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A Halloween Tail

by Phoebe

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© Copyright 2007 - Phoebe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; halloween; costumes; party; cuffs; bond; ghosts; dream; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Maria could not believe her ears when the dour executor solemnly intoned, “. and in order to inherit your sister's estate you must spend this very Halloween, starting at sundown, in the basement of the main house.”

Stifling a bittersweet smile Maria became lost momentarily in thought as the rest of her sister's will was read. When he finished, the executor turned to Maria and again asked in the same serious tone, “Do you have any questions, Miss?”

“Um, not really, sir. Seeing as I have tended to my poor sister for most of the past year. and am still living in her same house. I will make sure to drop down to the basement at the appointed hour. trust me.”

“Very well Miss. Your word and reputation are in good standing here.”

Giving her a gentle pat on the shoulder he nodded while handing her all the probate papers, and then humming softly turned back to a paperwork mountain that threatened to engulf his roll-top desk.

As she walked out of the lawyers office Maria sighed. She knew what awaited her down in the musty basement, memories. Memories of a healthy thirty-year-old Laura who before the cancer slowly stripped her dignity away had always found time for Maria. Memories of her sister who had also delighted in hosting intimate bondage parties.

Turning away kindly offers for a ride back to the estate, Maria drew in her overcoat snugly around her slender body and set out alone to reminisce and take in the crisp fall day. Her walk was not far, though it did intentionally pass through the graveyard where Laura and so many others of their family were laid to rest.

Stopping at Laura's day old grave she asked aloud what mischief her older sister planned for her on this coming Halloween. Laura was famous for the tricks she would play on her younger sister and Maria turned an ear as if there was to be a response. No, only the wind and rustling leaves gave answer to her call, in a voice both familiar and sad.

A typically chilly autumn sundown began the thirty-first of October and it saw Maria out at the front gate making sure the large polished iron handles were locked. This would be the first Halloween where candy would not be given out nor an infamous bondage party given inside. She glanced up at a beautiful russet and orange streaked sky and then with a sigh as quiet as the chilly evening breeze turned to walk up the dozen old cement steps and disappear inside the waiting house.

She thought to do proper honor to her sister's bequest and soon was found in Laura's huge bedroom walk in closet sorting through all kinds of carefully stored costumes. Looking closely at all of them until a familiar pirate girl outfit triggered a memory.

“Yep, this is it. The outfit I wore at my first and last bondage party.”

She felt so out of place at that party. Just twenty and painfully shy she was overwhelmed at all her eyes took in that night and rashly ran back upstairs, changed and quickly drove away to her distant home. Too embarrassed to ever again accept her sister's annual Halloween invitation she did keep in close touch but always regretted not showing up for the later parties. Having felt like such a fool by her actions at the first party she allowed this feeling to rule in her later decisions.

Stripping down to just her black thong Maria shook out her auburn hair and wistfully thought of what was lost. The years had matured her well both sexually and physically. Gone was the naive and introverted girl, and staring back was a woman who well knew her own mind both in and out of bed.

Dressing into the pirate girl outfit found her wearing high-heeled black leather boots with black fishnet stockings on her legs and these held up with garter straps attached to a matching black lace bustier. A white billowy cotton blouse and black silk vest went over the bustier with a black leather mini skirt that almost completed the look. Searching a vest pocket produced an eye patch and a pair of hoop earrings, in the closet a battered felt hat with jaunty red feather and a plastic sword finally set the pirate look.

“Arrh mateys! Maria the Pirate Queen is upon ye!”

Walking down and down again more stairs Maria thought to remove the eye patch, as she would occasionally stumble in the high-heeled boots. But the basement stairs were finally upon her and throwing the door open she flicked on the lights, drew the sword and proceeded to trip and tumble down the entire old wooden staircase. Finally resting in an unconscious heap at the bottom!

“Maria. Maria, can you hear me?”


“Maria wake up, you fell asleep silly!”

Wide-awake now Maria recoiled and screamed in terror as the corpse of her sister Laura appeared standing right in front of her.

“Maria! What's wrong! The way you're looking at me, you'd think I'm really dead and not just wearing a costume! Look. see, this is all makeup. Hello.”

“You're dead!”

“Of course I'm supposed to be dead. I'm a rotting corpse this Halloween! Damn, get a grip lil' sister or this will be the last Halloween bondage party I invite you to. OK?”

