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Going Home 1: Rude Awakening

by Madhatter815

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Part 1: Rude Awakening

Amanda hadn’t moved far from home since graduating college. Why would she? She could visit her parent’s townhouse whenever she liked whether it was just to say hi or to mooch off her mom with her home cooking. Either way, her childhood home easily trumped the tiny little studio she was renting right now.

The biggest problem she had with a small place was the limited number of options available to her for self bondage. She could always go over to her friend Sarah’s house but that took away some of the thrill that she got from doing it herself. She had always hoped for the opportunity to go back to her parent’s house and have free run to play any way she liked. Some time when her parents weren’t there, of course. That’s why her parent’s weeklong trip to the Bahamas for their thirtieth anniversary was as exciting for Amanda as it was for them. In fact, Amanda took the whole week off from work to celebrate her own little vacation.

She had asked to stay in the townhouse while they were gone under the ruse that her apartment was having work done that week. They had never visited her apartment; at least not since they had helped her move in so it wasn’t like they’d notice a difference anyway. Her parents agreed so long as Amanda took care of a few things around the house and didn’t have any crazy parties. Amanda assured them, truthfully, that having anyone over was the last thing on her mind.

The night before they left, Amanda arrived to settle in and have dinner with her parents. They were leaving to catch their flight around ten the next morning. As they ate, Amanda explained how ten was way too early for her to get up so she’d have to say her goodbyes tonight. Her mom disagreed but conceded the fact. After dinner, they watched some TV together until her parents went to bed. Amanda headed upstairs to her room as well.

Amanda quietly closed the door behind her. She could hardly contain her excitement. It was just after ten thirty. She was less than twelve hours away from beginning her week of bondage. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. You see, Amanda never did anything too risky without knowing that her best friend and self bondage safety Sarah was available to come and the rescue her in a pinch. Unfortunately for Amanda, Sarah had a full day of work tomorrow and wouldn’t be around at all. Since Sarah was around all week except Monday, Amanda figured she could spend the day getting any house work out of the way.

Amanda began checking things off her own to-do list. The main thing she needed to do was to get her goodies out of her car. She didn’t feel comfortable having a bag of bondage toys lying around with her parents in the house. Of course, that didn’t stop her from bringing some cuffs inside with her. The thought of them prompted her to get up and take them out.

She had two pairs of leather cuffs with a padlock for each. She had gotten so used to cuffing her wrists and ankles every night that sleeping without them was almost impossible. Since she already said goodbye, she could just ‘sleep’ until her parents left before getting up and taking them off. And if they bugged her, she could still talk since she rarely slept with a gag.

The keys were with padlocks in the bag and Amanda tested them for the thousandth time to make sure they were the right ones. Satisfied, she tucked the keys into her small skirt pocket and zipped it shut. She took out her touchpad and began going over her elaborate plans. ‘If even half of these work, I’ll be in heaven,’ she thought as she happily read through every last detail she had planned.

It took every bit of restraint to keep from touching herself. She tried to control herself but her weeks of sexual abstinence leading up to today was tremendously hard to overcome. She put her touchpad away and tried to calm herself but it wasn’t working very well.

It was a little past midnight and Amanda decided she should try and go to bed before her self control lost to her desires. She stripped off her clothes and left them in a heap on the floor. Standing naked in her old bedroom, she used every bit of her willpower to keep her hands away from anything interesting. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds but she knew exactly what to do. She sat on the edge of the bed and placed the cuffs on her ankles and wrists, locking them on. She quickly locked her ankles together and gave a quick once over before locking her wrists.

“Ugh, the light,” she groaned out loud.

She looked up at the switch and decided she could just hop to the dresser and flick off the switch. Her first hop was a little loud so she kind of waddled the rest of the way. It took way longer than it should have just to turn off a light but she managed to do it and return to her bed without making any more noise. As she settled into bed, she positioned herself on her stomach and pulled the sheets all the way up and over her head. She thought it’d be best to completely hide under the covers in case her mom or dad popped in before they left.

Pressed forward as she was, she felt her hard nipples pinned firmly beneath her and her libido began soaring again. Before she could even think, she grabbed the second lock and placed both hands behind her back. She began feeling around to try and hook her two wrists together. It was a difficult task but one she’d done over a hundred times.


