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Goth Chick Appreciation Day

by Vampire Medic

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Goth Chick Appreciation Day,
(Or how I met my girlfriend)

Haley & Lola’s Story


I had always been popular. My entire life, in fact. I came from a fairly uninteresting little city in Washington. My family wasn’t rich, but we weren’t poor. I was always very athletic, and loved to run, jump, climb and do anything else that involved physical activity.

I became a cheerleader in the 6th grade, and immediately knew I found my calling. I loved the routines, the flipping, the pyramids, all of it. I made many friends, and I was happy.

In our city, there were 2 elementary schools, but everyone from both of those schools went to the same middle and then high schools.

I still remember my first day of middle school. I was talking with some of my friends in the hallway about how excited we were to be “grown-up” when she walked by. I had never seen anyone like her. She wore black boots up to her ankles, a black t shirt and black jeans. She also had a simple silver bracelet on her left wrist, and some type of silver necklace around her neck. Her hair was jet black and came to the middle of her back, and it matched her lipstick, eyeshadow and fingernails.

A few of my friends laughed at her, making jokes about her hair and wardrobe, but I was impressed. Sure, I there were a few girls in elementary school that wore goth clothing, but they always kept their heads down and never made eye contact with anyone and didn’t seem comfortable. This girl seemed very comfortable. She didn’t smile, but she walked with an air of confidence. She held her head high, and seemed very proud. I didn’t know it at the time, but I found my first girl crush.

I saw the goth chick every day for my 7th and 8th grade year. A little digging led me to find out that her name was Lola. No one really seemed to know much about her, except that she was gothic, a loner, and that she was a genius. Apparently she got incredibly high grades in everything. There were lots of speculations about her (her family was a bunch vampires, she killed and ate her family, she was a witch that wanted to curse the entire school, etc) but no one ever got close enough to her to confirm or deny any of these rumors.

At the start of my freshman year of high school, I found myself opening my locker for the first time. As I started to decorate the inside with stickers and posters and a photo of my cheer squad, I heard a quiet, confident voice next to me.

“Excuse me. Can I move your bag? I need to get in my locker.”

I turned, and there, looking at me with a confident face and deep blue eyes was Lola.

“Uh, yeah, sure, it’s okay.”

“Thanks.” Lola slid my bag closer to me, and then opened her locker.

I couldn’t help but to stare at her. Her hair went almost to her ass, and she still wore black makeup. But her clothes!! She wore a black dress that was almost form-fitting to her knees, then puffed out as it continued to the floor. On each hand she wore mesh gloves that went to her elbows.

I watched as she hung her own bag in her locker, and then stuck a magnetic mirror to the inside of the door. She then put a magnetic organizer below it, with multiple pockets full of stuff. It looked like makeup, needles, thread, tape, and all kinds of other sundry items that would come in handy. Next she hung a few posters in her locker. Looking closer, I could see that all of them were either drawn or painted, and all of them had a distinct LoL in the lower left corner. One of the posters she was hanging fell on the floor, and I quickly snatched it up. This one was a painting of a gothic fairy sitting on a log on a beach, staring at a huge full moon reflecting in the water, while a mermaid with black and purple hair and a black and purple tail laid on the ground in front of her with her head in the fairy’s lap, also staring at the moon. The picture was amazing! It was one of the most beautiful art works I had ever seen, and I could tell that it was all hand painted by someone with incredible talent. In the corner was the LoL mark.

“Oh my gosh, this is beautiful! Who painted this? Did you paint it?”

“Yes,” Lola said with a smile.

“You are amazing! This is so beautiful! Wow!” I couldn’t stop gushing.

“I’ll tell you what; Put it up in your locker if you want. I don’t really have room for it anyway.”

“Are you sure? Thanks!” I quickly ripped down a boy band poster in the center of my locker and put the painting in its place. “What does LoL mean? There isn’t anything funny about this, is there?”

Lola laughed. “Lol is my nickname, and my initials. Lola Odette Lyttel.”

