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by Mikel

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Gina watched the movie for the hundredth time replaying the scenes showing the victims in their restraints being ruthlessly tortured with no hope of escape writhing in their bonds. Unable to stop herself from masturbating as she wished it was her being tied down and tortured. After her mild orgasm she sat breathing hard and wishing she had the nerve to restrain herself for more than a few hours. Even though she was very experienced in self bondage she had never felt like she could really take it for longer than she had in the past. Her longest time being helplessly bond had been slightly more than three hours in a strict hogtie she had placed herself in. She had forced herself to wriggle her way through the house and find the keys hanging from an ice block all while gagged and hooded with her tits bound and clamped.

Even though she had smeared several places on the floors that she would have to drag herself across with ben gay causing her breasts and thighs to feel like they were on fire she had become bored once she arrived while she waited on the ice to melt. The vibrations that had brought her to several orgasm’s could now not even get her aroused due to the fact that she knew that the ice would melt and she would be able to release herself since she had already made the trip to the keys.

What she craved was the feeling of true helplessness for an extended period of time but not be allowed to get bored. She wanted to be kept in constant pain while she was helpless to stop it. The fear of over doing it or getting stuck in her own trap had prevented her from trying to achieve her dream. Gina was still thinking about her dilemma as she readied herself for bed, the cuffs on her wrists would attach to the mag locks after she had locked her ankles to the chains at the foot of the bed. Tonight she would change it up a little and sleep in her heavy leather hood with its large leather bung filling her mouth.

Now completely blind and only able to breathe from the two small holes near her nose she laid waiting. The spanking machine she had invested in would swing the short leather whip irregularly throughout the night never letting her get into a rhythm or figure out its pattern. Gina never counted her sleeping arrangements as true time bound since normally she would be asleep most of the time she was bound and almost never slept in anything other than her wrists and ankle restraints. She also knew that the power would stop at some point releasing her no matter what since the battery backup she used to power the locks would run down in less than twelve hours if the timer failed. Also if any of the security sensors were tripped in the house the entire system would shut down automatically releasing her so she never really felt truly trapped.

Tonight she would secure herself differently, face down spread eagle on her bed her waist was being held firmly in place by a wide strap so she would not be able to wiggle out of the way of the spanking machine as it laid whelps across her firm ass. The additions tonight were spurred on by her watching the film and feeling very brave and ignoring her normal rule about not adding anything to her bondage at the last minute. After setting up the machine and setting her timer for eight hours so she would have time to get up and make it to work she chained her ankles and laced her hood tight. Pulling the strap around her waist until it started to restrict her breathing she reached over hitting the start button on the whipping machine. She stretched her arms as far as she could before the short chains were grabbed by the strong magnets.

She had, after much experimentation, positioned the magnets so they were constantly trying to pull the next link in the chains to themselves. Every inch of slack she would get would almost be instantly turned into making her that much more stretched and if she struggled or thrashed too hard she could even be left with her body partially suspended. Something she liked very much but did not do intentionally nightly because she still needed to get up and go to work and when she was suspended she was too uncomfortable to sleep. Gina did like waking up and finding that during the night she had in her sleep made the magnets lift her body some and had to lie there and wait for them to release her while she twisted and pulled against them.

Tonight her lust had lowered her inhibitions making her think she could actually sleep while bound on her stomach while being whipped with a leather lash attached to a merciless machine that would not stop and didn’t care for her well being at all. The thought of being whipped by a machine had always made her wet but again she always knew she would be released and that thought had diminished her experiences. Now locked in place Gina found her first mistake, the hoods small breathing holes and large gag was difficult to breath in even when she wasn’t face down against a mattress. Now lying on the mattress blocked the holes making her have to hold her head up. Gina quickly realized this and stretched and flailed about until her body was hanging from the cuffs only allowing her forehead to touch the mattress when she would relax.

Now she didn’t have to worry about suffocating if she accidently blacked out. The second mistake was the waist strap, now the already too tight strap was pulling in on her waist much harder from her body moving up and forwards making her gasp for air. It also made the tension of the wrist and ankle cuffs much harder and they were already becoming painful. Her third mistake was she had opted to leave out any vibrators or plugs and had no distractions from the pain she was already feeling. The worst mistake and the thing she should have checked before committing herself was the tension on the whipping machines spring.

