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Go Fetch

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2013 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; harness; gag; straps; bfold; toys; insert; climax; caught; M/f; oral; cons; X

It was time for Amy to play. She had planning this “alone” time for quite a while and it was finally here; a chunk of time in the early afternoon when she could indulge in her secret erotic pastime. Her boyfriend was going to pick her up this evening for dinner but that was the only other thing on her agenda other than some delicious self- bondage.

As she gathered up a few of her favorite toys, she knew she should enjoy the warm April weather outside before it became leaden with drizzle-laden clouds. But her libido had taken over the reins to her desires so now all that was left was to indulge herself. She had gathered up her collection of leather cuffs with their various padlocks, a ball gag head harness, her favorite little pink vibrator with its twin for her anus, and a padded black leather blindfold that would encase her in her own subbie world; everything to make her bondage time downstairs very enjoyable.

Amy paused to look at herself in the mirror. At thirty-five, her tanned figure was still fit and trim. She had a flat stomach and handful-sized boobs. Her freckled elfin face was framed by her coppery waves of hair and her blue eyes seemed almost cat-like. Too bad her boyfriend wasn’t here to take advantage of her.

Her boyfriend. Amy loved Clay but he was a very straight forward kind of guy and she was very afraid that he wouldn’t understand her more ‘deviant’ needs. Perhaps after they got married; IF they got married, she would let him in on her secret. But, for right now, she would keep it to herself.

Amy rented a modest little home near her work, the kind of small house that was built in the late forties to house all those GI’s coming home from the war. It met her needs and then some. The basement downstairs was finished and that had become her playroom.

There were two rooms downstairs, both paneled in that cheap wood paneling that seemed popular in the seventies and both had that kind of government building tile floor. The smaller of the two rooms is where she was headed. At first glance it seemed barren, but there were eyebolts screwed in everywhere. Mounted on one of the walls was a small gutter pipe, the kind with a hinged spout. Amy had mounted it there. The spout portion of the clever little device had an ‘I’ bolt mounted to it as well as a long cord that reached the floor. Amy pulled the cord and caught the clear neon green ball that fell out.

Amy took the ball and sat down on the cool tile floor. She opened her cloth bag and dumped out all the items she was going to use today, gathering all the padlocks. Amy always kept the key to each padlock in the lock to keep track of them. She pulled each key out and laid them beside her.

She then picked up the ball.

The redhead had found this wonderful ball at the local Petsmart. She had found it quite by accident in the doggie toy aisle. It was a treat ball with two little holes on either side. It was designed to dispense treats when the ball was squeezed and the holes opened larger. Of course, that’s not what she used it for. One by one, she fed the padlock keys into the ball until they were all in there. She then stood up and placed the ball back into its gutter pipe chute.

The only stitch of clothing Amy wore was a little pink g-string and the only reason for that was to keep her two humming friends from falling out while she enjoyed their ministrations. She eased the slender little anal vibrator into herself first after lubing it well. She had done this numerous times but she still had to fight the instinct of clamping down on it. However, she managed to get it inside of her with little fuss. Next was the large pink gel vibe that she didn’t need to lube. Her excitement over being here had already made her wet enough so she could ease it into herself no problem. Once they were both nestled snugly inside of her, she pulled up her little g-string to keep them in place before she turned them on.

Her padded leather ankle cuffs went on first. Amy adjusted the straps until the fit was tight enough for her before locking them together with one of the pad locks, making sure that they locked through a large chrome ring she had hung there. She did the same with a pair of cuffs just above her knees save for the chrome metal ring. Then, just for good measure, she tightened a black leather belt around her calves and her thighs. Her slender legs were now welded together. The toe cuffs were the crowning touch. She lock them in place and grinned.

The harness ball gag was one of her favorite gags. The harness that buckled around her head made sure she couldn’t work it out of her mouth. She bit down on the ball in her mouth as she reached for her blindfold. She quickly put it over her eyes and tightened it before buckling the harness to the gag. Not only would the leather straps of the gag keep her gagged, it would also help hold the blindfold over her eyes.

Now to start the vibrators. She reached underneath her g-string and turned both vibes on. They both whirred to life, send little gusts of pleasure through her.