“Nice to meet, you, Lol. My name is Hayley.”

“Nice to meet you, Hayley.”

“So, it looks like we will be locker mates?”

“Yes, yes it does. But I have to get to history, and it’s all the way on the other side of the school, so I will see you later?”

“Yeah. Bye!”

But Lola was already gone.

Over the next few months, I saw Lola occasionally, chatting with her and making small talk. I never got much of an opportunity to have any real conversation, but it was nice to exchange pleasantries.

The next three years flew by. Our school doesn’t change lockers from year to year, so I stayed next to my gothic friend. Friend? Yeah, I considered her a friend.

Not long after my senior year started, I found an article on a day called “Goth Chick Appreciation Day.” I read the article with interest. It suggested offering a “cheerleader sacrifice” to the “dark goddess”. Other than offering the cheerleader, there were suggested gifts for your goth chick. At that point, ideas began brewing in my head.

Part of me knew my idea was completely insane, but I was bound and determined to carry it out. I knew that I couldn’t trust any of my friends to help, which would make my plan even harder to do, but I was prepared for whatever it took.

My brilliant idea was to offer Lola a cheerleader “sacrifice”. Most of her art was of two girls together, so I thought she might appreciate my idea. I began searching out the items I would need, which led me to the darker realms of the internet where I was afraid to go, but I was determined to make this happen. I had just turned 18 in late August, so I could say with a clear conscience that I was old enough to view the sites.

First, I ordered two pairs of handcuffs, and a chain to connect them. Next I ordered a custom new black and purple cheerleader outfit. I also ordered chocolate, art supplies and a beautiful leather-bound art portfolio. I also made a necklace in jewelry class.

The holiday fell on October 13th, and by the end of September, I had all supplies. The handcuffs and chain I explained away as “Halloween costume stuff” when one of my fellow cheerleaders watched me open the unmarked box one day. She seemed to believe me, and let it go.

Next I had to figure out where to offer the sacrifice at. I wanted it to be somewhere only Lola would find me, and no one else. That solved itself when I remembered that Lola had given me a spare key to her car. I had to put my bag in her trunk between classes when she gave me a ride home near the end of my junior year, and I had forgotten to give the key back. After checking, I confirmed that the trunk of Lola’s car (which happened to be a very nice Chevy Volt) was usually pretty empty. (And by checking, I mean sneaking out of class and out to the parking lot and opening the trunk).

Finally the day came. It was a Thursday, and I specifically made arrangements to skip gym, which was the last class of the day. I knew what I was doing was crazy, but I didn’t care. After ducking out of my ceramics class soon after it started, I made my way to my locker. I got the new cheerleader outfit and changed into it, then snuck out to the parking lot. I had never tried my all the parts of my plan together before, but I was certain it would work. I had parked behind Lola in my old battered Ford Taurus (which I had checked several times to make sure I would fit in the trunk of).

I opened my car trunk and began my work; First, I put Lola’s gifts into the trunk of her car. Then I put the rest of my items in her car, and after looking around to make sure no one was watching, climbed into the trunk of her car myself and pulled it closed. There was no going back at this point. I quickly put several pieces of tape across my mouth (I had experimented with this part and knew how much duct tape it took to make myself unable to talk) and then rolled onto my stomach. The trunk was crowded with me and the gifts, but not too crowded. I then fastened a pair of handcuffs around my ankles. They locked with a satisfying CLICK. I then threaded the chain around and connected it to the other pair of handcuffs, which I locked onto my left wrist. I then put a note explaining what all this on my back with my right hand, smoothing down the duct tape I used to hold it in place. I then placed tape over my eyes to blind myself, and lastly, put my right wrist in the handcuff, and locked it closed.

I lay there, chained, gagged and blindfolded, in the trunk of Lola’s car, with a note explaining that it was Goth Chick Appreciation Day and I was her “cheerleader sacrifice”. I also wrote on the note that the key to the cuffs was on the necklace I was giving her, which was now around my neck with the key tucked inside my sports bra.