The spring could be adjusted for power and for the weight and length when using different whips or paddles. In Gina’s hurry to set this scenario up she had changed from a heavy wooden paddle to the lighter leather whip and had not reset or tested the power setting. While Gina hung twisting and pulling on the chains she was slashed by the whip causing her to freeze as the pain radiated from her ass from the first lash. By the third lash she was screaming and almost in tears finding out the when she moved forward she had also changed the area of where the whip would land and now it was hitting her from the middle of her ass down to her thighs.

Gina wept under the tight hood, her forehead resting on the mattress, her arms pulled up towards the top of the headboard with her waist and legs stretched tightly along the mattress. She was relieved when the machine had stopped whipping her. She had lost count how many lashes she had taken this time and had absolutely no idea of how much longer she would be tortured. As she cried she flexed her fingers and tried to move her body but her strength was gone and all she could do now was endure the pain until she was released.

For the remaining six hours Gina was whipped every ten to fifteen minutes. She could no longer count how many lashes for each session, all she could do was hang there and scream and moan with everyone that made contact with her reddened and welted skin. Just before her release Gina realized she had inadvertently done exactly what she had been craving. As the massive orgasm washed over her exhausted body she screamed louder when the sting of the lash crossed her thighs making the orgasm seem like it lasted for hours before her body could take no more and she passed out.

Waking as the lash stung her, the whip was now hitting much higher on her sore ass. Gina pulled her arms in close then behind her to block the stinging whip only then realizing she was free of the mag locks. Desperately she searched with her freed hand for the control panel of the whipping machine. While finding the machine and turning it off she received three more lashes making her spasm and jerk her tired body. Feeling no more lashes Gina lay still panting and remembering the super orgasm she had last night and wondered if she could stand to do it again.

Remembering work she pulled at her remaining bonds trying to get up wrestling with the strap around her waist blindly trying to free herself quickly. Finally calming down she worked on the laces of the hood with tingling hands loosening it enough to yank it off her sweat covered head and seeing the damage she had caused for the first time. She almost wept when she saw her chafed and bruised wrists. Touching them made her flinch with pain as she inspected them closer finding no open wounds and was thankful for that. Being able to see Gina unlatched the strap at her waist and could see it too was chafed and sore to the touch. Forcing herself back onto her legs she unbuckled the ankle cuffs, then turned to sit on the bed only to squeal and jump up when she put pressure on her tortured ass.

Limping to the bathroom Gina half smiled and half grimaced when she could see her swollen ass, it looked to be double its normal size and had large welts across it and her upper thighs. Placing her hand on the welts made her squeal as the pain radiated throughout her body making her gasp and wonder if she could ever sit down again. Relieving herself took careful balancing, hovering just over the toilet and gasping while she cleaned herself. Standing again she inspected her ankles and found they too were chafed and bruised from her night of struggling.

Knowing she could not call into work today she turned on the shower and waited for it to get hot before climbing in. When the hot water washed over her shoulders she sighed deeply from the relief. When it ran across her sore ass she screamed and jumped out of the shower knocking the curtain down as she fought to stop the pain the hot water had caused. Calming herself she cooled the water and quickly hung the rod back in place and eased herself into the cooler water adjusting it until the pain faded and the water was fully cold. Washing herself quickly she carefully cleaned her sore parts and stepped out and dried off finding that even her soft towel caused her pain.

While drying her hair she thought about what to wear to work, the company had strict dress codes that called for women to wear slacks or skirts and always had to wear hose of some sort.

She wished she had not always worn her clothes so tight and knew she had nothing in her professional attire that wasn’t fitted to her. Slipping into pantyhose she could only stand the pain for a few minutes before she was ripping them off. Thinking she could wear stockings she pulled one of her skirts up wincing as it covered her ass and again when she buttoned it around her sore waist. The skirt felt exceptionally tight as she walked to the large mirror and could see not only was her swollen ass stretching the material to its limit but she could also see the large welts across her ass through the material.

SHIT! Gina yelled as she unbuttoned the skirt and let it drop to the floor. Gina knew her slacks would be tighter and paced around her room thinking of what she could do. Finally thinking of a way she could still meet the dress code but cover herself completely Gina pulled out a pleated mini skirt. This skirt hung just past her firm ass and was normally worn only out to clubs and when she was feeling particularly frisky without underwear. Today she would wear a pair of spandex leggings under it covering both her swollen ass and her damaged ankles.