Her wrists were now pinned closely together behind her back. And just like that, she had started her first night off like any other; bound, naked, and ready for bed. Now there was no realistic way she could touch herself without getting up and grabbing the key. Despite her excitement, Amanda eventually managed to fall asleep.

* * * *

Amanda woke to the sound of someone in her room. She initially panicked before remembering that she was at her parent’s house and not alone in her apartment. There was some shuffling and Amanda wasn’t sure what to make of it.

“Well, are you just going to lie there?” her mom asked.

“Mm, it’s too early,” Amanda slowly groaned. This was a lie as Amanda was fully awake from getting startled but there was no way she was going to move, bound and naked as she was.

There was a short pause and then some more shuffling. “This girl,” her mom exclaimed. “Honestly.”

‘Clearly she wants me up,’ Amanda thought. ‘Not like I can do anything about it.’ That wasn’t entirely true. She could easily get up. She just didn’t like the consequences of doing so.

When she was convinced that her mom had left, Amanda peered out from under the covers. It was a little past eight. She’d need to wait another couple hours before even considering getting out of bed. With that, she nestled her head back under the covers and tried to fall back asleep.

* * * *


A soft thump sound was enough to make Amanda stir. This time she remembered where she was and immediately knew what the sound meant. It was a car door closing. This was followed by the sound of a car starting and the garage door opening, confirming what she already knew. Her parents were leaving.

She looked out from under the covers again and saw the time was five after ten. A little late by her parent’s standards but she wasn’t complaining. As she heard them pull out of the garage, she quickly hopped to her feet as fast as she could and jump noisily to the window. She got there just in time to see her parent’s car at the stop sign at the end of the block.

“Game on,” Amanda said to herself, grinning excitedly. “Now then. First things first.”

Amanda hopped back towards her bed, her small breasts bouncing slightly with each motion. She landed backwards onto her bed and spun around to the other side. Sitting on the edge of the bed, something confused her. The pile of clothes from yesterday was missing. She thought about what her mom had said just a few hours earlier. ‘This girl. Honestly,’ replayed in Amanda’s head and made her heart miss a beat. Her mom wasn’t complaining about Amanda being lazy. She was complaining about Amanda being messy!

Amanda got to her feet and quickly began scouring the room for her missing clothes. More specifically, she began looking around for her skirt. Without it, she didn’t have the keys to remove her cuffs. At least not without getting the back-up set from her bondage bag. And that was in her trunk. After a few hops and a thorough once over, the answer was painfully obvious. Her skirt, along with her keys and the rest of her clothes (the only outfit she brought with her) had joined up with the rest of the laundry.

Amanda slumped on the edge of the bed in defeat. She was stunned by this sudden turn of events. She had a ton of bondage plans this week but this wasn’t one of them. She wasn’t mentally prepared for the challenge this was likely to bring. However, it wouldn’t take long for her to come to terms with her current predicament.

The situation was this. Her key was still in her skirt pocket, zipped shut so it wouldn’t fall out. Her skirt was with the rest of the laundry. That meant it was probably in the basement. Her room was on the second floor. Her spare key was in a bag in the trunk of her car and her car was parked out in front of the house. There was no way she could get to it. At least she couldn’t while it was still daylight outside. Her safety net, Sarah, was completely unavailable all day leaving Amanda all on her own.

Normally, this problem could be handled with ease but not in her current state. She was completely naked and exposed. Her ankles had maybe four inches of space between them and her wrists were pinned snuggly against the small her back. Even though Amanda was relatively petite in build, her hips were wide enough that she knew that there was no way she could move her hands to the front of her body. This meant balance and any attempt to cover herself would be nearly impossible.

As Amanda assessed her new circumstances her concern melted away. ‘This is exactly why I’m here,’ she thought. ‘I’m here to try to escape from bondage in new and exciting ways.’

Ready to take on this unexpected adventure, Amanda stood up and began shuffling toward the door. It wasn’t easy nor should it be. Not so far as Amanda was concerned. The harder it is the better. That way, she could test her limits early and continue to push them all week.