Amy fastened the leather cuffs around her wrists and rolled over onto her belly, bending her legs back. Her fingers found the chrome ring between her cuffed ankles and she hooked her fingers through it. Carefully, she threaded the open hasp of the padlock through the ‘D’ ring of her cuff and through the metal ring before locking it. She had to do this twice so she was securely hogtied.

Amy squirmed around the floor in her hogtie, relishing her self-imposed confinement. Both of her vibrators were doing their job well. The warm blustery gusts of bliss slowly increased in frequency and power as she writhed on the cold tile. She bucked and moaned and thrashed as the storm built inside of her until it erupted in a white hot fury. Amy threw herself at her restraints until the storm subsided into a hot, glowing breeze.

She lay there panting for a while, enjoying the embrace of leather and steel until she knew it was time to find the cord to the chute. She squirmed and struggled, the tile cool and slick to her skin. The flooring made it hard to move much but she finally scooted against the wall.

In her ecstasy, Amy had become confused about where she was in the room, so she just followed the wall, inching around it until she felt the cord drape over her face. It took a bit, but she inched her way forward enough for her questing fingers to find the cord and pull it.

The chute pulled down and she heard the ball bounce around the room.

‘Go fetch’, she ordered herself.

The small ball could be anywhere in the room. That was half the fun. As she started scooting around, she felt the tumultuous gusts of another orgasm begin to grab hold of her body and crush her with its pleasure.

Amy laid there for a bit, panting. It was time to fetch her ball. She had a mental search grid laid out in her mind as she wriggled around the floor. She would start at one end and work her way to the other side, back and forth. It was hard work and Amy told herself it probably kept her fit.

Amy was about halfway through her search as well as another orgasm when she bumped into something she wasn’t expecting; an open door. She had forgot to close it before beginning her endeavor and now her ball could have gone into the other room; the laundry/furnace/hobby room with all of its nooks and crannies.

She was fucked. Amy was usually so carefully about that but now. Her only hope was that the ball kept within the room.

Exhausted, she completed the sweep of her playroom and her worst fear had reared its ugly, gnarled head. Even though the vibrators were still hard at work, the dread of not finding the ball had taken over. Slowly she inched her way out into the other room.


She heard her boyfriend shout. Fear had become panic. He couldn’t find her like this. Perhaps if she kept quiet he would go and she could continue her quest for the ball.

“Amy? Where are you?”

His voice was nearer. Probably by the basement door. Had she shut it?

“Aims?” there was a pause then, “What the hell.”

She heard him come down the stairs. She felt his warm hands over her body as he searched for a way of getting her out.

“Hold on Amy. How did you get this way?”

Amy grunted her answer through her gag as he found the buckles and began to unfasten them. As soon as the ball was out of her mouth, she coughed.

“I can explain. . .” She started.

“Are you okay,” She heard him ask just before he took her blindfold off.

“Clay, please. . .” she looked up at him, tears of anguish over what she might have just done to the relationship trickled down her cheek.

“Who did this to you? Were you robbed or . . .” The words died in his throat.

“No, no, Clay, I am not hurt,” she said, her words trembling, “I did it to myself. I was afraid to tell you about all this and I am sorry you had to see me like this.”

“You did this to yourself?” Clay asked.

“I know, its perverted but I enjoy the feeling of being this way.”

Clay surveyed his bound girlfriend, her long red hair spilled over her face as she looked up at him with tearful eyes. When he heard the faint buzzing of a vibrator, it all clicked into place.

“So you are into all this, huh,” he said, “Damn, girl, why didn’t you tell me earlier. I could have saved you a lot of stress and hard work by tying you up myself.”

Amy looked up unbelievably into her boyfriend’s face and saw the warm grin planted there and then she knew that everything was going to be okay.

“Honey?” she asked, “I need you to help me find something.”


Amy blushed, “A green ball. It has my keys in it.”

A devilish grin crossed his face as he reached in back of himself. Within a few seconds, he produced her doggy treat ball.

“Is this what you want? I almost tripped on it on the way down.”

“Yes, please,” Amy replied.

“Then I need you to be a good girl,” he said as he began to unzip his pants, “and play with my stick first.”



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