Gina grimaced as she pulled the spandex over her ass but they felt much better than the pantyhose so she continued to get dressed. The light corset was next pulled snuggly around her sore waist. She wore this often under her clothes and sometimes Gina would let it poke out from under a shirt so she knew it was acceptable at work. It would cover her bruised waist and keep anything else from rubbing it. The large blazer went on over her corset, the long sleeves covering her bruised wrists completely and once buttoned left only a slight peek at her corset top.

Stepping into her sensible heels she thought they looked stupid dressed the way she was so she found her five inch pumps with small ankle straps and slipped into them. Inspecting herself in the large mirror she laughed at her new look and knew it would drive the men in her office wild. The short skirt was just poking slightly out from under the blazer making it look like she was only wearing her “Boyfriends” jacket. The coat buttoned tightly across her narrow waist making it clear that it was really her jacket. The leather cups of the corset showing enough between the lapels to be enticing and holding her firm breasts up nicely showing great cleavage. Gina hoped she wouldn’t get into trouble for the outfit but figured it was better than missing an important day of meetings all together and figured dressed this way she might distract the others enough to get what she wanted.

Gina screamed again as she sat in the driver’s seat, tears forming as the pain exploded through her and she knew she had to stop at the drug store to get something for the pain. Practically jumping from the driver’s seat she straightened her clothes and walked gingerly into the drug store and searched for what she was looking for. The swelling of her ass making the skirt work up and over her it as she walked making her glad she had wore the jacket and continuously needing to pull it back down. Asking the pharmacist for suggestions, carefully skirting the truth of her pains she was directed to some numbing gel normally used for oral pain. Gina bought several packages of it along with some anti inflammatory aspirin. Opening the boxes of small tubes in the car and putting them into her purse she swallowed a handful of the aspirin and drove to work. Each bump in the road making her whine and making her feel like she was getting whipped all over again by an invisible lash. The thoughts of being whipped mixed with the memories of last night made her pussy dampen again.

Reaching work the aspirin had taken the edge off and she walked into the building heading straight to the bathroom. Applying the numbing gel was difficult but soon she felt much better and took some more aspirin and headed for her first meeting. Several of her co workers made comments on her attire and she thanked them saying she was going out after work and having all the men ask where and if they could join her. In her meetings she had everyone’s undivided attention as she did her presentations, often having to reach above her head making the skirt rise up showing her swollen ass in the spandex pants to everyone in the room.

Gina applied the numbing gel several times though out the day and could tell her swelling was reducing and the pain was fading. Giving her hope she had not damaged herself permanently and by the end of the day she was glad to go home. Her feet were aching and she was extremely tired and just wanted to go home and sleep. Finally home Gina ate a light dinner thinking of tying herself again but entering her bedroom she just laid down still dressed and immediately fell asleep.

Waking the next morning and quickly getting dressed and heading to work. Her normal skirts were still tight across her ass and she wore stockings and a garter belt with a normal long sleeve top and jacket to cover her wrists. Wearing ankle boots took care of her bruised ankles but looked out of place with the skirt especially since they had six inch heels. Gina managed another day without anyone seeing her bruises or having to sit too long. During the day she dreamed about improving on her experience and made several notes while she searched for more equipment to fulfill her desires.

Four days later her ass had returned to normal and her bruises had almost faded, now easily covered by dark pantyhose and bracelets and Gina was well on her way to making another session a reality and making her dream of an extended adventure a reality. Confident that a long torture session is what she needed Gina struggled through the next two months totally lost in her planning. As the date for her vacation neared her distractions became worse as fears and doubts combined with anticipation made her daily activities more difficult to concentrate on.

Her nightly routine had become almost robotic, arrive home, lace the toe boots and corset on tight. She would eat a small meal then seal her head in the new leather hood that blocked all noise both from her and from the outside. It had a much larger gag and only one breathing hole making it a much more severe hood. Gina locked the thick collar around her neck before locking herself spread eagle to her bed.

