat I’d worked up in my struggles and now how warm the room felt, it was a pleasant feeling. I again stretched my hands down to wrap around the crotch rope ribbon and gave it a hopeless tug. This pushed the vibrating dildo in a few centimeters, only serving to frustrate me more.

I tried to stay as still as possible, hoping that any second the key would drop. The teasing buzz of the dildo was driving me crazy! I rolled onto my back to try and take some of the strain off of my shoulder. I started to make all sorts of nonsensical noises. No words, just noises. The teasing was frying my brain, I couldn’t think straight. I wanted nothing more than for someone, anyone to just turn this damned thing up! Once again I started begging to no one, I was so desperate that all logic left my mind.

The gentle dripping of the icy water on my breasts was a comforting relief. My whole body was glowing with heat as the ribbons clung to me tightly. I started to wiggle my hips, doing my best to grind against the dildo. Again, this had little success. All I could do was lay there and take the torment I’d inflicted upon myself. I would occasionally shift from my back to laying on my shoulder. Though I tried to do this as little as possible, rolling from side to side often resulted in a painful tug on my nipples. Not to mention the novelty of the jingling bells had well and truly worn off at this stage.

I started to fantasise again about how I would have found myself in this situation. Perhaps this naughty slave had been caught pleasuring herself, and now I was to be teased and denied by my cruel Master. Maybe he was planning on leaving me here until the morning as punishment. After all, it would be the only way I would learn my lesson. I groaned loudly into my gag, the thought of actually being trapped like that was certainly a turn on, although I secretly hoped that was not the reality. Making my way over to the safety release would be a long and painful journey.

“This is just how a useless slut like you deserves to be treated,” my imaginary Master said to me as I rolled onto my back. I could feel the slow drops of water splash on my chest once more. “I might just keep you like this all night,” I imagined the voice to say. Wanting to play my part, I mewed my pleas behind the gag. But the large and tight gag continued to do what it had done all night. Nothing but garbled and muffled noises came out from behind the rubber. By now, everything was starting to ache, nothing more so than my poor pussy who was in desperate need of attention.

I don’t know how long I lay there, fantasising to distract myself from the aches in my body. Drip... Buzz... Drip... Buzz. The constant dripping and buzzing were pushing me closer and closer to sexual madness. I was worried that if I didn’t get out soon, I might actually snap. That’s when I felt something else hit my chest. The sound of metal hitting metal as something fell against my right clamp. I groaned behind the gag as even the slightest tug against my nipples was excruciating. Wait a minute! There’s only one thing that could have been. The key!

With a renewed sense of hope I quickly rolled up onto my side. I could feel the cold string draped over my body as I did so. With my left hand I searched for the string, my fingers striking against the cold before I was finally able to grip on. I then pulled along the string until I felt the key in between my fingers. I practically screamed with delight behind my gag. With my right hand, I held the lock steady so I could slide the key in with my left. With one twist my hands were now free. I rolled onto my back with a heavy breath, just letting my arms rest at my sides for a moment. I’d done it. I’d somehow not gone mad after being teased for god only knows how long.

I reached up behind my head and undid the blindfold buckle from amongst the mess of my now tangled hair. I peeled it away, the tears from my breakdown earlier had caused it to stick to my face slightly. I dropped it to the side and ran my hands over my face. My heels were now pressing into the ground as I lay in a more comfortable position. The ache in my jaw made me reach for the straps of my gag next before I stopped. I was probably going to want to be gagged for what came next.

I let my hands drift down towards my breasts, gently resting them on the underside. As my fingers traced across the skin of my breasts, I could feel the tingle of a slight pain. I knew that taking these clamps off was going to be rough. Well I had the gag to keep me quiet, now all I needed was a good distraction. And what better distraction could there be? I thought with a gagged smirk as I reached my hands down between my legs. My fingers could easily find the slight bump underneath my ribbons that marked the end of my vibrator. The ribbons were pretty soaked around the entrance to my love tunnel, both with a mixture of lube and my own juices.

It took me a few moments to get a good grip as I pinched down on the end of my vibrator. I slowly started to twist it, moaning with such delight as I felt the vibrations grow more intense. I turned the damned thing as high as it would go before I took my hands away. I again moaned into my gag as I felt the vibrations taking over me. I ran my hands up over my head, tugging at the leather straps before I made my way up to the two pigtails I still had. They had loosened somewhat in my struggles and now I felt it was the time to ‘let my hair down’. I quickly undid the ribbons and hair ties, letting my hair pool down around my head as I lay there on the carpet. I ran my fingers through my hair, each touch feeling more electric by the second.