Amanda leaned her shoulder against the wall as she slowly made her way toward the stairs. She had to take it slow so that she wouldn’t fall and hurt herself. While she wasn’t afraid of an injury specifically, she was concerned about ruining her thoroughly planned out week. A sprained wrist or ankle would be real disappointment, not to mention falling and actually breaking something.

As she looked down the stairs, she began weighing her options. She tested the distance between steps and confirmed that she couldn’t reach the next step with her foot due to the short distance between her ankles. This meant that quickest way down would be to brace her back to the railing and hop to each step. This seemed dangerous and Amanda quickly ruled it out. Instead, she leaned her back to the wall and slowly lowered herself to the floor. She shuffled forward and positioned herself so that her bottom was at the top of the steps and her feet were on the second step from the top. From here, she’d move her feet down one step, raise herself on her hands, and drop forward one step at a time. It might be a little tedious and awkward but at least it was safe.

As she methodically made her way to the ground level, she could see the front door. It was completely solid save for a small tinted window at the top that lined up perfectly with the stairs. She kept imagining the sound of a key turning to unlock the door; of her parents coming home because the flight was delayed or because they forgot something. She’d be completely unable to run or hide. The thought of this both scared and excited her. Fortunately, nothing happened.

Finally she reached the bottom step. “There now,” she said aloud, trying to calm herself. “Nothing to it.”

Using the railing, she propped herself up and began making her way along the wall toward the back of the house. The basement steps ran parallel to the one’s leading upstairs. All she needed to do was shimmy along toward them, open the door, and slide her way down. Then it’d be off to the laundry area and out of these cuffs.

Her awkward steps made the walk fairly time consuming. From her current position, she could look into the kitchen and out the window. What a sight she must be, naked and bound as she was, if someone were to peak inside. She looked down and thought if there was any way to cover up. She could drop to a squatting position and bring her knees to her breasts. She imagined that the sudden movement would cause her to lose her balance and fall backwards. In a tucked position and rocking on her back, she envisioned giving any onlooker a far more embarrassing point of view. Fantasy on not, the thought of it made Amanda’s face red.

It took several minutes before she could make the turn and open the basement door. She reached behind her and turned the knob. The simple act of pulling a door open was something Amanda had taken for granted. Her backside provided a blockade from opening it more than an inch. She hopped twice and forced her fingers into the small gap and flung the door open the rest of the way. She began thinking how she’d like to put her fingers into a different opening. One that was currently oh so close yet just out of reach. Standing in the well lit kitchen, she imagined the same onlooker at the window from before. The thought of this made her even more red in the face. She shook her head, as if to fling the fantasy from her mind.

Trying to stay focused, Amanda turned back around and peered into the basement. It was mostly dark, save for a hint of light coming from the newly open door. The light switch was awkwardly positioned and she decided she’d favor going down into darkness over chancing a serious fall. Like before, she slid down the wall until she was sitting on the floor, going down the steps in the safest (and slowest) way she could think of.

The basement didn’t seem cold but it was far cooler than the 70 degree summer air that filled the rest of the house. It was especially cool on her bare feet and her bottom as she made her way down. The concrete floor was much colder and sent a slight chill up her spine. She propped herself against the wall and raised herself off of the ground. She looked off to her right where she knew the laundry area was.

Amanda waited for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. After a couple seconds, she could clearly make out the dryer, some ten feet away. The hard part was getting to it. There were no walls to lean on so she’d need to walk or hop the distance and hope she didn’t fall. She surveyed the floor for any obstacles but found none. Satisfied, she pushed her self away from the wall and began slowly moving toward the washer and dryer. As she approached, she started losing her balance. She fell forward, her chest landing squarely on the top of the dryer. Luckily, she was close enough to fall onto the machines without seriously hurting herself.

“Ow,” Amanda winced, banging her knee into the metal dryer as she tried to prop herself back up. Once on her feet again, she peered into the dryer’s glass door but couldn’t see anything in the limited lighting. She leaned down against the side of the machine and tried to pop the door open from a squatting position. This, too, failed as her back kept knocking the door shut.

