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Good Neighbors

by Cindy

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© Copyright 2009 - Cindy - Used by permission

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Friday at work was a hectic day. The mainframe computer was down and the forecast was for it to be unavailable for the rest of the day. My department was being excused to leave by 10 AM. Lisa came by to let me know she expected to leave by 2 PM. She suggested we could play that afternoon in our guest house. Of course I readily agreed.

At home I fixed a light lunch for myself, then gathered a few things in a gym bag and went out to the guest house to prepare. I stripped out of my work clothes and put them in a locking chest. I didn't bother about locking it, Lisa would do that after she stripped and put her own street clothes in. I dumped everything from my bag out on the couch, then started dressing. First nylons, then garter belt, panties, bra, breast forms, blouse, short skirt, a wig, and high heeled pumps. I placed leather cuffs on my ankles and wrists. I padlocked those in place. I sat down on the couch and put on a blindfold. I put my hands behind me, passed a short length of chain through the wrist cuff D rings and used a small padlock to fix the chain. I was now virtually helpless. I wouldn't dare try to go to the house dressed as I was and I was helpless to change clothes. I could only sit and wait for Lisa who I knew would have no intention of releasing me very soon.

I dozed off and woke when I heard Lisa come in. She slapped at my boobs causing them to jiggle and asked, "Is my Cinderella ready to play?"

She removed my blindfold and I saw she was still in her street clothes. She proceeded to put on a strip show prancing about removing each piece of clothing slowly and putting it down in the chest. I always enjoyed watching her dress or undress and the erection growing in my panties was proof of that. When she was down to nothing but her garter belt and stockings she locked the chest. Neither of us would dare try to get to the house until dark. She had me get up and kneel by the couch. She sat down spreading her legs to either side of me and pulled my head down to her pussy. I licked her pussy lips and her clit for just a few minutes before she reached an orgasm.

She told me to stand up and turn around while she reached in her gym bag. I saw her remove a butt plug and start lubricating it. She had me bend over, flipped up my skirt, pulled down my panties and pushed the plug home. My mouth was then filled with a penis gag. She walked me over to a bar stool and had me get up on it. My feet were pulled back with my ankle cuffs tied to the highest rungs. She turned on the vibrator in my ass just on a low setting to work on me for hours.

She went back to the couch and proceeded to set herself in bondage. She put on wrist and ankle cuffs, padlocking them in place. She spread her legs, giving me a good view of her pussy as she filled it with a vibrating dildo. She turned her back to me, bent over, and pushed a butt plug up her ass. She locked the waist belt of her chastity belt around her waist, then pulled the crotch belt through her legs and locked that. She sat down and put on a blindfold and a penis gag. She locked her ankles together, then chained and locked her wrist cuffs behind her. I could see the bowl of ice on the counter that had to be holding the keys for her locks. She would be helpless for hours as she went through several orgasms and I would sit there watching.   

I had watched through a couple of orgasms when I heard someone call. "Lisa." The mailman had met our neighbor, Pat Kelly, after trying to deliver a package for Lisa that was marked perishable. He had asked her to take it rather than leave it outside at our door. She had seen Lisa come out to the guest house and decided to bring it out. She called, "Lisa" again and I heard her knock once as the door swung open. Apparently the door hadn't latched when Lisa came in. Pat just stood there staring at me for a moment before she stepped in.

She stood in front of me and asked, "What's going on? Who did this?"

All I could do was incline my head toward Lisa.

"Lisa tied you up?" She stepped over to Lisa, looked her over, then came back to me and asked, "Who tied her up?" 

Again all I could do was incline my head toward Lisa.

"What's this about?" she asked as she lifted up my skirt for a look. "Oh my!" I wasn't sure if that was for the stockings and panties or for the erection. I could feel I was blushing. She examined how I was bound, then went over and checked Lisa's bondage. She unbuckled Lisa's blindfold, came back to me and put it on me. She unbuckled my gag and removed it. I felt her releasing my ankles, then helped me off the stool and walked me over by the couch. A moment later I heard, "Now let's have some fun. Let me see if you're as good as Lisa says."

I was maneuvered to kneel down and my head was pulled down. Pat had stripped off her jeans and panties and my mouth was on her pussy. She said,"Lick it good."