My breath quickened as I started to grind my hips back and forth, I could feel the orgasm I’d waited so long for hurtling towards me at an incredible speed. And I was ready to take it head on. My hands found their way to the collar around my neck and the attached leash. I curled my fingers around the now warm chain, having been heated by my own body. I pulled on it ever so slightly, pulling my head forward as I imagined someone yanking on the other end. I couldn’t be bothered to think of some fictional character. With the waves of pleasure washing over my mind I couldn’t really think of anything. You know what, if you’re reading this, why don’t you imagine it’s you who has a hold of my leash. Mmmmm, thank you mystery reader, you know just how to hold my leash and just how rough I like it ♥

I tugged on the leash for a good few moments before dropping it to the side. I was now breathing incredibly quickly and knew the moment would be upon me soon, I needed to be ready. The fires of the orgasm that had been building in me since the start of my session were now roaring with all the intensity of a thousand volcanoes. I moaned loudly into my gag as I felt the pleasure surging through my body. This is it! I thought as I brought my hands up to my nipples, gently gripping onto the clamps. 3!... 2!... 1!

I pressed down, opening the clamps of my nipples and pulling them free. The pain and pleasure coursing through my body collided head on. The two waves crashing together and causing one of the most intense orgasms in my life to explode inside me. I screamed into the gag as I thrashed my legs around, I swear every hair on my body stood on end as the orgasm tore through my body. I was worried the intensity of the orgasm was going to rip me apart, or at the very least cause me to pass out. I threw the clamps away, there was a soft jingle in the distance as they landed. My screams soon became moans as the after echoes of my orgasm started to dull.

I started to massage my poor abused nipples before my arms wearily flopped to my side. After an orgasm that intense, I felt all the strength leave my body. Mind you, my nipples were still screaming with pain as the blood rushed back into them. Though, that pain was drowned out by the intense pleasure still washing over my body like a powerful tide. Next, I wearily reached up to my gag and began to undo the buckles. It took me a few minutes to find the straps buried amongst my messy hair before I was able undo them. I felt the tight leather straps release their grip on my head as I pulled it forward. It took a bit of effort to work the gag out of my jaw which was very much aching now. I groaned in discomfort as I stretched my jaw and the mixture of rubber and ribbon popped out from behind my teeth. “That’s better,” I said as I stretched my jaw around.

Sitting my gag to the side, I ran my hands down over the ribbons that still decorated my body. They had held up for the most part, they’d also worked better than I’d imagined they would. The ribbons had kept my heels pinned tightly against my ass, not to mention the vibrator buried in my pussy. I rolled onto my side, letting the now cooler night air cling to me as the vibrator continued to work away at my love tunnel. I knew that I would be enjoying another orgasm before too long.

Sure enough, the fires began to rise again, it wasn’t long before I was straining against my bonds as the orgasm detonated inside me. This one wasn’t as intense as the first, but was still incredible. They always are for me when it feels more like I have earned them. And I’d like to think I’d certainly earned it that night. If you don’t think so, then let me know. :p

After I came down from the euphoric high of my second orgasm, I reached out for my phone and switched on the light. I squinted a bit at the bright light before using it to search around for the scissors. It was sad, but necessary. There was no way I was going to get these ribbons off without a little help. I started by cutting away the fabric at my legs, careful not to damage my stockings in any way. The inside of my stockings were now damp with the sweat of my struggles. With a loud sigh of relief, my legs were now free and I stretched them out in front of me. The feeling of stretching them after so long was almost as good as the orgasms. Almost. :p

I flopped back onto the carpet as I stretched myself out. I decided to lay there for a few minutes, just letting the tension on my body fade away. Mind you, it was a little difficult with the vibrator still buzzing at full speed. With a heavy heart, I this time reached down and pinched on the end of the dildo, getting a grip before turning it off. The poor fella was probably as tired as I was. Next my scissors found their way to my crotch ribbon and chest harness. It wasn’t long before the streams of fabric fell to the floor around me.

I gasped as I pulled the dildo out slowly, I didn’t let it touch the floor, not wanting to stain the carpet with any of my juices. Not only was my pussy a lovely shade of pink, but there were also imprint lines from where the ribbon had been pressing down between my legs.

I decided it would be best to unbuckle my heels and take them off before I tried to walk back to my room. After such a long and pleasurable session, I was for sure going to be shaky on my feet. I bundled up all the supplies I could and shakily walked back to my room. I then quickly made a quick trip back to take down my release hook and carry back what supplies I couldn’t in the first trip.

Even though I was beyond tired, I knew a long and hot shower would help me sleep better so I quickly took off my stockings, undid the padlocks on my cuffs, as well as the collar and leash I’d just let dangle down my front. Flicking on the lights in the bathroom and turning on the shower, I stopped to look in the mirror. My hair was a mess, my eyes were red and puffy from the crying, and I had these deep marks on my face from where the ball gag had pressed into my skin. “Well, hopefully they’re gone by tomorrow. Or at least at the point where I can cover them up” I thought as I looked at myself. Quiet the sorry sight to say the least. And yet, I couldn’t help but smile. “Just the way a slave girl should look” I said to myself. I then turned to hop in the shower.

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Xoxo, Naomi ♥


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