I quickly realized that this was a bad idea. I had no idea how much time had passed, and I began to realize that this was stupid. Lola probably would not find it amusing. And what if she freaked out and called the cops at the sight of a girl tied up in her trunk? Or what if she didn’t open her trunk? Or what if she drove the car home and her parents opened the trunk? Did Lola even have parents? She must, I reasoned. And the temperature in the car began to rise, making things more miserable. I silently cursed myself for ever thinking that this was a good idea.

After what seemed like hours, and probably was, I heard a car door open and close. Lola. I had been half asleep for part of the time, drifting in and out of consciousness. But suddenly I was fully awake and alert. I tried making noise, but the sound of Paramore on Lola’s CD player drowned me out. I could feel the car moving, and panic returned. What if Lola got pulled over? Obviously the cop would search the trunk, and who would believe she hadn’t kidnapped me? Or what if she got in a wreck, and the car got towed to the junkyard with my dead body tied up inside?

After what felt like hours but probably was not, the car came to a stop. I heard the door open, and made as much noise as I could. Fortunately, I heard Lola say “Huh?”, so I continued making noise. I heard the trunk lid open, and I heard a gasp.

Lola: At this point, let me step in. First, I rarely use my trunk, so why would I open it? Everything I take to school can easily fit on my passenger seat, why waste time on the trunk? Second, Paramore rocks. And third, you would be surprised too, if you found a random cheerleader tied up in your trunk that you don’t remember putting there.

Hayley: Getting back to the story, I heard the lid of the trunk open, and heard a gasp.

“What the hell? Hayley? Who did this to you? Are you okay?” I heard paper rustling, and I knew that she found the note. She must have read it dozens of times in the time it took before I heard a response.

Lola: I read it twice, but only because I didn’t believe some crazy girl would fill my car trunk with gifts and then tie herself up in it as a joke. I had never heard of Goth Chick Appreciation Day, much less expected to get a tied up cheerleader as a gift to celebrate it.

Hayley: Once she was done reading it, I heard a chuckle, followed by “Well, let’s see what we have in here.” She then went through the entire inventory of the trunk, reciting the item by name. Once I knew that she had gotten to every last item, I heard here say “And here, we have a cheerleader sacrifice. This could be fun. I have never had a cheerleader sacrifice before. I wonder what I should do with it.”

Lola: Believe me, I had ideas of what I wanted to do with a tied up cheerleader, but I was worried that most of what I wanted to do would get me in trouble.

Hayley: Lola stroked my hair a few times. “Well, Hayley, you are my cheerleader sacrifice. This is going to be fun. So, as my sacrifice, can I do whatever I want with you?” I knew I was stuck, and I could hear in her voice that she wanted me to say yes. So I nodded.

“Anything? As in, whatever I want?”

Again I nodded and grunted through the tape over my mouth.

Lola squealed in delight, and I heard a clicking.

“Just in case you change your mind, I am taking some pictures to use later as blackmail if I need to. If you tell me no, I tell your friends about this.” I felt my skirt being lifted, and then heard another few clicks.

“Just taking a few shots up your skirt. I secretly always wanted to do that.”

I felt my face get red, and I was eager to be let out. Finally Lola undid the chain linking my handcuffs to my ankle cuffs, and she pulled the tape off of my eyes. I screamed into the gag. As sweaty as I was, that still hurt, and I am pretty sure I lost eyelashes and eyebrows at the same time.

“Sorry. There is not an easy way to do that.”

Leaving the handcuffs, leg cuffs and tape gag in place, Lola helped me out of the car. She then led me from the garage where she parked into her house. I had never been in Lola’s house before, or even seen it. It was beautiful. A mansion, really. I lived comfortably, but Lola and her family must be rich. I had some trouble walking with my legs chained together, but I managed. Eventually we got to what must have been Lola’s room. It was easily four times the size of my own. Artwork, much of it Lola’s own, covered the walls. Several stuffed animals joined a computer and stereo on a desk, and another, larger desk was dedicated to art supplies. Lola’s bed was a massive four poster with curtains around it. The sheets and pillow cases were a deep purple, fitting Lola’s style. Several beanbag chairs and a pair of unique cloth chairs that hung from the ceiling all faced a television that must have been at least 6 feet tall and 12 feet wide.