The endless nights being bound and gagged but having no stimulus of any kind had left Gina a horny mess. She had deliberately forced herself to go without an orgasm of any kind for the entire two months so she would be fully prepared for her torture session. Gina was hoping her lust alone would force her to go through with it making the orgasms she would receive huge. The equipment she had purchased had all been set up and each piece tested individually and only for short periods. Gina didn’t want to get too excited and cross the climax line. The only items she had not tested were the new corset, vibrators and the newest whipping machine. These items had cost her the entire amount she had been saving for her three week vacation but if they all worked, and since she had now decided she would take an “indoor” vacation it would be well worth it.

Locking her toe boots on had become second nature and by now she had learned to walk in them easily but wrapping the new corset around her torso made her shiver. The corset was made of hard plastic with leather formed into it for the back. The front covered her from just above her pussy to her arm pits and had multiple contacts for the electro stim unit that it was built for. The back would be closed with multiple straps and when the steel reinforced opening was pulled closed it would latch itself and need a key to be opened just like the strap on her new toe boots.

The keys she had just mailed to an office contact three states away. She had told her to hold them for her until she called for it so even once she was free of her bondage she would still be trapped in the boots and corset until she received the keys for them. Inserting the vibrators was a new experience in pain for Gina. She had never had anything as long or wide in either hole and almost reconsidered using the monsters. She knew they were part of the electro stim unit and a large part of her torture session and finally was able to force them deep inside her.

The chain through her pussy and ass was next. Like the one around the base of each breast it was pulled tight and locked together over the corset its sole purpose was to keep the monsters inside just in case they were able to slide out of her somehow. The chains around her breasts were a last minute detail to extend her discomfort longer. Something she would regret before her ordeal was over. Gina checked her home making sure everything was off or unplugged, with all the windows and doors locked. Gina walked carefully around the house panting from the tight corset and still debating whether or not she should/could go through with this or not. Entering her “dungeon” Gina looked at the windows that had been covered in an attempt to block more of the sound. Her neighbor had mentioned hearing what sounded like screams during her last session forcing her to make every attempt to block the sounds of this one hence the new hood and collar.

Gina backed up to the steel rack that had been designed to be infinitely adjustable and secured to a large steel base. The rack had been ordered with a “shelf” on either side to hold the whipping machines. The first time the manufacturer had been asked for two “shelves” leaving unobstructed access to her ass and upper thighs but securely holding her body in place. It now stood bolted to the floor with small arms leading to the ceiling where it was also bolted. An extra precaution Gina wanted since she did not want to be able to flex the rack or fall over during her session.

Gina checked the programs on the controllers for the whipping machines and the tens unit and plugged all of the wires in. The two whipping machines had different whips attached, one being a multi strap rubber whip and the other the same leather whip she had used before. The machines not only could whip the same location at the same time but could be angled slightly making them hit lower or higher on her ass and legs. The angle controlled by a small tapered knob that when the actuator made it turn it would change the area of impact.

Gina had left the whipping machines set to on with no off time programmed and would endure the programmed whipping during most of her two or three days. A tease option the computer could pick that would lessen the voltage to the mag locks and if the slave pulled hard enough they could free themselves. The slave would never know when to pull and the controller would add two hours for every opportunity missed for up to one more day meaning she could be incarcerated up to four days. The release time would be unknown to her and chosen at random by the controller for the mag locks.

The whipping machines had come with a program that when used would also be random choosing from thirteen different scenarios all guaranteed to “break the slave” the literature advertised. Gina had never worn the boots more than twenty four hours and had never worn the corset so she also expected both to make her stay painful in their own ways. The corset would use the contacts in it to shock and stimulate her breasts. The manual said it could be wonderful kneading sensations to painful shocks applied all over her torso, breasts and plugs. The feature she most looked forward to feeling was the nipple torture program that the manual said would cause even the toughest slave to succumb to their masters wishes.

Having all the programs ready to start in thirty minutes Gina looked around for the last time before bending over with a grunt and locked her ankles to the steel frame. Rising she closed the clamps around her legs above and below her knees tightening the clamps on each until she had no movement possible. Closing the clamps around her waist and chest was more difficult with the firm corset making her have to squeeze both and making her breathing that much harder as she tightened the clamp around her chest compressing it further.

