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Guys Next Door

by W More

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© Copyright 2006 - W More - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; caught; MM/m; cons; X

I've been into bondage for many years, mostly frustratingly so, with no partner because I was afraid of the rejection if I mentioned that I would like to be tied up or tie up someone. My wife refused to participate the one time I dare ask her.

One more thing, the couple next door are gay guys. I am not, but . . . .

Alone for a week with my wife on a separate vacation to her mother's home across the country, and the kids working for the summer at the beach, I decided to have some fun with self-bondage as I had before marriage. Yup, I remembered most of the techniques, as few as I had developed.

It was all very simple; some ropes, an improvised ballgag, a scarf for a blindfold, and a knife.

It was late on a Saturday morning and becoming hotter and hotter, destined to reach into the upper nineties by afternoon. I wanted to suffer a little, so turned off the air conditioner.

I got a steak knife from the kitchen for escape, went down into the basement rec room and began.

First, I stripped naked, of course.

Then I made several loops that I could barely fit my hands through in a piece of rope, then tied a hangman's knot in another length and placed it around the first rope.

I placed one chair tightly in front of another and laid both the knife and rope assembly on the back chair seat. Next, I tied my ankles very tighly together, then my legs. Next, I tied my torso firmly to the chairback and my thighs to the chair bottom. Kinda an athletic exercise for sure.

I pulled the makeshift ballgag deep into my mouth and fastened it behind my head. took the end of the hangman's noose rope and reached my legs back beneath the chair as far as possible and tied the two together. Then I looked around to be sure where the knife and first rope assembly were. Satisfied, I blindfolded myself.

Finally, I slipped my hands through the looped rope on either side of the hangman's noose, hesitated before the point of no return; the stretched out my legs, tightening the noose around the loops to cinch the wrists tightly...I really felt the rope close between my wrists and tighten.

My wrists were tied behind my back, and could not be untied. I was lashed to the chair so could not move from it. I could move my legs, but so what?

I checked to see if I could reach the knife for escape.

And, of course, in fumbling around, knocked it onto the floor.

So, there I was, naked, helpless, unable to see or call for help; nevertheless feeling a massive erection.

That's when the phone rang nearby. Four rings, then: "Hello, this is Strand. I can't come to the phone right now, so leave a message after the tone."

Then the message: "Hey, Strand, this is Rick next door. Guess you are away. We need to borrow some tea. We still have the key you lent us to take care of your plants last year while you were away, so will come over and borrow. Hope you won't mind."

I struggled against the ropes, but only tightened things.

I heard the door open upstairs, then two male voices: "Damn, nothing here; let's check his basement pantry."

Footsteps on the stairs. "Hey, the light's on! in the rec room. Let's turn it off for him."

"Oh, man!! Come in here Roger and look what I found. I don't believe it."

I knew I'd been seen by then. Oh well, I thought; I guess it's no worse to be into self-bondage than to be gay. They would understand about "the closet."

"Hot damn, look at that!!"

I tried to speak through and around the gag, but no way.

"Did this to yourself, didn't you? Nod or shake your head."

I reluctantly nodded.

"Ok, we'll untie you since you look stuck," Roger said.

I felt hands begin with my blindfold, which was quickly removed. Then at my gag knot behind my head.

"Wait one," Rick said. "Let's have some fun. Maybe for him too."

"Meaning what?"

"Nobody can see if we hustle him to our house. Downstairs; you know. Tie him down on the coffee table and . .. .well, whatever. I know you've had your eye on him and so have I."

"Why didn't I think of that?" So, my neighbors untied my legs, tightened the gag, untied me from the chair, and force-marched me through our yards in the sunshine - me still naked, wrists tied, and gagged.

I tried to protest, but they only tightened up my wrist ropes.

It was cool, being led and pushed down into THEIR rec room.

"Face down?"

"You know it!"

I was pushed down onto my belly and tied to the coffee table, my legs spread and ankles tied to the end legs.

"Tell you what, Rick," I heard Roger say as I was again blindfolded.


"Why don't you call your sister to come over after we finish with him?"

"She'd like that, and I do owe her one. Ok."

"But first . . . . ."


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