“This is my room. I am so glad you came over. I don’t get many guests. “ Lola reached down and unlocked my ankles, for which I was grateful. “This is my art desk, and my work desk, and my bed. These chairs are where we will sit and watch movies! But first, check out my closet.” Lola led me to a door. Behind the door was a room the size of my bedroom, and it was full of clothes. Dresses, shoes, shirts, pants, everything. A desk the size of the others in the bedroom was devoted to makeup, with massive mirrors wrapping halfway around. Other full length mirrors formed a 360 degree view for trying on outfits. I was really impressed. Amazed, actually. I felt jealous of Lola and her amazing bedroom.

I think Lola could see the expression on my face. “We will have to play dressup sometime!” Lola said eagerly.

She led me back to the bedroom and had me sit in one of the hanging chairs. She then put on a movie. It was some gothic rock opera. I had never seen it before, but it was actually really cool. Lola told me it was one of her favorites.

Once the movie was done, Lola stood up and walked over to me. She slowly undid the handcuffs, and I immediately began massaging my wrists. She then slowly peeled the tape from my mouth. I stood up, and Lola immediately hugged me.

“Thanks so much for doing this. I don’t know why you did, but it was awesome. I felt like I actually had a friend over to spend time with.” Lola sighed.

“Well, I enjoyed it. It was actually supposed to be a joke. I mean, I had no idea how it was going to go. I just thought it might be fun to mess with the goth girl. But I really like you. I mean, you were nice to me ever since I first met you. And I still have that poster you gave me.”

Lola hugged me again. “Well, I should probably hurry up and get you back the school so you can get your car and get home. It is late, after all, and your parents are probably worried.”

“I told them I was hanging out with a friend and that I might be at her house all night.”

Lola smiled. “Do you want to stay at her house all night?”

It took a second for it to sink in. “Sure! I would love to!” I was excited at the thought of spending more time with Lola, but I quickly realized the impracticality of it. “I don’t have any extra clothes or anything though. And I don’t have a bag with shampoo or soap or anything.”

Lola smiled even wider. “I have all that stuff, and you and I are about the same size. I could easily dress you from my wardrobe, and you can just give me the clothes back when you get home and change. Or not. I have plenty of clothes, and I could give some to a friend.”

A friend. I was Lola’s friend! This was exciting!

We spent the rest of the evening and well into the night doing things friends do: trying on clothes, doing each other’s makeup, playing video games on Lola’s really big TV, watching movies, and eating pizza Lola ordered. Lola also allowed me to read some of her poetry, and even look through some of her artwork. Her poetry was really good. Some of it was dark, but not all about death and blood and loneliness like I would have expected. Her art had also improved since freshman year. Many of her paintings and drawings focused on mythical creatures, like fairies and unicorns and mermaids and vampires, but there were also everyday still lifes, self portraits, and portraits of people from our school. I recognized the settings. I realized that Lola had been sitting in different places, drawing and sketching and painting whatever or whoever caught her eye.

I enjoyed flipping through the portfolio of artwork. As I turned a page, I was caught off guard and gasped. There, staring back at me, was a very detailed painting of three cheerleaders sitting at a table, eating lunch. I recognized Kelly and Megan, but what shocked me the most was the girl in the center: me. Everything was kind of blurry and out of focus, but my face was perfectly clear. I could tell that Lola was focused on me. Turning the page, I saw another one: a black and white of me checking my phone at my locker. Another was a quick sketch of Megan, Allie and I practicing our routines. Yet another was of me cheering at a game, and another was of me sitting in chemistry with a bored look on my face. There was even one of me on the day where people could pay a dollar to throw pies at cheerleaders to raise money for new uniforms. I looked up and saw a slightly embarrassed look on Lola’s face.