After locking her cuffs around her wrists she worked the thick leather hood over her head forcing the long thick gag into her mouth and laced and locked the hood on tightly. The wide steel collar was next and snapped closed snuggly around her throat forcing her head back slightly. Gina paused panting under the hood as her stomach made her begin to wonder if she could continue. Locking the collar to the rack pulled her head backwards and when the lock snapped closed she felt it and a small orgasm making her smile as her stomach calmed and she knew she wanted this. Gina attached each wrist cuff to its respective chain that had been feed through the loops running up the rack. Gina panted through the small hole under her nose before inserting her arms up through the steel loops encircling her arms tightly in them above and below her elbows. Gina stood locked in place panting before pulling on the chains making the large weight slip off the shelf behind her and yank her hands upwards pulling hard on her arms and wrists.

Gina was glad she wore the long leather gloves to protect her arms and wrists and relaxed and stretched her body as far as she could while she waited to be caught by the mag locks. She tried to pull her arms down but the large weight held her stretched taunt and she was glad she had used an ice release for it or she would have been stuck from the start. After twenty minutes Gina pulled down again and felt no give at all in her restraints and knew her fate was sealed, the mag locks now held her firmly and there was no way to release herself until the unfeeling timers let her go.

Gina hung for a few minutes before a small panic attack made her try and fight her bonds proving to herself that she was now firmly trapped by her own hand. Gina now stood in toe boots panting against an extremely tight corset, clamped and chained in a standing spread eagle unable to stop the upcoming torture just as the girl had been in the movie. The reality of her current predicament sank in making another small ripple of pleasure to run through her body.

Almost an hour later Gina was twisting and puling in an attempt to make herself less bored when she felt a tingling all over her torso that soon grew to small stings then ZAP! Gina screamed into her hood as her nipples were shocked, the power taking her breath away each time it hit her nipples. Suddenly Gina was thrashing and twisting in her bonds desperately trying to free herself as the pulses started to radiate into her pussy and ass making her insides pulse and squeeze the large phalluses harder.

Gina was already regretting not testing the electro stim unit, the steel rack was unyielding as her thrashing body tried to move inside its grip. As the power faded to a pleasurable kneading sensation Gina was gasping and whining, her hands flailing about as she moaned from behind the hood. Gina could feel the vibrators begin to buzz and moaned louder wishing the torture items and the vibrators could have been linked together. Gina was grateful for the pleasurable feelings she was now experiencing from her stretched holes wanting more punishment to go with them. The hood kept Gina from hearing the whipping machines windup and when the first lash of the leather hit her Gina screamed more from surprise than pain.

That changed quickly as the machine continued to whip her and was soon joined by the multiple rubber straps of the other whip and the two lashed Gina’s flailing body mercilessly for hours. The vibrators came on and off and the electro unit tickled then tortured her breasts, ass and pussy almost as mercilessly causing Gina to switch from loving them and hating them as her body continued to fight the steel holding her in place.

For the first twenty four hours Gina was kept in almost constant pain, the stim unit and whips never stopping for more than a few minutes. Her vibrators had only gone high enough to arouse her while she was in the middle of being tortured by both whips and her nipples being shocked directly. Also the chains she had used to increase her discomfort around her breasts were now acting as excellent conductors. They were taking a lot of the power from the contacts and transferring it directly to the base of her breasts making Gina feel like someone was trying to rip her breasts off. The screaming coming from the hooded figure was barely audible inside the room but Gina had screamed hard enough to make her throat sore and the tears were keeping her face wet as she struggled helplessly, just as she had wanted.

During the next twenty four hours Gina had achieved what she wanted and twisted and fought her tormentor’s relentless torture having multiple orgasms as she fought. Gina was now hanging limply from the rack, her body twitching from the shocks and small squeals from the whips as she tried to beg the machines to stop. Her firm ass and upper legs were now swollen and covered in large red welts, each lash feeling harder than the last. The vibrators were running on high making her pussy and ass feel like they were being ripped apart from the inside and Gina felt no more pleasure only pain.

As her exhausted body climaxed again she moaned and pulled with all her remaining strength as her body tensed. Even when her hands pulled free of the mag locks she continued to shake and convulse as her body reacted to the whips and vibrators. Slowly Gina’s arms slid down the rack making her aware of her freedom. As the bound figure tried to pull her arms down the locks re-engaged. Leaving the exhausted and weeping figure trapped with her wrists pulled down to the last loops. The chains and loops were keeping her arms bent to each side of her body as she struggled harder against them yanking and pulling the chains.