Laura turned away distracted by a pretty harem girl being fastened by leather cuffs to an X shaped cross, and then alternately tickled and whipped by her Master. Over in another area an authentic looking rack was being handled by a blonde nurse who was giving fellatio to her tightly stretched partner whose groans possibly meant he was one click away from a shoulder separation, or sexual release.

Maria stared out at a room full of alternating sounds. Moans of pleasure and then the crack of a whip or the rattle of chain and then moaning pleas of begging to be allowed to cum. Her mind whirling yet strangely calm she stood up and suddenly felt faint. The floor rising to greet her when a pair of powerful arms caught and lifted her up before she crashed to the floor.

“Hello there! We cannot have you sneaking drinks in here now can we! Your sister will be very mad to say the least!”

Maria was staring into the most curious green cat eyes that set off a most handsome face.

“No. I'm not drunk. I. I guess I fell asleep but, but I'm fine really! Um, my name is...”

“Maria. Yes, your sister described your beauty well! Oh you're blushing. I'm sorry, my name is Tom. I can tell by your expression that you might be wondering why we haven't met before. Maria I was not at that bondage party you now struggle to remember... and neither are you."

"What?.. What are you..."

Still cradling her in his powerful arms he gave a most curious smile and said, "Time enough for answers on the morrow. Tonight please allow me to act as your guide as we discover together a Halloween night unlike any you have ever known... And as you can see, wearing this top hat and tails. I am a Tomcat!”

Maria smiled at Tom. He was a looker that's for sure, she thought. “With dark hair and those eyes! They must be contacts, but they looked so real. and green!”

Setting Maria gently back down Tom began giving her a grand tour, describing all the various positions and equipment and politely stopping whenever she seemed interested. She picked up a pair of shiny chrome handcuffs lying on a chair and smiling began to click them around her slim wrist. “Tom if I dare close the other one behind my back.”

“Yes, I will unlock you, I swear.”

Maria thrilled at the sound the handcuff made from behind her back as it captured her other wrist. Now this was something new! The feelings this simple action stirred up in her! No sooner than when it stopped clicking that she felt a firm hand upon the cuffs dragging her backwards away from Tom!

“Well what have we here, an outlaw!” a rough looking old west sheriff drawled as he continued to pull her by the wrists.

Maria could do nothing but keep from tripping as she was forced to walk backwards. In a flash, Tom once again had her in his arms and she could vaguely see the cowboy muttering on the floor and rubbing his nose while glaring at the back of Tom.

“Thank you Tom! I would give you a hug. but” As she motioned with her cuffed hands.

“Then allow me.” And he kissed her.

Setting Maria down he continued to kiss her as she stood before him still wearing the handcuffs. Amid all the bondage revelry Maria allowed Tom to lead her into a room with a steel framed bed and canopy that was draped with shackles and chains. Closing and locking the door Tom began to slowly undress her, stopping to alternately kiss her lips and nipples.

Tom then undressed and as he dropped his silk boxers, she knelt down and began to take him slowly into her mouth. Working his long shaft all the way down her throat she settled into a motion, flicking her tongue at the tip and sliding him down while he in turn began to gently caress her hair. She became noticeably wet with the thought of how helpless she was now and soon began to struggle against the handcuffs as her first orgasm shook through her.

Suddenly with great control he pulled out of her mouth and guided her down on the bed where he began to position her. She responded and opened up as he slowly entered her very wet and eager pussy. Working in unison Maria began again to pull against the handcuffs and then so quickly it surprised her she orgasmed again.

Tom worked his cock in deep first, then a few short strokes, then the long slow thrust. His breathing became ragged and Maria tried to relax and time it so they could cum together. Oddly though, her head began to ache and as Tom seemed about to explode into her she began to feel waves of pain shooting out from her forehead. Crying out as he came, all she could do is sink further into a fading blackness until the waves washed her away from consciousness.

“Unnh” Maria's head was on fire. She lay in a heap at the foot of the basement stairs and thought it best to not move. or think for that matter. Her eyes were still closed and she felt on the skin of her forehead a large wetness.

“Blood! Ow, I probably bashed my fucking head in! Ow, Ow, Ow!”


Slowly opening the unpatched eye, Maria was trying to focus on what appeared to be a handsome green-eyed black and white cat, busily licking her forehead and swishing its tail.




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