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Green’s Keeper

by Toyboy

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© Copyright 2001 - Toyboy - Used by permission

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The names and places in this story have been changed, but the story line is true, based on events that have happen to me.

Firstly a bit about me, I am average type male; enjoy sports, going out and general male activities. I am about 5’7” tall, blonde hair, blue eyes and average build.

It started about 6 months ago; I was searching chat rooms for that special person. I meet her in a room called SWITCH LIFE. At first we just chatted about our past experiences. After a couple of weeks I was able to find out that she worked as a Green's Keeper at the local golf club (It happen to be the one that I was a member of), so on the following Saturday I decided to go have a round, just to see if I could pick her out.

We had never met nor had we sent photo, so I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. She had told me that she was about 5’6”, blonde hair and a sporty type body with hand full size breasts. As I was coming down the 7th fairway the green’s keeper’s Ute drove past me, there was a female driving it but I didn’t get a good look. I played the rest of my game, still trying to see her. Once I had finish I left and went home and straight onto the computer, I checked my e-mail, she had left me one saying “Did you enjoy golf today” At first I was a bit puzzled, how did she know who I was and how did she know I went today.

After about 10 minutes there was a chat request come in from her. She told me that she had checked the member’s log for that day and seen my name there. I asked her if she was driving the Ute, but all she said was maybe.
She then asked if I was going out tomorrow. I told her that no, I was going to have a quiet day at home and relax (if you know what I mean). She then said I should go and play the south course (there were 2 courses, south and north); there would a note under the seat at the 3rd hole. I told her that I would. We chatted about other things for about an hour and then she said she had to go to bed.
The rest of the evening I kept thinking, what could she want? It took a while to get too sleeps.

I woke up very early next morning, my stomach was dancing, my heart was racing and I just kept thinking about the note. I had something to eat, got my clubs and headed to the course. Once I got there I had to wait about 10 minutes before starting my round, I through about going straight to the 3rd hole but decided not to. Well the first 2 holes I played where the worst in a long time. I got to the third hole, there it was, the seat. I looked around to make sure there wasn’t anybody around. I sat down and reached under the seat, as she had said the night before, there was a letter. I took the envelope and opened it. Inside there was a note and a pair of women’s underwear. The note read:

Hope you like the gift I left you.
I want you to go to the toilet and put them on.
Leave your underwear in the bin outside the toilet.
Love pJ

P.S There is another letter on the 6th hole.

What was I too do, my head was saying be carefull, my cock was saying do it. Well I am male so I followed my cock and went to the toilet and put the panties on. They where the full brief type, but made of silk. The feeling of the silk against my cock was great. I took my undies and left the toilet, as I past the bin I put them in and continue on my round. Every time I took a shot my cock would rub against the panties, it was driving me crazy.
I got to the 6th hole and found the next note. It read

Hi again,
How is your gift going?
There is a parcel near the bin,
Put it in your golf bag and finish your round.
There will be more instructions tonight.
Don’t open until then.
Love PJ

P.S don’t take off the panties until told

I put the parcel in my bag and continue on my round. Once I finished I headed start for my car and went home. The rest of the day went very slow.

It was about 7.00pm that night I got a chat request. It was she.
“Hi, how was your game today” she asked
“Hi, how do you think, you know that silk panties drive me crazy” I replied
“You did look great but” was her reply

We chatted about everything else until I had enough.

“What’s in the parcel?” I asked
“You can open it now, but before you do, I have to go to bed, so we can chat tomorrow night, I have an early morning and so do you, night.” Was her reply and with that she was gone.

I race to the parcel and opened it. The first think I found was a letter letting me know what to do.

