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Hanging Around

by Alatari Yassavi

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© Copyright 2013 - Alatari Yassavi - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; chast; cd; stockings; heels; collar; chains; handcuffs; stuck; caught; F/m; oral; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X


First let me start off with a little background. I am a 27 year old newly wed who has loved everything bondage for as long as I could remember. My wife enjoys bondage, but not to the level I do. I like it tight and very inescapable, along with a little cross dressing. I am not homosexual in the least, I just like the restrictiveness you get from some women’s clothes.

My wife woke me up to let me know she was leaving, I had already been awake scheming. As I lie in our comfy bed waiting for her to actually leave the house, my mind was quickly thinking up scenarios for my day all by myself. So as I lie there I finally hear the garage door close and pop out of bed with an excitement only felt by a child on Christmas morning. I venture into our closet and take out our play box and begin to empty out our restraints. We are by no means rich, but my wife’s job allows my to use my paycheck for, well let just say, less mainstream things.

I grab out my shackles and 2 hinged handcuffs, along with a 4” dog collar and a length of 4’ heavy chain and a short length about a foot and a half. Next is the all important query of, what am I going to wear for this adventure. High heels are an absolute must. So I grab a pair of my 5” stilettos and some thigh highs with attached garter belt, Followed by a shorty wetsuit that I have modified by making a small opening in the right place. But most of all I grab my CB3000. I am able to get off with this, but it takes a long time and I will not be able to touch myself anyway.

Sliding on the second to the smallest ring and placing the pin to the chastity is the easy part. Putting my semi hard self into the tube without pinching myself little harder. I finally get all secured and glance down to see me little buddy straining in a vain attempt to break free.. He is not going anywhere as I close the small padlock closed with a *snick* and venture down to my cold basement, leaving the keys upstairs where they can do me no good. I slide into my thigh highs and connect them to the garter.

Next I put on the wetsuit (which is also a size too small) squeeze my straining cock through the hole and zip it up. Last I put my feet into the heels… heaven. I can have them slipping off accidentally so I rummage around and find the locking ankle straps that will not allow me to take off the shoes, not matter how much I want. On my way down I pick up the all important keys to the 5 lock that I will be using from the freezer. Once I am in my basement I go into the utility room where I do most of my self bondage games. I have placed hooks and holes in spots that look like places they should go.

By now my feet are a little tender from all the standing, they will not be happy at all in a few hours. I close the shackles around my ankles and this cuts down my stride to about 6” so although not super hobbled still a shorter stride. Then I place 4’ chain around my waist and lock it in the back, I also attach two locks to the sides at about 7 and 5 o’clock for use in a few minutes. Placing the collar around my neck I close it just below strangling.

Next I affix the old key in ice release and place it on one of my hooks. It should swing down and allow me to grab it and release my handcuffs. I have not done this exact setup but I have done something similar, so I was not worried about a back up. Besides my wife would be home in a scant 10 hours.

On my collar there is a front ring and a rear ring (how convenient). I attach the ring in the back with a padlock locking it closed with the shorter chain. The click send waves through my gut and other places. I had to start hurrying before I lost my nerve and jerked off right there. So I lock the other end of the chain to the wall using another well placed hook. Now effectively trapping myself to the wall until the key falls. But why stop there… I grab the 2 pairs of handcuffs and lock one around each wrist. Then closed the open end into the locks on my waist belt. Effectively causing myself to not be able to touch anything and making my hands utterly useless.

As I stand there I test my bonds to find I can only move about a foot away from the wall, while not being able to kneel, sit or bend really. My little guy is begging for some attention, so I turn around as best as I could and try to get some kind of friction from the wall. The chastity device is doing its job very well. I feel nothing and get no relief. Turning back around I begin to wonder how long it will take for the ice to melt… I would guess about 2 hours and I would be ok.

Sure enough after about 2 and a half hours it came swinging down and bounces off my chest. When I go to reach for it, I find that with my hands where they are I cannot even touch the keys much less grab them. By now my feet are screaming at me, as it is worse to just be standing in high heels then walking. So I do what every level headed person does, I panic. Start pulling against all my bonds, trying to get the hook out from the wall to my collar. Nothing budges.

Well maybe if I can somehow kick it… that was a no go from the start as the chain to the shackles was way too short. So after trying to get out for well over 3 hours from key drop I have had no luck. I am truly sunk. All in all at this point I have been standing in this for 5 hours. My feet are a screaming mess. My cock is loving all the panic and has not been more hard and has been drooling for the last 3 hours.

When I thought I was going to have to tough it out and wait for the humiliation of my wife freeing me, I see a broom out of the corner of my eye. Why had I not seen it or though of this before! I shuffle over as far as I can and I am just able to touch it with my toe! After nudging it for what seemed like forever, it finally fell over against me. My cock that had been soft for the last hour started to wake up at the possibility of escape.

As I manipulate the broom and swing the key closer, I find out that the string is too short. It only makes it to about 3” from my handcuffed wrist! So I yank and pull until the string untangles itself and gives me the slack I need. A sense of relief washes over me. As I try and find the key hole, I notice that I can't find it! I have now been standing in 5” high heels for 6 hours, locked to the wall, with the means to escape in my hand, but my carelessness caused me to not check to make sure the key hole was facing the correct way! I look over to my other wrist and try and manipulate it to see if I am truly stuck. I get my first piece of good news as I see that they are indeed turned the correct way. I am so horny, words can not describe. So now I have to move the key to the other hand without dropping it. So I swing it using the cord and after a couple of attempts achieve success.

As I open the cuff allowing my arm to drop to my side, the first thing my hand goes to is my aching cock that is now straining with all its fury for relief. The chastity cage does its job well as I cannot quite get enough friction to get off. Damn! So I hurry and unlock my other wrist and my collar. For the first time in 7 and a half hours I can move more than in a 1 foot circle. But as all the keys to all the other locks are upstairs I take my poor battered feet, and gingerly walk up 2 flights.

When I get to my room I unlock everything and slide off those evilly delightful shoes, the rush is incredible. Looking down my little guy is begging with drool for release! I try and rub it, thwarted again. As I look for the key it is then I notice that on the bed is my wife’s cardigan. That was not there before, I think to myself… oh no! I look up to see her in the doorway with a grin and my chastity keys in her hand!

She comes over and tells me she has been home for well over an hour and saw all my things out and knew exactly where I was and what I was doing. As she examines everything she sees my cock trying so hard to break free. She takes the hinged cuffs and cuffs my hands behind my back and has me lick her until she orgasms! The entire time playing with my cock and making him so aroused with no relief to be had until I am free!

After what seemed like forever and her having multiple orgasms. She stops me and with a devilish looks, puts on my shackles and connects the chain to the handcuffs, then pushes me over! I am completely helpless. But thankfully she releases my aching cock from confinement and puts him in her mouth and slowly sucks and within seconds I am panting and writhing. Just as I am about to blow my much needed load she stops and looks at me. From behind her she pulls out a cube of ice!

Oh no I know where this is going! As I try with everything I have to get away, but being bound as I am I have no chance. She locks me into my cage and tells me to think about how dangerous it is to play with myself, and walks away!!! I roll over on my stomach looking for any kind of relief! Nothing!! It is going to be a long night!



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