Gina was whipped and shocked to another massive orgasm all while yanking and twisting her pinioned arms until she felt the chains begin to slide down again and she quickly pulled her arms out. Her body still jerking and twitching from the whips and shocks made unhooking her wrist cuffs from the chains difficult but finally she was able to release them. Reaching over she turned off the whipping machines and hung limply from the rack gasping as she realized she had completed her dream and now just wanted out. Turning the corset off was not an option, the program could only be changed not turned off until the corset was opened or the batteries ran low. Without her vision Gina could do nothing to stop the shocks from happening so she concentrated on loosening the clamps holding her to the rack.

Gina had spent another hour releasing herself from the rack and she stumbled to a nearby chair and began working on removing the hood. The ice block had long ago melted and she was able to fish the keys from the bowl of water and wrestle the key to unlock the collar but her shaking hands could not unlock the hood so she worked on the chain belt. Gina tried to unlock the waist chain and remove the vibrators but her gloved and numb hands refused to work. She could not locate the small lock holding the chain closed so she blindly stood up and groped her way to the bedroom. Dragging the wires she had pulled out of the controllers behind her as she staggered into her room and found the bed and collapsed onto it. Her exhaustion completely over took her, forcing her to fall asleep in her remaining bonds, sleeping well into the next afternoon.

Coming too Gina struggled with the hood and corset that was shocking her again until she calmed herself and desperately tried to find the keys to remove the hood. Her inert vibrators were making her horny again as she tried to remember what she had done with the keys in her stupor. Retracing her steps to the chair and finally finding the keys back in the water filled bowl she scooped them out just as her vibrators ramped up. Her corset was kneading her breasts while mildly shocking her nipples and before she could remove the hood she climaxed again sitting in the chair screaming in ecstasy while the waves washed over her body.

Gina peeled the wet leather from her head and sat whining on her sore ass trying to find a position that didn’t hurt. As her eyes adjusted she saw the water bowl and lifted it to her mouth and drank all of the melted ice water. Her thirst making her not care about the metal keys that had been sitting it for days or the metallic taste it had. Gina could no longer stand the pain of her sore ass and had to stand up and work on the chain around her waist. Finally dropping it to the floor before going to the control unit and plugging in the corset and resetting it to tease and please mode.

Now Gina could concentrate on the plugs still seated deep inside her. As she looked at the rack she stepped back up to it and raised her arms through the loops and almost reactivated the mag locks but pulled herself away. As she stood near the rack she picked up the chain from the floor and wrapped it around her waist again. Gina relocked it before resetting the controls for the vibrators and clamping her legs back to the rack this time she was facing it. Gina grabbed the large ball gag and stuffed it into her mouth before feeding the chains from her wrist cuffs back up and letting the mag locks grab them again.

She had reset the vibrators to mild vibrations only and hoped that with the pleasurable feelings from the corset she would be allowed to come multiple times before the eight hours were up and she was released again. Her need to be trapped and abused would never seem to be sated but this time it was only for her pleasure not pain as she moaned and twisted her swollen ass as she pulled at her restraints.

It wasn’t until she heard the whips winding up that she knew she had screwed up. The power for the whip machines had been turned on as well and now they were going to whip her front! Gina thrashed and pulled but could not move far enough to get away from the first lash that hit her across her pussy and hips. The scream of pain would have wakened the dead as Gina almost blacked out from the pain. Then next lash was the rubber whip and one of the tendrils snapped directly on her clit making her scream again and writhe with pain as the machines continued to take turns punishing her.

Luckily as the angles changed the whips began hitting the corset and allowed Gina to catch her breath but when she felt them moving down again she was is full struggle mode. Gasping and fighting with the anticipation of the coming pain made Gina climax again and when the whip hit her fully on her pussy, the pain made her continue to climax until she blacked out and hung limply from her wrists. The lash from the whip woke Gina and she continued to struggle, and on every down turn of the whips she would climax violently almost blacking out while enduring another session with the whips beating her most sensitive areas. When the magnets finally released her Gina yanked all the cords out of the control boxes. The pain in the front of her body made her barely able to bend and release her legs. As soon as she freed her legs she collapsed at the base of her creation that had proven it could indeed break her.