She tried several times to pop the door open and on the third attempt she stumbled forward onto her knees. Frustrated, she decided to sit on her back and open the door with her feet. It was a little awkward but it eventually worked.

With the door open, she stuck her feet in to feel for any dry clothes. This proved easy enough but her efforts had been in vain as the dryer was completely empty. Discouraged but not entirely surprised, Amanda sat up and forced her way back on her feet. She decided that a light was necessary. She knew there was a pull string above her and began feeling around for it with her head. It was quite the exercise in tedium but she eventually found it. She reached up with her teeth and pulled the string. Since she was staring straight up, the lights popped on directly in her field of vision, causing momentary blindness. She abruptly closed her eyes and spit the string from her mouth. As she looked down, she opened her eyes slowly. She could clearly see the machines in front of her. Now that she could see, maybe she could finally find her skirt.

‘Ok,’ she thought. ‘If I were my mom, where would I put my outfit?’ She looked into the dryer to confirm that it was empty. She then looked over to the hampers and saw that they, too, were completely empty. Now Amanda was getting worried. Where had her mom put her outfit? Her key had to be down here somewhere.

Amanda hadn’t checked the ‘to do’ list in the kitchen yet. “That’s it,” she said aloud, partly to convince herself. “Mom probably was running late and simply left me to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer.” It was more wishful thinking that anything else since the washer was clearly off but she didn’t want to leave any stone unturned. Of course, checking the washer was a task that might be a little beyond her reach.

The washer was an older top-load machine that was difficult to open on a normal day. She tried several times to pop the lid with her fingers but each time it fell back down with a squeaky slam. Amanda then tried leaning forward and using her chin to lift the lid. This proved slightly more effective but still didn’t give her much of an ability to look inside. She decided that her best bet was to flip the lid and catch it on her head. This would at least let her look inside. If she found something, then she could worry about how to get it out.

It took about six tries of lifting the lid with her mouth or chin and flipping it upward until it finally landed squarely on her head. She closed her eyes and braced for impact each time but she found it more startling than painful when it finally hit her. Her victory was short lived as the washing machine was completely empty. However, judging by the slight amount of water in the base, she could tell that it had been used recently.

Amanda was kicking herself. “Why didn’t I check for folded laundry upstairs first?” she wondered out loud, echoing the question within the confines of the washing machine.

She ducked her head out from under the lid, dropping it shut. It landed with a crash that made her jump despite it having happened numerous times already. Dejected but not out of ideas, she began making her way back toward the steps. As she lowered herself to the ground and started moving backwards up the steps, she became aware of a new problem that she had recently developed. She’d been up for some time now and she really needed to pee. The urge to go was magnified by the constant thumping her bladder felt ever time she raised herself a step. She decided that her key would need to wait.

As Amanda emerged from the basement, she felt the warm air all over her body and realized that she must have been colder in the basement than she had realized. Even in the warmth, however, she couldn’t shake her desperate need to relieve herself as soon as possible. She was currently right on the edge of the kitchen. To her left was a bathroom that was less than 20 feet away. To save time, Amanda decided to move along the ground backwards, pushing with her feet. This motion was a little faster but the cool, hard linoleum floor irritated her bottom. She’d have to keep that in mind for later in the week. For now, it was all about speed. Later, it would be all about pleasure.

Once in the bathroom, she continued to move frantically toward the toilet. Fortunately the seat was up so she could just prop herself up and go, which she did. Sighing in relief, Amanda began thinking about her next plan of action. She decided to take her time, due to being out of breath and a little bit sore. She went through a checklist in her head of places to look for the folded clothes. First, she should check the kitchen for the list of chores her parents had likely left for her.

As her body recovered and her mind pondered, her eyes drifted toward the bathroom window. The blinds were only half-way down so she could see most of the yard. It was a beautiful, sunny day. At that moment, Amanda’s heart stopped. She jumped up from the toilet as if she had been shot out of a cannon. She moved toward the window to see the rest of the yard.

“No,” she shook her head. “Not that. Anything but that.” It was exactly as she had feared. Her mother had done the laundry all right. And it was such a nice day that she decided to hang it out on the clothes line to dry.

end part 1



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