I licked her pussy and her clit, moving back and forth between them, sometimes getting my tongue into her pussy. I could only guess what Lisa was thinking. When Pat started moaning and pushing down harder on my head I started flicking my tongue rapidly across her clit. I knew she reached orgasm as her thighs clenched around my head. She pushed my head back and replaced my gag.

After a moment I heard. "That was good. Now what am I going to do with you two?"

I heard the sound of clothing being put on and assumed she was putting her jeans back on. I wondered what she could be thinking of doing. She had me stand up and holding my arm walked me to the door. I tried to resist but she forced me outside and went back in. I could only hope no neighbors were looking out a window. In a moment she was back with Lisa. She took our arms and started walking to the house. With Lisa hobbled it was slow progress. She asked, "Do you still keep a key hidden out here?"

Lisa apparently was able to indicate where it was. Pat walked me up the steps and opened the door. She told Lisa, "With your legs locked, you'll have to sit on the steps and shinny up." 

She got us in and seated at the kitchen table.

Pat asked, "You two really seem to be into some kinky stuff. Can you tell me what this is all about?"

Pat apparently had removed Lisa's gag as she responded, "It's just what we do for fun. But I wish you hadn't paraded us across the back yard in full daylight."

"Don't worry about that. My kids are going to their grandmother's for the weekend and she's picking them up at school. Jim is in a golf tournament across the state and he'll be staying at a hotel there tonight. Mrs. Johnson is away visiting her daughter. That's fun? With him tied up, dressed up and you naked and tied up?" 

"He likes "forced feminization", being put in panties and skirts with no way to get out of it." 

"What can he get out of that?"

"Usually it keeps him horny and that makes me happy. And when I treat him like a slave I can get almost anything from him." 

"What do you get out of being fixed like that?"

"Hours of orgasms! I already had two before you came in. These vibrators will keep me on edge all evening." 

"What vibrators?" 

"There's one in my pussy and a butt plug." 

"Then that's what that belt for? To hold them in?" 

"Yes, they'll slip out sometimes without it."

"OK, I get the vibrator but in your ass too?" 

"Double the fun, or even more when they work just right." 

"But why tied up?"

"Not having any control is a turn on. Having sex or being diddled when you have no choice but to take it, makes it all more intense." 

"I don't understand that at all."

"I guess you'd have to experience it to really understand it. Would you like to try it?"

"You mean for me to be tied up? No, I couldn't do it." 

"Come on. I can fix you up quick and easy. Just let me have those keys." 

"Well maybe. Will he stay tied up?"

"Yes, it'll just be me and you." 

After a pause I heard, "Stand up and put your wrists behind you." I was sure Pat was walking into a trap.

My suspicions were confirmed when I heard, "You don't need a blindfold."

"A blindfold heightens your loss of control." 

"What are you doing? Leave my pants alone. Don't." 

I heard some scuffling and then, "What is that. What are you doing with it?"

"It's a vibrating dildo. Just hold still. You'll like it."

"Oh! Ooooohhhh! Oh god, that's too big."

"No it's not. Just relax."

"No, not the belt. What are you doing? Are you locking it?"

"It will hold the vibrator in."

"This is too much. Let me loose."

"Now you're learning what it's like to give up control. Relax and you'll enjoy it."

I could hear heavy breathing and I knew Pat was getting aroused. That was all I heard for a few minutes until I heard Pat, "No, leave my top alone."

"You'll be more comfortable with a little less clothing."

I heard steps moving toward me. Then Lisa had me turn sideways in my seat and pushed my head forward. I felt a nipple at my mouth so I tongued it then sucked it into my mouth. I heard Pat moan then Lisa positioned my head at the other nipple so I continued sucking with that one. Instead of drawing away Pat seemed to be pressing against me so I continued sucking and nibbling.   

Then I felt Lisa moving me to stand up. She pushed down my skirt and panties and my erection was let free to wave in the air. Lisa's hand in the small of my back pressed me forward till I felt my cock touch something. 

Lisa said, "Open wide." and I felt Pat's mouth take my cock in. I couldn't believe she was going to suck my cock but she began sucking and I began pumping. In a couple of minutes I was cumming in her mouth. 