Waking again Gina now hurt on both sides of her body and cried loudly as she removed the ball gag and crawled to the chair. Finding she was unable to sit she limped to the kitchen and set out her prepared meal and water mixture and ate quickly while standing at the counter. Every few seconds she would touch her ass or pelvis and whine from the pain. Once her hunger and thirst were sated Gina walked back to the dungeon and retrieved her keys and stumbled into the bathroom to remove the plugs. After unlocking the chain she stood weeping from the pain it had caused when it slid from her pussy lips.

Gina could feel the dildo slowly sliding from her so she stood still and waited for the large phallus to slide out as far as it could finally stopped by the tube connecting it to the plug. The plug was being more difficult as her ass had swollen around it and was making it to painful to touch. Gina, not needing to relieve herself right now left the plug in and slowly reinserted the dildo. Turning to the mirror she began weeping again as she could see her swollen cunt and the welts across it and her upper thighs and slowly turned to see her swollen ass. Gasping when she saw that it was much worse than last time, the extended time under the whips causing them to actually breaking the skin in places and leaving small blood streaks across her body.

Gina stood on her pointed toes applying the numbing cream and some antiseptics to her wounds. Her wrists and ankles had fared better and she was getting more comfortable in the boots and corset. She wanted to sleep and could figure no way for her to lay down. Wandering around the house she saw the rack and knew that was the only way she could get some rest so she pulled her gloves back on. This time she removed the whipping machines completely from the rack and then carefully clamped and locked her body to the rack until she had her arms stretched tightly over her head again and could finally relax and drift off into a deep sleep. Her dreams filled with images of being whipped and tortured and her mind already preparing her for her next adventure in pain and pleasure.

Waking the next day she pulled on the chains that had not been released yet and stood waiting for them. The pain from her pussy and ass radiated through her body making her moan slightly until she felt the magnets let go of the chains. She slowly released herself from the rack. Once she was free she moved as quickly as her pointed toes would carry her to the bathroom. Gina reapplied the numbing gel and relieved herself listening to it splash as it flowed around the vibrator. Attempting to remove the plug was still more painful than she could manage so she went back to the kitchen and ate another small meal sitting carefully on several pillows. She studied her wrist cuffs as she sat letting her meal settle and became aroused again thinking about the fact that she could not remove the corset or boots. Suddenly remembering her keys she picked up the phone and called her friend only to find out the office was closed for the weekend. Gina cursed herself as she looked at her computer and found out that it was Friday 7:30 pm. Her ordeal had lasted almost seven days and now she would be trapped in her corset and boots until Wednesday or Thursday before she might get the keys.

Appling more of the gel Gina was finally able to remove the plug and relieved herself. Still feeling exhausted she laid on her side and drifted off to sleep again only to be awaken by the pain caused by her rolling over onto her ass. She smiled as she walked casually into the kitchen not hindered at all by her foot wear and enjoyed the way the tight corset forced her to sway as she walked. Gina wondered if she could go out dressed as she was the idea exciting her again. Gina had ordered some long pants that would cover her shoes and didn’t fit her as tight across her ass and went and stepped into them.

Pulling them gently up to her waist and finding them way too big there so she pulled them off and went to her sewing machine and adjusted the waist line then tried them on again. Now they would stay up and hung all the way to the floor covering her boots completely. Grabbing a fitted shirt she buttoned it leaving the top buttons open to show a little of the black plastic of the corset. She wrapped a wide leather belt around her narrow waist saying to herself might as well show it off while I’ve got it.

Pulling the long gloves back on to cover the mild chafing on her wrists she rolled the sleeves up to just below her elbows making sure everyone who looked knew she was wearing long gloves. Looking at herself in the mirror she liked her long lean silhouette with just a touch of kinky showing and decided to get some breakfast before going shopping. Getting in the car was difficult due to the corset and her pointed toes but after adjusting the seat she felt comfortable enough to drive and carefully backed out of the garage and eased her way towards the mall. After spending a couple of hours wandering around and only getting a few sideways glances she found the shop she had heard about and went in. The store sold “Goth” clothing but she knew it was another word for fetish and spotted several things she wanted to try on but knew she couldn’t right now, the young sales girl basically ignoring her until Gina reached the counter.

The girl was stunned at her selections and asked if she was buying them for her daughter. Gina snapped at her saying she didn’t have a daughter and that she wasn’t as old as the girl was silly and paid for the items and strutted out of the store. Walking towards her car her ass was starting to throb again so she tried to hurry back to her house. Half way home she was almost in tears from the pain and was gasping for air as she pulled in the garage and stopped, jumping out quickly and trotting into the house.