In the box you will find a pair of handcuffs attached to a rope harness and a black belt. Also 2 long pieces of rope and a short rope, a bra to match your panties, padding for the bra, panty hose, a pair of boots, a ball gag and 2 nipple clamps (The clamps are the screws held together with the o’rings).
Tomorrow morning I have to go into work at 5.30am and turn the sprinklers on but before I turn them on I will put the keys to your cuffs on the 12th green flag (South course). I want you to go to the hole in the fence at the 3rd hole and enter the course. Once inside I want you to get changed into the clothes I have supplied and hide your normal clothes. Once changed I want you to tie your ankles with one of the long pieces of rope, then tie your knees with the other long piece of rope. Next take the short piece of rope and tie it around your balls (tight).
Before you pull your panties and panty hose back up take to rope harness and put the small lope over your balls and put the rest off the harness around to your back and then pull up your panties and panty hose with the harness hanging out the back of your panty hose. Next grab the belt and put it around your waist. Next put the ball gag in.
Finally take the rest of the rope harness and put it under your bra and place the 2 ends over each shoulder. Once you have done that take the clamps and place them on your nipples (be careful). Next take the ends of the harness, they have rubber band attached, hook the rubber bands over the nipple clips and then lastly cuff your hands behind your backs.
The keys will be waiting on the 12th green.
You will have to hop over and release yourself.
If you do this for me we can meet for dinner tomorrow night (I will let you know where by e-mail).
I will be watching,
Love PJ '

After reading the letter I looked in the box and she was right, all that she said was in there was. What was I to do, go or not. This woman had set up my wildest fantasy but what if she decided not to put the key there. I would be stuck. After thinking about it I decided to do it. It was everything I had dreamed about, so I set the alarm and went to bed (still with my panties on)

I got to the course about ten to 4. I entered thought the hole and hide behind the trees and started to get changed. Once changes I run my hands over my legs and cock, it feel so good and I wanted so much to take my cock and let rip but I remember she said she would be watching so I continued. I tied my ankles and knees like she said. Then I rolled down the panty hose and panties and started to tie my balls. I remember she told me to tie them tight, but how would she know, was she watching me now, would she come and check one I was tied. I was starting to have seconds thoughts but I continued. I did tie them tight (which was a mistake I found out later).

Next I placed the loop on the harness over my balls, it was tight but I did it and place the rest between my legs and pulled up my panties and panty hose.

Next I did the belt around my waist and then placed the gag in. I then grabbed the ends of the harness and placed them over my shoulders, as I did I felt a small tug on my balls. Next I place the clamps onto my nipples (I never know clamps could hurt so much), after that I place the rubber bands around the clamps, this put pressure on my balls and nipples. Before I could chicken out I placed my hands in the cuffs and locked them in place. This is went I found out how the harness worked. The cuffs were high on my back and this caused me to pull on my nipples as I tried to take pressure off my balls. It was a case of which one was worst. So here I was standing on the 3rd tee off, dressed like a woman and tied up. My nipples were hurting and my balls were going to explode. My cock was as hard as it have ever been.

The 12th green was about 1km away and I could only hop. I took my first hop and found that my hands bounced and this put pressure on my balls and nipples. What had I done? I had got about ½ went the sprinkler come on. In my efforts to not get wet I jumped the wrong way and fell face first into the ground, this caused all my weight to go to my nipples, I nearly fainted with the pain. Here I was lying on my side crying, covered in mud and not sure how long I had been out here. The sprinklers had come on, so it must have been after 5.30. I started to panic as I would be sunrise soon and the golfers would be coming soon. I got to my feet and kept going. I reached my 12th green, but it took me a while to find the keys. They were on top of the flagpole. This made it a little more difficult. Once I got the cuffs off I removed the nipple clamps and harness. My cock was so hard, but I still had to get back to my clothes, that’s when I notice a note in the hole. The note read:

Loved the show, how was it for you.
I have taken your clothes; I will return them to you tonight.
Your keys are in a bag at the back of this green.
I have moved your car to the car park behind the 12th green.
Hope you had fun, enjoy the pics
Love PJ

After reading the note I grab my keys, there were pics as well.
I race out to my car and headed home. As I got my front door, there was an other note, which read:

I will be around at 7.30pm tonight, please let me know if you want me to wear anything to please you. Til tonight.
Your slave

P.S: I will be bring an other slave for you to play with. J

Revenge will be sweet,

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