“One of my projects was to follow someone around and take photos of them for a year, without them knowing. It was called ‘a year in the life’. The idea was to get natural, candid poses that were not staged or forced. I picked you, and I followed you around last year, and I used most of those photos for other projects. And some of the scenes I captured I just drew or painted instead of photographing. It earned me an A, and got me high honors from my art teacher. I plan on using some of them for my portfolio to apply to art schools, if that is okay with you.”

“Absolutely! Lola, you are amazing! I had no idea you were such a good artist. I also didn’t know you were following me.”

“Thanks.” Lola hugged me again. “And that was the point. I didn’t want you posing or doing anything other than what you would normally do.”

Our night soon wound down, and it was agreed that we would both go to sleep. Lola gave me shorts and a t-shirt to wear. I showered, and soon Lola and I were sharing a bed. Lola’s bed was huge, and we could both sleep far away from each other if we wanted, but we soon found ourselves tangled up in each other, embracing and hugging. I had never really made out with anyone before, but Lola and I were kinda close that night.

When we woke up the next morning, Lola was holding me. She was already awake, and she was smiling at me.

“So, Hayley, should I tell everyone that we slept together?” she asked with a wink.

While the rest of my friends made fun of her for being gothic, I shrugged. “I don’t care. I mean, we didn’t sleep together sleep together, not that I would have minded if we did, but I don’t care who knows. You know?”

Lola just laughed at me. “Relax. I won’t tell anyone. Come on, let’s get breakfast.”

Lola led me downstairs and to the kitchen, where I could smell cooking. Lola introduced me to her mother and father, who both seemed very nice and eager to meet me. After eating untiI I was full, Lola led me back to her room, where we both showered (though sadly not together) and I put on jeans and a t-shirt Lola had picked out for me. We then went to her garage and got a pair of four wheelers, and rode all over the grounds, with Lola showing me all of her favorite places. Once we were tired from that, Lola and I got in her car and went to lunch. After eating lunch, which Lola insisted on paying for, we returned to the school to get my car. Even though it was a Friday, school was out for staff meetings.

“Well, Hayley, it was fun hanging out with you. I really appreciate you spending time with me.”

“I am glad you let me. I would love to do this again sometime!”

“What, hang out, or tie yourself up in my trunk?”

“Well, I , uh….” I stammered uncontrollably.

Lola laughed. “Well, if you want to hang out again, call me.” Lola wrote down her number and handed it to me. “It’s easier than tying yourself up.”

“Wanna hang out now?” I blurted.

Lola laughed. “I have dinner with my family tonight. But maybe swing by my place around 8 or so?”

“Sure!” I drove away, counting the minutes until 8pm.

When 8 pm arrived, I pulled into Lola’s driveway. She met me at the front door, and led me to her room. There, in a pile, was my cheerleading costume I had worn, washed and folded. On top of it were the chains I had bound myself with, and even the partially used roll of duct tape I had left in Lola’s trunk. I looked at them embarrassed.

“You probably think I am a freak, don’t you?”

Lola shrugged. “I don’t know, but I kinda hoped you were. You look really, really good in that outfit, especially tied up. I still don’t know how you tied yourself like that.”

“It was easy,” I said, and before I realized it, I had tied myself up again, this time at Lola’s feet. I had the blindfold on, but at Lola’s urging, I had not gagged myself.

“You don’t need to go through all that trouble.”

“Ok.” I finished chaining my wrists and ankles, and blindfolded myself with the tape again, not remembering how much it had hurt to remove last time. Once I was securely bound, I heard Lola taking more pictures.

“Hold on. I want to try something.” I heard shuffling, then felt something being shoved into my mouth. “Open wide!”

If I could have seen it, I would have seen it was a pair of Lola’s panties. They filled my mouth, but she quickly taped them in before I could spit them out. She used numerous pieces of tape to secure my mouth closed and hold the gag in place. I felt fingers crawling up my leg, under my skirt.

Lola laughed. “This is going to be fun.”

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