Lisa released my wrists and I removed the blindfold. Lisa had put on a robe and Pat was kneeling by my chair, blindfolded and with her wrists bound behind her. Her shirt and bra were down around her wrists so all she was wearing was the chastity belt. I admired her nearly naked body for a moment, then grabbed my panties and skirt and pulled them on. 

I asked Lisa. "What are you going to do now?"

"I'll fix us all some supper. I expect she can stay like that for a while."

I reached down and rolled her nipples between my fingers. They were already hard. She made no objection, just a quiet whimper. 

"You got your payback. Let's just let her be."

Lisa helped her up to sit in a chair, then started bustling around the kitchen to fix supper. She had me set the table for the three of us. During supper Pat sat quietly other than to ask for a drink while Lisa fed her. It was an interesting experience to have a naked helpless girl sitting at the table with us. After supper we had coffee and again Lisa helped Pat to drink holding the cup to her mouth.

Lisa said, "I suppose you'd like to go home. Stand up and I'll get those handcuffs off."

Pat stood and Lisa removed the handcuffs but also pulled off Pat's shirt and bra. While Pat removed her blindfold Lisa hustled away with her clothes. She came back empty handed and Pat asked, "Are you going to unlock this belt? And where are my clothes?"

Lisa responded, "Here I'll fix that."

The only thing she unlocked was the pouch holding the vibrator control. She put in fresh batteries and relocked it.

"Now what are you doing?"

"Just fixing you up for the night. You can keep the chastity belt on for tonight. You can come back in the morning and I'll get it off."

"What about my clothes?"

"It's just about dark enough that you can get to your house without them."

"I can't go out there naked."

"Sure you can. It's no worse than some of your midnight swims."

Eventually Pat made her way home and Lisa and I retired to the bedroom. Saturday morning I was the first one up and went to the kitchen to start coffee. Before I could start there was a knocking at the back door. It was Pat wearing a skirt instead of her usual jeans. I let her in.

She asked, "Can I please have the key for this belt?"

"I don't know where Lisa put it. Can you wait till she gets up?"

Lisa walked in and Pat repeated her request adding, "I've got to use the bathroom."

Lisa told her to turn around and drop her skirt. She unzipped it, let it down to her ankles, stepped out of it and put it over the back of a chair. Lisa unlocked the belt and Pat ran for the bathroom. Lisa picked up the skirt and stowed it in an under sink cabinet. I continued fixing coffee. When Pat returned naked from the waist down, she asked, "You took my skirt? OK, I give up. Can I please have a cup?"

The three of us sat at the table and talked about the night before. Pat admitted being turned on by being in bondage and being stuck all night with the vibrator had been good for her. The more she questioned us the more I realized she was going to get into it more.

Lisa finally gave her back her clothes and she went home (to masturbate I suspected).

On a Saturday morning, three weeks later, Pat and Lisa were enjoying morning coffee in the kitchen when I joined them. Pat had been practicing self bondage and now was hatching a plan to get her husband, Jim, interested in bondage. 

Jim was away on a business trip and was expected back Friday evening. The plan was that Pat would be bound in bed when Jim got home with her ass presented for him to screw. He had voiced interest in taking her in the ass and she had always objected. She figured if he got his way because she was tied up it would encourage him to tie her up to have his way with her.

Originally the plan was that I would pick Jim up at the airport and would tell Jim that Pat was tied up and had asked me to fill in for her. Lisa would help Pat prepare for Jim's homecoming. When I introduced some suggestions about the details, Lisa thought it might be best if I helped with preparation and Lisa made the pickup.

Pat suggested, "Maybe that's OK if he's in a chastity belt."

Lisa responded, "I can take care of that." 

On the following Friday, Lisa had me put on a chastity belt with a vibrating butt plug under it. We went next door and Lisa was given the keys to Pats car. Jim would recognize the car and be able to wave Lisa down as she cruised the airport. I stayed with Pat to wait for Lisa to call on my cell phone when she was about an hour away. When she called Pat and I went to the bedroom to set her up for Jim's arrival.