After more of the gel was applied Gina was walking around nude again remembering her purchases and went to the garage to get them from the car. Her first purchase was a long leather skirt that almost reached the floor. It hugged her body and thighs then draped loosely down to her ankles. She walked around in it for several minutes before pulling the latex t-shirt onto her corseted body. The deep black of the latex mixed well with her skirt and showed her narrow waist under it. Gina thought she looked good enough to go out to her favorite club and quickly applied her makeup dark and heavy and teased her hair so it hung around her face.

As she was looking in the mirror she thought something was missing and locked the wide steel collar around her neck and then slipped her leather cuffs onto her wrists and said “There that’s perfect”. Walking out she noticed the bags with her other purchases in them and said “I’ll wear them tomorrow” and drove to the club. The few people that did recognize her complemented her on the new dark look and no one noticed her boots even though Gina did try to dance with a few guys before leaving the club and returning home.

It had been a long day and even though the pain was fading she applied more of the gel before going to bed. Unable to restrain herself in her normal spread eagle position she locked her feet to the foot board. Gina laced her hood on tightly and cuffed her hands together in front. Gina slept well into Sunday having more dreams of being bound and abused. Gina woke and stretched her sore body getting up leaving her hands cuffed and the hood on and relieved herself. Wandering around blind and cuffed fueled her desires and soon found the rack and hooked up the corset.

The batteries had long been dead but now would recharge and she would have to suffer through its punishment again. Gina locked her ankles legs and waist to the rack before hooking one chain to her cuffed wrists. Raising her arms until the magnets turned on trapping them to one side of the rack. The mag locks were still set for eight hours but the corset had reset itself when the batteries died and now went through its demo mode over and over again.

During the entire eight hours it continued teasing her then torturing her until she was screaming then restarting the whole program over. Gina struggled against the chains holding her wrists for eight hours and when her hands finally dropped her whole body was sore from fighting her bonds and trying to twist in the plastic corset. After releasing herself from the rack Gina removed the hood and got something to drink and retired to her bed.

She was still sore but she did not have to put more of the gel on and fell asleep still cuffed as her corset kneaded her breasts gently. Sleeping through most of Sunday Gina awoke early Monday and called her friend who said she would put the envelope in the mail. After thanking her Gina ate some more and surfed the web finding several more things she wanted but only ordering a few knowing she had used her credit cards too much Saturday. This thought made her remember her new clothes and she giggled as she strutted seductively now totally comfortable in her corset and heels to where she had left the bags and pulled out the long latex dress. Perfect she thought as she unzipped the back and stepped into it pulling the tight rubber up her body and forcing her gloved hands into the sleeves. Once on she smoothed it out she found that the hem dropped tightly to her ankles and had no opening to allow more than a few inches of room to walk. She stroked her body as she moved carefully around the house before spotting the wide steel collar and cuffs near the rack and quickly locked them on.

Noticing her house was a mess she spent Monday struggling from room to room cleaning and putting away her implements of torture making herself gasp for air as she walked pulling at the hem of the long dress with each step. Late Monday night Gina was exhausted again but as she put away her vacuum she was satisfied at the day’s work admiring her neat and clean house. The latex had been making her sweat all day and she loved the pockets of sweat moving around under the rubber. She wanted to sleep in it so she laced her hood on again and re-cuffed her hands in front and slept soundly though the night. Waking Tuesday midmorning needing to pee badly Gina struggled with her cuffed hands to unlace the hood not knowing the laces had been forced under the wide collar locked around her neck that also hid the zipper.

Struggling to her pointed toes Gina eased her way to where the keys had been only finding the table and chair moved and remembering she had put everything away yesterday. Grunting she made her way back to the bedroom and reached into her key drawer. Her gloved hands could not distinguish which keys were the correct ones so she sat rocking and grunting as she tried several before finding the correct one and unlocking her cuffs and collar. She moved as quickly as the dress allowed to the bathroom unzipping the dress as she walked. Quickly removing her dress she sat down and relieved herself while she unlaced the hood and pulled it from her head with a large smile. She was thinking about what she would do today feeling very comfortable being locked in the torturous corset and shoes knowing she would end up bound somehow, somewhere and tried to think of a new way to punish herself for the same unknown reasons.

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