She already had ropes attached to the bed for a spread eagle. I rearranged the ropes on the king size bed so she would only take up the space on her side of the bed. She removed her robe leaving her naked except for a garter belt and stockings. She locked on wrist and ankle cuffs that she had borrowed from Lisa. She got out her vibrator that was attached to a rope harness that fitted around her legs and waist to hold the vibrator in. When the vibrator was in and on and the harness tied off, she got up on the bed on her knees and fastened ropes to her ankle cuffs to hold her legs spread wide.

She put on a blindfold and a penis gag and laid face down. The ropes for her wrists were set with slip knots so she could secure herself but would be helpless to get loose on her own. She worked the knot through the D ring on her left wrist and arranged it to tighten against the cuff. The right wrist was harder to handle but she managed to get the best part of the rope around the cuff. I helped get it positioned properly; we didn't want Jim to know anyone had helped her. When she was firmly down I got on the bed straddling her hips, told her to raise one side and I reached under her to fondle her tit catching the nipple between my fingers. I held on until she stopped "Mmmppphhh"ing and then explained I was just checking that Jim would have easy access to her tits.

I got off the bed and looked things over to make sure everything was prepared. Pat looked great laying there helpless with the garter belt framing her ass. A note between her legs explained to Jim that she was sorry that two of her three holes were already in use and hoped it wouldn't be too much of a problem for him to use the only open one. A strip of three condoms were also in place. I remarked, "Those condoms really don't have that much lubrication. I think you'll need more."

I went down to her Kitchen and got a disposable glove. Back in the bedroom I coated two fingers with lubricating jelly and pushed first one finger then two in her ass. Pat had a lot of Mmmppphhhing to say but I leisurely rolled my fingers around inside her rectum. I pulled them out and spread a good size gob over three fingers and inserted them. I withdrew when I was sure she was liberally greased. I gave her a pat on the ass and wished her, "Good night! Enjoy."

I turned off the bedroom light and went downstairs. I checked that the front door was locked. I checked in the kitchen that her note was readily visible. The note told Jim there was a light supper in the microwave that just needed 30 seconds to prepare. But if he wished to have dessert first, it was ready in the bedroom.

I went home and waited for Lisa. When she came in we went out to the back deck and shortly saw their bedroom light go on. Since it stayed on a while, we assumed Jim went for dessert first. Lisa and I went back in and up to the bedroom where I finally got the chastity belt off and made both of us happy.

The next morning Pat came by to tell us what happened. As she related to us:

She heard Jim come in the back door. He must have just taken a moment in the kitchen to read the note there. Then she heard him on the stairs and entering the bedroom. She got a pat on her ass as he read the note. She heard enough to know he was getting undressed. He got on the bed between her legs and she felt his cock at her anus. She could only groan as he slowly pushed his way into her. He didn't stop until she could feel his pubic hair against her ass cheeks. He didn't spend very long pumping in her ass before she felt him cumming. He let himself down to lay on her back and got his hands under her to fondle her tits. He laid there on her and in her long enough that she thought he might have fallen asleep. When he finally withdrew and got up he went to the bathroom and showered. Pat could only lie there wondering when he would let her loose. After his shower, he went back down to the kitchen and had his supper. When he returned, he said, "That was a good meal, especially the dessert. Good night hon."

He got into bed on his own side and promptly went to sleep. Pat remained helpless spread eagled for the rest of the night. She didn't sleep very well at all. She heard him stir and get up in the morning. After he used the bathroom he returned and screwed her ass again. After that he untied her wrists and ankles. Her arms were stiff as she tried to unbuckle her gag. Jim had to undo the gag and blindfold for her. He told her he was going down to fix coffee and left her. She got the vibrator out of her pussy and put on a robe. She was feeling too beat to worry about still being dressed in garter belt and stockings or her cuffs. She went down and joined Jim for coffee and started breakfast. 

Jim told her he thought his homecoming was great  If he didn't have a scheduled tee time he might have just left her tied up for the day. But perhaps he could tie her up after he got home from his round of golf. She was excited at the idea of him tying her up and planned to be dressed (or undressed) as she had been the night before. She asked to keep the borrowed cuffs for the rest of the weekend. Later we were told the details of her remaining weekend with bondage. Jim had her in various forms of bondage for the rest of the weekend using her bound body for several bouts of sex.  


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